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  1. Paul_Smith

    What do you do if you lose speed indication?

    As a pilot you care only about how fast the air is moving over your wings and the ATC doesn't know that. They only know what your transponder tells them and if they you on actual radar, maybe they can work out (roughly!) what your ground speed is, but as a pilot, you don't care about your ground speed except when you want to calculate an ETA. As for cute? Cute is pretty puppys playing or kittens cavorting. Knowing what you need to do to stay alive is not cute, its Darwin.
  2. Paul_Smith

    What do you do if you lose speed indication?

    Yes and no. They can and indeed should be on separate sources but that doesn't mean they have to be. The real problem comes when your instrument and your co-pilots are showing different readings; Which one do you trust? A number of accidents have been attributed to the senior pilot trusting their own instrument instead of being suspicious of both. Some people associate this behavior with one of the known issues with IFR training in that it is usually obvious which instrument can no longer be used. This leads people to think that if there is no fault flag (or post-it covering the display), then it is still safe to use. The basic cockpit instruments mean that any and every change should show up on at least two instruments. It also means that the total failure of any instrument is no more then inconvenient since the information lost can be deduced from the remaining instruments. Partial failure (ie a device giving reasonable but wrong readings) should be detectable by verifying every change against other instruments. Say you notice your airspeed starting to drop, you know that airspeed is pitch plus power so one of them must also be changing. Which one and why? If your pitch is changing then that would show up on attitude, altimeter and variometer, if your power is changing (and you don't have engine instruments that show this) then you would still see attitude changes and feel trim changes and hear engine sound changes.
  3. Paul_Smith

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I think you might have hit on something there. Automation. I enjoy the planning and programming that goes into setting up a long haul, but I find the bit between engaging AP and pause at TOD to be a bit, well, un-stimulating? However, flying something like a JS-41 or an ATR-72, aircraft with no auto-throttle forcing the pilot to manage energy at all phases of flight, doing a bunch of 30 to 60 minute hops with 10 to 30 minute turnarounds, flying in the weather instead of above it and having actively manage the navigation rather then just rely on GPS as most of the airports involved wouldn't have landing aids, and many wouldn't even have on-site navigation aids. Sorry PMDG, as beautiful and as tempting as the QotS II is, I think it is time I put in a few hours going back to basics.
  4. Paul_Smith

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Most Boeings can be flown from V1 to retard with less then one minute of total time hands on controls, regardless of flight duration. It seems unlikely that Airbus could be even more automated then that but it is not the automated parts of flight that interest me. It is the philosophy. At one extreme, being able to fly a C172 means you can fly anything, at the other, being fully proficient on a B737-600 doesn't necessarily qualify you to fly a B737-800. For me, I prefer mastering the philosophy behind the design rather the detailed steps of the procedures. I know how to fly modern Boeings (to my satisfaction), and while differences exist between them, the fact they share the same philosophy makes it quite easy to go from one to another, so I would categorize the differences as quite minor. I know (knew?) how to fly an MD-11 which although it uses the same basic controls and instruments, had a very different philosophy, which meant I could not (easily) step from one to the other and maintain a high standard of piloting. The JS-41 had a completely different philosophy again, remember how much fun you had learning to fly it right? Or even just learning to start its engines? I don't know the philosophy of an Airbus, I have never flown a sufficiently detailed sim to be able to learn it and I suspect having a whole range of Airbus's would be just as boring as the whole range of Boeing's currently is, but Airbus is not the only choice! In addition to (or instead of) the Airbus family and staying with modern tubeliners, there is a huge range of regional jets to look at. Planning a 17hour flight is fun for some, but a bad weather hop from city to city with failure rates turned up high is every bit as much fun, and more accessible to most. Planning a three or four stop out and back (typically of most pilots working day) is possible in the 737, but normal in a CRJ or Embraer. But you have to learn to think differently. Fun.
  5. Paul_Smith

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I really don't mind what they do as long as it is not something they have already done. Honestly, I do not want "the same, only better". I get my kick out of learning something new and PMDG have not (in my opinion) offered that for quite a while. I appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into doing the 747 again and it is very pretty but can anyone say it is a genuinely different aircraft to fly from their old 747? And apart from having to manually monitor and turn off the fuel pumps mid-flight, is it really that different to fly long haul then the 777? Please don't hate me, but another Boeing would be boring.
  6. You lucky f... My employer insists on cattle class for all travel for everyone except the senior 'leadership' team, they do not even allow employees to pay for their own upgrades, even though the boss is happy to use chartered business jets. Fair enough, that is their policy. My policy has been to be unavailable that weekend for any trip that requires over 4 hours travel.
  7. Current long haul flight contenders are listed here:
  8. A press release today reports that Singapore Airlines are attempting to regain the longest scheduled flight record by restarting the Singapore-New York route with seven new A350-900ulr's. They used to fly the same route with A340-500's. When PMDG get bored redoing Boeings, there is a big market out there waiting to be tapped.
  9. Nice theory, but unlikely to be true. If it were, you would expect the tail of the 737 to have grown a great deal more then it has, given that its engines have more then doubled in power.
  10. I think I have got it! Ten years in the making and only the most discreet clues to its existence. Something completely new and different for not just the flight sim community, but for all sim communities everywhere. As a direct result of PMDG's forensic examination of the wonderful Westland WoodPigeon, they realized that the only way they could simulate the experience of flying this astounding and amazing aircraft, and do it the justice it so rightly deserved, was to complete the simulation right down to the impact that the length of grass had on its take-off roll. That's right, you guessed it! PMDG are going to launch a range of virtual lawnmowers for FSX! Oh, and they have re-written a 64-bit version of FSX to include cuttable grass as well.
  11. Paul_Smith

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    And yet you thought it necessary to share your views...
  12. For the uninitiated...
  13. Will have? I think it already has: This is the first PMDG product that leaves me completely flat. Flightaware: 2018-05-22 12:00 GMT 30 MD11 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 29 B712 Boeing 717-200 29 E75S Embraer ERJ 175 29 MD88 McDonnell Douglas MD-88 26 B732 Boeing 737-200 26 DH8B de Havilland Dash 8-200 25 B733 Boeing 737-300 23 B748 Boeing 747-8
  14. Paul_Smith

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    And the reasoning for your expert opinion would be ... what?
  15. Paul_Smith

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    So what you are saying is that Ryan wants an MD-11 as well? Not changing the topic or anything, but how is Ryan? We haven't seen him around here for a while.