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    Retired and now enjoy flying vicariously in flight simulation. Try to avoid doing the same things over again and expecting different results!

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  1. Thanks for the replies guys😁 I think the short answer is to position at the airfield, using the simulators go to airport facility. Then open the GTN and create a user waypoint with the airfield code. Most of these New Guinea bush strips have three letter identifiers. The GTN then stores these and permits a flight plan to be constructed. A Plan G open on the topographical map page helps and as stated previously, Plan G can import all airfields direct from whatever sim you are using. Bob, thanks for the accolade! My intention was indeed to record some flights. If one puts real world weather on (Active Sky, crosswinds plus turbulence) at the altitude most of the strips are at, (7000+') then things get interesting. I tried a couple today and I think the old "aviator" in my bones came out!😉 Most people can fly an FMC in a computer jet, which becomes a boring routine after s while. Flying a 1955 Winjeel (Ants) into a bumpy sloped grass field at 9000' altitude, really gets your attention span going! But you have to find the field first.....🤗 Regards David
  2. So I decided to buy Orbx New Guinea bush airfields, to try my hand at bush flying. The GTN database does not show any bush airfields that I have installed from Orbx. Obviously the GTN does not read the scenery cfg from my P3d install. So the question is, how can I get the simulators database into the GTN? Plan g has a superb facility to update it's map database for the simulator in use. I wonder if someone knows how this can be done for the GTN? Whist I appreciate the GTN database enables pilots to fly in real world navigation, that's little use to my flights in New Guinea, using simulated strips by an add on maker, in my simulated bush aircraft! Anyone know how I can get GTN to see the airfields? Regards David
  3. Just my twopenneth after reading your post. I sometimes don't see the GSX window after calling a boarding flow, first, which doesn't include the contact with ground mechanic. Seems like GSX has got a bit slower, in this case? Re your NGXu (which I don't own but had PMDG NGX in the past) are you using the save panel state in the CDU? I would save cold and dark for the preferred start state. Then what I'd do is run the connect GPU routine first. Call ground mechanic and ask for GPU to be connected. MCE will open correct CDU menu and load that for you. After that routine, GSX has woken up and the GSX menu is unfailingly available. Cheers.
  4. Yes agree there. I compromise with 50% transparency. The checklists at 50% provides a forward view. It's good airmanship practise to " hold up" your checklist with your eyes looking forward. The checklist pop up does this for you.So given our sim limitations, the 50% transparency seems a good compromise. Cheers
  5. I communicated with Nick one of the QW guys. He said that they were fully aware of the HUD brightness going to max when you are in a landing config. I see the HUD going from that mid amber/green, to full blinding white. This at night approaching runway lights is unacceptable. You loose tally on the runway lights because the HUD pixel size linked with the bright white removed your sighting cues. A further command HUD down/up would be nice, to save you mouse clicking on the hidden hotspot. Regarding the checklist pop ups, I thought the other day, why not just increase the pop up transparency to 100% in P3d options menu. I realise that makes all pop ups invisible, but the MCE checklist will still be actioned, it just won't obscure your forward view. I do this with the Mjc Dash 8. Just my two penneth. Oh, and the V2 reading from the FMC? If you go to the "monitor" section of the MCE GUI, simple enter your V2 there and you FO will know, simples?😉 Regards David
  6. Hoping that includes P3d4.5. Would be nice for the first officer to do the electronic check lists in the VC panel. Since this is my only go to airliner and it was so almost perfect before, I didn't think to mention the pop up ECL's!🤭 Now if you could find a way to apply a dimmer switch to that HUD I'd be well impressed. As it is, at night, with landing config, the HUD becomes bright white and completely obscures the runway lights! I've posted this on their forum and QW are aware! We should applaud MCE for their skill to access deep states from outside the SDK. MI6 has nothing compared to these chaps!🤫 Regards David
  7. Hello there. I think MCE William has a good pronunciation and intonation for your first officer. If you fly Lufthansa or affiliated carriers around Europe, Dieter has a great accent! For ground mech definitely try Sven, but take care to dismiss him before you taxi, you don't want his wrath if you make him jump out of your way! TTS? I use a couple. Katherine (USA) is a nice easy voice with good pronunciation. They have chaps as well, so worth checking out their samples. This is a strength of MCE. You have a large choice of first officers, not available from other payware. The 787 is my go to airliner. The Jump Ahead feature beating the other (expensive add ons). I don't want to spend 5 hours crossing the pond, to land in Washington, when I can jump 3000 miles and do it in one hour. I think I listen to the QW in built calls at V1, flap schedule etc but MCE does the call out as well. Do you use the EFB to calculate V speeds and export them to FMC? I get what you say re the pop up checklists. They can be intrusive, especially the landing checklist which blocks your forward view on final. If it could be actioned from the virtual screen on the CDU it would be better. Anyway, glad you got into MCE. They are dedicated to perfection and provide upgrades for aircraft for no charge. They also include all platforms, again for no charge. If you like to collect simulations, MCE won't cost you a wad each time to purchase an add on aircraft! I have been a MCE flyer for a few years now and can say that without it, flying multi crewed aircraft in a simulation is a hollow false experience. They covered some great older aircraft (707, 727, MD-11) with a flight engineer. Now that made flying a complex aircraft a real pleasure. Anyway good luck with your Vox Scripts. If you want any of my older flows, they are on Avsim Library, search David herky, same for You Tube. Regards David
  8. I can't find any recent videos of the JF VC10? But this 2 year old one shows some promise. JF released a "pro" version after this. The engineer panel looks nice and the sound from the Rolls Royce engines! 😉
  9. And all this for a single payment that covers all platforms dating right back to fs9! That's what I call value for money! But I think you should charge for any upgrades to MSFS 2020...you deserve a Ferrari or two!😁
  10. Having read this thread with some interest, if I may interject here. The FSi"panel" utility mentioned by the op, I would suspect has a bearing on the issues previously stated: https://www.fsipanel.com/ Has this panel been used on the PMDG 747 QotS, and if so does the op find similar issues? This panel utility would appear to reset the simulation parameters to permit "training" scenarios. For example repeated take offs and landings, go arounds etc. I have no experience of the panel utility, but I believe that it's functions may result in false positives being sent to MCE. Since the prior aircraft state is altered from what MCE has previously detected. From my perspective, as a MCE flyer for many years and a NGX FSX flyer from some time ago, all commands work as intended. Same goes for the PMDG 747-400 QotS, which I fly currently in P3d4.5. If I had discovered a fault, I would have reported it to support. If anyone would like to buy me a copy of the NGXu, I am willing to test it and I would place a bet that the functions at issue would work correctly. I can infer no difference in MCE function between NGX, NGXu and 747-400. "Approach mode" will command on if AP is engaged with ILS approach entered in the arrival FMC page. "Auto pilot off" (admittedly never requested by PF) will work following a confirmatory request from PNF. "Nav One track one nine six", will result in the nav one course selection of 196. The command can not be confused with a radio frequency request, "set com one, one nine six". Hope this helps somewhat. These days we are dealing with complex simulation software running alongside other complex software. All components are required to "talk" to each other inside our Personal Computers, the latter being uniquely set up, with no two systems being identical. Ultimately, if these "bits" don't agree then the resulting arguments create strife!🥴 Regards David
  11. One of the most beautiful jet aircraft ever made, the VC 10!😁 For P3dv4.5! I Itread warily here, it's a Just Flight model. Looks a nice simulation, but reports of faults in the autopilot are disconcerting? If anyone out there has bought this sim and found it works well, then it would be really nice to get two MCE crew in the flight deck and me as Captain of course! The flight engineers station could be handled quite nicely by our MCE crew, just like the CS 727/707! Cheers!
  12. I just flew EGLL to EHAM 747-400 QotS, latest download with wobbly engine nascells! (Nice effect that one remember it well) I definitely recommend speech training and a good quality Mike. Sometimes my MCE picks up background noise and interprets it as a command! Either that or my old teeth are rattling...lol! With reference to the commands, I get them to work. Arm approach, approach mode arm, approach, autopilot off (required verification) autothrottle off etc. Now the level change should be ok with just "level change". Altitude intervene/speed intervene also works well. Don't forget with MCE you can change the verbal command to anything you like with Vox script. Just make a new Vox script with whatever verbiage you want and type in the command window the MCE command you want actioned. Having established the commands work in the 747, try the NGX again. Pound to a penny they will work. Always have the red speech text enabled, top of screen. It will show what MCE is hearing from you. Cheers.
  13. Can anyone confirm that the DC-6 has PBR graphics applied to the latest downloads? I know the shop site says P3d4.4+, but no mention of PBR being added. Thanks. David Herky
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