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  1. Crest added to fuse. Look for OC update "Shortly" Pete Mac Paint
  2. Yep, I did not do one. You're best bet is to search Avsim. Sorry. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  3. IF I did one for the NGX it would be available thru the OPS Center. I THINK I did one but that is so long ago memory fails me and I’m not on my PC to check. Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer
  4. BOAC Passenger will be released soon.
  5. I think that means you have a file naming error. I'm not in front of my computer (on my iPad) right now so can't check. Compare the names of the files in your repaint folder to the names in the PMDG texture folder.
  6. Okee dokee, I've made the fix to the Red Bull front wheel and the team will prep the files for the OC. It'll take a few days but it's on it's way! I also took a look thru the available liveries and found wheel texture goofs with the Delta and Northern Air Cago liveries. I've addressed these too and they'll be made available at the same time. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. I have identified the problem and a fix will be pushed to the OC. It'll take a few days to get released.
  8. Ok, I'll dig a bit deeper, thanks!
  9. This is an unmodified version installed via the OC?
  10. Do you see this on all liveries with black front wheels? I'm not seeing that condition on my TFB livery install.
  11. I don't remember painting either of these two liveries. Did you install them from our livery page or the OC? Do you see the same pattern with the house colors of the plane?
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