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  1. Ian S

    P3D v4.3 Dynamic lighting problem

    It's not so much a Dynamic Lighting problem, more a compatibility issue between Project Airbus and P3Dv4. What is the payware you are having a problem with? If it is FS Labs there is a sub-forum on AVSIM for you to post your problem on. If it is Aerosoft, well the A320 is still awaited, but the A318/A319 has been released which you could consider paying the upgrade fee for.
  2. What's the difference? Both methods allow storage space to be optimised and minimise the time needed to do a full re-install of P3D.
  3. If you do go down the road of re-installing P3D. Next time install Orbx files outside the main folder and use a symbolic link. This will avoid the problem in future and also help with managing your drives. My Orbx file is huge and getting bigger so it is on a separate drive with plenty of room available.
  4. Ian S

    AI not landing Technobrain's RJTT

    Sorry, for the delay in getting back to you. Glad you sorted it out.
  5. Ian S

    AI not landing Technobrain's RJTT

    Are they landing and taking off correctly at other airports? This sounds similar to an issue with Radio details not featuring in the aircraft.cfg. However this would effect all airports not just RJTT.
  6. Looking good Henrik, what a cool way to pass the time on a flight, do many fellow passngers enquire what you are doing? Let me know if any assistance with testing is needed whilst you're away from your sim. Ian
  7. The vast majority of aircraft commonly seen around the world have now been converted for v4
  8. Oh, the civil libertarians will just love that...
  9. Ian S

    Qantas in the sunset

    Very nice!
  10. Ian S

    Tokyo Finally!

    Are you okay? The post that caused offence seemed reasonable in the context of the discussion about the value for money for this addon. Not sure why you felt the need to single it out for a comment like that.
  11. Ian S

    ORBX 50% SALE

    I know they don't usually but the last one (albeit I think it was a special event JV's 50th or similar) covered everything and OpenLC South America was included not long after release.
  12. Ian S

    ORBX 50% SALE

    I am glad this doesn't include the Gold Coast seeing as I bought it last night at full price.
  13. I've just had a look at the site and this is the description for the Airports of Norway - Airports of Norway v3.95 MAIN, for Prepar3D v4 only Adapted to FTX EU Norway and FTX Global, but can also be used without FTXN. This version of AoN is compiled for Prepar3D v4 only, giving a substantial FPS boost and correct colours for the ground polys.
  14. Just noticed this update (dated yesterday) on the REX site forum. Looks like it will be ready for P3D v4.2 in the not too distant future - REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD – STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2/27/2018 – Great news in that we are nearing the completion of the texture changes. We should be starting beta testing within the next couple of weeks or sooner. …Next update coming Monday, March 5, 2018