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    Retired, Aviation anachronism, Field Paramedic, Accident Investigation, Search and Rescue, Motorcyclist, Hill Cyclist, Club Runner. Interests including, cosmology, science, weaponology and UFO's. Now Flight Sims.

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    Retired and now enjoy flying vicariously in flight simulation. Try to avoid doing the same things over again and expecting different results!

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  1. charlie130

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    When will this aircraft simulation be out of it's beta testing stage? I thought about buying this months ago, but was put off by it's beta stage of development. I suppose it's the honest approach to sell a product that's sold as "beta", than just sticking it out as a finished article and then patching up the finished article when the complaints arrive in the in box! Best wishes.
  2. charlie130

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    No need to pay for a voice control "reboot". MCE support all 64 bit aircraft that were formally 32 bit and it's done for free! Folks could spend the money on a GTN, if they don't own one already. Who's to say I don't have a GTN in my J41?😉 It won't stop me buying the J41 again if it's got to have a GTN! No burden at all!
  3. charlie130

    Video tutorials for AS CRJ?

    When it first came out, I was involved with the beta testing and development of the Multi Crew Experience support for the aircraft. If you are interested in voice control, you could take a look at my You Tube channel. There is a collection of CRJ videos. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you fly with procedures and checklists, then the six or so movies I made, demonstrate MCE and the CRJ in action. You could see how the flows fit with flying the aircraft and see how I use the FMC.😉 Best regards.
  4. A flight with the Simworks Studios F-4 Phantom, over Vietnam. With Tacpack enabled weapons and some Simdirector FSX@War objects, a thoroughly enjoyable flying experience! A 50+ year old aircraft, which I think is well modelled (even has Mach tuck!) for a bargain price. Currently discounted all over the place! Cheers David
  5. charlie130

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    In the lower screenshot arn't those Orbx Autogen Buildings? They look out of proportion, too big and too cartoon like. Not even the correct building type. Just not acceptable. I have Orbx scenery over my entire P3dv4 world, with their autogen buildings turned off, because of the building scale being so obviously out of proportion. 
  6. charlie130

    best atc for p3d v4

    As others have said ATC doesn't do directions. The only ones that do are the LSO's on aircraft carriers. We do have one that "knows" the position of your aircraft on approach and you will hear "too slow, too fast, too high, too low, wave off". But that's for carrier landings in military sims that are guaranteed to put your blood pressure in the red zone! In Flight Simulator, I have stuck with Radar Contact 4 for years. It works nicely with MCE, on PTT voice and because it's got a user interface, you can use it with Voice Attack or keyboard. It requires a bit of imaginative licence, like you can tell it to ignore your SID/STAR and it just picks you up on final apprich to your runway, either ils/vor/visual. RC4 also sees other aircraft in the pattern and on the ground, which is nice and considering it's years old shows how cutting edge it was at release. What would be nice is ATC which "knows" the weather is below minimums and gives you a re direct. But with Active Sky 4 you can get that info yourself and make the necessary decisions, pretend that ATC has given you the alternate. Happy simming!
  7. charlie130

    DCS 2.5 OB Released

    +1 2.5 Caucuses is a superb map and has very smooth rendition. I recently installed all the war bits and pieces to P3dv4, (FSX@WAR, CCP,VRS TACPACK and Superbug) these produced a noticable reduction n smoothness. Obviously all those explosions and units with subroutines are stretching P3dv4 to it's limit? While I have an entire planet rendered with Orbx and the VRS Superbug is magnificent, DCS appear to have addressed the problems of multiple units on a map! Here's a quick look see.
  8. charlie130

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I agree. It's surely not difficult to include different navigation options. Many simulations now have an option to run with 430/530/750 etc. The PMDG J41 was so good in FSX, way too good to sideline in 64 bit!
  9. charlie130

    Best study level combat jet for DCS World 2.x?

    Just thought I'd update my above post. Having just installed 2.5, I am afraid the KA50 has to be dropped from my list. The cockpit is so dark in 2.5 and the illuminated switches no longer illuminate! That means the weapon auto move switches and all the data link switches are nearly permanently dark in 2.5. Also the route mode switch on the collective is no longer clickable? The KA50 is in urgent need of an update now. It doesn't sit right in 2.5! Nevermind. When the Harrier gets out of early release "beta" we can have a combat platform that can deploy to forward areas! Of course by then everyone will be Hornet crazy so we won't care! Cheers.
  10. Sounds like the Maddog is another "beta" release? I didn't buy it because I couldn't justify the price, who knows, by the time I can, it may be out of development? It sure makes things difficult for the MCE devs. Chasing after updates. If it's not aircraft devs it's L.M. with their "updates". (Sigh) O how much simpler it all was in FS9/FSX...... Best regards.
  11. charlie130

    deaf co pilot

    I would re install MCE. Let it go through the sound i.d. set up. If it still won't work I'd be stumped?
  12. Thanks for the info Dave. I tend to fly with settings (sliders) quite high, so these would probably have to come down. I have a 4790 i7 @ 4.5 and a GTX 1080. I prefer to click the switches with mouse but I guess that pointer thingy would work. I use Voice Attack and a HOTAS (X55) already. If OR bring out a high def version the older models may come into my price range. Just can't justify £500 for one....My wife laughs at my TIR clipped on my headphones and says I look like a dummy so I can guess at the mockery if I wear an OR!!! Cheers.
  13. Interesting! I fly the Superbug, CCP, FSCAI, TacPack in P3dv4.1. Displayed on a WHD 32" monitor. I was thinking of an Occulus but the definition is reported as lower than a WHD monitor so reading the guages and HUD is difficult. How are you getting on with the HUD in this respect? I was waiting until DCS have finished with their "beta" testing of their new sim engine before looking at VR sets again? With the Superbug/TacPack being so good in P3dv4, I may reconsider? Simworks Studios do a nice naval task force that comes with a virtual LSO. Now that's real fun! You can get your CQ (Carrier qualification) after the correct number of traps!. Best regards.
  14. charlie130

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    And while I think about it, the Jetstream had rain and snow and ice on the windshield, ice on the wings and props and all in FSX! This was before "truglass" was even a twinkle in some ones eye! Cummon PMDG! Give us a 64 bit Jetstream!
  15. charlie130

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    The Jetstream, my favourite FSX aircraft. Put me onto buying the NGX and now I'm on P3dv4, the 747 (2). Since I won't be buying the 747(8), the J41 is my only next PMDG interest. I have the GTN 750, so my hangar awaits a shiny new J41 for 64 bit! I also have the Mjc Dash 8.......a bit of competition there for the J41? Let's be having the Jetstream, any more "big iron" can wait! Best regards.