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  1. When I had my GF-TQ6 I always used FSUIPC to set it up, complete accuracy and never had a problem. Cheers
  2. And a fly fisherman, or should that be "fisherperson" in this PC correct world !
  3. Pretty basic question, but are you sure that you have it in GPS mode and not VLOC ?
  4. Hi Steven, would love to, but i'm afraid I need my beauty sleep, and judging by what I see in the mirror, lots of it.😴 Take care, Cheers
  5. Colonial hangover, as does Australia and New Zealand, and for some odd reason so does Japan. Enjoyed the video,and it made me feel quite nostalgic. I was born and raised in Cape Town, and the Athlone power Station which was mentioned as a turning point, was where I served part of my engineering apprenticeship, when i was there, it had 2 cooling towers, but I see they are now missing. Cheers
  6. What is an Italian police car doing in Brisbane ?, otherwise, a good scenario.
  7. Sorry to be pedantic, but its spelt Fremantle , lived there for many years 😉
  8. I am using a car seat, very comfortable. I built a box section base for it to sit on, at the correct height to suit my table. Then bolted the rails to the base for forward and backwards seat adjustment, the seat back is also adjustable to suit your sitting position. The only drawback is that there are no arm rests. Cheers .
  9. Hi Wilhelm, The majority of the NGX overhead switches are on/off switches, a few of the exceptions are : APU start (off-on-mom on) , APU Gens (mom on-off-mom on), same for the L&R Gens. Landing lights Extend/Retractable (DPDT) (on-on-off) Windows heat test (ovht/pwr test) (mom on-off-mom on), L Pack , R Pack , Isolation Valve (off-on-on). All my overhead switches are run through Leo Bodnar cards, using FSUIPC and the SDK events ID. A lot of the switch functions depend on how you use the parameters in FSUIPC as some are just not simply 1 for on and 0 for off. It takes a bit of experimentation with 3 position switches to get the correct sequence for them to function in the right order. Cheers, Neil
  10. Enjoyed that, thanks. Just had a look at the standard P3Dv4 scenery for Milford Sound and its terrible, nothing like the Orbx version.
  11. Maybe it is natures way of telling us that we just cannot keep on reproducing as we are, and that if we dont stop it, the world will, at some stage be struck with a major event, that will do the job for us.
  12. Limited music this time!


  13. It probably depends on if Sue, is either sewing or sowing !
  14. Had a similar problem once, with a slightly warped scroggly plate!
  15. Helicopters ! -a heap of spinning metal fatigue surrounded by an oil leak on the way to a crash site
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