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  1. I have just fixed this by unticking enable HDR lighting in the P3D lighting settings, not sure if this will compromise anything else though? Still checking.
  2. Okay, thanks for the quick update.
  3. How do you know if you've activated okay?Is the visual difference immediately obvious? Do you need to pres ALT+ENTER every time P3D loads or just initial activation?
  4. I haven't heard of any specific information. However all previous updates have gone virtually seamlessly. The only glitch was some FS9 boats that needed to be updated with the arrival of v4, but that shouldn't be an issue moving to 4.1.
  5. ORBX

    So, only at Orbx Stockholm? I have seen strange artefacts when video card drivers aren't up to date and also when there is a problematic AI plane in the area. Try disabling your AI or updating your drivers'. Also try a different time of day, if it goes away it would suggest there was a problem aircraft in range when you found this.
  6. Maybe wait 48 hours and see what 4.1 brings. If the issue persists there are a number of adjustments you can make, but to get quality advice you'll need to provide a bit more information as to what hardware, settings, addons etc you are using
  7. Yes, but it appears on the main forums frontpage with just the title. Its not until you go into and read it that you see what it is all about or what sub-forum it relates to.
  8. FSX-MS

    The .bgl files go in your scenery/world/scenery folder. I am not familiar with TT but if you use AIFP, as soon as you point the destination to that folder once, its all done for you.No need to convert anything.
  9. Tony From what I have seen the Thomas Ruth Airbus products and Project Airbus seem to work okay. I haven't noticed any glaring issues, although to be honest I haven't used them extensively, just a couple of test flights out of curiosity. PA's A380 performed well if you are looking for a large aircraft to test out. If you do go down that road, you may encounter some issues with VC textures in the panel folder, depending on which version you download. This is not a P3Dv4 issue, and can be fixed by swapping some files from the A340 VC. Ian
  10. I find the most efficient way to download is to click on the product in FTX Central, pick Installation Options, and go for Download and install now, then create a backup for later. Prior to doing this you should have created a folder on an external drive or backup device ie, F:\Orbx installations\Airports\Brisbane or something similar. It will prompt you to point to that folder, download the product then save a load of zip folders in the folder. Next time you need to re-install for whatever reason, click I already have a backup in the Installation Options, point to the folder where the zip files are stored and it will re-install from there rather than downloading again.
  11. Is it just me, or does it appear that at least some of that video is filmed using P3D anyway? If so, surely the P3D version isn't far off.
  12. The OP does state it only happens night. Albeit, is it possible that it occurs in daytime but isn't as noticeable? Its interesting that you say it only occurs in populated areas, maybe their is too much going on for your graphics card, maybe roll back the settings a bit and see if this makes any difference. Hopefully 4.1 may be bring some solution.
  13. Oh yes, that will work will well, the flight sim world won't know whats hit it!
  14. I've posed this question before, but never really had a response. How can so much of the flight sim world evolve around Pete's product, who is essentially (as far as I am aware) a one man band. What happens the day he can't be bothered anymore?