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  1. Ian S

    Points of interest

    Great shots, out of curiosity could you please say where the two football stadiums are, and also where the Virgin Australia and JetBlue planes were landing? cheer
  2. Ian S

    AI aircraft help required

    FAIB models are definitely suited to P3Dv4, I am not sure if there were earlier versions, have you downloaded the latest versions from the FAIB website. I am not familiar with that software you refer to, I use AIFP to compile by AI and create .bgls for each airline, but you don't need anything special just to install the aircraft. Could you clarify what exactly you are trying to do? I note you say you've added the aircraft simobjects.cfg. Have you correctly configured it to find the correct folder on the separate drive?
  3. Just to clarify, this will be for my primary Orbx folder, not the backup files used for reinstallations
  4. Exactly, portability. I am hoping to future-proof things as much as possible. In the event I change my motherboard I dont want to worry about compatibility and instead just plug the drive into the new system
  5. I need to add some more space, primarily to store by Orbx folder. I am looking at a 1TB external SSD. I can see a Samsung 860 EVO for $245 (AUD), or for an extra $155 I can get a Samsung T5. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what I will get for the extra money, is it worth it, and whether anyone is successfully using a Samsung 860 for the their flight sim. cheers Ian
  6. Ian S

    How to make ai traffic

    Caution, this process can be addictive. Once youve added these, you'll want Vuelling and Ryanair, then Easyjet. Then it's got you....
  7. Yep, ENVSHADE is not the issue, something in your settings or set-up is and it's probably easily fixed. You'll find it is a great product.
  8. Ian S

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Come someone please clarify what this frozen water issue is, and Makerunways?
  9. Ian S

    P3D V4 issues with the scenery layers

    Glad you got it sorted, hoping you didn't really uninstall vector though as that wasn't needed, just the fix detailed above.
  10. Ian S

    P3D V4 issues with the scenery layers

    In your P3D root folder, go to ORBX / FTX VECTOR. You'll there is an icon for the configuration tool. Open the tool, you'll see the first three tabs allow you to adjust the level of detail Vector shows (useful for performance issues). The fourth tab is the AEC. Open it and press the Run Auto-Configuation button (you might need to manually point it to your simulator first). Just let it do it's thing and it will fix any conflicts. Don't forget to press Apply before exiting.
  11. Ian S

    P3D V4 issues with the scenery layers

    Have you tried the airport elevation tool? You have quite possibly installed the sceneries correctly, just need to smooth out the conflict with the existing scenery.
  12. Ian S

    P3D V4 issues with the scenery layers

    As above, we can't see your issue, but do you have Orbx vector, and if so have you ran the airport elevation tool since installing the scenery?
  13. I am considering my options as well as I rapidly run out of space. I already have a 250GB SSD for Windows and P3D and a 500GB SSD for addons. I am considering a 1TB external SSD purely for Orbx. As long as I use a 3.0 USB port, would I expect any problems having the files on an external drive rather than internal? I am thinking this will future proof things as the drive can just move as other hardware gets replaced.
  14. Ian S

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Here you go - https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/146877-using-a-symbolic-link-to-move-the-orbx-folder/