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  1. They removed their phone number from the website about four months ago. Never a good sign. I did order a MPC Pro and EFIS mid December when I saw the sale numbers which looked almost too good to be true. I had a hunch, and maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong that they were heading toward the end. I own six other modules for nearly a year now and they have worked fine, after fighting the USB merry-go-round. I do believe the whole USB 2.0/3.0 issue is/has contributed to an overwhelming level of support issues and general bad press for GoFlight. When I ordered the two new panels there was no back order label on the two items. The next day the MCP Pro had a out-of-stock label on it. I email Tony a "terse" note asking how long I would have to wait now that they had my money (literally the day before). A few days later he responded they expected inventory in the next few days. And... true to his word they shipped a few days later and are here now. I never had any illusions of support or any help from the GoFlight personnel. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the hardware ends up being in good working order. The price for the two was just too good to pass up. I consider myself lucky. I do have GIT and over the next few years will learn to use it. I'll start out flying AC that have user made profiles and with any luck learn to tweak and make my own. I disassembled my computer system over the holidays. Just got it back up with a larger cockpit area to accommodate all eight panels and provide easier access to hubs and such. I also removed my CH THQ and yoke and put my TM HOTAS and THQ back in. I removed my old FSUIPC ini file and am rebuilding everything VERY VERY slowly and documenting everything as I go, line by line, through manuals and tutorials. Haven't hooked up any of the eight GoFlight modules yet. Still working on getting FSUIPS installed, stable and WELL understood. I will then install the GoFlight modules one at a time. It is now MUCH easier to access my USB ports and the back of the computer than what was set up previously. I also found a Plugable 7 port USB 2.0 hub I'm hoping will work in the new configuration. I have a 7 port D-Link USB2.0 (no longer available) hub and a 5port USB2.0 PCI card in the computer. That's 19 USB 2.0 ports. I'm sure I will be back here for advice and suggestions as I go about the process. I'm going to take it slow and hope for the best. GoFlight may or may not be there for any help. The only down side I see is if I have just received a bad module. Odd are in my favor, I believe. Again, I was under no illusions as to what to expect from GoFlight. Anyone that has been in the community for any time and done their homework about GoFlight support should have no illusions either. It doesn't exist. Cheers, Bob
  2. Radial9

    Flight1 GTN 750/650 Upgrade to 1803 AIRAC!

    Thank You Kevin!!! for the heads up here. I was able to update both my 750 and P3D to the latest AIRAC. Without coming across your post it would have just passed me by. Appreciate your heads up! Cheers, Biob
  3. Radial9

    Future FS Expo's.

    Howard, that is truly a once in a lifetime event. Will Glen be your host? Anyone else from our side of the pond going? Cheers Bob, DCA1521
  4. Radial9

    Secondary PC to run ActiveSky, EFB2, PF3

    Timely subject as my entire flightsim deck is sitting in pieces all over the floor as I am enlarging the computer table to accomodate my Warthog and GoFlight modules. I anticipate getting a new computer very soon and am considering utilizing the current box to network for addons also. I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm incorrect in my thinking, but doesn't using two rigs require two mouse/mousepad areas and two keyboards as well? So if I was getting ready for decent using EFB to land at one airport and winds change and I now need to work with the EFB to see what STARS might work, I have to turn to the second mouse and keyboard right? My brain is so old and full and I KNOW this would be an issue that would take some serious getting use to. I now have two monitors and occasionally will utilize my Surface to follow a tutorial or video. I'm forever trying to use the mouse on my flightsim rig to manipulate my Surface. I do have a Surface keyboard but it is yet another input device in the cockpit. Might be my age!🤔 Cheers, Bob
  5. Just an update. Received my MCP Pro and EFIS this week. Great sale!! Cheers, Bob
  6. Rob... Thank you for taking a few moments out of your time to respond. It is appreciated. I have one existing 5 port USB2.0 card that is going into the new rig. I will talk with them about another. My believe is I only have 3 PCI slots on the new MB. I'm hoping for a sound card but it might make sense to get another 5 port USB 2.0. As a rookie and given no detective tool for PMDG, should I just jump right in and start with becoming familiar with the 737NGX or use another user supplied AC config file that DOES allow the use and learning of the Detective Tool. Or both?? Thanks again! Bob
  7. Radial9

    LINDA or not??

    Hi Folks! This is an introduction post and a request for a LINDA learning curve reality check. I’m tearing my whole system down and putting in a new system over the next few months. My intent is to better utilize my new TM Warthog HOTAS and Throttle along with other hardware (noted below) in the new rig. I’m of the understanding that LINDA can, and should be, used to program buttons (along with FSUIPC for control axis) on that new TM HOTAS and Throttle. I ask as I came across a post from the originators of LINDA here that it is NOT intended to be used for GoFlight modules, which I now have 8 of. I see many references to other MCP EFIS hardware here. But I’m thinking I should be learning LINDA as it can be quite useful programming my WH HOTAS and Throttle buttons with FSUIPC for all my aircraft. I should probably start with a much better knowledge of FSUIPC, which I can certainly do. For the GoFlight modules I’m going to need to use PollyPot’s GIT. I can do that too. So I’m thinking I should be doing all three… "Advanced" FSUIPC, LINDA and PollyPot GIT for the GoFlight modules. A bit overwhelming to think about now, but I have to start somewhere. Am I on the right track here? Thanks for any advice. I quite realize this is going to take years, not months… Cheers, Bob
  8. I’m heading down the proverbial rabbit hole. Today I took delivery of a GoFlight MCP Pro and an EFIS unit. These will sit alongside my existing (2) 166’s, GF-46, GF-T8-2, and (2) GF-P8’s. I’m upgrading to a new premium Jetline Systems rig over the next month or two. I have the chance now to add or delete options. I will most likely purchase a new Yoko yoke with it, once they are released. I will install and configure a Warthog HOTAS and throttle I already have . I desire the ability to sit down and fly either a WWII taildragger fighter or a Boeing 777, as the mood strikes me. I’m in the process now of rearranging my physical flight deck to accommodate all this hardware. I’m trying to wrap my head around, at least the beginning of, the near-term learning path to begin to configure and use this hardware. I know it will take immense effort and patience, but I’m going to go for it. If I can learn to play golf, I can do this! The first order of business is to get the eight GoFlight modules to utilize the USB ports of the new system. I think I understand the issues of USB power management and believe with patience I can get them all powered and up and running. At least until Bill Gatus Of Borg (you will be assimilated) pushes out another Windows update and I have to redo them…. Again. My thinking is I should start with seriously advancing my knowledge of FSUIPC first. I can do that. I’m of the understanding that LINDA is NOT intended nor should be used for GoFlight modules. It can, and should be, used to program buttons (along with FSUIPC) on my WH HOTAS and Throttle. I should use FSUIPC for the axis on all control hardware and LINDA for the buttons. For the GoFlight modules I’m going to need to use PollyPot’s GIT. I have spent some time on their forum and reading the GIT manual and have come to realize I should start by using existing written profiles supplied by users and over time come to understand and begin to configure my own preferences for the GoFlight modules. And learning a bit of LUA might not hurt either. I don’t know if I have my head wrapped around what overlaps what nor what tool works best for what application, but I believe if I start down the road “more will be revealed”. As the saying goes, I have the rest of my nearly “retired” life to learn, between rounds of course. If your still with me, I thank you! Am I heading down the rabbit hole in the right direction? Anyone care to share what should be learned first, or where my focus should start? Would really appreciate a reality check here. I’m willing to put in the time and do the reading (RTFM) and hair pulling. I just don’t want to spin my wheels and waste time and effort. Thanks for any advice. I quite realize this is going to take years, not months… Cheers, Bob
  9. There are so many kind, helpful and considerate people here. It is nice to see these behaviors lived out year round here rather than just these few days. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  10. Radial9

    F1 GTN750 Unusable After P3D4.4 Update

    Just received a response back from my inquiry via the Flight1 software support ticketing system. "The forum account is separate from the Flight1.com account, so the passwords are different. I believe all you need to do is to install 2.07 on top of the earlier version. Sorry you are having issues... but we just do not know the software here in the ticket system.. The main developer is working the forum and does not do tickets. If you post there at the forum in a new thread, and give us the thread, we can send it to the developers attention. Thanks," This after reading on the site" The best way to get support is via the support ticketing system." This IS NOT a software support issue. It IS a ticketing, licencing and ACCESS issue. Unbelievable. At this point I'm just writing off the $65 and sending the developer of LittleNavMap a good donation. Love the program, I need to figure out how to make an aircraft profile that fits the A2A Bonanza V35. Should not be too hard once I find the data. I use LNM all the time for my Manfred Jahn C47 and quite frankly I don't see anything on the G1000 that I cannot get from LittleNavMap a WHOLE lot easier. I have had a personal bias toward the old FSX GPS systems for years, mostly from the dial mouse PITA navigation while flying. I thought it was time to set that bias aside and learn GA GPS procedures. Worked out swell. I think I will just stick with my VOR's, NDB's and good old pilotage for GA flying. Cheers, Bob
  11. Radial9

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    Given the age demographics it looks like the hobby can anticipate quite a bright future. Pleased to see if we old 6% codgers make investments in time and treasure there is an up and coming generation to ensure we will be able to enjoy the hobby going into the future. I really did believe the hobby had come to an end with the MS exit. It's interesting to ponder if XP would have enjoyed the gain in market share they have had LM not breathed fresh life into the platform and provided a future for it. Cheers, Bob
  12. Radial9

    F1 GTN750 Unusable After P3D4.4 Update

    Lucky Me. Two days later after confirming my address I get the following response to my Flight1 support ticket. “You should now have licensed forum access. You do not need to register further.” OK… So, I spend 20 minutes reading through the four-page history of everyone learning how screwed up with misinformation the updating process is. Trying to decide WHO Flight1 support staff is addressing or what question is being answered is almost impossible. It’s like the kid at the keyboard at Flight1 quickly typed out a cryptic response on his way out the door, over and over, for weeks. Would it be so hard to take an hour and write a simple upgrade process that addresses the issue, pin it to the top, and lock it? It may save countless responses in a thread that is nearly impossible to follow. I know... I sound like a disgruntled old codger (actually I am), but wait… there’s more. I jot down what I believe to be the process. Of course, I must totally disregard the instructions for reinstalling the software in the manual that came with the download dated three years ago. Update or delete it? Sorry, can’t be bothered. So now the old version is gone. I attempt to install 2.07. Run as Admin… Choose to reinstall using my Flight1 account info as the method rather than the old wrapper and key file (been there, done that… no thank you). And what is the response…. “Sorry the information submitted could not be validated because your account login or password is incorrect.” No.. it is not. I maliciously write these things down in my log book as they are created. I remember too as EVERY field in the entire full page Flight1 create account process has to be hand typed as 21st century auto-fill passed these guys by. Oh… and BTW I also get “Don’t keep trying as too many login attempts will shut your account down”. Really???? $64.95 for software that is 85% Garmin Trainer software and now close to three days and as many hours of tickets, hoop jumping and head scratching. Dug out the ticket and started over. These folks should hang their heads in shame. And shame on me for buying from these people, once again. Not Cheers, Bob
  13. Thank You Josh, appreciate the info!!
  14. Radial9

    So what happened to Navigraph survey results?

    Competition is HEALTHY and drives development, in the long run. In the short run some devs might curtail or postpone plans or future development. I get the argument that the community is small and having a high percentage of the market drives product, but ONLY in the short run. Over time the health of the hobby depends on multiple platforms and developers willing to COMPETE. Look at the success of DCS in the face of what appeared to be overwhelming odds. I have an unopened copy of XP11 sitting right here. At some point i will load it up next to my DCS. A VERY long term project is to learn how to configure my six existing GoFlight modules along with my MCP Pro and EFIS that hopefully get here before XXXX freezes over with Pollypot's GIT. Of note, looking over the Pollypot software page and the GIT forums, it would appear XP11 is the preferred platform for writing modules using GIT. That discovery spoke volumes for me. These are the ultimate simmers and they prefer to work on one platform over another. Interesting.... And Yup... I gave them 20 minutes for the survey. Cheers, Bob
  15. Gentlemen.... I'm looking to upgrade my yoke. I was considering a Yoko. I'm still unsure after searching and reading if the current Yoko use Hall sensors or not. Nothing from the vendors pages I see. I note a post here that VirtualFly is "rumored" to be adding them this year. I guess I should hold off if this is the case. Can anyone confirm current yokes DO NOT? Any thoughts appreciated! Cheers, Bob