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  1. Hi Ralf. I will try the flows again tomorrow, with Verbose off. (have to limit my screen time due to my tired old eyes!) I leave verbose on so I know for sure the FO is executing my flow and during that time, I don't touch anything else or try to PTT. I know MCE is multithreaded but try to avoid spaghetti? The functionality of MCE with the Dash 8 is now superb. It breathes new life into the sim and permits a full range of complex flows to be implemented! The Dash 8 is new made over again! A true complex sim that actually feels like it's flying. The "freeze" (mouse cursor spinning) is P3d "hanging". It's a horrible experience. I see occasional "hangs" that last a couple of seconds but mostly recover if the sim is left alone. These critical hangs are a PITA. I never see MCE in Appcrashview causing P3d to CTD. It's usually some clandestine source? I am running RC4 in "your comms" mode, the FO replies and changes freqs himself. Normally I see the freqs change with other simulations. I just noticed today, in the Dash, the numbers remained the same, 118.00 on FMS Tune, comm standby and ARCDU? I have been thinking about PF3 for a while. I tried the demo a year ago and it kept crashing, so gave up. Cheers.
  2. Hi Ralph. Well I have just had an enjoyable couple of flights...Apart fro two CTD's!!!!! One caused by me asking for two things at once. The second was my good old friend RC4!!!! On approach to Cardiff he decided to interfere with my enjoyment! You questions; Do you have the ARCDU Switch set to "FMS"? YES. Do you have verbose on or off in your script? Yes. Always have verbose on. I suspect this might be the same freeze I experience. Does the mouse pointer over the 2D panel turn into the blue circle and P3D stops working as soon as you click the mouse? Yes. But that blue circle stuff usually precedes any CTD for me. Seemingly my old RC4 is the culprit for todays arrest warrant! He ruined my afternoon on approach, after a nice round robin flight. EGHI...EGNH...(Blackpool Rock!)...EGHH. I've seen this before with RC4, aw well, it is an archaic program, with some annoying characteristics. However going tits up also brings down P3d as well! I may try your PF3?? P3d; EventType=AppHangB1 EventTime=131659517295418226 ReportType=3 Consent=1 ReportIdentifier=654bf458-2b95-11e8-bcaf-14dda9e204be IntegratorReportIdentifier=654bf459-2b95-11e8-bcaf-14dda9e204be Response.type=4 Sig[0].Name=Application Name Sig[0].Value=Prepar3D.exe and RC4; EventType=AppHangXProcB1 EventTime=131659516858023208 ReportType=3 Consent=1 ReportIdentifier=4b39d60e-2b95-11e8-bcaf-14dda9e204be IntegratorReportIdentifier=4b39d60f-2b95-11e8-bcaf-14dda9e204be WOW64=1 Response.type=4 Sig[0].Name=Application Name Sig[0].Value=rcv4.exe Best regards
  3. After not flying the Dash 8 for a few months (been away combat flying!) I just saw this thread and downloaded the above dll Wow! Everything works now! The Mjc Dash 8 is now fully functional for me. I last flew it when I had to manually select these items, now they function 100% in a flow! Those flat panel switches are integrated. The 2d panel opens and closes so quickly its barely visible and not at all intrusive (I have 0% transparency set!) The FO "altitude select" after each new altitude input is a nice surprise! I am on P3dv4.1. Windows 7 Pro. I have the latest 1.20a Mjc Dash 8, so its fully patched up to current 64 bit. However, I am still using Radar Contact v4. The freezes mentioned by Ralph are not evident in RC4. I am using the "Your Comms" selection, so the FO automatically selects the next frequency. However, there is something a bit odd with this, since the ARCDU, the Com 1 Mode and the frequencies in the FMC Tune menu are not showing the new frequency? Yet FO communicates with each controller just fine. Some sort of FO magic at work here? The commands work without any pauses in the script, in any order; nose wheel steering on yaw damper on anti skid on autofeather arm left fuel pump on right fuel pump on standby hydraulic pump on hydraulic ptu on left mfd set to nav/fuel/electrical/engine/doors/all right mfd set to nav/fuel/electrical/engine/doors/all Finally, a cautionary note! I asked for two commands in quick succession. "Set flight level 100" then "vertical speed select". P3d Crashed To Desktop? This CTD occurred whist a 2d window was open. ReportDescription=A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. EvSig[0].Name=Application Name Sig[0].Value=Prepar3D.exe Sig[1].Name=Application Version Sig[1].Value= Sig[2].Name=Application Timestamp Sig[2].Value=59d67e95 Sig[3].Name=Hang Signature Sig[3].Value=cca7 Sig[4].Name=Hang Type Sig[4].Value=517entType=AppHangB1 I surmise that caution is needed when trying to do things too quickly? Best to wait for the 2d window to close and action has ended before initiating a new action. Best regards
  4. military ops

    I don't know of any program that permits mid air refuelling. However, for weaponisation of objects within the simulator, I use FSX@War, CCP and a marvellous program called FSCAI. All these are freeware. All these I use with P3dv4, with complete success. You will need aircraft sims that can deploy weapons, but without using TacPack that limits things quite considerably. SSW uses vACMI as Henry stated. The weapons release and simulate strikes on some ground targets. For a more complete experience, you really need to use the objects that come with FSX@War since these are "destroyable" objects and come with their own special effects. For example a Hangar that's an FSX@War hangar will explode and show realistic effects when hit. A P3d Hangar will not! FSCAI permits you to customise certain weapons found in P3d (natively) and all the weapons in FSX@War. The FSCAI interface is mostly concerned with ground to air weapons but has an experimental air to air feature. It's a simple text editor, so you don't require any programming skills. This is niche within a niche stuff. Most folks use DCS for their military sim gratification. I recently got using all the above (with TacPack as well) and if your willing to use P3d Simdirector, then you can create complete battle scenarios! I prefer this since I can create scenarios anywhere in the world, over my favourite Orbx scenery with AS4 thrown in! Take a peek at my You Tube channel. The last six videos show progressively more of the above programs in use in 64 bit P3d. Cheers.
  5. FlightBeam add-ons flashing textures

    +2. I have Flight Beam Washington and see some flickers, but not terrible. I bought Orbx Meigs Field in the recent sale. Bad flasing on the runway at the threshold? Turning off the "Hard Winter" textures in the Control Panel helped a little. The worst add on I purchased was AS Heathrow. All the buildings have flickers, the further away you are the worse it gets? Not "Mega" in my experience! I am looking forward to the FSDT 64 bit Chicago, O Hare. The flickering and flasing we see at airports is reputed to be from 32 bit (FSX) scenery? Optimised or ported over scenery, that was designed for the VAS limited 32 bit simulators, no use in 64 bit anymore! The 64 bit only versions that FSDT are moving towards are designed to eliminate the (FSX) flickers, they are made with the 64 bit SDK....Fingers crossed.
  6. P3D v4 Stutter Issue

    In my humble opinion, that's an age old problem with this simulator engine. For what it's worth here is my twopenneth. I installed P3dv4.1 last year. The only time I had "fluid" smooth flight, with no stutters was when I first installed it and tested it out using the native P3d aircraft, flown over the native P3dv4 scenery, with no add ons whatsoever. I thought how great this was going to be, now I could install all my favourite add ons in 64 bit. I previously ran P3dv3, with Oom after Oom! So I thought the holy Grail had finally arrived? I then began the installation of my add ons. Orbx (entire planet everything!). Active Sky 4, REX Soft Clouds, UT Live and a few top quality aircraft and a few top quality 3rd party airports. Pleased with the total lack of Oom's. My flights are over nicely rendered scenery, with nicely rendered weather. I have relatively sharp scenery, no blurries. The sim looks very nice indeed! Better than FSX, better than P3dv3. However, I always see stutters! They are always there. Varying in frequency, varying in location, varying but very annoying! I have experimented with every P3d setting. Sliders all left, sliders all right and every setting in between. Stutters always remain! My conclusion is that adding "add ons" to P3d places a load on the simulator engine and induces the dreaded "stutter". This inevitably varies from system to system. P3d is not a game that has benchmarks. It's a simulator that will never run the same way twice. Sometimes I see stutters over areas that previously we're smooth! I believe stutters occur when a bottleneck occurs between one or all of the following....GPU....CPU....SSD and RAM. However even with the latest kit (PCIE SSD, Coffee Lake etc) I doubt the holy Grail of super fluid flight can be achieved, when add ons are added! Perhaps if a simulator was made with all the add ons integrated and included, it may be stutter free? My 2 year old system; i7 4790 at 4.5 GHz. Water cooled. GTX 1080 EVGA. Latest version (upgraded) with fancy cooling fans and fancy software! 32 GB RAM at 3000 3 SSD at 500 GB/sec (W7 pro on a 520 GB SSD, P3dv4.1 on 1 GB SSD, 520 GB SSD for storage) WHD 32" monitor. Best regards.
  7. Copilot! You are fired!

    Hello. Do FS2Crew actually support any aircraft in X Plane? News to me if they do. Their official line was something like, we follow PMDG and since they don't use X Plane then neither do we.....a loose translation from 2017? I have been away flying military for a while so I may have missed something? If you re install, I would recommend you allow MCE to install in the C Program files(86), just my two penneth. Good luck, we have the most mature co pilots in MCE, especially if they are fully typed on the aircraft! Regards.
  8. We are in our prime over 65! With age comes wisdom! MCE flyers are are discerning crew and if something requires fixing someone will know the solution. There is no better support for our niche hobby.
  9. The "Verbose" is usually on by default. It's only a matter of unticking the Verbose box and you can have some flows with verbose and some silent, your personal choice!
  10. I don't fly the FSLabs Airbus, so I am not qualified to comment on the capability of MCE with the P3d FSL Bus. Correct me if I am wrong, but FS2Crew doesn't sell a product for the FSL Bus. Since FSL have not released an SDK for it, I doubt you'll see a Fs2Crew version? Regarding the possibility of being disappointed with MCE....Unlikely, to say the least! The dev should really be working in the space race industry, for Mr Musk and making a few more quid than this niche market!! All MCE aircraft are included in the purchase price, this includes any new simulations that are released. As older supported aircraft move into P3d, MCE will do updates that are released without cost to us! If you peruse this forum several guys have the FSL Bus and have knowledge if what works. Since LM Prepared uses different window technology to FSX, certain difficulties are encountered with "flat" panel switches in the FSL Bus and the Mjc Dash 8 (which I do fly in the sim). When flying the Dash 8, I really don't miss the flat panel switches, the PF can easily reach them from his side anyway and it may be considered a little lazy to ask the FO to press them from his side. Everything else works in the Dash 8. If you get MCE and want to ask the dev then he is an e-mail away. If a switch is "doable" MCE will "do"it. I assisted in the beta testing of MCE with the CRJ. Every switch in that simulation works and I mean every one! Disappointed.....nahhh!
  11. Hello Giorgio. MCE scores over the competition since you are in complete control of your own flows, even able to edit them and add items in. Also you can choose which voices you want, even purchased ones like Cereproc. The other program just lumbers you with those unrealistic voices that someone thinks first officers sound like? They also charge you for every new aircraft you add to your hangar and if you get out of sequence your FO has a nervous breakdown! A flow is the same as a procedure, just quicker to anunciate! They are distinct from "checklists" since we do the flows first and then do the checklists, to "check" we didn't miss anything in the flow/procedure! Good question re the AP warning on the NGX! I have not been able to silence it with a first officer command...."Cancel master caution/warning", etc. I bet Gerald will know if we are missing a command here? Happy simming!
  12. Regarding the TFDi 717...

    Flight simulation is all about imagination, or rather only limited by our imagination. So with that in mind, I would go for the 64 bit version of the Mad Dog. If you love the MacDonald Douglas way of flying, then indulge yourself! Suspend disbelief by just altering the "clock" in Flight Simulator. Put the clock back to the time when the MD was all over those regional airports and go fly it. With no memory warnings, you can load up the best scenery 64 bit add ons can produce. Dial in the time and "dial a flap"! Cheers!
  13. Aerosoft CRJ current status?

    I have undertaken beta testing of this aircraft for MCE. I also assisted with the flows and checklists. I had no errors indicated with LNav. The aircraft is a beauty to fly, especially with the MCE co pilot, who can operate every switch. If anyone takes a look at my You Tube channel, you can see several complete flights, from start up to shut down. The flights were recorded "as is", so the MCE dev could see the progress. I had no issues flying this aircraft, it's a great regional simulation. Best regards.
  14. The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    Wise words. My experience with 64 bit=no more Oom's....thank you, relief! Dynamic lighting=lovely looking......increased load on system=turn it off! Reflections from objects=lovely looking....increased load on system/stutters=turn it off! High level AA=looks nice=...increased load/stutters....turn it down! AS4 REX Clouds....lovely, but same results....the nicer it looks the more it will stutter! Sim add on specifics...Tru Glass.....looks lovely=increased load.....? PMDG did this on the J41 in FSX with no load effects? Will be interesting if/when they re release it in 64 bits if they include the rain/ice/snow effects and the ice on the wing boots? Overall I see improvements in the old FSX (now P3d) engine. I also see new GPU/CPU and memory (PCIE) as the next evolution....another £2000, when I win the lottery perhaps? Cheers.
  15. Just bought the FSL A320

    A good test of the FBW and your bottle is.. Take off LaGuardia, at 3000' light the APU and kill the engines, then land in the Hudson! Keep the stick back at 50' and FBW should give you around 130 at 8 degrees? Dont forget to turn off collision detection!! Fun!