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  1. ORBX 50% SALE

    I know they don't usually but the last one (albeit I think it was a special event JV's 50th or similar) covered everything and OpenLC South America was included not long after release.
  2. ORBX 50% SALE

    I am glad this doesn't include the Gold Coast seeing as I bought it last night at full price.
  3. I've just had a look at the site and this is the description for the Airports of Norway - Airports of Norway v3.95 MAIN, for Prepar3D v4 only Adapted to FTX EU Norway and FTX Global, but can also be used without FTXN. This version of AoN is compiled for Prepar3D v4 only, giving a substantial FPS boost and correct colours for the ground polys.
  4. Just noticed this update (dated yesterday) on the REX site forum. Looks like it will be ready for P3D v4.2 in the not too distant future - REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD – STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2/27/2018 – Great news in that we are nearing the completion of the texture changes. We should be starting beta testing within the next couple of weeks or sooner. …Next update coming Monday, March 5, 2018
  5. AI Traffic Nightmare

    Plus many more including Atco (above), Erez who produces the FAIB models and the team that has converted models for use in P3Dv4
  6. AI Traffic Nightmare

    Please don't be put off mate, I love your work and am sure there are hundreds that feel the same.
  7. AI Traffic Nightmare

    It's hardly a nightmare. Some people such as myself really enjoy tinkering with the different models, new liveries and updated flight-plans regularly provided to us by the skilled and dedicated people'that develop them. If you can't be bothered with that and just want some activity on the apron, install a simple payware system that does it for you, or just add some one of flightplans and models and dont bother with the updates. Each to their own...
  8. Anchorage X issues

    Have you tried running the Orbx elevation configurator tool? Are you sure this wasn't present prior to installing PANC?
  9. Cannot start a flight from TNCM

    Yes, sorry, the reference to Fly Tampa put me off. By chance do you use the AI Shipping package, if so have you up dated it? It used to have a FS9 ship that frequented those waters which caused CTDs. This has now been corrected with an updated model, but you need to have ran the update.
  10. Cannot start a flight from TNCM

    There are some minor updates you have to do and remove certain effects as detailed on the flytamps site, did you remember to do that?
  11. Help to P3D

    Does anyone know if the free trial of P3D allows you to import addons to check compatability or is it purely a demonsteation for the base package? That may be a way of the OP checking which of their airports actually work or not prior to making the leap.
  12. First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I have posted this thread in the general P3D forum as it doesn't relate to a specific add-on but the general way I manage my files. My P3D v4.1 is generally running pretty smoothly. I have windows 7 on a 256GB SSD, P3D on a 500GB SSD and an external 2TB for various files and back-ups. The three issues are that my addon scenery is all over the place. I have some installed on the external drive such as Taxi to Gate Airports, my FSDT products seem to be in my C/Program Files (x86) folder whilst FlyTampa, Orbx and Aerosoft prodcuts are in the main P3Dv4 folder. The second issue is that my 500GB drive dedicated to P3Dv4 is getting full, Orbx alone takes up 196GB, and I appreciate that it needs to remain in the root folder. The third issue is that I simply don't understand this .xml business. So I just wanted to share my plans and canvass any advice or better suggestions - - clean up the 256GB drive, which should then comfortably accommodate both windows 7 and a vanilla re-install of P3Dv4.1 - format the 500Gb SSD. Then use this purely for addons. I've read Poppets tips for installing outside the root folder and it seems straightforward. - for items such as Orbx that will remain in the root folder, I shall use something I've found called Junction Link Magic which seems to allow me to keep the folders where required in the main folder, but actually store the files on the addon drive. Maintain the external drive for backups and storage of big files such the 118Gb Freemesh X. I also have a number of AI aircraft in the SimObjects/Airplanes folder. Any advice as to how I could store them outside the root folder would be appreciated. cheers Ian
  13. What to Expect in 2018 for P3D

    That's good to hear, I thought it had been forgotten about.
  14. What to Expect in 2018 for P3D

    I hope they get their Worldwide Airports up and running before they worry about new products.