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  1. I'm having the same problem - I tried to do various things to solve this but to no avail. My tablet connects to VAInterface, it shows "Connected to VAInterface version 2.24...", the FMC inputs are accepted in P3D V4 but nothing updates on the tablet. This happens with both PMDG 737 & 777.
  2. One way to remove it is to take it by the right bottom corner, make it a bit larger, then right click on it, undock and move that to the top of the screen. It disappears completely. However, if you save the flight, then load it, it will stay on the screen and can't be removed any more (at least I couldn't find a way). Also then it's much larger so be careful to not do this :) Of course it's very small and shouldn't bother anyone, but if you have that OCD like me this might be helpful. Anyway, as far as I've read it's related to the interior lighting and you'll notice at night if you don't have your dome light on it will be darker, and will actually change brightness as you change the lighting.
  3. From what he's saying looks like his install is corrupted, I wouldn't say that he is doing anything wrong in regards to the aircraft operation.
  4. Besides pressing the IRS align button, you also need to pun in the coordinates on the POS INIT page of the FMC. As for the radios, you have to select the transmit/receive for the radios you want to use, just like in the real thing.
  5. I just saw this now, so I might as well reply This affects all camera addons, all cameras despite all possible tweaks to disable dynamic head movement, momentum effect, etc (and if you disable them you're just disabling in my opinion effects that are good)... Some guy made a fix for it, but it's payware (AFAIK around 5€) and that pretty much solves the problem, I used it before Lockheed Martin fixed the bug.
  6. He's talking about the TO/GA switches.
  7. Tested on P3D V4 myself and it works.
  8. This has started happening in P3D V4 with the 777 too recently. What I found funny is that if I depress my toe brakes just slightly, the shaking and jerking stops and this way I am able to have smooth pushback.
  9. I have managed to activate my 777 now. It seems that it works, at least for now.
  10. I do understand that from a professional standpoint you don't want to "release" a fix that seems unofficial and bodged. However, I'm sure that most of your customers, the simmers, want to just have the realistic experience of flying and don't care that much about downloading an official update from the operations center or fixing it some other way. And, I at least certainly wouldn't mind replacing a CFG, or even tweaking one myself with the needed values if it meant having a realistic flying experience. I can confirm that the current state bothers me much more than having to tweak a CFG to fix the issue. The decision is yours obviously and I can do nothing but to accept it, but think about what's better for the customers.
  11. It only seems to fix the nose camera. The bottom two are unaffected by the setting completely, which is odd and certainly wasn't this way before 3.3.
  12. Completely contradictory statement by Ryan Maziarz in the support ticket I raised. I guess no fix is to be expected soon, after all.
  13. Ticket number is 25D-1EEC7711-0402. I have definitely submitted it on June 9th with no replies as of yet. I have tinkered a bit myself with the values in aircraft.cfg, namely the [CameraDefinition.016] and [CameraDefinition.017] fields, but nothing seemed to affect it. The odd thing is that WideViewAspect=True/False in Prepar3D.cfg doesn't make a difference for those two cameras, but for the nose camera it still does.
  14. A week has passed since I submitted the ticket to their support. How long does it usually take them to reply?
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