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  1. Most of the aircraft via OCI are adjusted. They are working good, of course not perfect, because its AI. The biggest issue is the airport configuration itself and the ade. You need good configured ade for this, so most of the ADEs need to be improved. Thats the issue on your case. You can adjust the aircraft.cfg for one airport, but this will cause other issues on other airports. The aircraft.cfg via OCI will always be improved from time to time, and this will overwrite settings youll have changed yourself. AI will always brake until they have reached 30kts and after that they are looking for the taxiway, sometimes they will do an 180 turn for this. This can only be fixed with an good ade. Some airports have really an difficult runway taxiway Layout in real life, which it makes really difficult for the ade designers. Im the person who updates the AI cfg for the OCI and I have updated nearly 200 ADE because of this issue. The ADEs are not puplic at the moment, only some old ones for v4 at jcai.dk. Regards Urmel
  2. I'm playing around with P3Dv5 at the moment and the Volumetric Clouds. I'd like them, better than the REX 2D Models. But I'm struggling with the AS settings. They have introduced an option for PREVENT ASP3D EA VOLUMETRIC CLOUD CONTROL and an option for ENABLE DETAILED EA CLOUDS. The only thing I'll read here is that it seems everybody is using Active Sky or Rex Clouds and not the volumetric ones. Maybe anyone has the perfect idea or setting? Regards Urmel
  3. Hello, I've updated the aircraft.cfg for an OSP ATR with an new reference-datum-position. The issue is with the lights, I changed also the positon of the lights to the new value, but FS Reborn doesn't recognize the new values. How is this possible to resolve? Regards Urmel
  4. Nice idea, maybe I should do this also sometimes in these difficult times. Interesting, thanks.
  5. Fantastic Airport, fantastic Aircraft, fantastic ... ESMS Malmö
  6. I love it ! Found it after some months on my Harddrive. Didn't remember that it is so ...
  7. There's an In-Sync Engine. The cloud models and textures are based on the weather conditions from the sim. If I understand it correctly, it installs everything itself, but I'm not sure with this option.
  8. I'm using now Rex Skyforce (Clouds / Textures) and Active Sky for my P3Dv5.2. One question: Do I need to install cloud models from Rex or does it this themselves depending on weather conditions (Provided from Active Sky)? what about sky / sun and moon? EA on / Volumetric clouds off Which settings do you guys use for Active Sky, REX and P3D? Regards Urmel
  9. Hello, I love my Dash 8, but I never have any turbulence effects. I used it from the beginning (I think 2013) until now with different PC's. I also use Active Sky. Turblence is set in the ini file to 0.75 (I've also testet 1.0), but nothing. No effects. Even in heavy wheater. I have turblence effects on my other aircraft like PMDG or FSLabs. Any idea? Thanks
  10. I've written something about performance with AIG at this topic
  11. Anyone an idea? Seems to be difficult or impossible to get VDGS info.
  12. I'm wondering where I can find information about the VDGS Systems on US Airports. Flytampa Las Vegas and Bosten have VDGS, Flightbeam has something in KSFO (Traffic Lights from SODE), there are some kind of VDGS in ImagineSim Austin and Taxi2Gate Orlando. I'd like to update them with the SODE VDGS system, but I can't find any information which airport has VDGS and which type. In Europe I'll find the info in the charts from Navigraph, but nearly no info for the US in these charts. Has anyone more info? Will be great. Thanks Urmel
  13. More Info: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/573485-what-do-i-need-for-an-good-ai-traffic-system-v4v5/
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