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  1. Thank you sir! i’ve always thought that talking to your aeroplane gives you an extra few percent control surface authority ahem........that’s my excuse anyway! 😉
  2. Thanks for posting that Don. Interesting seeing them referencing it to land textures too. I don’t see it there and to be fair I don’t see it over 80% of the sea in the area I was testing. No real response yet on my LM post.
  3. Unfortunately this is a fresh install having just moved over from V4 so includes the HF2. On further testing I found it is more obvious the lower you get but that also if you pause the sim when you see it afte a few seconds they disappear almost like a texture loading issue. Only difference is the water texture itself is perfect ie not blurred/pixelated, and does not change when the lines disappear. It also isn't effected by EF. Interesting that there is a post already there on LM. I did a search but must have missed it. I've not had a response from LM on there yet but we'll see.
  4. Thanks and yes I thought it was worth flagging up so posted on the LM forum just in case it was something they can act on.
  5. I did wonder if it was that too but I don’t think that’s it. I have 32gb Ram and 11gb Ram on the GPU and everything else seems to be working very well. There’s certainly plenty of Ram to spare on the GPU.
  6. thanks, appreciate you taking the time to reply. At least I know I'm not the only one! 😀
  7. Thanks for confirming. Did you find a fix for it?
  8. 🤣 I wish it was fishing nets! This was off the coast of LA. Also using Orbx NA SC but I don’t think that would effect it. Doesn’t necessarily appear straight away.
  9. Hi, just recently installed P3Dv5 and am seeing something odd out to sea and can't seem to fix it unless I set water detail from Ultra to High. Has anyone else seen this and know of a fix?
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