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  1. So you think his opinion is only valid if he is an important enough person in your eyes? That point of view is becoming disturbingly common on this forum, but could I just point out that this is an internet forum. If I claimed to be Joe Sutter would that make my opinions any more legitimate? After all, you can't prove I am not him (despite the fact he died in 2016). 'Opinion', in its normal English usage, is a statement in the absence of evidence. Something "not necessarily based on fact or knowledge" but not necessarily to the exclusion of fact either. James presented a verifiable fact (if you do this then that happens) along with an opinion (it was supposed to do the something else). That opinion would be stronger if it was supported with evidence (expected behavior according to such and such a document). You have presented an opinion "he is not important enough for me to listen to". Now who do you think comes off like a turkey?
  2. I am that fellow and I suggest you either provide a reference or apologize.
  3. Don't mind Anders, he can get a bit touchy when he thinks his religious beliefs are being challenged. You are of course right, there are far fewer A380's in service, however of the 234 that were built (wikipedia), 98 are currently airborne (flightaware) at time of writing which reflects the newness of the airframe, which probably influences its popularity. The 49 airborne 747-400's out of 694 that were built reflects the fact that the 747 is much older and is rapidly approaching end of life, they haven't been made since 2005 so even the newest ones are almost three quarters of the way through their service life. That does not make them any less iconic or reduce the demand for study level sim, but it does put into perspective various claims about relative importance, given that there are 42 airborne MD-11's. And before somebody chimes in with a ridiculous Boeing vs Airbus comment, I am fully aware that A380 production is also in the process of shutting down. And yes, I would love to have a study sim-level sim of the A380 to PMDG quality, though personally, I think the A350 is more important to the future of the aviation industry. I already have study level sim's from PMDG for the 747, 737 and 777 so I don't need them again. Yes of course each iteration is an improvement of over the previous generation, but the wow factor has gone.
  4. Just curious, what are the people looking forward to NG3 hoping it will have that NG2 doesn't have?
  5. So what you are basically saying is that less then 10% of the 747-400 fleet was actually in the air when I wrote that post? That's not a very profitable way to run a business, now is it? If you were interested in informing yourself, you would already know how to find that out for yourself (hint - look up flightaware or any other similar service). If you makes you feel better, there are currently 75 747-400's registered as airborne.
  6. And you have said that the JS41 and even the Woodpidgeon were going to happen and that the next release of X would be soon. Sorry Chris, what PMDG say and what you do do not always line up, which is absolutely fine. Anybody, and any company, can change their mind. And before anybody chimes in with suggestions that the MD-11, JS41 or even the WoodPidgeon are unused or out of date, can I just point out that at time of writing, out of the almost 700 747-400's that were built, there are less then 50 in the air and this time next year that number will be significantly lower.
  7. Yes it is absolutely beautiful, but like the wing flex and fuel density, I have to ask if it is not a detail too far? I appreciate that they are not transferable skills, but surely the time and resources being put into these visual 'pretties' that do not influence a pilots decision making process could have been spent getting the JS41, MD-11 (or something actually new?) airborne.
  8. No worries Bert, Manolo already referenced the relevant part of the FCOM.
  9. Funny that, I read what Kyle wrote quite differently. I took it to mean that he was as tired as I am of people who say "Believe me, I know these things" and fail to offer any support for their beliefs. Perhaps he is more of a diplomat then I thought. Lots of things weren't part of the original question, which hasn't actually been answered yet. The original question was : And the answer is no, the flight directors do not get turned off in the case of a go around initiated by pressing the TO/GA button while on approach mode. According to the FCOM, TO/GA mode commands the pitch angle required for go around and the bank angle required to maintain ground track (at time of engagement) both of which will be shown by the flight director. I am not actually sure what effect pressing TO/GA has on autothrottle behavior. I would have thought that it changes to THR limit in CLB setting but I can't find an explicit statement in the FCOM to that effect while the section on the IAS window says it is not blanked when TO/GA mode is selected suggesting Speed control might be left completely to the PF! I am sure a RW pilot will be along soon to clarify this detail.
  10. Again, we see people guessing - and guessing incorrectly. The manuals are there for a reason. FCOM V2 4-10-15 737 APP switch light extinguishes after localizer and glideslope capture. After localizer and glideslope capture, APP mode can be disengaged by: • pushing a TO/GA switch • disengaging autopilot(s) and turning off both F/D switches • retuning the VHF NAV receiver. 747 APP mode can be terminated prior to localizer or glide slope capture by pushing the APP switch a second time, or by selecting LOC, LNAV or VNAV modes to override APP mode. APP mode will also disengage if localizer is captured and different roll mode is selected. If the glideslope only has been captured, selection of a different pitch mode will disengage the APP mode. If TO/GA is selected, or the flight directors are selected OFF at any time, APP mode will disengage. 777 (incomplete extract - other options exist!) The approach mode deselects: • by pushing APP when above 1,500 feet radio altitude • with localizer captured and glideslope armed, by selecting heading select (HDG SEL) or heading hold (HDG HOLD) [Option – GS capture not inhibited before LOC capture] • with localizer armed and glideslope captured, by selecting any other pitch mode except VNAV • after localizer and glideslope are captured, by selecting TO/GA mode
  11. I am sure Bertie won't be offended when I say I prefer the scientific approach to the religious one. I do not care 'who' tells me something, I care if what they tell me can be verified. Bertie isn't right just because he flies one, Bertie might be right if he quotes the section of the manual that you can then go and verify for yourself. This is *his* checklist, it is not the FCOM. One example of the difference is the importance of passing 1500AGL as this involves changing modes and behaviors. This is not very clear in the FCOM (it is improved upon in the 777 FCOM) but is not mentioned at all in Berties list.
  12. I am not the one expressing opinions. No, Bertie did not list the conditions in the manual. Yes, there is something wrong with the opinions Bertie expressed. And there is something wrong with Marc's opinion of how things work, and there is something wrong with your opinion of how things work, but you don't need my opinion on it when you can just RTFM for yourself. The manual will tell you how Approach mode works for the aircraft you are on, but instead of asking how you disengage it, you should seriously consider when and why you might want to disengage it, and what it is you want to be able to do that requires it to be disengaged.
  13. A disturbing number of accidents in the real world have been caused because pilots did not understand what their systems were trying to tell them. We have had posters here flatly contradicting each other about the meanings of indicators while saying *exactly* the same thing. Instead of arguing your opinions, why don't you simply quote the manual? It might mean you would have to actually read it again and there is a risk that you might just learn something you didn't know before, but hey, what is life without a little risk? Approach mode *can* be disconnect by pressing the APP button a second time, but only if certain other conditions are satisfied. Those conditions vary between different aircraft. Approach mode can be changed or disabled in other was as well, and yes, there are ways to turn the Approach mode off without disconnecting the FD's *if* certain other conditions are satisfied. However, if you are on an approach that is going wrong, which is the usual time when you might want to turn approach mode off, and you *don't* know what those conditions are, or what your systems are telling you, then you will probably crash and burn and kill everybody on board, but hey, as I said, what is life without a little risk?
  14. I suggest you start with the built in lessons and tutorials which will teach you the basics of how to fly, how to land and how to use the sim. If you can't land a single engined Cessna, you will not be able to land a 777. All the advanced tutorials make the assumption that you already know the basics and won't really make much sense if you don't. P.S. For future reference, most simmers prefer to refer to P3D, FSX, XP11 etc. as sims or simulations rather then games and some of the older ones can get quite touchy about it.
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