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  1. Thank you @sPe4yvuY! But it goes back even further than that. Here is the true original announcement from back in 2012. As you can see, there wasn't a single mention of X-plane originally. Now, it morphed into the testbed for X-plane later on in the development. But, most of you are forgetting that it was originally modeled for FSX. And Robert definitely mentioned a "classic" line of aircraft being released occasionally. So yes, once again, I don't feel that it is right to completely rule out another older aircraft. Regards, Rob
  2. Well, we got the DC-6 and the JS41 didn't we? What's to say we won't get another "classic"? If I remember correctly, when they first announced the DC-6, it was meant to be the first in a line of "classic" aircraft that would be developed by various teams during development gaps of the newer birds. And remember, the DC-6 was originally previewed and planned for FSX, not X-plane. Now, I believe we will probably get a newer aircraft next as well, but I don't think it is right to completely shutout the idea of an older aircraft altogether.
  3. I was referring to PMDG. Milton claimed above that PMDG will not be making anything older because it won't sell. So I brought up the DC-6.
  4. And you know this for sure? Did they not make us a DC-6?
  5. Would love in the following order: 1.) complete 767 series with B767-300/-300ER/-300ERF as the base pack. 2.) complete 727 series with B727-200/-200Adv./-200C as base pack 3.) 747 classic series 4.) DC-10 series
  6. I really hope they're working in the 767 series. Such an iconic, beautiful, versatile aircraft. It is used on such a wide variety of routes too! Just think the -300ER regularly to this day, flies short haul hops between hubs and also holiday destinations. It also regularly does intercontinental flights across the pond and even across the Pacific. Not to mention it is a common freighter and passenger aircraft with the same 3 engine options as the B744. Only feels natural to me for PMDG to conquer her next.
  7. It was pretty cool. One of the executives from Pratt & Whitney was on board on the upper deck. They also had the head of the 747 program on board as well. Everyone received a P&W challenge coin as well as a pin from Boeing as well.
  8. I was on both the last scheduled flight from Korea, and the farewell flight to Honolulu. They were both amazing! So sad to see her go, but United retired her in a grand fashion. -Rob
  9. Sounds good! Thanks Bryan
  10. Hey there! I was just wondering, if in the upcoming SP1, you could include the ability to start engines in any order when using SOP2? I would like to start the engines in the order of 4123. Currently, the FO will start engines 4 then 1 on my command, but will not start 2 or 3 afterwards. A lot of airlines that use air driven auxiliary hydraulic pumps start the engines in this order. Regards, Rob
  11. I probably will not buy this aircraft without the original FMC. The GTN 750 does not have an updateable nav database. I realize, maybe the few aircraft remaining, may be removing the uns. However, pretty much every single one of these planes had the uns at one point. I wish to fly this plane how it was flown in the airlines for 20+ years, not how the remaining few, mostly private, operators fly them. The previous uns in the FSX version was excellent. As to why it wouldn't be included, puzzles me.
  12. Thank you very much Bryan! -Rob
  13. That's correct. As per the UAL manual, the Captain also sets all the HYD pumps to auto in his/her after-start flow. I know at UAL, the Captain is the only one who touches the Hydraulic pumps in all stages of flight, including the parking checklist. Everything else though (at least when looking at SOP2), mimics UAL's procedures really well. Sure there are a few minor differences, but overall it matches up great. I think I will go ahead and purchase this now. Just have to go get a splitter for my headset first. Look forward to SP1. Best Regards, Rob
  14. Hey Brian! I'm seriously considering purchasing the QOTS II product today but have a few questions first. I almost always fly my 747 in United Airlines colors. I also use their procedures, as I have the manual. I was just wondering if the end user can adjust some of the FO actions? For example, when United Airlines pressurizes the Hydraulics before start, their procedure, since they have the air-driven demand pump, is to select the NO. 4 to AUX, and the NO. 1 to Auto. NO. 2 and NO. 3 stay in off until the after start/before taxi flow. I was just wondering if the user can set this up? Technically, at UAL, pressurizing the hydraulics before push is part of the Captain's flow. So is it possible for a user, to just delete a FO action so that they do not perform it in the first place? Everything else, seems to be more or less spot on from looking at the manual. Regards, Rob
  15. I like your thought process! A 747 Classic would be my favorite! Hell, they could use the cockpit dimensions and layout of the 747-200 cockpit sitting in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum right across the river from their hometown. Having a detailed FE station would actually make pre-flight and cruise flight great again! Then again, a 727 would be welcome as well. RSR stated tonight that the DC-6 development team may have an announcement coming soon! Hopefully, it is another classic for guys like you and I!