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  1. interesting thanks! I have a toliss sound pack that uses xlua which i think is causing fps issues, when i use the default sounds the fps is ok.
  2. oh gonna go and take another look as pic was before that, thanks! is there a general problem with xlua do you know which causes performance issues?
  3. same, fps 17 when looking south with flytampa EHAM scenery. Basically unflyable.
  4. yeh X-world Europe but flying at 350 you'd think the objects wouldn't be rendered
  5. at EHAM and most of Europe! Heading east from UK to Germany/Poland i always get fps drops to 20s/30s. It ruins the sim completely.
  6. if they can replicate what Xenviro does for night lighting effects they will be on to a winner big shame xenviro isnt supported in XP12
  7. Been using FS2crew with the PMDG and love it, great Aussie F/O 😀
  8. does anyone know if the max will be out this year?
  9. appreciate all your knowledge and help btw, i know you really support XP so i'm sure things will sort themselves out in future releases. The sim is getting really good so don't want poor performance for strange reasons getting in the way of its progress.
  10. 80fps with no scenery, 30fps with scenery, high end machine, sliders are not maxed i'll check the microprofiler, thanks
  11. I'm not convinced with the sliders as i still get poor fps at 35,000. Must be the dsf loading which is inefficient. Anyway the way its doing it at the moment needs an overhaul!
  12. yeh guess so thanks, hope it is better optimised in future versions tho. Not London even! This was over Germany which is always a problem, and Netherlands.
  13. CPU and GPU are both really high (.03), so isn't it scenery related? I got 80 fps with the same cloud settings without much scenery i think LR need a totally new approach with scenery loading/display
  14. i really don't see how scenery loading can be such an issue in xplane, i get 80fps when over water and 30fps with default scenery over Europe. Something is seriously wrong with the loading of scenery in xplane. It's such a shame as i really like the new lighting in XP12.
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