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  1. This is stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it, and thank you for your kind words. I am just truly moved by all the thoughtful replies I have gotten in this topic, and it has filled me with a huge admiration for the time and consideration that all of you have brought to your replies. I am sorry to hear about the sad separation that your ex has caused between you and daughter. I can only truly wish that she will change her mind about that, because that is a most unnecessary cruel thing for her to do.
  2. The replies to this topic have been beyond my wildest dreams, I don't actually have the words to say thank you. I don't know what else to say other than at times, I have been close to tears from reading your comments. To everyone who has commented, thank you, you have no idea how much it meant to me. To those who shared stories of their own battles with adversity, I wish you all the best as you walk your own roads towards recovery, I hope that the responses from everyone on this topic will remind you of the kindness of people and that that in itself is a reason for hope and perseverance. Thank you all for sharing in the memory of little Nina, as she never learnt to speak, I would guess that her response to your warm words would have been something like this With gratitude to everyone at PMDG, and everyone who contributed to making this the perfect send off from the world of Flight Sim, and in loving memory of Nina Rene Myburgh 05 December 2013 - 31 July 2014
  3. Wow, I am really touched by the kind and thoughtful responses from everyone. I am grateful that I could have shared a little bit of Nina's memory with you, and I appreciate the warm words of support and encouragement from all of you. Thank you.
  4. As I have seen people make these sort of requests, or demands if you will, I feel perfectly entitled to one myself. I would like to ask PMDG to delay the release of their 747-8 for, I think, a year or so. I am about to take an enforced and extended absence from the world of simming, and I would hate to not have that -8 on release day. So, in the spirit of making seemingly perfectly reasonable to the self (what do you mean others?) requests, would you kindly consider delaying the -8 just for me? On a serious note though, and I hope you will forgive the personal digression, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you at PMDG for an experience that, I dare say, in recent years for me went far beyond merely flight simulation, but also, in a very real sense touched on the therapeutic. In 2013, I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous little girl gifted to me and she was soon, after an extended stay in neonatal intensive care, introduced to the wonderful world of PMDG programs. Although she had absolutely no idea what she was listening to or looking at, she could not take her eyes off the night lighting on the overhead panel of the 777, and to her little ears, the sound of the engines of the JS4100 was, quite literally, a lullaby. And if you knew how little interest she showed in sleeping, those JS4100 engines worked like magic. Unfortunately, 7 months and 26 after she was born, she died in my arms as a result of a virtually unheard of genetic condition, and despite the heroic efforts of some of the finest doctors anywhere in the world. Without going into detail, but also without making light of the situation, I buried myself in my simulator, in a limited but effective way, giving in to my constant desire to escape into a virtual world from something from which there was no escape in the real. When faced with set back, my default position has always been to get on a plane and go places. But with work obligations, that just wasn't an option. I recreated more than once a week the flight to Mauritius that her mother and I took shortly after her funeral. I don't know exactly what it was about reliving that flight on my sim, but for brief periods of time, usually the taxi, take off and landing, I could just imagine that I was actually fleeing the horror that was the death of my little girl, just as I did years ago. The incredible immersion recreated by PMDG in their aircraft turned flight simulation for me into an escape from a reality that I have struggled to connect with since she died. I found in the frequent flights that I did on my sim, an expression of my desire just to go to new places, and just be on the road that would become my home, and forget about the person that experienced that horror. In place of a hollowed out person, I could escape into the virtual world of unending travel. I actually brought it up with the therapist that I was seeing two years after she died, and he was fascinated that I could latch onto something simulated to find a relief, however temporarily, from something real, and he asked me about what it was that created the escape for me. It was the sound of the engines, the bit that I could actually relate to as a passenger. To me, that was a testament to the remarkable depth and breadth of sensation that PMDG creates, and though I imagine that this must be quite strange to read, I feel like I wanted to share this with you so that you can also know the depth of the impact that your products have on some of us beyond merely simulating flight, it is something to look forward to, something to get lost in, something to make the day just a little bit better when nothing else is up to the task, something to stimulate the imagination, a place to forget for just a moment, and a sense of better things to come. It is a world that, at times, is better than the real one. As I said, I choose the word therapeutic very carefully, but also very deliberately, and for that, you have my sincere gratitude. When some day I take up flight simulation again, I will be right back as a PMDG customer. Until then, I wish you all the best, you have been of greater help and in more way than you probably ever imagined.
  5. Thank you, Kyle, much appreciated. I look forward to seeing what magic you guys have served up for us when some day I return. All the best.
  6. Hi guys, I need to return my licences for the following PMDG products: 737 NGX + 6/700 Expansion Pack, 777 200LR + 300ER Expansion Pack, 747 V3. My desktop computer has suffered a catastrophic failure and I cannot access it at all (probably has nothing to do with the divorce I'm currently enjoying). As such, I am unable to actually manually return the licences, or, clever me, access any of my accounts (stored passwords), so in the event, should I access the PMDG site and attempt to reset my passwords, is there an option on the site to return the licences or is there some other avenue whereby I can pursue the licence returns through PMDG support, again after resetting all passwords? As it will be quite some time before I will get back into this hobby, I would like to take care of this while it is still fresh in my mind. Many thanks.
  7. No, you’re quite entertaining as it is, considering that you are up against a bunch of people who are quite willing to assist you if you were only to stop responding in seemingly uncontrollable anger towards anyone who doesn’t know straight away what your problem is. Which, it seems to me, is quite ironic since you who cannot solve the problem despite having spent hours on your system and set up, yet expect others who know nothing of your system and set up to be able to instantly provide solutions or risk your ire.
  8. Well, at least we know the OP is capable of irony, even if not aware of it.
  9. Airport officials at FAOR not being very helpful. Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, anyone who’s ever had to deal with airport officials at FAOR.
  10. It’s Friday, have all the medication you want. I’ll raise a medication to your dedication to your customers as well tonight.
  11. I had the exact same issue while getting ready to land at EDDF, but since I was merely 18nm from the airport, I simply followed the shut down procedures, and landed her on two engines, at which point she became maintenance’s problem. Performed a full service on the plane, but the next time I loaded her up, she loaded with the same problem in the same two (3 and 4) engines. Not sure what she was going to do after that, because shortly afterwards, Windows 10 downloaded that security update that caused the Queen to crash the sim and that was pretty much that for my swimming days in any case. So, I’m also curious to know what causes these failures in the Queen.
  12. I'm always thinking 777-200ER, so, I guess it's safe to say someone else's mind was read
  13. I can’t wait for AI to rule our lives.
  14. He is asking for help regarding the error message, Err at Gates when selecting Co Route in the CDU. He notes that he reinstalled Nav data cycle 1712, and has since encountered only three further such error messages. After clearing the errors, he restarted FSX-SE and the 747 launched in the Cold & Dark state, when he then selects the co route (KIAHELLX), which he always sets as RTE1, he encounters the error message demonstrated in the pictures. He then asks what the error message means, and that he has searched the forum for a solution, which he did not find. He also apologises for writing in German, as his English is really bad.
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