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  1. I only had it the one time. Afterwards, I flew from KBOS to EDDF with no issue. I have updated, but haven't done a flight yet. I am planning on doing an EDDF-KBOS return this Wednesday to test it!
  2. Mine occurred using the reciprocal runway 25C at EDDF. Granted, I hadn’t loaded an actual flight plan into the FMS. All I did, was load up the new plane at the gate with the engine already running, I did set EDDF into the FMS to test out the ground map on the ND.
  3. I know someone has posted Lufthansa configuration settings for the -400, but was just curious if the same person, or someone else, has them for the -8i? Regards, Robert
  4. Alright, so just heard back from Chris Makris on the support ticket. It is indeed a bug. It will be fixed! Great (and quick) customer service as usual!
  5. I'd say it is possibly related, yes. His, *I believe* was referring to the MTOW. I haven't gotten that far yet to test that, but mine is more of an issue with the displayed ZFW vs. MZFW. Seems like the EFB thinks each passenger weights 350+ pounds vs. the 195 from the FMC. So, if I hit "READ FROM ACFT", I will get the correct ZFW in the EFB, but there will be less than half a load of passengers. So, from a weight aspect, I'm fine. However, the loading does affect the CG. Regards, Robert Schumacher.
  6. I just submitted a support ticket. After reviewing it, it is without a doubt a bug. What appears to be happening is the FMC and EFB both have different average passenger weights. It's almost as if the weight of a passenger in the EFB is more than double that of one entered into the FMS. So basically, on the EFB you can't even have more than half a plane-full of people before exceeding the MZFW. Edit: And honestly, I haven't even checked the fuel loading portion of this.
  7. Alright, so now I just verified it with the FMC payload page and something is not right. For example, the maximum capacity of pax in the FMC is 467. The maximum capacity of pax in the EFB is also 467. However, when using the "Read From ACFT" prompt on the EFB, it loads a lot less passengers than the FMC shows, yet with weights as if it loaded a full load. Yet, it does load cargo weights correctly. See the attached images for comparison between FMC and EFB after pressing "READ FROM ACFT".
  8. And, sorry, just realize I put this in the wrong forum...
  9. I've been playing around with the EFB and I've been exceeding the Maximum ZFW with 0 cargo, and nowhere near a full load of passengers. I'm just looking for some verification that I'm not nuts before submitting a support ticket, as I'm probably doing something wrong.
  10. Interesting. Well, I’ll keep flying it and hoping it doesn’t happen again. If it does, may have to buy a new MOBO
  11. That’d be the correct one then. I haven’t read too much into that battery issue.
  12. Yes! Both! But, my OC is very modest on the i7-6700k. And yes, my MOBO is ASUS. I believe the Rog Strix. But, I’m not at home atm, so I can’t tell for sure.
  13. I don't know if it's related to yours, but I just experienced something similar. I was just taking the -8 up for a joy ride around EDDF. I was able to taxi fine, but then, just before taking the runway, it was as if my controls no longer worked. I could see the rudder pedals moving, but the nosewheel wouldn't turn in the sim. My throttle didn't work either. I could still control it with F1-F4 however. I tried slewing to 10k' to try and see if my yoke would work. Well, I could see the yoke moving, but nothing happened with the control surfaces on the wing. I don't know exactly what happened. The last thing I did before I noticed everything froze up was turn the windshield wipers off as it had stopped raining. Was very strange.
  14. Kyle, I for one, look forward to GFO! Thanks for all your hard work!
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