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  1. Is this the official IKEA Airport? - only the BLUE is missing. AI Traffic from AIG! Have Fun Urmel
  2. These files are only for user with experience in the sim folder structure. Without any experience you can damage a lot. The first step for you is to find the installation path of your airport. That depends where you have installed it. My folder structure is different to yours at some parts.
  3. FlyTampa Sydney updated to ADE V2.0 incl. SODE VDGS and an GSX Profile https://jcai.dk/category/afcad/ Have Fun!
  4. Because of this (I know that I need to check the usual sites) I asked here... They are all to shiny and to clean. No compare to most PMDG Repaints
  5. This is only for the A320? Thanks for the link.
  6. only PMDG - Majestic - QW on the dopbox
  7. Hi, I'm looking for good FSLabs Airbus (A319 + A320 + A321) Repaints. The Repaints at their forum are looking like new and shiny. I prefer something that look like in real life, less shiny, a little bit "used". Regards Urmel
  8. Why should i replace sode jetways with gsx jetways?
  9. I arrived with my pmdg 747 and everything was working like expected. Something on your side...
  10. updated ADE + updated SODE File released! https://jcai.dk/category/afcad/ really nice Airport. I love it. Have fun, Urmel
  11. Melbourne is updated! incl. the famous SODE VDGS and GSX! --> https://jcai.dk/ Enjoy! Have fun! Urmel
  12. Yes. There is no workaround. You need a new ade or different files. They dont exist at the moment. You have to wait until i have updated it.
  13. ? Did you read what i wrote two posts before?
  14. Yes, of course. This way: (but you can add it via the the add-on.xml to v5 - but not 100% compatible at night at the moment) ---> I told this already: I'm using always 100% AI, and I'm fine with it. I have an really old PC (4770K, GTX 1080) and it runs fine, even with High End Payware Aircraft. It will be much better with Prepar3dv5 (I've already tested it in the new FlyTampa EKCH with 100%AI - I'm getting always between 25 and 60 FPS at this airport - flying with the default Carenado in low circles over the airport - much more than I get normally in v4) More test questions from you? I'll be happy to answer. My hope from this topic is: People learn more about AI. I've read a lot about ... AI is disturbing me on approach ... which addons ... freeware .... payware ... how can I see if my AI is working ... I can't see AI on my airport ... and much more. And I think my topic is helpful (a lot of links are also included), because avsim will be read a lot now, because v5 was released. And some people want to know something about AI in the new sim, not for now but even for the future, and the OCI will be updated for sure. That's the most important information. I think for the future. And I clearified that it is not 100% compatible at the moment, I think that's ok. Maybe not for you, but for some other ones. I told: yes it's possible via add-on.xml but I don't want to post an instruction, but it is possible! I don't want to talk more about it. Hopefully some people become more interest in operating AI and enjoy them like me.
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