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  1. Check AC meter for sticky "test" function. Check IRS for "align" function. For some reason I can't get align from MCE yet can if I do manually? Otherwise it's a spot on first officer! In a spot on simulation of the 737. PMDG and MCE are to be congratulated on creating a wonderful introduction to realistic company flying! Well done both! No other companies have this level of accuracy!
  2. I just paid £60 out of my Paypal account for the MSFS 737. It downloaded OK. I tried to install it (next tortuous step) I tried to activate it and it has no activation key? None sent! Its got some mumbojumbo about a License key, but that not the activation key....HAHAHA they really play tricks on us customers dont they? "LICENSE KEY apparently is NOT ACTIVATION KEY! Oh you clever bods at PMDG, are you running an IQ test? AHA, got you got me there...if you dont have an activation key youve just spent £60 and your sitting on your hands! Im a bit cross! Not good for a multi million dollar company! POOR actually! Paranoid about people stealing the program, are they? (thats 11 years old!) Please? Sorry for the rant, I wanted to have a go tonight but PMDG have stollen it! So excuse me please! If they dont reply to my ticket with a key, ill never fly it...you are at their mercy after youve paid...? Their professionalism is in question here? Nevermind I did 10 years ago. See video. Its 10 years old but the exact same program! Clever that! Sell it three or four times and get paid three or four times! So Boo! Cheers. David
  3. Ive replaced the files in my MCE install, with the Ultimate files as per patch. I ran the wizard. Every time I fire up MCE now its running the wizard? I cant get it to load MCE it just runs the wizard? Every time!! I want to uninstall and reinstall, but cant find the installer.... Bit stuck here? (Its running the wizard in a loop every time!) Thanks? Dissapointed I cant get this going tonight! I need the dev time to sort out my stuff! Anyone there??? Knock twice if your there! Hello?
  4. Hi, what kind of CTD are you seeing? I am trying to fly a flight with MCE/P2ATC and MSFS, with FP loaded from SimBrief in the CJ4 and get constant CTD? (latest versions) Driving me mad! This just about eliminated me from the sim at the current status! Unless its a temporary glitch or something else! Recall Asobo constantly update with the "patches", these cause all other programmes to fail or glitch..If you have an add o that they dont test...your broken! Great sim eh...NO NOT VERY! 😞 Its a LOTTO with Asobo! Cheers!
  5. In MSFS its a different game! Yes MCE FO can dial HDG. Course. Altitude. Speed. In P3d FSX you can ask Fo to dial ANYTHING!!! In MSFS FO, we are limited....FO cant dial Radios for VOR freqs. MCE cant dial coms radio freqs. P2ATC can dial radio freqs but MCE can not. Its a limitation of MSFS, MCE can do ANYTHING in P3d/FSX! In MSFS its not same as P3d/FSX! I hope i am not the "GUY" who doesnt explain anything? Over the last 10 years Ive hundreds of videos up on U Tube. I will take exception to that if you are referring to myself! 😞 😉
  6. Nothing to see here. Until we get clearance! Until GSX 2 and PMDG 737 I am on grounded! No point! There is nothing there except the old CRJ 700? OK! Lets see what Raberto can do with the rubbish MASF SDK? Good luck my man! Bet the 737 PMDG doesnt have wing vortices? ....LOL!
  7. I saw work was going along nicely. The animations of the pin being removed and held aloft after push back looked excellent! Really hope Follow Me car is enabled, then we can get rid of the cartoon chevrons! I guess there is a lot of work to connect GSX to the allocated Gate? Also the PAX boarding/de boarding from GSX 2? I always smiled when I saw all the passengers getting off the bus and boarding! I guess its difficult to program stair heights and doors in MSFS? Good luck Mr Umberto....I will be a customer for sure! If there are numbered menu items, hopefully the MCE wizzards can do a MCE linked system and we can control GSX as in FSX/P3d? 🙂 But is wont resolve the issues of aircraft parked in your designated place. If you use a 3rd party ATC like I do P2ATC...will the parking spots be honoured? These are very technical issues. I hate to be directed to a gate, only to see a large Jet parked there? This never happened in P3d? We will have to wait and see? But if we can call services at our Gate then that will be great...especially GSX!
  8. Go on...you know you love our Dieter! He is First Officer on this flight from Aerosoft Paderborne to Gatwick. He has his chum as persor, so all is a happy place. Trouble is, the Captain has Jet Lag and messes up frequently! Good job its a sim! 😉
  9. MCE 2.9.56 Airport weather reporting. A small example from MSFS in the Cj4 on vectors to ILS London City! Current weather 2100 hrs 08.02.2022 You can request any airport weather from the Metar, regardless of simulator capability!
  10. Oh! Thats brilliant! 😉 Now we can have total Metar real world accuracy curtosy of MCE (you guys are the leaders...where else is there a voice program with this feature? Eh?)..... I am just awaiting the PMDG 737 and (hopefully...Robert has sorted the Asobo SDK) we can do some real airliner flights, with full bells and whisles in MSFS. FMC fully working with accurate SID/STARS and no recursive approaches(you know the one go back to start and dont pass GO?)....He had better divorce himself from the MSFS FMC...LOL! Meanwhile I continue on in my P3dv4.5! Cheers chaps!
  11. Thats cool Gerald thank you. I dont have Active Sky anymore on my P3d install, so I guess it would only read standard P3d weather? In MSFS presumable it could read the MSFS live weather...havnt tried it yet, but its a nice feature. 😉 Cheers
  12. With the latest .56 version of MCE in P3d. Vectors to ILS 27 at London City, in the Dash 8. Now the Dash 8 is probably the most advanced sim available on any platform. Especially after the latest patch. (Update to it for full functionality). So here we see an example of a vectored approach to FAF and ILS to MDA ay EGLC. We then go land manual to use the Dash 8 power and pitch to land! Just an example.
  13. Is this feature a new addition for MSFS? I ask because I recall using this feature way back in P3D....Even in FSX if I recall correctly. MCE always got the weather ahead? MCE was always ahead of the game? Cheers.
  14. Re the latest update to MSFS. I couldnt stop laughing! It looks like Orbx P3d Australia? With a few obscure airports thrown in and no water masking done whatsoever! Im still waiting for a jetliner to fly my Pax over the continent? Will I ever get my 707 or MD11 back...? 😉
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