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  1. So there are no plans right now making the 737 MAX? Its going to be a reworked NGX?
  2. fleendo


    What? On which page of the introduction manual exactly?
  3. fleendo

    Next product of PMDG

    They should go for the 777-200ER. The only T7 that is still missing, loved and operated by many airlines around the worldd
  4. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

    There are many differences between Airbus and Boeing aircrafts.
  5. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

    But he was talking about the 747 not the A330.
  6. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

  7. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

    Plus when the pilot goes to the crew rest area.
  8. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

    The same can be said about the virtual cockpit that youre the only one in the cockpit and you cant see your copilot but most people dont care because to have virtual cockpit itself and not a 2D cockpit is still certainly enough and adds much more realism than detracting from it.
  9. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

    On the virtual level of course. I already had a couple of aircraft addons with cabins but even though they are empty its much better than nothing.
  10. fleendo

    What about virtual cabins??

    Its not the modeling of the cabin which makes it more realistic, its a cabin itself in the first place connected to the virtual cockpit which makes it more realistic. You have a much better sense of responsibility when you have really a cabin behind you because when you enter the cabin you can actually see how big the aircraft is and how many seats/passengers youre responsible for. That is what makes it more realistic.
  11. fleendo

    Micro-stutters and sound lag on FSX

    Even with FSX running?
  12. fleendo

    Micro-stutters and sound lag on FSX

    O.M.G...... Unbelievable. You guys are right with the anti-virus. I got Norton security so I deactivated all options under Internet protection and it solved the problem. No micro-stutters and delays anymore. Unbelievable that this caused the problem. FSX never dies! Thank you very much :)
  13. Hi all, Im having problems with micro-stutters and sound delays on FSX every time. During the litte image delays the sound is also affected and gives a weird tone like a distortion or something. And this little delays happen round about every 5 seconds. Even when I pause FSX and go to youtube to watch a video the micro-stutters keep on going. So Im having micro-sound stutters in the YOUTUBE VIDEO too. I have this problem since I actually bought FSX and it wasnt a big deal but its kinda getting worse now and I dont know why. Is there any solution for that issue?? Thanks, Patrick