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  1. do you have any addons installed that are in or cover the Houston area?
  2. I think you'll find that unless you use AIGFP format flightplans, AIG Traffic Controller won't work.
  3. This looks like an big improvement on an already impressive addon. https://secure.simmarket.com/living-airports-3d-lights-v2-p3d4-p3d5.phtml
  4. Flightbeam is payware but excellent quality https://www.flightbeam.net/product-page/ksfo-for-prepar3d-fsx
  5. Check that your Traffic Controller settings allow for AIGFP format flightplans otherwise they won't show up.
  6. Wrong island Adam, unless you are taking a detour! They are worth showing off though 😃
  7. Living Airports really enhances my night flying, I highly recommend it. I understand there is v6 update en-route too.
  8. On the Living Airports Facebook page, a big plus in my opinion - Hi guys, Today Lockheed Martin released Prepar3D v6, to make it short, 3D Lights for P3D v2 is compatible with this new version, but of course I need to improve a little things to make it look better, in the meantime a small file will be uploaded to Simmarket to install in P3Dv6. By the way you don't need to uninstall your current installation
  9. I am curious what the internet connection is for. As some say, it may be for weather or navigation functionality, but apparently the Professional version can work in an "disconnected environment". Presumably that version would have as good or better weather and navigation features as the academic version, even whilst disconnected.
  10. The timing of this makes me more optimistic that v5 scenery will slide seemlessly into v6, otherwise I can't see they'd be releasing at this stage. In fact, as this won't be cheap, I'd imagine (like what I did there 🙂 ?) there would be some reassurance to buyers of foreward compatibility.
  11. Freeware. The A320 Neo is excellent for freeware.
  12. Free upgrade for V1 owners (I think I read somewhere this is temporary) https://secure.simmarket.com/living-airports-3d-lights-v2-p3d4-p3d5.phtml
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