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  1. Daniel Baker

    UTLive at VTBS

    Just wondering if anyone else experiences virtually zero traffic at VTBS when using UTLive? I've ported over an old scenery I purchased (aa_sceneries? Not sure, or at computer at the moment ) so it's not stock. If so, is there an easy fix? Thanks for the help! -Daniel P3D4.3, Windows 10 x64 Home.
  2. Daniel Baker

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    I'll chime in a bit here, just to add a slight wrinkle on this; It is an amazing plane, to be sure. For me, however, I am plagued my micro stutters that have actually mostly driven me out of the FSLabs cockpit. I think there are a few of us out there with similar problems, too. I have it since the beginning and found - very much unlike most people - that the more the added into the plane the worse it became for me. The last update - 266, I believe - was the first update that slightly reversed the trend. i8700k overclocked to 5.1, Windows 10 Home 64, P3Dv4.3. 970GTX Cheers, Daniel
  3. Daniel Baker

    UTOPIA Take Off Calculator for QW 787

    Just have to say that I was lucky enough to do a bit of testing on this update and it is stellar! Great job by Ian to provide this amazing tool! Thanks for the dedication to our hobby and your generosity in providing it for free. Cheers, Daniel.
  4. Daniel Baker

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Do you happen to have Saitek throttles?
  5. Daniel Baker

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    From what I've seen yes the issue is still there. No change to how the throttles function, so if you had the issue in P3Dv3 you'll likely have it in v4. Too bad, or I'd purchase the package now! It was great other than this, but this was a showstopper.
  6. Daniel Baker

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Really wanted this, as I have the FSLabs A320 but it's so stuttery it's not really enjoyable. However, I had the Aerosoft Airbus A318/19/20/21 package in V3 and never could get the reverse thrust to work properly with FSUIPC assignments (or regular P3D assignments). It would go into reverse, but not "stick" there. Apparently others had the same issue but after working with Aerosoft it was determined that I was one of a handful of people that just wouldn't be able to get it to work. (And I tried every fix I could find online... there's just something weird with my Saitek throttles in Windows 10) At any rate, still no Airbus solution for me in P3D! Daniel
  7. Daniel Baker

    Loading a Flightplan in v4.3

    Yeah - and at least there's a work-around... just loading the flight a second time. Still - a little annoying.
  8. Daniel Baker

    Loading a Flightplan in v4.3

    Yes, exactly the same issue. It's a weird one! Daniel
  9. Daniel Baker

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    I've never had any vector installed but had consistent CTDs, fwiw.
  10. Daniel Baker

    FSL latest update

    Well... that's my experience, anyway. To be fair - it used to run smoothly for me in v3. It's gotten worse for me with every update. But other than the stutters it's a pretty amazing plane. It's just that the stutter kill my experience... Get other people's input though... and remember my expectations may be unreasonable for most. Cheers, Daniel
  11. Daniel Baker

    FSL latest update

    Yeah, I think that's fair. I think the FSLabs team are quite open about the fact you should only expect stable/stutter-free performance at 30 fps. I only wish there were more options to turn off that would maybe help with the stutters. I feel like they keep adding more features (very generously in spirit, I must say) which - unfortunately for me - only add stutters to my 60 fps scenario. Maybe I'll give the Aerosoft buses a go? They might be more in line with my fps expectations? I should get the discount, at any rate (having owned them all before.) Thanks for the input, Daniel
  12. Daniel Baker

    FSL latest update

    Okay, so people might jump all over me for this, but I turn my settings down so that in 2d "cockpit" view with a PFD popup on approach I get 60 fps (unlimited frames, vsynced to my 60hz monitor. ) For me it feels more immersive and natural... I get this in all my add-ons; PMDG, IFly, QW787... With AS P3Dv4 running, and at large airports (cyyz, kjfk, etc) I also get this (60fps) with the FSLabs (again 2d cockpit) only with massive stutters, mostly when turning during taxi. And it gets worse with every update, seemingly. I suppose no one else uses the FSLabs bus this way? Everyone else is happy to lock to 30 fps and fly it that way? My monitor doesn't support 30hz, unfortunately... It is very jittery and unnatural feeling when I've tried to lock it there Daniel
  13. Daniel Baker

    UTOPIA Take Off Calculator for QW 787

    LOL - good call. Family, first and foremost, absolutely!! Hey, whatever you can do - on whatever timeline - is absolutely fair and very generous. I'd love to be in the loop when you get something available, if that's at all possible. Also - I may take another crack at creating a profile. Who knows, I might just get good at it? Thanks, Daniel
  14. Daniel Baker

    UTOPIA Take Off Calculator for QW 787

    That's fantastic news - thanks so much for the update. Will the profiles require the newest version of Utopia? If not, would it be possible to get them from you some how - or are they posted somewhere? And thanks so much for your hard work, BTW - I've been using Utopia for years very happily! Cheers, Daniel
  15. Hi all, Between rectifying some early user-error issues and navigating the number of small bugs, I've really started to enjoy the Qualitywings 787. Now the only "issue" I've yet to resolve is the lack of available performance take off/derate data. I just find it too unrealistic (for my taste) to take off with full thrust with a light load (eg; ACA739 CYYZ - KSFO) and experience a "rocket-launch" climb-out. I've been using QSim for the 787-8 but haven't touched the 787-9 because of the lack of resources available. The only other option I know of is the TOPER 787 - but it only has 787-8 flaps 15, which QSim already provides. Recently I was reminded of this program, which allows you to create your own profiles: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=utopia+take+off+calculator&CatID=root&Go=Search I tried unsuccessfully in the past to create my own profile from scratch, and the "auto" features in the program only interface with FS9, I believe. Just wondering if anyone would have a thought on how I might be able to employ this to create profiles for the 787-8, -9 and/ or -10 models. Appreciate the input, Daniel