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  1. I know there are skins for the cargomaster, but I haven't been able to get the gtn mod to work in that variant. I have the gtn mod working the in the ex, but I can't find a fedex repaint anywhere. Anyone know of one?
  2. Evan

    402 livery issues

    I just bought the 402 and downloaded the cape air livery from the flysimware website. I've installed it per the instructions, but it does not show up. I'm using p3d v4.2 with the flight1 gtn. Have any of you had issues installing liveries with v4.2?
  3. Evan

    Any news on 4.2 update?

    All I hope for is two things, 1) Autogen loading fix 2) improved performance with dynamic lighting, so I can run SGSS.
  4. Yuge you say? Like N757AF yuge?
  5. Evan

    Lighting issue

    I have the 737, 747, and 777 with p3d v4 hotfix 1. I thought I remember the wing lights casting onto the runway in v3, however in v4 I have to have dynamic lighting turned on to get this effect (which kills fps for me). Should the lights cast onto the runway without dynamic lighting enabled?
  6. Evan

    747 v4 Loads up dead

    I was running v3 and v4 side by side on a machine, but I recently did a clean install of windows and just reinstalled v4. I had fsuipc 5 and the 747 worked fine when I had v3 and v4 side by side. Now that I only have v4, I'm having the issue that has been described both here and the fsuipc forum. It's certainly puzzling.
  7. I'm using the FSlabs a320 and have been using chaseplane since it came out. I'm on v0.1.627 alpha and when I click the "outside" tab the view just looks at the sky and I can't find the plane. I've not had this issue before.
  8. I thought I had and didn't see it running in the background. I restarted my PC. I launched p3d and chaseplane just ran another update. I appears to be working fine now. Thanks.
  9. Chaseplane updated maybe 30 minutes ago and now I get this error constantly. https://flic.kr/p/PBeqDw
  10. I think FSdreamteam is the best at the moment for KJFK. drzewiecki isn't great for NY in my opinion. This is a good KLGA scenery http://www.imaginesim.com/klga01.htm Both these sceneries work for p3d v3.
  11. I have FSdreamteam KJFK v2 installed. I'm not sure if they add it or it's park of default p3d, but the lead in lights for the parkway visual to 13L or 13R are present. Not sure about the tower.