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  1. Same on your side buddy - all the best and God bless for the new year.
  2. That is quite a mouth full from a chap with only 20 posts, you are clearly quite new. A word of advice - your attempts at looking like a wise guy comes off pretty cheap unfortunately. Are you a software developer? Do you know what actually goes into software development? If not, please tell us why you are qualified to give such a lofty opinion in here? The biggest problem we have these days on public fora are people who think or believe somehow they know everything about everything else and it gets a little tiresome. So please, just don't do it.
  3. As a pilot or passenger? Unless you can tell me that you have PILOTED these airplanes in real life, I have to respectfully tell you that I don't think you are in the best position to judge accuracy - you do know that PMDG have real guys that actually pilot these aircraft to assist with the testing right? I think that takes precedence over your armchair assessment of the accuracy of the aircraft.
  4. Hi Bryan, Just a quick question - I know you said that the ECL is left out of the equation, but does this mean you follow paper checklists like in the 747-400, or how did you integrate it? Not expecting massively complicated answer, just to get a quick idea please. Many thanks in advance!
  5. thanks for the reply, I do slow the aircraft down to 230 knots with about 5 degrees of flap so it should easily be able to hold the pattern. What it does is not try to fly an erratic pattern with right hand turns trying to stay inside the hold at high speed. It turns left, away from the racetrack pattern. That is not normal. thanks for the reply, thing is I am not just sitting back and trusting the magic to happen, I just want to know why others are getting the patterns flown and my aircraft doesn't want to :-). So in essence, this being a learning curve, I want to know WHY it is not doing it so that I can get it right in future. I haven't had the time to return to the problem just yet, but will play with it a bit over the weekend. Thanks for all the replies, I am giving it another go this weekend so will keep everyone updated on how it goes :-)
  6. Hi everyone, Okay - so... I have recently started to dip into the abnormal procedures and getting some practice done on that (which is a lot of fun btw). Here is the scenario first. I do a medium fuel and normal payload takeoff with a properly loaded route and VNAV/LNAV profile loaded into the FMC as if I am flying a route. The aircraft is then setup to lose an engine at V1. So that part is easy enough, follow the engine out procedure, but now because of the medium fuel load, I am overweight and need to dump some fuel to get within landing parameters. So I had to the assigned fuel dumping area which is off the path of the magenta line obviously, so I engage heading select to fly off and alt hold mode and head off to the dump site. Now the idea is to setup a PPOS holding point in the FMC to hold and dump fuel until I can return. The setup all goes well, the aircraft will enter the hold without issues (by default a right hand turn obvioulsy). I do this by switching on LNAV and it enters the pattern just fine, does the downwind leg and the moment it needs to turn right again to return to the waypoint and complete the track, it turns left and out of the pattern. and from there does all sort of weird maneuvers but never properly enters the pattern again. What am I doing wrong here? Can anybody assist? TIA
  7. Agreed - what I have also noticed is how much more responsive the engine are compared to the -400! They react to throttle changes so quickly. Quite a different feel overall to the -400
  8. Thanks Peter! I dabbled a bit last night, didn't fly, just sat on the ground and went through everything getting a feel for it. Really worth the investment, guarantee you will enjoy it!
  9. Hahaha - I have been badly ill with the flu since Friday so only getting to take a look now which is good since missing the rush this time around 😉
  10. What would you like to hear - we have debugged A, B, C today and we have issues with these 45 lines of code? Software is not like your average building job or project which is common sense. We have had a good update not too long ago and in the last week had an awesome cockpit tour - what more do you honestly want.
  11. Hi Peter, I recently (as in during the week) pulled the trigger on P3Dv4 as well, so this is the news I ahve been waiting for! Thanks!
  12. Wow - just absolutely WOW!!! I have grown used to the fact that when PMDG goes silent they have their heads down in the mud somewhere to come up with something incredible, and you have pulled out all the stops yet again! The P3D v4 features are great since I have actually just today started to invest in the odd and ends needed to make the transition and to put FSX away for good. Absolutely stunning work folks, I cannot wait for the finished product! Regards
  13. Wow - I don't visit these forums as often I used to due to real life time constraints, but I am glad I came across this tonight. All the best and God bless my friend. This is a very different take on how realistic our PMDG simulations are. Take care and all the best for the future!
  14. Indeed - at this point it is only MD-11, my only legacy product but I really NEED that to work when I want to lol. regards
  15. I had it for FS2004 in boxed version and then got it for FSX. I haven't flown it in a long time but that is only because of time constraints etc. I am a Boeing die-hard fan. This aircraft is more like a 'Bus than a Boeing in many respects, but I still love it. In fact, I would still recommend anyone to buy it in it's current state if this is something your are interested in. Marvelous aircraft. I have always wondered if PMDG cannot just give some developer the rights just to do a texture overall on it. That would be awesome, but still, lovely aircraft and still a favourite to fly. Regards
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