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  1. Especially if it had the old Delco Carousel INS!!!
  2. I would soon weigh 500lbs, as I'm pretty sure I would never leave my computer or home again. Would be my absolute dream aircraft from PMDG. Thanks for teasing us Robert.
  3. His username is literally his first and last name,
  4. Well, according to REX, they reached out to PMDG multiple times, but apparently the talks went silent. This is from their Facebook page, concerning the upcoming Skyforce release. Sounds like it will work, they just need to work with PMDG to integrate it. I definitely plan on getting Skyforce, so I hope that PMDG and REX will do whatever they need to do to get them to work together.
  5. MD-80 similar to an MD-11?? The 717 sure, but cannot see any similarities really between the MD-11 and MD-80. Two very different aircraft. The yokes are the same standard MD yoke though!
  6. My computer just updated by itself today. Now, I can't even open the start menu. This update messed it up badly. Very badly. I've tried googling the start menu not coming up. I've tried the suggestions, but none of them have worked for me...
  7. Never a dull moment here in the SFRA on guard!
  8. Sorry, should have said major player. But it is up there still, at least with the US airlines, unfortunately not the European ones anymore.
  9. My personal opinion for the next thing we never expected: No aircraft at all, but a subscription ACARS/dispatch service. Maybe their sim center in Manassas will have a separate room full of virtual dispatchers to send our virtual CDUs free form data messages, updated routings, etc. My personal opinion for the next aircraft: The 767. This aircraft still dominates the Atlantic to this day. It flies the magenta line, for those pilots who like to program the FMS and watch. But it also has a lot of subtle quirks and intricacies that pilots who get bored easily will enjoy too. For example, the real aircraft requires trim checks periodically to ensure minimum trim drag. In the 757/767, the trim may change due to different cooling rates between the control linkage and aircraft structure. This involves periodically disconnecting the autopilot and re-trimming aircraft. The cockpit setup is also fun in the 767. A lot of the various system tests are located on a panel originally meant to be a flight engineer station. Recording and clearing EICAS status messages is unique to the 757/767 setup flow in my opinion. You also have to setup the V speeds by hand on the airspeed indicator with little plastic "bugs" on the outside of the instrument (Unless of course you choose the ADI with an included speed-tape). PMDG could include a virtual speed booklet as they did in the JS41. Maybe If they build a virtual dispatch center, we could send an ACARS Engine Performance Data message whenever N1 drops below 40% above 15,000ft. Another cool intricacy that pilots get to perform in cruise, is figuring out the initial buffet speeds and then setting the airspeed bugs to display these values. (Remember, most 767s don't have a speedtape that does this for you.)
  10. It's going to be on the east coast. KHEF if I'm not mistaken, just south of Washington Dulles.
  11. They don't need to formally cancel it. The thing has been out since I was in the 7th grade. (I'm now 25...) The fact that it hasn't been reworked by them and still has a flat FS9 style cockpit should be reason enough to believe that the LDS 767 is dead. Sure, maybe they'll port it over to P3Dv4, but just that will probably take them a few years, and it will still probably be an FS9 era aircraft. And their 757, who knows if we will ever see it. That's why Captain Sim decided to make a so called "study-level" upgrade to their current 757. Surely, you don't think PMDG should just sit back and wait for LDS to rework their 767. By that time, the 767 will probably be obsolete in the real-World. But then again, you become very presumptuous when anyone mentions anything older than the latest and greatest all glass flying computers. Let us have our fun man, your guesses are as good as ours - no need to try and discredit ours.
  12. Thank you @sPe4yvuY! But it goes back even further than that. Here is the true original announcement from back in 2012. As you can see, there wasn't a single mention of X-plane originally. Now, it morphed into the testbed for X-plane later on in the development. But, most of you are forgetting that it was originally modeled for FSX. And Robert definitely mentioned a "classic" line of aircraft being released occasionally. So yes, once again, I don't feel that it is right to completely rule out another older aircraft. Regards, Rob
  13. Well, we got the DC-6 and the JS41 didn't we? What's to say we won't get another "classic"? If I remember correctly, when they first announced the DC-6, it was meant to be the first in a line of "classic" aircraft that would be developed by various teams during development gaps of the newer birds. And remember, the DC-6 was originally previewed and planned for FSX, not X-plane. Now, I believe we will probably get a newer aircraft next as well, but I don't think it is right to completely shutout the idea of an older aircraft altogether.
  14. I was referring to PMDG. Milton claimed above that PMDG will not be making anything older because it won't sell. So I brought up the DC-6.