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  1. Recently upgraded to P3Dv5. Everything went fine with the exception of the Majestic Q400. I have no less than six to eight hours into getting my favorite aircraft up and functioning in V5. Before I rub my neck and write a check to get a pro to get the aircraft functioning I thought I would ensure there are pilots out there flying the Q400 in P3Dv5.2. I have given up on Majestic support. Although brilliant dev’s and most likely very nice guys, IMHO they are simply burned out in the support area. They cite the changes LM have made as being the issues and have simply walked away from the issue. Thanks!
  2. I put it off until just recently. Just finishing it up the past few weeks. Just as much "stuff" as you listed. It went much smoother than I thought it would. Time consuming. A bit of time, but got through without major hangups. I like it. Pleased I did it.
  3. I'm attempting to purchase the RXP 750 set. All the links on the store page appear to be inop.I have attempted to come at it from diffent links, all bring me to the download/ecoomerce store links/buttons that don't work. Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Guys, appreciate the feedback.
  5. I have recently completed my migration from P3D4.5 to P3D Version I'll assume that's 5.2 HF2. Worth the time and effort! I'm considering purchasing the Quality Wings 787 Dreamliner. Have read reviews, watched some vids of flights and thought I would giverago. I have the PMDG 737NGXu, and recewntly picked up the 777 and 747 packages when they wereon sale. It appears that QW only allows registered owners of the aircraft to view their forum. I've always had an issue with this policy, but that's just me. It makes it impossible to determine what owners think of the quality of their purchase and the level of support offered by the vendor. In this day and age, read only access could surley be allowed if they desire to keep the noise level down. Anyway, is anyone running the QW 787 on P3DV5.2hf2? The web site reads P3dV5.1 I would ask them directly but every link on their website to contact them or send them a message is dead. Not always a good sign. And... it comes in a Flight1 package. Every time I get near that software and company my frustration level goes off the charts. I was going to buy the Reality XP GPS system for my A2A Bonanza, but I just get a trembling in my fingers every time I go near anything with a F1 label on it. I would be replacing my existing F1 GPS in the Bonanza, which I cannot get to function for love or money, and have given up trying to get updated for V5. Thanks! Bob
  6. Having fully retired at the end of last year I have been (finally) crawling nicely up the B737NGXu learning curve. Flying with a domestic only VA and have some significant hours logged these past six months. Like many of us, there are some landings I would rather not have anyone ever see, but it’s coming along. My thinking has been turning to my long term path of jetliner flying. I have significant resources put out in hardware, including 10 GoFlight modules that have finally been fine tuned and working quite well with both my 737NGXu and MSFS. Dozens of hours of learning and trial and error. I’m in the process of joining another well seasoned VA to begin expanding my learning to the B777 and getting around the globe some. I have not yet pulled the trigger on the PMDG 777. I won’t go into the indecision running around in my head over upgrading to V5, but the more I’m reading of stability and peoples favorable results, the more the indecision grows. I’ll leave that one alone for now. While I’m well aware this is the P3D forum. Trust me, I’m a P3D word not allowed as well as a Boeing word not allowed. However, it’s not necessarily what I “want” for a future growth path to the 777, but where the players and the industry are headed. I just watched a fantastic Youtube video on the real Boeing 777x. There are four currently flying. Seems delivery will commence going into 2024. While no one knows what variant of the 777 PMDG will release, or when, it seems that they are most definitely going to be moving to MSFS. I just don’t see them developing a 777 for BOTH platforms. Perhaps I’m just wrong about that. Not so sure they would offer the 777x as their first 777 offering, but if the pace of releases follows the past 18 months, and with all of Boeing’s woes, I would think they might just hold off and offer the 777x on the MSFS platform first. Where does that leave us old P3D drivers. Sends a pretty strong message to us. Just my opinion. Could be totally wrong with this line of thinking, but I would be interested in what many of the old Boeing drivers here are thinking about the issue. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Glenn. Preset weather, clear, baro 29.92... Turning down the audio solves half the issue, thanks for the suggestion. I still get a Terrain warning visual on the PFD. I'll go through my settings carefully and see if there is something causing this. The fact the issue comes up blank for the most part in searches tells me it's a one off. If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.
  8. I'm spending some time in the C172 doing some touch and goes trying to become more familair with the platform. Upon pitching up from the landing roll and accelerating I'm getting a "Don't Sink" audio alarm repeating along with a terrain yellow panel warning. I'm pitched up 10 to 15 degrees and raising the flaps with full throttle, yet the warning persists, quite annoying. Searches here and elsewhere come up short for a solutuion,other than the usual smart a$$ remarks to "gain altitude" and "don't sink". I have gone through all the assist menu control menu items and turned them all off, at least I think I have. Any suggestions? Simply no enjoyment to fly like this. Thanks!
  9. Yeah… but he’s right. This issue has been annoying to a lot of us since day one. If you don’t have to deal with it, it may seem trivial. My fat finger opened the MSFS tab for the first time in a few months this morning. Thought I would have a look around over my 5am pot of coffee. The reason for the absence is I’ve been spending what limited time I have to fly in DCS. This is one of the reasons. DCS works, it’s that simple, even with its limited geography. (and carrier ops are a REAL hoot!) Three months ago I pulled my Honeycomb yoke out of the mix. It’s sitting on the shelf unused. I jump back and forth between DCS, MSFS and P3D like I image most of us who have been flying sims for a few decades do. There simply is no room for both the yoke and the TM Warthog HOTAS along with my 10 GoFlight modules, two monitors and a keyboard arm on my desk. I get the same 10 degree jumps from the Heading knob on my GoFlight MCP Pro, AND my mousewheel. It seems to have a mind of its own. One day I’ll sit down to fly and it will work just fine. The next day I continue the SAME flight setup (FSEconomy) and I get the 10 degree jumps. It’s not Honeycomb, it’s Bill Gatus of Borg. A tip of the cap to Stone for the link and info RE: VJoy and Joystick Gremlin. It provided a dive into the issue from very smart software developers and others as to the nature of the issue. I believe MarkDH has it right; there is something else going on. At 65 and over two decades of constant flight simming I am unwilling to jump through many hoops to enjoy a nice relaxing few hours of flight sim time any more. I use GIT software for my GoFlight modules and after years of tweaking I have them working both in P3D and MSFS. I’m just not going down the Vjoy rabbit hole on top everything else. If Bill Gatus of Borg wants my continued patronage, they will fix it, if not, then that’s that. (There, I guess I told them, what a huge hit to their revenue stream)! This probably comes across as a disgruntled rant, but the muck to wade through to use much of this new MSFS software has crossed the mouth and reaching close to the nostrils. I just want to sit down for a few hours of enjoyment and “pretend fly” as I can no longer fly in real life, having owned and flown several aircraft in RL. I have come to the conclusion Bill Gatus of Borg is transfixed on “pretty” rather than “functional”. Nice, but I’ll come back and check in in another 4 months and see if I don’t have to jump up on one leg, rub my belly, pat my head, download this, that and the next doodad, thingamabob or jazzarieeeny to get a simple two hour enjoyable flight from an aircraft with instruments that work. If I’m coming across as a malcontent, please feel free to find that ignore button and remove me from your reading list. No harm done. Cheers. P.S. But then I saw the Grumman Goose thread so I’m sure I won’t wander too far. Hope I live long enough to fly it the way Grumman intended. A working Goose and the MSFS visual (and IFR) environment is a true match made in sim heaven. I’ve spent a lot of hours in RL inside of the Goose, as well as the Beaver and the PBY, but I won’t bore everyone with ancient history. An era that’s come and gone.
  10. Each to their own. Using an X box controller is playing a game. Flying with TrackIR and flight controllers is flight simulation. JMHO.
  11. Jay, I have 11 GoFlight modules. MCP Pro partial, get heading and alt, both 166's work fine for coms and nav. GF45 Inop. T8's, recognized but still fiddlin with switches.. As Rob says, Steve at GIT is very committed to getting his software functional with GoFlight and MS2020. Install is a snap. If your modules are all working, should be good to go. I'm optimistic it will work out. Get going to stay up with it. It's worth it, from one old fart to another.
  12. Textbook flawless update. No mods. No tweaks (I made the assumption the software engineers knew better than I how to build it). Cheers
  13. AK Airlines ended up with a bunch of Airbus hardware with the Virgin merger. Most are flown in the lower 48. I boarded one a year or two ago and muttered "forgive me Mr. Boeing" as I was boarding. We were the last people off at the destination and the co-pilot struck up a conversation walking into the terminal. He said he shared my sentiment for Airbus hardware, but after flying them for the past few months he was growing quite fond of them. I must admit I too was pretty impressed with the ride. The 737 is an icon in SE AK, don't think they will be replaced too soon. Could be wrong, I often am.
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