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  1. Actually, on further investigation it looks like it's the Mega Rio de Janeiro scenery by Paulo Rocardo that's creating the autogen trees. When I disable that scenery they go away...
  2. Hi all, I have the 2016 version of Tropical Sim's SBGL, which was made for FSX (I think) but kind of works for P3Dv5. The only issue is autogen trees on the tarmac, which I don't seem to be able to remove with ADE. Searching around the internet I've found a few topics with people having issues with removing autogen trees in P3Dv5, but no solutions. Any idea what I should use if ADE doesn't work? Thanks, Daniel
  3. Hi guys, The PMDG Ops Center has just stopped working for me. I sent in a support ticket and they said it was "Antivirus or other protective software" but I'm not running anything (not even Windows Defender), at least that I know of. The Ops Center worked just a few days ago when I installed a livery. I've checked and I'm running it in admin mode. This seems to happen once in a while to the Ops Center, and the answer always is to reinstall, but I think I loose all my liveries when I do this, which is a pain. So... anyone know another route to go where I could keep all my liveries? Or do I just have to once again bite the bullet and reinstall all the liveries? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Thanks @jcomm Hervé got touch with me and sent me the files I needed. Really amazing help! Appreciate the help - just did an approach and it was 100%! Daniel
  5. Hi folks, Just purchased the FSDG Seychelles scenery and FSIA's runway 31 ILS heading is a little off. I think there's a little mag variation between FSX/early P3D and P3dv5, which may account for it. I assuming to fix it, I need to edit the AFD file. I looked at it with an AFD editor - I'm just wondering what the best practice on modifying the ILS approach data is to fix this (re: what settings, modifying a stock ILS, etc.) Appreciate any guidance, Daniel
  6. Okay V-Sync in P3D did not unpeg Core 0, unfortunately. Tried with triple buffering and that didn't help either. I think hyperthreading is on, because I see 12 cores instead of 6 in the task manager - I think that's the indicator, right? I could swear I had set that to off at one point - something must have reset. On next boot I'll remove it.
  7. CPU: Seems like Core 1 is pinned at 100% GPU: Around 4% Okay will try these suggestions, thanks very much. Still find it odd that it only happens with the 737 and 747 PMDG planes. 777 is fine. I would think the FSlabs series would have a lot more going on, and it behaves very well.
  8. Hi Bob, Thanks for your input. Specs: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (2747 MHz) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Edition Windows 10 Home OS build 19045.3803 GPU nVidia RTX 3090 Driver 546.33 All weather scenarios (using ActiveSky P3Dv5) and both day and night. All airports. Will put up a flight with the PMDG 737 to see about GPU and CPU core loading.
  9. Hi, I'm using P3Dv5.3 on windows 10 and I've noticed a strange issue with my PMDG 737 and 747s when taxiing on the ground before take-off. I get something like a micro-stutter (maybe a long-frame? Heard that expression before) every 2-3 seconds or so. I have my v-sync set in the nVidia control panel to Adaptive (half-refresh rate) on my 60 Mhz monitor to achieve a stable 30 fps in P3D, with v-sync off in P3d and frames set to unlimited. This gives me a stable 30 fps in every other plane (FSlabs, iFly, PMDG 777, CaptainSim, etc.) Weirdest thing about it is that it seems to resolve on landing. I don't have FSUIPC logging enabled, I turned off sound preloading in the PMDG aircraft options. Any ideas what else could be causing the issue? Thanks, Daniel
  10. Does the 757 work in v5? There were a few glitches in the 767 for v5, I'm guessing it's pretty close to the same systems on both? (edit: never mind - I was too late and missed it) Daniel
  11. In case it matters, I did actually uninstall Multi Crew iFly 737MAX using add-remove programs. This is what solved it for me: "Go to \Prepar3D Vx\ folder and delete "fsInsider64.dll"." Thanks very much for your help. Daniel
  12. Hi there, I'm trying to remove MCE for the iFly 737 Max for P3Dv5. I uninstalled the program but I keep getting this message - I can't find what I need to remove "Files required to run Multi Crew Experience appear to be missing..." Thanks for your help, Daniel
  13. Hi Bruno, Thanks very much, I didn't know that. My request for a refund was denied so I might go through the complicated process of getting this to work on my setup, and it looks like I'll need a bunch of help from the forum - many thanks for your help! Daniel
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