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  1. The stutters on approach and landing are dreadful
  2. OSM can't be used if you want an accurate global world of objects, it's very sparse in most places. They should use a digitalised form of objects on earth ie. Blackshark AI.
  3. yep we're gonna need some of that to sort out these cockpits lol I'm all for this realistic lighting physics stuff but not so good on a computer screen
  4. autoortho and 3jfps which keeps the fps high in object dense areas
  5. wait for orbx then your choice, but REX have provided a way to access their product
  6. Those with the orbx version its not difficult to upgarde: - Register on https://rexaxis.com/Signup - When registered go to products at the top - Hit add new - Enter store 'orbx', product 'accuseason advanced', serial key from documents REX6 folder and order number from orbxdirect account - Download and install!
  7. they're completely separate so you can keep the old one, install the upgrade then uninstall the old one after via orbx central
  8. I had orbx version and it works fine - run the installer - enter a username, email address, product key from the file in the documents REX6 folder, your orbx transaction ID from orbxdirect account and select orbx store - hit register!
  9. fps looks the same with default settings, but you can adjust the settings to make it better/worse
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