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  1. I guess this will not be free, maybe for SL owners but I don't know. Bruno
  2. Yes there is allready a threat in the developers general forum about this "frame damage". Unfortunately with out any help so far! Bruno
  3. Perfect thanks for the info, really mist this stream. Bruno
  4. I'm right there is no navigraph charts support in the EFB? I could not read something about this or I mist it! Bruno
  5. great to know i'm not the only one, but I'm dipping each time a little bit longer.... Bruno
  6. Gerald sorry to jump in here..... 🙂 but I just tried MCE with the new EXE and DLL from above and have to say, there are many commands not working. MCE sees the plane as "BRITHISHAEROSPACE BA46" and the commands copy from the Qualitywings Bae are there. Plane is directly in the P3D folder installed. I think the "Professional" Version from Justflight is a complete other Ship as the older one! Do you need any thing else to help? Bruno
  7. Gerlad there are many..... sim=JF_146_RAF_VIP sim=JF_146-100 sim=JF_146-200 sim=JF_146-200QC sim=JF_146-200QT sim=JF_146-300 sim=JF_146-300QT all have ui_createdby=Just Flight hope this helps Bruno
  8. Dan yes I have exactly the same problem, did try everything with out any luck. Bruno
  9. Sure it works, why are you thinking its not working?? Bruno
  10. PMDG is not using trueglass! Just Tfdi, Aerosoft and Qualitywings as far as I know Bruno
  11. AILRP and AIGAIM please whats this.... must have mist something? Thanks Bruno EDIT: Oh just found it... thanks to google and thanks to Simbol
  12. Could this tool help? Flush the Standby Memory with the Task Scheduler. We have a treat running with the same problem in a German Sim Forum and there we have good results with it. Link to the WebSite: https://wj32.org/wp/ and here a Video how to use it!
  13. this is why I went the 4.5 road until 5.1 is stable. Bruno
  14. ... so no more CTD when I deactivate those buttons above. But maybe it is some fault with GSX/SODE and the jetways, this install was also not right! Case closed Bruno
  15. Hm, I bet the fault is with one of this XMIT buttons! I had some trouble with assigning the macros. Will report back, as soon I get close to my PC! Bruno
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