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  1. I'd wait if you can and see more from this. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Core-i9-11900K-produces-an-ominous-Geekbench-single-core-result-that-takes-the-i9-10900K-by-32-and-leaves-the-AMD-Ryzen-7-5800X-and-Ryzen-9-5950X-out-of-sight.516351.0.html
  2. FSlabs a321 at latinvfr kfll with drzwei...... miami city. So my question is, why isn't my cpu at 100%? My fps is 27 in the screenshot. GPU usage is 38% https://imgur.com/nxAl6xm
  3. Tbh we need to get Elon Musk into flightsim. He would probably have some crazy ideas.
  4. I suspect a lot of this is the hype with MSFS. It has gotten a ton of exposure in the mainstream arena. I bet that will die down over time, and just like always flightsim will be left with those of us "hardcore" users. Those of us who would rather not fly if we don't have an fslabs or a pmdg level aircraft. Aerosoft knows if this is the case then they can just circle back and we will all still buy quality addons.
  5. Is there anywhere to buy it for v5 right now?
  6. It looks like Linus, gamers nexus, and der bauer all had seemingly statistically signifant differences amongst their 5950xs. Linus opined it might come down to the speed and latency of the ram they each used. Supposedly these cpus really care about ram speed and latency. More testing obviously needed.
  7. I'm not the most well versed in hardware, hence I ask this question. Is is possible a 5950x at a lower clock (4.9) could actually outperform a 10900k at say 5.3? I always thought the idea was p3d was so heavily focused on core 0 that you wanted the fastest possible clock to get the best performance. So when I was reading about things I don't understand like "IPC uplift" it made me reconsider going AMD for my upcoming build. I suppose I will wait until these chips come out and are tested by those much smarter than I, but I just wanted to try to understand how absolute clock speed on core 0 isn't necessarily the winner.
  8. Clean install of v5 with chaseplane as the only addon. I deleted the p3d default zoom keys (equals, and minus), and I set them in chaseplane (equals and minus). I can use the keys to zoom in views that show "chaseplane" in parentheses. I cannot zoom in the default p3d "outside" the aircraft view. Anyone had this issue?
  9. I'm having this issue with a clean install of v5 with chaseplane being the only addon. I have disabled p3d view controls and assigned chaseplane the equals and minus signs as zoom in and out. The keys don't seem to work in the "outside" view.
  10. Got my presets back and uploaded to my google drive. Thanks.
  11. It was a clean install of windows as well. I have already installed chaseplane via orbx. Should I just uninstall chaseplane from orbx and then install vfx from the oldprop website, and then start the whole migration process again?
  12. I recently did a clean install of p3d v4 and i migrated chaseplane to orbx. I've lost all my presets as the cloud is apparently not used anymore. Is there a way to get my previous presets from chaseplane's cloud storage?
  13. Evan

    ssd question

    Thanks for the help guys.
  14. I have a 1 tb nvme ssd and 2 tb nvme ssd. I want to install windows on the 1 tb and all my p3d stuff on the 2 tb. I know many addons install the the "documents" directory that would be on the 1 tb OS ssd. Is there an issue if p3d and some of the addons are on separate drives? Should I just change the location of the "documents" folder to the 2 tb ssd?
  15. Never mind. I deleted to the folder in documents for the KMIA.
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