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  1. Anyone know if the 2d panels are still supported on this new release? Is the EFB available as a 2d pop-up? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Oh, that's disappointing Thanks for the reply though. Daniel
  3. Hi, In setting up my approach I'm using the 777 EFB to calculate v speeds +5 knots. During the descent flow, however, it looks like FS2Crew resets those v speeds. Is there a setting to stop this? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Thanks for the confirmation, Jon. I guess I should post at the QW forum? Daniel
  5. Hi all, I have the QW787 v1.4 installed and have a question about performance. Everything seems to work properly when I enter all the data needed for a derate on the performance page of the EFB, but it only ever allows the "optimal" option on the calculation. That is to say; if the optimal derate is TO1, and I change the setting to TO to check those numbers, it continues to display the TO1 derate (after I hit calc again) Am I doing something wrong? How do I force it to check another derate? Is anyone else seeing this? Appreciate any help, Daniel
  6. I'd guess this is a corrupted panel state - I get this all the time. If you loaded from a panel state, delete that and create a new one. For instance; for cold and dark, reload the aircraft and then shut everything down, save that panel state. Or you could attach ground power and save that, etc. etc. Hope this helps, Daniel
  7. No, not on 4k, so perhaps I'll do better? Amazing how pricy those 1080ti still are, even used! But I'll see what I can find. One question; if I'm not on 4k, so I still need 11GB?
  8. Thanks Mike and Michael, I do not doubt you are correct. The only new 11GB I see on the market in my area is the 3090 (at 24 GB and $2000 CDN.) Is that about right? Daniel
  9. Interesting, thanks! What about an RTX 3070 - how do I find out if that will work? I have my i7 8700k in a stable 5.0 ghz overclock. The rts 3070 is available where I am and I might be persuaded to go that route as it looks like value for the money. Daniel
  10. I agree. It's just that I find the process of deciding what to upgrade to uncertain (inventory availability), confusing (models, GPU vs CPU load) and expensive.
  11. Okay, thanks BlueStar. Appreciate your feedback.
  12. Hi, Have held off from P3D v5 for now because of the reported issues. It looks like - with a clean reinstall - many of those issues are fixed now, so I might give it a try. I understand that it does push more work to the graphics card though, right? My question is; with only a GTX970 do you think I am going to see any performance benefits from v5.1? Rest of the specs: i-8700k 16gb Ram, Windows 10 Home 64. Appreciate your opinions - many thanks, Daniel
  13. Hi Not sure where I should go first with this issue, so I thought I'd try here for suggestions. I'm using P3D 4.5 w/HF3 and have recently reinstalled my entire OS, P3D and add-ons (I performed a complete drive wipe first). I'm using headphone through my monitor, which is being fed by a HDMI cable coming out of my GTX970. I'm using nVidia driver version Looks like it's making me use nVidia sound drivers - there are no other options in Sound Settings (NS-40D510NA15 Monitor is my only playback option, using NVIDIA HD Audio as a controller). Here the issue: I get volume swells and dips when using GSX on passenger load, etc. By this I mean that passenger loading sounds come in extreme loudly, and then drop out when using P3D ATC, and then come back in again 30 seconds later. I used to manage these issues using two methods: 1) Sound Control panel => Communications => Do nothing selection 2) Right-click on NS-40D510NA15 => Properties => uncheck Allow applications to take exclusive control AND => Enhancements => Disable all enhancements Used to work, now it doesn't. And it's not just GSX (couatl scripting engine) - anything running external to P3D using sound will be affected in some way. Any ideas on what to do, or which support forum to go to? (P3D, GSX, NVIDIA, Windows, etc?) Thanks for your help, Daniel
  14. Hi, I'm worried that this may contravene AVSIM license discussion policy - apologies if it does, please shut this down if so. I'd ask in the Prepar3D forums, but they seem overwhelmed at the moment (not to mention their forum is unbearably slow) I've been trying to conduct a total re-installation of P3Dv4.5, including a complete wipe and reinstall of Windows 10. This is due to CTD issues I've been having with the Aerosoft A330 Pro and D3D10Warp.dll It's been an odyessy, to say the least, that has chewed up a number of weeks, and has included something like 15-20 tech/support people from Aerosoft, Microsoft, ASUS, etc. - some of which are awaiting replies to see how latest install went. Of course, just as I'm approaching the finish line, I get a P3D exceeded the number of installs error. So now I have contacted Prepar3D and ask for my license to be renewed. The problem is that it takes 2 business days - so 4 with the looming weekend - and I'm reading a post on their forum from someone saying they haven't received a reply to their same request in a something like a week. So it could be a week or more, in which time the good will and support tickets of those who are helping me through this are expiring. So my question is; is it totally wrong of me (or are there other issues) with purchasing a second copy of P3Dv4, using that license in order to give them enough time to respond to my request, and then applying for a refund of that license? Appreciate any guidance here, Daniel
  15. Gotten the same thing a couple of times now, too. Will watch this thread for any answers... Daniel
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