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  1. Yh, I read about the dash and as you said it is spot on even though I dont have it, I might need to invest init, these stuff defiantly make flight simming more immersive for me
  2. Roger got, I was actually disappointed too not seeing it in the 748 but i do understand its literally changing the fmc code from scratch but it would be good to see it getting implemented
  3. hey can any admin confirm if all 23 leg types that go into the navigation database are fully implemented in the NGX? for example, cf legs, rf legs, df legs, theres loads and I know they are getting less and less used even though majority of airports in Turkey still have it but still its good to have it implemented (if its not implemented) i know other aircraft devs started doing it, but i couldnt find any info regarding this if someone can confirm it for me it will be perfect, thank you bulent eroglu
  4. Hello, I am trying to use a community preset which has been public and the link has been shared with me. However, I am having difficulties trying to get this preset on my chase plane. https://fsfxpackages.com/cp/p/250008 I left the link for anyone to try and see if its just me, thank you.
  5. Roger! I wonder if they will implement it! Necmi Osman
  6. Hello, I was wondering something, Before we give TOGA we usually give 40% N1 to see if stable and as far as I recall once N1 has reached stable 40% the EGT decreases which makes it "stable" then we give TOGA. Can anyone confirm this? I looked at many videos online and I see the EGT decreasing before they give TOGA, in the simulator my EGT is always increasing and staying the same, no decreasing. Thank you, Necmi Osman.
  7. PMDG 737NGX is not really good with tracking LNAV in this instance. Reason being is because it doesn't have ARINC 424-19 specification in full detail developed so this is the best it could do. So it will either do wrong turns or it will do a lot of S turns and can't track the magenta line properly, I have flown this SID out of EGNM many times, real life not like this but PMDG 737 its normal. Necmi Osman
  8. I don't think they have developed it for any PMDG aircraft yet. Maybe in the future is what we can hope for. Necmi Osman
  9. We can hope unfortunately, hopefully.
  10. Will the PMDG have ARINC 424-19 implemented to its products to make it more realistic then it is? Will be amazing to do RF legs too. We've seen other companies do it, would love to see PMDG finally implement such navdata type. Necmi Osman
  11. I was wondering if PMDG has lateral and vertical flight management upgrade thoughts in their products? It's something I would love to see them upgrading ARINC 424-19. Simply because this aircraft lacks tracking lateral navigation at some points in SID and STARS. Necmi Osman
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