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  1. Got my presets back and uploaded to my google drive. Thanks.
  2. It was a clean install of windows as well. I have already installed chaseplane via orbx. Should I just uninstall chaseplane from orbx and then install vfx from the oldprop website, and then start the whole migration process again?
  3. I recently did a clean install of p3d v4 and i migrated chaseplane to orbx. I've lost all my presets as the cloud is apparently not used anymore. Is there a way to get my previous presets from chaseplane's cloud storage?
  4. Evan

    ssd question

    Thanks for the help guys.
  5. I have a 1 tb nvme ssd and 2 tb nvme ssd. I want to install windows on the 1 tb and all my p3d stuff on the 2 tb. I know many addons install the the "documents" directory that would be on the 1 tb OS ssd. Is there an issue if p3d and some of the addons are on separate drives? Should I just change the location of the "documents" folder to the 2 tb ssd?
  6. Never mind. I deleted to the folder in documents for the KMIA.
  7. I recently uninstalled Latinvfr KMIA per their instructions and reinstalled the updated version from simmarket. Now the addon manager is giving me this error. https://imgur.com/a/N4kQIep
  8. Anyone have weird 2d looking trees? https://imgur.com/a/Ky8Ck9V
  9. The condensation effects seem to not stop. https://imgur.com/a/aWNyMeE
  10. I am on p3d v4.4 and I was having some issues with the leonardo maddog that basically made me decide to do a clean install of windows and p3d. I'm in the process of reinstalling my sceneries (like 130 sceneries), and I keep running into a CTD (Kernalbasedll.dll). Interestingly, what fixes the issue is running vfx central. It does the "walking around inspection" and appears to recognize some aircraft that have long been installed. P3D then boots normally. Each time I get the kernalbase CTD, running vfx central prior to opening p3d fixes it. I'm just curious as to what could be going on.
  11. I am also seeing this issue now for the first time.
  12. I seem to have fixed this. I uninstalled SCEL and reinstalled. No error now.
  13. Basically, I wanted p3d addons not on C drive which is a smaller SSD. I made my HDD drive (1TB) the letter A. I moved the documents folder (typically under C) to A. Where do I find the xml file you are talking about?
  14. I've installed latinvfr's new Santiago airport. I now get this error when opening P4AO. I wonder if it has something to do with the new PBR of this scenery? https://imgur.com/a/qobPbMu
  15. I know there are skins for the cargomaster, but I haven't been able to get the gtn mod to work in that variant. I have the gtn mod working the in the ex, but I can't find a fedex repaint anywhere. Anyone know of one?
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