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  1. Can we have some sort of community uploads similar to the updated .cfg files shared on FSDT. As someone creates an updated file they can share it with others so we are not all changing the same things. I am sure some terms and conditions (private use, not for on-sell etc) could be written to respect EULAs. Not sure if the avsim library could host these?
  2. Yes, not overly helpful, but to be fair the title of the thread was not particularly helpful in garnering a constructive conversation. It was a bit inflammatory unless the cockpit has indeed been destroyed, which I doubt.
  3. Oh dear, I think this thread is on borrowed time. At least the message that the P3Dv5 update is available has been passed I suppose.
  4. 😀 no, that's just the initial set-up, takes a few minutes. The OCI refers to the installation of flightplans. Click on the airline, all aircraft, repaints and flightplans are installed with one click in a few moments.
  5. The software is available here, https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/ . It is free but you'll need to register for the forums. A little bit of preparation work needed, just download the P3D SDK from the P3D website, and download the up to date versions of any payware AI you use. You'll also need a sign in for the AVSIM and FlightSim.com libraries so the OCI can enter and download the relevant models and paints for you Make sure you read the manual but there is plenty of help here or on the AIG forum.
  6. Look no further than the freeware available through the Alpha India Group. There is a one click installer to populate your sim with hundreds of aircraft. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php
  7. A good example of a picture saying a thousand words.
  8. To answer the OP. I have Freemesh installed on both P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5, sharing the same files from my Addons folder so there is no additional space used up. I haven't used V5 enough to comment on its need but it doesn't appear to cause any harm or take any extra space up in having it installed. Re the comments about vector. If you compare like scenarios in Vv.5 and V5 you'll see a lot of traffic, especially on secondary roads disappears, making towns look like a ghost-town in V5. If you still have vector installed in v4.5, this can be overcome by injecting some files into your v5 addon scenery from v.4.5
  9. What have you tried to date? Are you referring to default shipping? As per Jean-Claude's post above, Henrik's AI Ships package is the way to go for added realism.
  10. Welcome to AVSIM 😉
  11. Thanks for your quick response Oliver
  12. Hi Lorby Apologies as I know I've read this somewhere, but I can't find it now I need it - Using v1.55 b06(c), for P3Dv5, I am prompted for a description name when trying to install scenery. Is there a particular naming convention to use here? thanks Ian
  13. Yes, I realise that, but as i say, I'd be curious how that particular file was identified for future reference.
  14. That's interesting, for future reference, could you please advise how you established that particular file related to that particular airport? thanks
  15. Has that been updated for V5. I have Latin VFR LEBL so haven’t seen any notifications?
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