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    Retired, Aviation anachronism, Field Paramedic, Accident Investigation, Search and Rescue, Motorcyclist, Hill Cyclist, Club Runner. Interests including, cosmology, science, weaponology and UFO's. Now Flight Sims.

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    Retired and now enjoy flying vicariously in flight simulation. Try to avoid doing the same things over again and expecting different results!

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  1. Lorna says thank you as well! 🙂
  2. charlie130

    Touring the world, rich boy style.

    How rich a Rich Boy are you Andrew?😉 For a maga wallet, considering you want a world tour in P3dv4. Well I'd buy a nice Dreamliner. The 787_8 has everything you require. Include the superb "Jump Ahead" feature in the FMC. So you can fly across the pond in 20 seconds and then concentrate on some interesting STARs. A superb glass cockpit with touch screens. A superb fly by wire system and has full integration with MCE. For a medium wallet, the Flysimware Lear Jet. Very 1970's but you get to fly the aircraft instead of letting the AP do it all. There is the Phenom, but it's the "Caranedo"...Integrates beautifully with the GTN 750 curtesy of Bert Peak!....Does fly nicely though and looks lovely! But if your quite rich and like military. Why not pick up a surplus F/A 18e from VRS? That baby has full GPS navigation, full auto pilot, fly by wire, full self defense capability...I mean no one will want to mess up your approach will they? Comes in a choice of liveries including Blue Angels, for that pure show boating "let's buzz the tower" Tom Cruise moment! Comes with FLIR, LLTV, IR HUD, IR Helmet mounted sight, air to air radar modes, TWS, VS, RWS, HI, LOW and Interleaved. Full synthetic ground mapping fact everything the DCS one should be but isn't! Lol! If you have all day and like looking at scenery low down, then the A2A Commanche is as real as it gets. Happy simming! David
  3. charlie130

    RAZBAM Harrier

    Any You Tube videos of the HUD FLIR and MPCD FLIR? Is this implemented yet? I don't use Facebook! Regards David
  4. charlie130

    QW787 now Supported

    Hi. In the Dreamliner, I have full voice control over altimeter baro setting, including "set altimeter standard". I include it in my flow "passing transition in the climb". ND range, as Gerald explained, is a Windows function. Localiser mode I don't use much in the Dreamliner, since it can not use VOR navigation, at least not in auto pilot. So it's a function of the approach mode, which does work, if there is no ILS Glide Slope. I haven't flown the NGX recently in P3d, but as far as I can recall, "nav mode" should work if the VOR is tuned? I think 64 bit Prepared is wonderful, but believe LM altered the window layers and complicated things for programmers of voice AI add ons. Some absolutely need a SDK or they are lost. I think the MCE chaps just code it. That's impressive stuff! Regards David
  5. charlie130

    RAZBAM South Atlantic Theatre

    Hi Scott. We had "Conks" there in 1982. I always wondered if there were any US Dolphins in these waters at that time? Bet it's still classified so you don't need to say anything! 😉
  6. charlie130

    RAZBAM South Atlantic Theatre

    Aha! Quite correct! Thars because I've been in a Mirage 2000c for so long I am now partly! Oh wonderful news! The good old Sea Harrier! With the theatre units in place it's going to be possible to re create much of the war! Coventry and Broadsword crossing paths and Broadswords Sea Wolf systems being blocked, resulting in the Sky Hawks scoring deadly hits. If Coventry had stayed a beam, I wonder how this "new" Sea Wolf systems would have done? Regards David
  7. charlie130

    RAZBAM South Atlantic Theatre

    So we will just need some Sky Hawks, a super Etendard (M2k will suffice but with an Exocet). The Ark and the Hermes. Also some type 42 Destroyers. The Harrier could be trimmed back to a Sea Harrier with the Blue Fox radar, only need 9p Sidewinders anyway, so that should be an easy implementation?..Argentinian Air Force called the Sea Harrier the "Black Death"! But the main aircraft would be the Vulcan! Anyone fancy operation Black Buck? No I am dreaming! Seriously though, it's all doable. A modern scenario would include the Tornado. Finally a chance to ask for that icon of British, French and German engineering! Dreaming again! Regards David
  8. charlie130

    RAZBAM F-15E

    Oh please can I have one for Christmas! Oh and please can I do the Baltic Dragon M2k Red Flag in this? FLIR, TV, Laser Designator, Ground Mapping radar, Synthetic Aperture ground radar, GPS navigation. Not to mention data link.....yumy! Not a pound for air to just several tons! Regards David
  9. charlie130

    DCS: F/A-18C

    Great news! FLIR/TV and ground synthetic aperture radar, these are mouth watering systems. A Laser designator via the pod would be icing on the cake. Oh to be spoilt for choice! TV Maverick, IR Maverick, Laser Maverick. Paveway...(don't forget JSOW, JDAM and perhaps a ALCM) As Mud Movers we loved the A10c, DCS released all those years ago With GPS DSMS and all good things, but oh so slow! Now this Hornet baby is the answer to our dreams. It's a mud mover and a super fine air to air weapon. Goes anywhere via a floating airbase! But wait one! There is a Strike Eagle a commin? Did someone say "not a pound for air to ground". Let the good times roll! Regards. David
  10. charlie130

    Heatblur Simulations F-14 A/B

    Yes your absolutely correct! I won't be paying money up front again, for another "early access" simulation. They can pay me to be a beta tester instead! LOL! Regards David
  11. charlie130

    RAZBAM F-15E

    Copy the Mig 29. Will probably grab it. Pity it's not a full clickable cockpit! My Voice Attack will get some action! Why is the only, fully clickable, Russian bird a trainer, the L39? They should do a SU35 and give it the Hearblur treatment? I am heavily engaged in Baltic Dragon's Red Flag Campaign for the Mirage. If anyone wants to know everything about the Mirage, then grab Mr. Dragon's campaign. For the price of a pint or an expresso, you get one of the very best Red Flags in DCS. He used French speakers to crew all the Mirage squadron and believe me, you are right there at Nellis. It's amazing work. I made a few missions myself, up on the user files and know how difficult it is to balance missions with the cranky AI. For sheer realism the M2k Red Flag is superb! A Baltic Dragon Persian Gulf campaign, with the F14...yummy! If they ever finish the Hornet, that too!😉 Regards David
  12. charlie130

    RAZBAM F-15E

    Ahhh! Jane's F15! Lovely memories! Now if this is released with working weapons systems and radar and clickable cockpit, there goes another wad out of my meagre wallet! Would love Baltic Dragon to do a Red Flag Campaign for this baby! I wish they would release a fully clickable SU-27 or Might 29 for DCS. Those older FC models are fine but cry out to be a full DCS simulation! All that talk of Russia secrecy is bunkum. There are German 29s and privately owned ones as well. The latest 29 needs FC so you have to work out 50$ for it! Cheers! David
  13. charlie130

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    Hi Paul. I have never seen any "banding" in the flight deck. Truglass rain effects on the windshield...check. Dynamic lighting in flight deck...check. It has many super features that are not well publicised. The "jump Ahead" is amazing and makes transatlantic flights a sensible proposition. The "jump" feature, simulates time passage, fuel use and places you exactly at the selected waypoint. I did a video demonstrating it's use. Best of all, MCE fully supports it. Best P3d aircraft with the A2A Connie and VRS Superbug close runners up! Best regards David.
  14. charlie130

    Heatblur Simulations F-14 A/B

    This looks to be a cutting edge sim! From Hearblur, who did the Viggen! If it's half as good as the Aerosoft Tomcat we are in for a treat, especially with the A.I. RIO! I hope all the ordinance is fully operational. Phoenix missiles with 100 Mile range? A word of caution though. They will release this whilst the Hornet is still unfinished. Radar modes and many "place holder" notifications on the MFD's. Not to mention no LGB's, no LST, IR. No JDAM, JSOW, Maverick and no HARM. Sorry, I'll quit griping. But I know after I buy the Tomcat, the Hornet will go below decks. Incomplete project? Regards David
  15. Also, if memory serves, you can set Vox Key to repeat a key stroke. So you could get it to do F6 twice, three or four times, with one command. You just have to work out what you need to set and enter the number of repeat key strokes. Then decide on the command, which might be "flaps to go around"? It's nice to hear a CRJ Captain enjoying the sim and MCE. The CRJ is a very underrated sim! Regards David