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  1. https://hifisimtech.com/asp3d/
  2. Great Aircraft!! Does anyone know if a Sun Express livery will be done?
  3. Just found out about FlightFactor aircraft sale on xplane.org. Use code 2022xp during checkout. I just picked up their A350 Airbus A350 XWB Advanced and the VMAX-757-Pro-Global Boeing 757 version 2 Professional Global Package for under a $100.00. Sale ends 7 December.
  4. On sim market in your downloads find the airport and there should be a sode fix.exe. There is one for kpns in my downloads.
  5. I’m in the middle of a flight but as soon as I finish I’ll look at my files. I have their kpns and I don’t recall having a problem with it.
  6. Sounds like a SODE problem. Was there a separate download for the sode files?
  7. These directions are for gsx but are the same for scenery. • Open the “Addon Manager” menu inside P3D, under the “Addons” menu • Select Fsdreamteam and GSX in the two small text windows • Click the “Register Serial” button • Type your GSX Serial Number, as indicated in your purchase receipt • Let it activate, with a working internet connection Also the directions should be in manual that installed with the scenery.
  8. I bought just the 320 package and the sharklet addon. I’m considering the 321 but messed up and didn’t buy both 320 and 321 sharklets for a pretty good discount.
  9. I had the the aerosoft A320 professional series and it was alright until I upgraded my computer. I kept getting device hung errors with it about 60 percent of my flights. I tried every trick in the book but kept crashing so I finally bit the bullet and bought the fslabs A320 with the Sharklet add on and been having a great time flying it. It’s so smooth on my machine and haven’t had a ctd yet ( knock on wood!!!). It’s well worth the price!!!!!!
  10. Hello I have an i9-11900KF processor. Can someone come up with a affinity mask for me. I’m still running on 5.2 with hot fixes. Thanks much!!!!
  11. Hello and Merry Christmas! FS Dream Team is having a 30% off sale on all of their products.
  12. Just be careful with ordering this from Amazon! I ordered one last week and got an opened box with the hard drive missing. The Amazon packaging was not tampered with so apparently it was stolen at the Amazon facility before shipment. I did get a full refund after I contacted their customer support.
  13. Registry edits or not, I’m just happy I can fly again!!!!!!🛫🛬
  14. Hey, Im right in the middle of a flight. I had set up everything and once I loaded the pmdg 737 into kord the dang device hung error happened!!!! Apparently envshade resets itself so I deleted the program and started p3d again with no problems. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!
  15. So, I couldn't sleep very well last night because of my crashing I got up and started messing with my computer. I disabled all of my addons (ORBX, GSX, ACTIVESKY, ENVSHADE, AIG, etc.) except for EDDF by Aerosoft and started a flight with the R22. I flew for 30 minutes with no crash. I then switched to the QW787 and flew around with no problems. Started Activating my other stuff one by one and tested without any crashes. The only addon I did not reactivate was the ENVSHADE. I get brave and try a 2 hour flight with my QW787 and low and behold I finished the flight without a hiccup!!!!!! So I'm pretty sure my problem lies with the ENVSHADE program. I'm going to do a flight from KORD to KIAD with my PMDG 737 and see how that goes. Another thing I noticed was my video card didn't get Hot without the shaders being activated. Thank the lord I think my problem is solved!!!!!!!!! I will post results after next flight.
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