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  1. I can't help you too much, but can confirm in the P3D version that equivalent folder has sound files for all aircraft so the fact that yours is empty suggests you're on the right track. Maybe check on the AIG forum?
  2. That's a good point, but aren't some AIG plans AIGFP only? I suppose there must be some advantages to it otherwise why bother developing it? I see Steve has already addressed that fact that AIGFP compatibility is the aim in due course.
  3. Congratulations on the release, looking forward to AIG compatibility. A few questions - does the AI behave more realistically than previously, specifically, does landing AI vacate the runway in a timely fashion, does traffic waiting to take off line up and wait whilst the preceding aircraft is still in take-off mode, and does ATC manage single runway operations more efficiently, ie allowing for take-offs in between incoming arrivals when time permits?
  4. Well spotted, thanks mate. I too have objected to paying 25 Euros so a 50% sale was most welcome
  5. You need three entities to talk to each other for the system to work, the AI Manager interface, the AI Traffic Controller interface and the AIGAIM OCI folder which contains all your files as described above by Ray. In your AI Manager/Flightplans settings, make sure you point to the location of your AI Traffic Controller install. In your AI Traffic Controller/ settings, make sure you point to the location of your AIGAIM-OCI directory install location.. cheers
  6. How are finding it, much difference? I have a 1060 6GB too.
  7. The platform is irrelevant, I am pointing out the support given to the wider flight-sim community.
  8. Whilst other developers have turned their back on P3D, Virtuali remains committed, engaged and seeks to ensure P3D users continue to get the best out of their FSDT products. Yes, he speaks directly but we are all adults here, we don't need everything sprinkled in fairy-dust. To be frank he shows a lot more patience than I would when people start complaining over issues resulting from their own failure to follow instructions, or in this instance, receiving advice on one forum and then re-posting their same issues on another. Virtuali certainly isn't the jerk here.
  9. Try and just r try just the BA AIGFP file. If that works at Heathrow you know you are on the right track.
  10. AIGFP are a different method of recording the flightplans that AIG designed. If i recall correctly they follow more realistic flightpaths rather than just point to point ones in the .bgl format. If you go into AIG Manager, click on the FlightPlans button on the left hand side, this will list all the flightplans you have installed. Have a look at the Source column, it will say BGL or AIGFP. The AIGFP plans traffic won't appear if AIG Traffic Controller is not configured correctly. I note in my list both BA and Emirates are AIGFP plans, I suspect yours are the same hence the reason you are seeing minimal traffic at Heathrow. Click on the other FlightPlans button on the top of the main page, ensure you tick Use AIGFP-Files when possible, underneath you need to point to the directory where your AIG Traffic Controller is found, just use the Select button to find it.
  11. I've been a long time admirer of MK Studios but their MSFS Rome reviews weren't too flattering. Hopefully the P3D version is up to their usual standard as I'll be supporting them with a purchase..
  12. have you downloaded AIG Traffic Conroller too? More and more AIG flightplans use the AIGFP format rather than BGL and AIG Traffic Controller is required to run these.. Make sure you have the latest version downloaded, and in the settings point to the location of your AIG-OCI folder so it knows where to extract the flightplans and models from. Also, in AI Manager, go to settings and select to use AIGFP flightplans and point to the location of your AIG Traffic Controller .exe.
  13. Wow!, that is some update. Thanks so much Alex, looking forward to trying it out...
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