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  1. bakerman

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    Yep I did it also 😊 Locks great. Bruno
  2. bakerman

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

    Marius wonderful paints and a even better homepage. Thanks Bruno
  3. bakerman

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    Yep me to here, a install to P3Dv4.4 is not working right! I have the plane in the Sim but the displays are not working. Plane grounded 😕 Bruno
  4. bakerman

    Aerosoft A-31X Pro

    Gerald sorry to bring this topic back, but this status system display thing has nothing to do with the cdu! After every checklist reading the FO presses the status ECAM page. I think this is a left over from the B787 where he has to close the checklist page. The ta/ra Transponder problem is also still present in the newest Version . This is with all airbus planes (Aerosoft,FsLabs) the same happy new year and many thanks for your great support Bruno
  5. bakerman

    Aerosoft A-31X Pro

    Good day everyone so this is a new one, but just a little one 😊 With all Airbuses in P3D (it's also with the FsLabs) my CoPilot presses the Staus ECAM Button after every checklist. No big deal! But.... you know! Could you check this, or is this just on my side? Oh and transponder TA/RA mode is he switching just to TA mode. This also on the Aerosoft and FsLabs (V Bruno
  6. Gerald I just went for a short test with in P3Dv4 and this 2D Windows is working great. But is it possiple that the 2D window will be closing after the checklist is done? It stays open here all the time. Bruno
  7. bakerman

    Ultimate 787 - Version 1.1.2a released

    So just installed 1.1.2a and after this I have no electrical power! External Power, APU Power nothing works any more. There are allready similar reports in the Flight1 Forum. Maybe wait a little bit with this patch, you will patch it to the virtuell hangar with this. My 787 is there now 😑 Bruno
  8. bakerman

    Learjet 35A Dual GTN not that far fetched ???

    So unless i‘m standing on a big tube there is a option to install the Lear with two GTN! Flying this bird since ages with a dual setup Just watch this YouTube video he is flying it also with two Bruno
  9. bakerman

    Learjet 35A Dual GTN not that far fetched ???

    Hm with V. 3.0 you have the option to install the plane with dual GTN or do get here something wrong?
  10. Guys I found this Youtube Channel by Patrick Illner with great Lear35a videos Patrick Illner Channel Have fun! Bruno
  11. bakerman

    AS CRJ SP1 Released

    Yep just made my little departure test in LSZB Moni2B departure! This one failed the last year all the time! But now, rock solid!! Two dumbs up, so far. Bruno
  12. bakerman

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    Yep Sorry Bob it's my fault about the topic! But now I have to get this strait with those links above This is the FlightFactor FCU an yes i'm 100% convinced and this the FsLabs FCU but with a bad picture, an my sim it's much sharper!! so now back to topic! Bruno
  13. bakerman

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    Sorry but the links on those picture are just wrong linked! Long story short if we could get the same grafic and terrain rendering in P3D as in X-Plane 11 then there would be no question about witch airbus would be better. But after trying out xp11 with otho4xp then my long be loved fsx to P3D looks just right to me any more. This was a bad idea, now I have tons of great airplanes in P3D but the immersion is somthing like gone after flying over the alps in XP11 and knowing how a sim also can look like! Silly world Bruno
  14. Wau Jevon you are doing a top job here...... 👍 I will take your Cj2 little girl out fore a little try out flight over the alps right now. Bruno
  15. Bruno is unfortunately a little bit stuck with the 787 flows. Since the FO can't control the Display Units (yet) I could try it in FSX, but this graphic in the old sim is holding me back from doing so! And there is x-plane also witch is getting my attention more and more! Sometimes we have just a to big playground 😉 Bruno