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  1. Agreed - what I have also noticed is how much more responsive the engine are compared to the -400! They react to throttle changes so quickly. Quite a different feel overall to the -400
  2. Werner747

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    Thanks Peter! I dabbled a bit last night, didn't fly, just sat on the ground and went through everything getting a feel for it. Really worth the investment, guarantee you will enjoy it!
  3. Werner747

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    Hahaha - I have been badly ill with the flu since Friday so only getting to take a look now which is good since missing the rush this time around 😉
  4. What would you like to hear - we have debugged A, B, C today and we have issues with these 45 lines of code? Software is not like your average building job or project which is common sense. We have had a good update not too long ago and in the last week had an awesome cockpit tour - what more do you honestly want.
  5. Werner747

    Excellent FACT Cape Town scenery for P3Dv4

    Hi Peter, I recently (as in during the week) pulled the trigger on P3Dv4 as well, so this is the news I ahve been waiting for! Thanks!
  6. Wow - just absolutely WOW!!! I have grown used to the fact that when PMDG goes silent they have their heads down in the mud somewhere to come up with something incredible, and you have pulled out all the stops yet again! The P3D v4 features are great since I have actually just today started to invest in the odd and ends needed to make the transition and to put FSX away for good. Absolutely stunning work folks, I cannot wait for the finished product! Regards
  7. Werner747

    747-8 When?

    Wow - I don't visit these forums as often I used to due to real life time constraints, but I am glad I came across this tonight. All the best and God bless my friend. This is a very different take on how realistic our PMDG simulations are. Take care and all the best for the future!
  8. Indeed - at this point it is only MD-11, my only legacy product but I really NEED that to work when I want to lol. regards
  9. Werner747

    An Ode to the MD11

    I had it for FS2004 in boxed version and then got it for FSX. I haven't flown it in a long time but that is only because of time constraints etc. I am a Boeing die-hard fan. This aircraft is more like a 'Bus than a Boeing in many respects, but I still love it. In fact, I would still recommend anyone to buy it in it's current state if this is something your are interested in. Marvelous aircraft. I have always wondered if PMDG cannot just give some developer the rights just to do a texture overall on it. That would be awesome, but still, lovely aircraft and still a favourite to fly. Regards
  10. Werner747

    How hard a landing is very hard in a 747?

    What I normally do is use the proper approach speed, and at 20 feet go to idle and raise the nose just a degree or two. That results in excellent landings, however, as I said I think I hit some sheer on those last ones. I am seriously contemplating getting ASN to avoid getting caught out by those nasty sheer buggers on finals! Regards
  11. Werner747

    How hard a landing is very hard in a 747?

    Thank you everyone - and NO, my replays didn't look like that LOL!!! It is pretty amazing the amount of abuse it seems that these birds can take. I would imagine though that the Silway incident would have warranted a close inspection of the gear and flaps before being cleared for service? I usually land at between 80-140 fpm, but I suspect that on both of those occasions I had a bit of sheer on finals. I use FSGRW so I cannot use the weather radar to detect sheers. This can get tricky sometimes... Regards
  12. Hi everyone, Okay so... I generally get greasers in my Queen and I have developed a really good landing technique with her. That said, for various different reasons my 2 of my last three landings were what I would consider to be dangerously hard landings in the sense that it might need some inspection post flight :-). The first one was on a flight from FAOR - DGAA where I impacted terra firma at around 410fpm, and then today from FAOR - YPPH landing at 355fpm. I know that there are rules pertaining to the amount of G's sustained during a landing which is used, but can anyone give me some guidelines please? Many thanks in advance
  13. Werner747


    LOL Jack - I know it isn't funny, but the way you tell the story and your reaction is priceless! All the best - they should have it sorted out in no time! Regards
  14. Werner747

    Price tag

    Which one - the study airplane in real life or the sim one lol? Regards
  15. Indeed! And let's face it - if a price tag is already 90 USD and you have to add the 65% margin, you are looking at another 58.50 USD, ramping it up to a whopping 148.50 USD. Now let us put that into perspective, I live in the not so sunny RSA. The Rand to USD now trades at a nice R 13.60. So to me, what would have cost R 1 224-00, now costs a whopping R 2 019-00! To put that into perspective, that is about 20 percent of your just below average salary here in RSA. Sorry, cannot afford it - now let us look at the impact on P3D products shall we? The concern is exactly what you mention - you may have the option but if you could buy something for 10,2 percent of your salary, why buy it for more than 20%? DTG will get rowdy, the deal will be cancelled and all of a sudden, BOOM! No PMDG in FSW. It is a little oversimplified I know, but there you have it. It cannot work and it is not sustainable. Regards