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  1. Is this a terrible idea? I have a 12900k, 3090, 64gb ram on windows 11. We all know p3d loves high frequency and core 0. Is is a bad idea to overclock just core 0 to like 5.2ghz in intel extreme tuning utility?
  2. Anyone ever seen this "tiling" issue in p3d. It's like random tiles pop in and out and sometimes they look really discolored like in the second image. Orbx global, vector, openLC NA just west of the atlanta airport (imaginesim). https://imgur.com/YkDPsj6 https://imgur.com/9zL9T4T
  3. P3Dv5 latest hotfix. The aircraft seem to have a box around them. This was on vatsim at EGLL. All the aircraft had this around them. Any ideas? Using AIG for model matching. https://imgur.com/iRtx01E
  4. The way I get the 750 to work with current data is somewhat tedious. You can put in custom waypoints based on latitude and longitude. I put the route into skyvector and get the data log. This shows the latitude and longitude of every way point.
  5. So this is the cpu with SMT off. FPS still not great. Never really goes above 4.5 ghz. Here are some pictures from about 6000 feet above orbx newcastle in the rain. https://imgur.com/a/iKLKTVQ
  6. So I didn't think about it at the time but I have always disabled hyperthreading as I saw better results with it off on my intel cpus. I have now disabled SMT, and I will see if there is any noticeable difference. Thanks.
  7. Well I went a bought a 12900k. So as soon as I can get my hands on a z690 motherboard and some ddr5 ram I can report back with a third comparison. Lol.
  8. DOCP is set for the RAM at 3600 Here is cinebench Multi 21533 single 1536 windows 10 https://imgur.com/2Q4q5rf
  9. Clean windows install. Updated the chipset. Only change in bios is xmp enabled. Clean install of 3090 graphics driver DDU. It's just worse than the 9900k. I actually can't believe it, but it is.
  10. Just built my new pc, and I'm getting worse fps than my old pc with the same version of p3d (v5 latest HF), same addons, same in game settings. New pc: ryzen 5900x, asus strix 3090, 64 gb corsair dominator platinum 3600, samsung 980 pro m.2 old pc: 9900k (oc 5.0ghz), 2080ti, 32 gb tridentz z 3200, samsung 970 evo m.2 Any ideas? Is it possible the ipc uplift with the 5900x at 4.5 ghz can't compete with the 5.0 ghz overclock of the 9900k?
  11. I'd wait if you can and see more from this. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Core-i9-11900K-produces-an-ominous-Geekbench-single-core-result-that-takes-the-i9-10900K-by-32-and-leaves-the-AMD-Ryzen-7-5800X-and-Ryzen-9-5950X-out-of-sight.516351.0.html
  12. FSlabs a321 at latinvfr kfll with drzwei...... miami city. So my question is, why isn't my cpu at 100%? My fps is 27 in the screenshot. GPU usage is 38% https://imgur.com/nxAl6xm
  13. Tbh we need to get Elon Musk into flightsim. He would probably have some crazy ideas.
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