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  1. Hi all, I have recently tried my first flight with 737 ngx in FSX but when I try to end flight, instead to ending it, the fsx crashes and restarts. The faulting module is pmdg737.dll I tried to search solution online and tried a few things with controllers. But it did not help. However, when I turn on Preview DX10, the crash does not occur then. With DX10 when I "end flight", the FSX just shuts down completely, instead of taking me to the "Free Flight" page which it normally should. But at least the crash error does not show and fsx does not restart due to crash. The problem is when I have DX10 activated, it makes all my addon airports messy, extremely messy so I do not want to keep it active. I am running Windows 10 64 bit and my FSX folder is in Program Files x 86 folder. I have spared fsx folder from firewall and antivirus programs. I also have pmdg 777 200 and it does not give me this error. Anyone can help me here ? Thank you, Satbeer Singh
  2. Hello Experts, I am kindly requesting for a livery of Jet Airways 737-800 Jet Airways is a major private airliner in India. I really want to fly this livery. Actually I bought the NGX assuming that I will be able to fly Jet Airways 737-800. Please make a livery for this as this is the most commonly seen aircraft in India after Indigo Airbuses I am attaching a photo with this post for your reference. Many thanks, Satbeer Singh
  3. Hi vc10man and scandinavian 13 Thanks for your replies So I bought the ngx today....but I do not see Jet Airways 800 in the livery downloader? Satbeer Singh
  4. Hello, I am planning to buy 737-900 pmdg and want to know if there is a Jet Airways and Spicejet 737-900 liveries? Please let me know and oblige. Thank you Satbeer Singh
  5. Lorby_SI, excellent summary of the downside of constant development factor of P3D. This certainly is a very big deciding factor for me at this stage. Christopher Low: Yes FSX with my addons is currently giving me desired frame rates Yashigashi: Good points. But likewise dealing with 2 sims at this time is too much demanding for me
  6. DaveCT2003, Bert Pieke, Mike T707, CPT747 ; Thank you very much for your helpful responses. Each of your response is giving a shape to my decision. The core idea that is developing now to me is that P3D is undoubtedy an actively developing promising flight sim. No questions. But I also see it as taking baby steps towards maturity. I like Bert's idea of waiting to see what P3D eventually delivers in some time and then judging it. I, at this moment, have brought all my excitement to enjoy fsx to halt, bcos of all this confusion about P3D vs FSX. And I think I should for now, keep on enjoying fsx without thinking too much and after a while, I can worry about this switch. Once again, everyone thank you for your responses. Very much appreciated. Satbeer Singh
  7. Hello all, I know this has been widely discussed at several places and I have read most of it. But I am still not able to decide and cannot match the pros and cons to my system (How good my system can handle fsx and p3d) My dilemma is : Should I stay with FSX or move to P3D. Background: I am not a pilot. Just a flight sim enthusiast. To bring new life to this exciting hobby of mine, finally after 2007, this year I have bought a decent computer desktop just for flight simulator. The specs of my computer are Intel i7 6700 sky-lake 4.0 GHz, overclock to 4.4 GHz. 16 GB DDR4 RAM, Hard disk 2TB is SSD, GTX 970 4GB Nvidia. So since 2007 I have not played flight sim. This year when I got my new computer, I immediately without doing much of a research, installed FSX deluxe, bought PMDG 777-200, a bunch of airports, FSUIPC, FS Passengers, AES credits for all add-on airports. Now I was considering buying Active Sky Next, Rex textures for clouds, FTX global and few other add-ons. Just before buying these add-ons, it struck me that everywhere on youtube and elsewhere, P3D is slowly dominating the flight sim world. I have heard lots of good things about it, out of which most important for me is that P3D is constantly updated whereas FSX will not be updated anymore. So now I am thinking that having spent a few hundred dollars already on PMDG 777, airports etc, I should ask you friends what are your suggestions? Because I think if I need to go to P3D then I have to buy all add-ons again since they are different installers? (At least I am sure about PMDG). This is important for me since I have done a major investment already with new computer and add-ons and hardwares, so I do not want to put more money into FSX, if P3D is the way to go. Especially if FSX is something that will hang on for just very less time now. Please provide your inputs and oblige. Thank you. Satbeer Singh
  8. Thanks Dan and Michael for your response. I have read the manuals and tutorials. Still keep getting confused at several points. Some areas in those literature are just a little difficult for me to understand. Thanks again Satbeer
  9. Emmanuel, thank you for your prompt response. It is very helpful. Should I have more confusions, I might shoot them here hoping you will have answers to them as well. Happy flying! Thanks again Satbeer Singh
  10. Hello friends and experts, Introducing myself as a nonpilot enthusiast who is back to flying fsx after 2007. Please bear with me if I make any mistakes or ask anything silly enough. I am learning to fly my favorite pmdg 777. Since fsx default ATC does not guide SIDs and STARs, I am planning to fly without ATC for now. So what initial altitude should I set on MCP ? Had I used ATC, I think they would have suggested initial climb. But without ATC what should I keep as my initial Altitude? That leads to second confusion, when and what to do to override the MCP altitude and let the VNAV climb to next restrictions all the way upto cruising altitude? Please give me your inputs and oblige. Many thanks Satbeer Singh Flight Sim Enthusiast
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