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  1. Karl did you click also the Fuel Truck bottom left. No fuel with out the Truck 😉 Bruno
  2. Do you mean WAMA from Lorby - SI https://www.lorby-si.com/products.html Regards Bruno
  3. Ramón is this a new version or the same as obove? Thanks Bruno
  4. Update Link to the Aerosoft Forum released yesterday Bruno
  5. Update your airac works wonders, the one in the original release has some strange bugs and things in it. Even with the same 19XX is the new downloaded better maybe a also a Navdatapro / Navigraph thing ! I‘m on Navigraph and don’t have that pingpong anymore Bruno
  6. Good thing to know, i'm not the only one! 😏 Bruno
  7. patience we are working on it! Almost done! Bruno
  8. Ok here we go this time from P3Dv3 Bruno
  9. So I went and put my head down and tuck some pictures! watch the database, if I see this right is the 1302 included. 😏 Bruno
  10. So I can confirm the Fuel Pump switches are not working and the Landing Light switches working so half/half the left 2 are just toggled the half way! I think the NGXu has more changes as we like, in regard of MCE Bruno
  11. So just tryed it a few times with the EnableDataBroadcast=1 in the ini! But every time and also after reload this message pops up: P3D runs as admin Bruno
  12. Hm Gerald all the Sim Names are in my Post?! 😉 Bruno
  13. Gerald just tryed the NGXu and.... no joy not a single switch is working! The Sim name is also different: sim=B737-800 sim=B737-800 BW sim=B737-800 SSW sim=B737-900ER BW sim=B737-900ER SSW sim=B737-900 sim=B737-900 BW sim=B737-900 SSW hope that helps Bruno
  14. Sorry to jump in here, but here they are PMDG 737-800NGXu PMDG 737-800NGXu BW PMDG 737-800NGXu SSW PMDG 737-900ERNGXu BW PMDG 737-900ERNGXu SSW PMDG 737-900NGXu PMDG 737-900NGXu BW PMDG 737-900NGXu SSW Bruno
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