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    Retired, Aviation anachronism, Field Paramedic, Accident Investigation, Search and Rescue, Motorcyclist, Hill Cyclist, Club Runner. Interests including, cosmology, science, weaponology and UFO's. Now Flight Sims.

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    Retired and now enjoy flying vicariously in flight simulation. Try to avoid doing the same things over again and expecting different results!

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  1. Your questions are pleasingly pertinent and a temptation for others to try in the simulator! A part of the reason for showing it on You Tube! The other reason is in the introduction. One can fly at 50', in moonlight. That's the way it was done and the best way to do it in the Simulator, whether in a Superbug or a Lancaster. However as Mark said, for viewing on You Tube, you would see nothing at all except brown smudges of landscape and the HUD and view from the FLIR and NV goggles which are also featured in the VRS Superbug. I wished to show something of the route, which was unique to this one particular aircraft, AJ-J. At night the mission becomes spectacularly more difficult, but most flyers will know that. The route I used was from Vivian Nicholson's navigator logs and not from Avsim. Hence the reference to AJ-J, which was his aircraft and was the Hornet tail reg used in the movie. The uniqueness of this route should be apparent! So yes indeed, this mission is asking to be flown at very low level at night and with a full moon. It's one of the most fulfilling experiences, just to stay alive! One issue I had was the unavailability of a Lancaster for P3dv4. So again, it was a spur to the devs out there to make a good Lancaster for P3dv4. If someone with C++ coding skills can integrate TacPack into a Lancaster simulation and fit an Upkeep in the bomb bay, I'd pay twice for it! But we all know that's not likely to happen, this is a niche within a niche market. Cheers.
  2. I recently came across the exact route taken by the navigator of AJ-J, a Lancaster of 617 Squadron, which flew in the Dambusters raid in 1943. So armed with P3dv4 and a modern combat aircraft I set about a movie. A warning, this is not for entertainment, but popcorn may be eaten whilst watching! Best regards
  3. I occasionally ask FO, "What's our speed", "What's our altitude"," what's our heading" "what's the weather", "what's for tea"....usually a good start of replies too!
  4. Happy New year Peter. Which Cereproc voice are you using and where is she stating "ADIRS"? You may try typing it phonetically. They sometimes come out with odd speech and require odd solutions! "A dears"? I usually reply "Runway twenty six left". Or just "twenty six". Otherwise I either get ignored or she gets a bit confused..(too many Martinis over Christmas!) Cheers!
  5. So here is a quick look at the VRS F/A18E Superbug and TackPack in P3dv4. Does it work well....Oh yes! Best regards and happy new year to all!
  6. Sorry Kevin, thought you were referencing the Super Hornet! I downloaded the Javier Nimitz and AI Carriers today. Considering it's freeware it's fit for purpose. Permits great carrier landings practise, tells you which wire you trapped and then gives you a cat launch that you can customise to your weight to launch speed. Throw in an elevator to the hangar deck for a bit of extra eye candy and I think it's amazing for a free ware sim. You can add the Ike and a destroyer escort for good measure too! Happy New year.
  7. I run the VRS Superbug along with the TacPack in P3dv4. I can not find anything that's not working! Today I downloaded the Javier aircraft carrier add on, which includes the Nimitz and A.I. fleet ships (freeware!). After another jaw dropping afternoon spent "practising" carrier landings, I can only say what an enhancement this is to flight simulation in P3d. I can't remember actually feeling "stressed" flying around in a flight simulator before, but carrier landings, in this beauty of a simulation, is not recommended if you already suffer from high blood pressure! Best regards.
  8. That's exactly what I thought before I purchased this. I have every DCS module, but the VRS Superbug and TacPack in P3dv4 has something special that non of the DCS modules have? Exactly what I am not quite sure? Could be flying over my house is a factor? I spent today making a bombing range at Spadeadam, complete with a SAM nest, which are not to be underestimated (RAF types will know this restricted area base!). I then entered the GPS coordinates into the Mission Module and took off from Lakenheath. Practised a variety of guided munitions scenarios. A couple of hours later, landed back at Lakenheath and actually felt like I'd just flown the mission for real, instead of that "game" feeling that I get from DCS. Probably just me but as has been said, the sheer volume of study materials to fly the FA 18E combat systems is amazing! They all work! Some Nimitz class working carriers would be nice. The one that comes with TacPack permits landing but that's it! I see the Simworks Studios Midway Battle Group package has configurable aircraft settings, so may be used with any P3dv4 aircraft with a hook and undercarriage. These carriers have rollback after catching the wire and cat launches with the shoe, so I think that's my next purchase! Best regards.
  9. I have purchased the VRS Super bug and the TacPack for P3dv4. A superb add on! My goodness what a simulation! Even if your not combat orientated (you may be after seeing what this can do) the avionics simulated are quite stunning. The on board ability to program waypoints, fly pre loaded waypoints, flight plans designed in PFPX/Simbrief loaded in to Prepared, Tacan/VOR, even mobile Tacan on board your aircraft carrier.... Complete with moving colour map, airspace overlays, synthetic radar with x3 levels of magnification. Terrain aviodance radar. Sea radar and air to air radar with multi modes. I have used DCS for a long time and I can honestly say the VRS Superbug is equal to and possibly exceeds the functionality of their A10c. Previously an aircraft high on my top of the range list. When they eventually release their FA/18, I wonder how it will compare? No need to wait, you can have one now! The icing on the cake being I can fly anywhere in the world, with real weather and Ultimate Traffic Live. Oh and you can actually refuel from an airbourn tanker, as many times as you like and do that round the world trip, safe in the knowledge that if any hostile aircraft gets in your way, they will not stop you! Worth every penny! Best regards David
  10. 1. OJ thanks for that. But according to the Tac Pack sales site, it's $7.99 each year if you want to have "support". So I don't understand what they are getting at, except to get another $7.99 out of buyers? For heaven sake if you buy a program, support should be there regardless. But I stand corrected if it's free? 2. Agree, that's why I will probably buy it! 3. Interesting that's what I wanted to know! So your radar will start working properly with Tac Pack! Now to research what's available in P3dv4 that has Tac Pack requirements! Cheers
  11. Good point re the aircraft quality! DCS have some extraordinary detailed models. Apart from the VRS Superbug (which is years old now) I can only see the Phantom as a reasonable sim, albeit a historic aircraft sim! Perhaps the Just Flight Vulcan, when released will have Tac Pack capability. Combat in P3d is seemingly a niche within a niche market?
  12. Well the copy I installed and flew for some fifty flights did everything that the pilot asked of it. Thus "unwarranted" is a qualified statement of mine. Others can have their own! Of course those flights were with a MCE first officer, so perhaps it made a difference? Some of those flights can be seen on my you tube channel.
  13. Very interested in this. However, I see it's $50 without the support option, which is $7.99 for a years support? I would like it for the SWS Phantom. But am I wrong in thinking it's only got one unit that can shoot back at you, a SAM site? With the Harrier at a similar price over on DCS, I am torn what to buy? I like the idea of an armed aircraft in P3dv4, being able to fly anywhere in the world. But some say it's a no no for combat and stick to DCS? I will see what's left after the Christmas Turkey has been eaten! Happy holidays.
  14. My "best" aircraft for Prepar3d v4? Like asking which is your favourite child! Also it's human nature to go for your newest toy. So for sheer size...blimey she's a big girl! The PMDG Queen of the Skies! Beautiful creation with loads of sheer power! Then the Aerosoft CRJ, which got some unwarranted critisism. How can I say that? Well I beta tested it with MCE, from V1 to the current release and for a simulation that's coded by one guy, it's a beautiful labour of love! Happy holidays.
  15. Milviz do the 737-200. That will provide all the steam gauges and the Jt8 turbojets. I suppose most devs gave up on the 737 after PMDG epitomised the model. I fly PMDG 737-500 from a skin off the Avsim downloads. Of course it's a 737-600 model, same as the Austrian Airlines Tyrol. Happy Holidays.