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  1. Why do people ask a question or seek information, but dont have the grace to reply.? Is it a lack of manners or just plain ignorance!!
  2. Re the VS wheel, I have had the same problem for years. Sometimes it will not change numbers at all, then it decreases vs when trying to increase, and then sometimes the other way round. I've given up using it, even though I have Pollypot software installed. Haven't looked at their website for a long time, as I didnt think it was very good, and their forum was the worst that I've ever seen.
  3. Just measured up a spare one I found. It appears to be metric in dimension. Countersunk phillips head, Length 14 mm, dia.4 mm, thread pitch is 0.7mm. Cheers,
  4. Thanks for the reply Jim, looks like a winner. Cheers
  5. Hi Guys, Just curious as to whether any of you have had some experience, using a Hall effect potentiometer. I have a home made setup for nose wheel steering, using a normal potentiometer,operating via a Leo Bodnar card and FSUIPC. It seems to loose calibration fairly quickly, which makes steering a bit of a challenge. Im led to believe that a Hall effect pot is very stable, and would like to go down that route if possible. Any comments would be helpful. Cheers
  6. Just a quick note, but the primary and secondary white gears seem to be not fully meshed. Any thoughts as to why ?
  7. Am in the market for a new yoke, but have never seriously considered the Honeycomb product. I personally dont think it will ever become a serious contender in the yoke market. Am thinking about a Yoko yoke, but am delaying the purchase, until the Fulcrum yoke becomes a reality, however long that takes.
  8. Freo

    Huge GoFlight Sale

    Sadly,my TQ6 is sitting in a cupboard unused for a few years. The handles became very sloppy, so after cutting down an allen key, and tightening up the connectors, I decided to fit the newer throttle handles with the wired in reversers. They are so heavy that no matter how much I tighten them, they still fall down under their own weight. Not very practical. Have now got a Virtual Fly TQ6, much more accurate, and no sloppy movement. Anybody want a used GOFlight TQ6 ? Cheers
  9. Freo

    C310 Pilot ?

    Yes, I've seen most of their videos, good viewing, but noticed that their mixture controls are always well split. Cheers
  10. Freo

    Key mapping for Battery Switch PMDG 737NGX

    As you have FSUIPC installed, and I presume the SDK, all you need to enter into FSUIPC in the Buttons section, is the Event ID for the Battery, which is 69633 and 1 for the top Parameter and 0 for the bottom one. That's all I've done, never had a problem. Cheers
  11. Freo

    Programming via FSUIPC

    What type of switch are you using for the APU. I use a 3 position switch, mom/on, off, on. Start is 69750 Par 2/Par 1, Centre is on , Off is 69750 Par 0/ Par 1. Never had a problem with start up/ running, and switch off. I should mention that the momentary position is for the start, and returns automatically to the run position once you release it. Haven't bothered with the gang bar for the lights. I have 2, 3 position switches tied together with an aluminium block for the retractable lights, and 2 on/off switches also tied for the fixed lights. Cheers Neil
  12. Freo

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Flight of the Phoenix (The original one, not the remake) The Bridges at Toko-Ri The Battle of Britain The War Lover Those magnificent men in their flying machines
  13. Freo

    Windshield Problem with Soloy U206 in Prepar3D v4

    Sure you not wearing polaroids ???
  14. With all RSR's mentioning of "Percolating", I reckon it's a new fancy coffee making machine !!
  15. Freo

    Milviz Flash Sale immenent!

    Milviz are in Canada