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  1. @ph-cxz I don't see the thread you are referencing, would you kindly post me the link? Nogmaals bedankt!
  2. Hi guys, After the update the 20 second initialization is not running and I find myself in an aircraft with engine sounds, no landing gear, nothing clickable... Running P3D 4.3 at the moment. Same issue in both the 744 and the 748. Any ideas as to how to get it to initialize again? Thanks!
  3. Miquel, Are you sure you started the scenario with today's date? I just loaded in the 744 and checked, but I don't get the "out of date" message when loading in current date and time. https://imgur.com/a/J0bIsmI
  4. Hi Eduardo, That is what I have too. Seems fine. If you read cycle_info, what is the date range it indicates? Valid (from/to): 06/DEC/2018 - 02/JAN/2019 This is the latest one I downloaded today.
  5. Taxi2Gate works fine if you know how to add sceneries using the P3D Scenery Library. Also, Taxi2Gate have indicated on their Facebook page that they are working on an update for this VHHH. Hopefully they release it soon!
  6. No, there is not, as mentioned in the post above your last one, FSX and P3D require separate licenses.
  7. Allright, good luck! Come back if you have any other questions.
  8. Hi Andrew, Be sure to start the sim in the right date range (current date and time for example). If you start the sim outside the current validity period of the AIRAC cycle then the out of date message will still appear, even if you are current.
  9. For updated nav data I would recommend Navigraph. A full subscription there also gives you access to all the possible charts you will ever need.
  10. The 737 doesn't have the option like the 777 and the 747 do, expect this to change in future releases with the NG3.
  11. Hi James, If you read back a few posts you can see that you can get 4.3 directly from the LM website. They make the older versions available to those who want them.
  12. Hi again Keven, Took a while, but I think I have managed to figure out the issue. It happens when I restart the sim after landing to start another flight. I do this out of habit to have a fresh P3D running for the new flight. I think that it might be the case that the Immersion Manager doesn't have enough time to shut down and restart with the sim. I noticed it yesterday and it seems to make some sense. I will keep an eye on it and if this doesn't explain it, I will dig further. Thanks for your response! Much appreciated! Sander
  13. Hi Keven, Noticed during my last two flights today (748F and now 748i) that the contrails are not working, also not in preview mode. Will try and generate a logfile for you and send it to your support email. Greetings, Sander
  14. I would unassign it when flying jets. If you have it assigned for when you are flying prop planes then you can turn it back on when flying those. I have had this in the past, I have the Saitek X52 and have the mixture assigned to the slider on the throttle. Very useful when flying my 182, but when flying a jet after shutting down my Cessna and forgetting to reset the slider to max, it causes exactly what you described. If your mixture is set to a slider or a rotational switch, then you could also try to calibrate it, or add a larger null-zone, that way you might be able to leave it mapped and don't have to unassign it.
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