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    Retired and now enjoy flying vicariously in flight simulation. Try to avoid doing the same things over again and expecting different results!

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  1. Well the checklist used in MCE exactly matches the checklist in the Aerosoft EFB. So pilots can refer to the EFB while running the MCE checklist. But of course if you want to, you can open the MCE UI on your desktop and it will auto display the same checklist items. So you can't loose really. Also, no one needs to have the MCE UI open to use all the voice functions, just minimise it and "talk". That's what it's good at! Regards David
  2. Hi Stuart. Its just gone up to Avsim Libs now. Give it a few hours, since they have to check it before putting it up live. Its called "MSFS Aerosoft CRJ MCE Pack" 388560. Ive uploaded the FBW Neo as well. Should be up later today. Have fun! Every switch is accessed by MCE voice and flow commands! Its astonishing work. I dont use all the switches in a normal flight, using all the flows! You really do need to know each sim aircraft well. Especially the CRJ, to use this software properly. Qualified types will be amazed at this! Its actually better than the P3d version. This has made MSFS into a real pilots simulator and not just a scenery sim! 😉 Cheers David
  3. Yes indeed Stuart. I tried uploading the CRJ set (including sounds!) to Avsim Library, yesterday. Unfortunately, it stuck at 0% uploading? I'll have another go at it. Don't know why it wouldn't upload. The Zip file is 110mb, well under the 500mb limit? Cheers
  4. Our wizzards at MCE have beavered away and completely integrated the MSFS Aerosoft CRJ. Just for good measure they've also integrated the FBW 32Nx Neo (stable v.6)! So anyone else adding aircraft that require a First Officer......Twin Otter? PMDG 737? Lets Go! Lets not fly an airliner solo! Part 2 Neo Part 1 and Neo part 2. What does Ted say.."You've really done it now Laddie"! 😉
  5. For fun I cobbled this together. For a free aircraft this helicopter is magnificent. Even if you dont like helo's this one is super...oh and we can fly it with our Co Pilot too!😁
  6. Hi Richard, I use the CJ4 mod also. Unfortunately, this is another mod project that gets updated frequently. The WT team are constantly updating it. Its like the "Dev" or "Experimental" version of the FBW Neo, its always changing. Until they settle it down to a stable version, I wouldnt expect a voice control program to select parameters. I bet once its a stable release, MCE will nail it! Add ons that use "standard" variables will be ok with MCE. Take the HPG 135 Helo for example. MCE can access Alt/heading/VOR Track and all the AP functions from voice! But the CJ4 is a different kettle of fish! Cheers.
  7. Hi Daniel. If your after cabin sounds to add to your flow...(add to VoxScripts as Sound) head over to "Flightsim.to" and look up "cabin sounds". There's some nifty sounds you can add to your collection. Just plant them in your flow as "sounds" and your there. If any sounds are not in .wav format, fear not. Download a freeware sound program called Audacity. In Audacity you can convert any sound file to a .wav file. Pro tip.....in Audacity you can attenuate any sound, including your own voice, into anything you like. You can record your own cabin sounds and your own flight deck sounds and add special effects to them. You can then run them in MCE, in your flows. If you get friends and family to record things, these can be included also. This is another strength of MCE. I've added a German cabin crew pursor to my flows....but he's so good he flies for SAS and BA! LOL! Cheers David
  8. And if anyone doesn't know how to import the SimBrief plan into the CRJ, here's a tutorial video. No need for Asobo flight plans full of "USR" points!
  9. Your right Ralph. She's a handful to fly. But have you noticed how accurate the FMS is in route execution? Just load your SimBrief route and add SID/STAR/Arrival and it's beautifully accurate. I just experimented with a short flight from EGPN to EGAC. I did the plan in SimBrief and imported the whole plan into the CRJ. Which also had the correct winds aloft forecast for every waypoint along the route. No issues found. The CRJ accepted the SB route and I added the HB arrival. VNav worked perfectly, taking us down to 2000' from FL240, for a perfect ILS entry. I then did the same in the FBW Neo (Dev). At descent (still no TOD or constraints) I saw three "USR" waypoints. One was about 400 miles east? None of the waypoints could be edited in the MCDU. The only recourse was a dirto. So it's long way to go yet before that's finished. With any luck Aerosoft will have their Airbus out by then? So yes, let's wish the MCE team good luck with the coding....WASM I believe? When folks see our FO dialling everything (including ND range...like in the P3d CRJ) they will realise it's a great product. I haven't got a VR set (yet) but I imagine how vital voice control is with one of those contraptions strapped to your head! The MSFS sim will then become more than a sight seeing simulation. Cheers. 😁
  10. I don't know about anyone else. But as the MCE team work on the CRJ accessibility to MCE, I find it difficult to fly the CRJ solo, without a fully functioning First Officer. Then again, is this not a testament to the validity of an MCE First Officer and also the the complexity of the CRJ. At last we have a complex airliner. But if you fly it by the book, that is, with flows, checklists and with ATC (either VATSIM or PILOT2ATC) the workload quickly becomes very apparent! In short hauls, the workload for a single pilot is almost excessive. I am finding it hard work to manipulate every switch with the mouse and keyboard! Kudos to Hans Hartman and Aerosoft for producing a complex sim. Hans wrote the FMC flight planning system, so that's why we don't see the dreaded Asobo "USR" waypoints, that send you round in circles!! Untill we get a type rated FO, at least we have someone to read the checklist items and scold you when you try and do something silly.... Ultimately the flight deck is a lonely place without an MCE FO. Cheers.
  11. Hello there. I use the "Dev" FBW NEO and it's plain to see my flows that were fully functional in P3d are not with this aircraft. Take s look on my You Tube channel and the latest video, landing the FBW Neo at Munich, shows that we have a good level of MCE control, even in the Dev Neo. FBW update the Dev model every day! That's a crazy update schedule. But they have hundreds of people working on it! Impossible for MCE to keep up with the changes. Time will tell. At least the Airbus is one of the easyest of modern Sims to fly. Like the real aircraft, the computers fly it for you.....when they are programmed correctly. So yes, as we await a finished Neo product, we can tinker away and see how they are developing it. I just hope they get around to using an independent FMS flight plan model. That "USR" waypoint that keeps reversing your course is exasperating! Look at the CRJ FMS, that's spot on! Regards. 😁
  12. Hello Stuart. I find exactly the same behaviour. My MCE loads up and if I'm running CRJ in MSFS, I see the UI with checklists tab enabled for 2 seconds, it then disables itself and I have no way of enabling the checklist feature. If I use any other MSFS aircraft, I have full and complete functionality of the checklists. I have the MSFS CRJ checklist in the folder and a plain CRJ checklist which I try to delete but it keeps getting remade every time I re boot MCE? Once I've lost the checklist tab, I have to open MCE in P3d in order to re enable it. I don't know how I managed to do the video, since then every time I run MSFS CRJ and MCE my checklist feature is disabled. I guess it's wait and see if the MCE wizards can get things going. The ships are done in other coding languages now, WASM being one. Cheers and regards.
  13. If you download the latest MCE version, this has all the checklists that are used in the EFB. I'll let the MCE guys tell you where they are up to with the Asobo platform. Hats off to Aerosoft, this is a peach of an aircraft with complete systems.
  14. Here's a short video with a short demonstration of an MCE First Officer running through a couple of checklists. After you have completed your flow, what better way to ensure you've got it right? I've also added some info on the importing of a SimBrief flight plan directly into the CRJ FMS. What a help this is, with all winds aloft data from SimBrief, including all weights and fuel! Let's do this!
  15. Here's MCE working with the complex FBW "Custom" mod version of the Neo. Cereproc co pilot Kath is used, simply to match up with the same voice in Pilot2ATC, otherwise MCE has a plethora of ready made voices. Ready for the CRJ?
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