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  1. harvester21

    GSX profile 747-8f

    Hi Lars, I will see if I can get that to work. Will fiddle around and see if I can get GSX to recognize parking brakes. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. harvester21

    GSX profile 747-8f

    Yeah, patience is a virtue as they say 😉 Would love to have the pushback functionality back though. I've (almost) ended up in the grass too many times by now with the PMDG pushback function. I can't figure that one out for the life of me...
  3. harvester21

    GSX profile 747-8f

    Has the blocks/parking brakes detection been resolved?
  4. harvester21

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II Released

    Many congrats! Buying as we speak! ps. i think we broke your website....
  5. No of course not. If you already own it, you already own it. New customers might be facing a 5$ increase in the future.
  6. LOL, 3 people answering the exact same question... I think he gets it now...
  7. It will be a separate purchase, it is an expansion pack for the 744.
  8. harvester21


    I guess you will find out soon enough either way.
  9. Gone around for some extra teasing :-)
  10. harvester21

    Runway Announcements

    Redacted.. Sorry I couldn't be of help..
  11. harvester21

    Exciting times?

    Oh! What a nice teaser! Just imagine taking her for a spin this weekend!
  12. harvester21

    777X new boeing plane

    I think my average flight time in the 747-400 is around 1:30 😉
  13. harvester21

    TCAS & ATC

    Have you run a test on the transponder? Everything testing ok? Also, please be aware that there is a filter on the TCAS display that filters out aircraft that are 2800 feet lower or 2800 feet higher than your position. These are not shown on your radar. You can change these values in the FMC's PMDG options.
  14. harvester21

    Unable to update NGX 8465 to 8885

    Suggestion removed based on Chris' response below. Good luck Martin!
  15. harvester21

    B-747 Crash on Loading

    Hi Ken, It takes 20 minutes to load from the moment you hit the "OK" on the P3D Scenario screen to the moment your aircraft is loaded? There is something seriously wrong with that. I have a slightly faster computer than yours, but not 20x faster. For me it takes approximately 1 minute from the moment I press OK to the moment the plane is loaded in at the airport. Out of curiosity, which version of Windows are you running? Kind regards, Sander