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  1. I have a number of their sceneries, including KMSY and consider them a high-end developer.
  2. Garlic.......and bread?????
  3. Which version of YSSY are you using? The old version had a LC folder as well, which I recall caused missing autogen and black patches in the city. The fix was to just remove it. Have you checked the Verify files fix in Orbx Central?
  4. Old family story, years ago the Birmingham Mail where running some sort of offer where if you collected vouchers in the paper you could could go on a sight-seeing trip on Concorde. So my dear old nan and her friend at the factory she worked at collected them, and one day took off for a sightseeing trip from Birmingham Airport over the pyramids and back, but didn't bother telling anyone. Anyway, my Grandad gets home and wants to know why his tea isn't ready, Nan is telling him she's been to Egypt for the day so hasn't had chance to get his tea on. Needless to say he is convinced she's been at the sherry...
  5. Yes, of course we need to be told it is serious as the majority or engine failures shortly after departure are usually trivial affairs not worth worrying about 😄
  6. If biscuits are coming into the conversation, I'd like to add that an "apron" is something I put on if I'm doing a bit of baking. So how did the aviation version gets it's name?
  7. For those considering AIG, firstly I can't recommend it highly enough. To be clear, the one-click functionality really refers to the install and update of airline flight plans. However to achieve, last time I looked over 1100 plans and 40Gb of material, there is obviously a bit more groundwork to it than one-click. To smooth the set-up process, there is a bit of prep work. Firstly, ensure you have an active account for the AVSIM and Flighsim.com libraries, and sign-in Secondly, download the P3D SDK from the P3D website and keep it in a folder somewhere, as you will need to point the interface to it. On the subject of folders, as stated, identify the location where you can store a large amount of data. There will also be some 3rd party models and textures that AIM can't locate without taking control of your computer, so it will prompt you to download them. You'll need to create a folder to store the zip files of those downloads in. You're then ready to go...
  8. Could someone please provide a link to AI Flow, I can't find one and am keen to give it a try with this app too.... Many thanks
  9. Hello Federico and to those others involved in testing, this looks a great little tool, thank you so much. Could I just clarify, (and I apologise if I have missed this somewhere in the previous pages), I have created a folder called ATCAPI in my file of addons, and successfully linked it to P3D using a new .xml entry in my C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. So this folder has the add-on XML which I have edited to be recognisable. Does the config XML just stay in the same folder, or should I merge the contents into the "addon-on" XML? At the moment, I am keen to just get the rolling take-offs running smoothly, then I shall look at some specific ICAO tweaks for landing/take-offs. Thanks again Ian
  10. Advice was provided about this on the somewhat inflammatory post you made yesterday, there is no such thing as a FSDT server. I hope you managed to reflect on some of Virtuali's points. I am sure you would have apologised if the thread hadn't of been shut down 🙂
  11. Nice one Virtuali, you have the patience of a saint. For reference, I can confirm there isn't a widespread issue with Australian downloads, I've never had a problem with multiple FSDT downloads and bought, downloaded and installed Louisville in a matter of minutes last night. So any issues are a localised problem.
  12. I've done a full re-install. Can confirm this is neither a LC folder anymore or SODE jetways. It does seem to be playing nicely with TE NL though. The only issue I can see at the moment is an elevation problem with some apron vehicles, which I think was an existing issue. Can someone remind me how to fix that other than turning them off in the configurator?
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