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  1. Hey Simbol, don't do anything too hasty over one thread of unverified content. I, for one, am really impressed with your product and support of the community and look forward to your new developments.
  2. If you prefer long haul flying, Orbx Australia and Orbx NZ (North Island and South Island) are highly recommended.
  3. Well, there's some interesting conspiracy theories about these US Navy ships and their navigation systems all of a sudden, so...who knows?
  4. Yes, that's the one, sorry i am not in front of my flight computer. Turning it off should do the trick, otherwise copy and remove it totally.
  5. Go to your scenery/world/scenery and either remove or deactivate the traffic.bgl file.
  6. Not only is your statement incorrect, when people are good enough to provide hours of development work freely to the community, it might be nice to show a little humility and acknowledgement of what has been provided to you.
  7. I don't have any immersion packages, but in publicity shots I've seen condensation effects over the wings and engine intake plus rain running out of the intake cowling. You don't get that with just precipitfx.
  8. Thanks mate, yes I didn't think it was just my set-up, and presumed that's how it goes, just never noticed it before. Looking forward to the new product, good luck in your endeavours.
  9. Thanks Simbol, I've adjusted the conditions, and in full darkness I can now see the navigation lights, just a lot more discreet than the default version which is probably why I missed them. So if I wanted the strobe lights engaged during taxi I'd need to contact the developer? I've just watched a A320 land, it looked very realistic until it finished rolling out and disengaged the landing lights as it left the runway, as then the strobes went out as well. I am sure I've seen the strobes remain active until they were much closer to the gate before now, but I am perhaps mistaken. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. cheers Ian
  10. Hi Simbol First of all, many thanks for your superb product, I'm looking forward to checking out more of the FSReborn range in the future. One question though - When the aircraft push bank and taxi they only have the red beacon on the fuselage and taxi lights on the nose-wheel activated. The position lights and strobe at the end of each wing don't activate until the active runway threshold is reached and the landing light switches on for take-off. Is it supposed to be like that? To be honest i don't recall for sure, but feel that the default lighting and strobe/position lights activated during taxi. I've noticed this with FAIB and TFS aircraft. To clarify, I do my testing at 'dusk' so I can see enough to make sure textures etc are in place, but also check what the lighting is doing. Thanks once again Ian
  11. I have just fixed this by unticking enable HDR lighting in the P3D lighting settings, not sure if this will compromise anything else though? Still checking.
  12. Okay, thanks for the quick update.
  13. How do you know if you've activated okay?Is the visual difference immediately obvious? Do you need to pres ALT+ENTER every time P3D loads or just initial activation?
  14. I haven't heard of any specific information. However all previous updates have gone virtually seamlessly. The only glitch was some FS9 boats that needed to be updated with the arrival of v4, but that shouldn't be an issue moving to 4.1.