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  1. Ian S

    Moving P3d To A Different Drive?

    Just an alternate option, I have my core P3D with windows on a relatively small 256Gb SSD and addons on a separate SSD. Just bought an additional 6TB drive just for Orbx. So you could just move your addons without a full reinstall. You dont need everything on the same drive
  2. Ian S

    taxi2gate OTHH scenery

    I am not in front of my flight sim computer, but from memory you need three separate folders in the scenery library, Airport, City and Terrain in the order listed above. Are those folders within your OTHH folder?, if so install them separately.
  3. Ian S

    taxi2gate OTHH scenery

    Have you got the layers correct? Terrain on the bottom, City in the middle, Airport on top.
  4. Great video, would love to be driving along that motorway at the end of the runway when one comes over the top.
  5. Ian S

    Which 3 Orbx Sceneries To Buy?

    A good call too but an updated version is due this year.
  6. Ian S

    Which 3 Orbx Sceneries To Buy?

    New Zealand - North Island & South Island and also Norway.
  7. Looking great, let me know if any assistance with testing is needed.
  8. Ian S

    Beech Baron and King Air in 4.4

    Thanks mate, I did a full re-install so may have lost some other files, I'll try with your suggestion and just keep adding bits until it works. cheers Ian
  9. Ian S

    Beech Baron and King Air in 4.4

    Thanks Steve, I'll look into that
  10. Ian S

    Vertical waves

    Do you have orbx products installed? If so delete orbx libs by going to orbx/documents / versions and delete FTX_AA_ORBXLiBS.TXT. the start orbx central and you'll see a prompt to update the missing orbx libs
  11. If I want to move the above aircraft from my backed up 4.3 folders into 4.4, is there a way of knowing what files from the Gauges, Textures, Effects, Sounds folders etc I need to move across.I know some of the file names are pretty obvious, but I wonder if there are others which are less so?
  12. Ian S

    UK2000 sale

    Was Manchester one of those? There was an issue with duplicated buildings and jetways, solved with the quick removal of a couple of files from the FTX England folder.
  13. What was the fix, out of interest? I haven't re-installed my ships back into 4.4 yet so wondering if i'll get the same issue.
  14. Great shots, was at Fjordland, Te Anau, Queenstown and Mt Cook just last month. Happy memories.