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    Retired, Aviation anachronism, Field Paramedic, Accident Investigation, Search and Rescue, Motorcyclist, Hill Cyclist, Club Runner. Interests including, cosmology, science, weaponology and UFO's. Now Flight Sims.

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    Retired and now enjoy flying vicariously in flight simulation. Try to avoid doing the same things over again and expecting different results!

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  1. charlie130

    SIDs and STARs: yes or no

    Re the question of ATC add ons. I have never used Pro ATC, so don't know if it does vectors. Good old Radar Contact v4 has the option to fly SID/STAR/IAP or have the controller give you vectors for departure and/or approaches. Selecting "alt restrictions" let's you fly your SID, you then tell RC4 when your out of the SID and back on course. Selecting no alt restrictions, you will get vectors. You can even request a speed relief, so you can blast off at warp speed! On approach, RC4 will automatically give you vectors, unless you tell it you want IAP, then you just fly your STAR. It's generally not bad, considering it's age. If you switch over to the "meatwater" voice pack, the ATC speeds up to a more realistic speed of speech. The original voices were rather slow! The thing I like about it is that it recognises my UT Live traffic and does a reasonable job of suspending disbelief!😉 Regards. David
  2. charlie130

    QW787 now Supported

    Dieter was disappointed to not be asked to fly the maiden flight in the Dreamliner. So this flight came up, with a route from Schiphol to Zurich. Rumour has it, that he's keen on a Rampie called Jane who works at our Zurich office....So he got the right hand seat for this trip!
  3. charlie130

    QW787 now Supported

    A full flight from EGLL to EHAM in the QW 787 Dreamliner, in P3dv4.3. This magnificent simulation, gets a magnificent integrated (fully qualified) First Officer from MCE! Regards David
  4. charlie130

    Unable to save Flight plans in the FMC

    Hello Richard. After you string all the waypoints together, are you completing the flight plan, by including the perf init etc. and executing it? Then go over to the EFB and check you can initialise from there? I mean add all the weights and fuel, etc. Initialise it in the EFB and pass it back to the FMC, getting the "chime"? Then save it? Try a flight plan from Sim Brief. They do an instant downloader which is also an installer. This program should place the flight plan into the correct folder. At least it works on my PC. P3dv4/QW/....Flight Plans. The Sim brief installer checks whats installed and where to install the plan. Does your QW Flight Plans folder have a text file that says "place your flight plans here"? Then check that the QW Flight Plan folder has full read/write permissions. Then exclude the entire folder from your anti virus program. Just in case it's interfering! Regards David
  5. "Why focus on the PAX graphical features"? Answer, because that's it's key selling point! It doesn't affect framerates, due to the careful coding FSDT are good at. It's important to see the main feature demonstrated. This is all a simulation of reality, it's all a Walter Mitty world at the end if the day. If we want to invite new, younger, people into our flight sim world, nice animated graphics are a boon and attract positive attention. Younger guys look at the graphics fist. Not everyone is interested in customising SODE jetways with exclusion routines! Although that's a wonderful feature also! Regards David
  6. I wanted to see the "people" before I installed this, so here is a much better video I found! The walk of that flight attendent? Wow! I wonder if she will marry me? Looks a really nice addition from FSDT. Well done! Regards David
  7. charlie130

    QW787 in 4.3

    Hi Joe. I messed around with the P3d time feature. I tried all hours of dusk to darkness, at EGLL. I couldn't see any graphical glitches in the virtual cockpit. I found the dome light was u/s at night, but the storm light was ok. Cockpit lighting is adequate, it would be nice to be able to adjust the HUD, but it's not a killer as it is. The brightness of the Mfd's can be adjusted, globally from a menu in the flight deck, so it's customisable. I ran with the wx radar on the FO side mfd and it was stable. I did another repeat flight today and got similar satisfactory results. Frame rate at EGLL was very low, but flyable. But hey that's not a well optimised airport add on, (on my system) compared to the Flight Beam airports which give great framerates! Sadly they are all in the USA. My next exploration will be in the manual VOR tuning and see if I can fly this modern wonder, in the old fashioned way....VOR to VOR? The fly by wire is comfortable to hand fly. I think QW got the balance right with this sim. The manuals are well written for easy, friendly reading and assume no prior experience of flying complex airliners. It's a cross between FSL (Heavy on systems, heavy on PC's) and Aerosoft ( done from a pure pilots experience). I wish them success with this sim and if they get a good sales response, no doubt will activate the missing features in the aircraft. Did I mention I fly with an AI first officer? Yup, MCE works well, so if you fly offline, you can have your FO work the radios in RC4!😁 Regards. David
  8. charlie130

    QW787 in 4.3

    Hi Joe, Today I loaded up my new Dreamliner with the HD texture loaded in the panel folder. I can confirm I see high resolution graphics on the MFD's. Crystal clear. My system, briefly, GTX 1080, i7 @ 4.5 o/c, 32 Gb Ram, Win 7 pro, P3dv4.3. Graphics at 4096. Sliders mid setting. It's a three year old machine. I tested the sim with a route I use to test smooth flight and performance. Bit of a killer really! Aerosoft mega Heathrow, to Fly Tampa Amsterdam. AS4 with F1 Real AI Traffic at 90%, over Orbx. Now it may be the new 4.3, but despite frame rates at 18 in Heathrow and 25 in Amsterdam, it appeared acceptably smooth. Flight plan by Simbrief, loaded straight in to sim. Flew SID to specified altitude restrictions. FMS followed VNav, speed restrictions perfectly. From top of descent to Star, perfect VNav, on speed restrictions. Intercepted ILS, landed on Land3, full autoland. Absolutely no issues. I have no faults to report on my first flight. I did the flows by the FCOM, using MCE first officer to initiate them. This may be considered cheating by some. But hey, does anyone fly the 787 solo? I had the panel lights on at the conclusion of the flight (raining in Amsterdam, dull at dusk, but not dark), did not see any glitches. The rain effects on the windshield were nice to see. This was one of the most satisfying experiences I have had in a flight simulator. The modern, almost futurisic flight deck is sublime! The navigation systems and displays, make flying the sim somewhat wonderous. They really did this, it works as intended! Once I type rated myself...LOL....I will have a go at a full flight movie for my You Tube channel. 😉 Regards David
  9. charlie130

    QW787 in 4.3

    I just purchased this sim in v 1.1.1 from flight 1. Early days yet, but when 1.2 comes out it should be a painless upgrade! All sims begin in a form of beta these days. On the VC definition issue, here is a quick, no nonsense video of how to change it to HD. Regards David
  10. charlie130


    Worth a look. The programmer can work without an SDK. Even in P3dv4.3! Also they cover some X Plane aircraft, if that's your sim? Regards David
  11. charlie130

    Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional - Delayed again

    We'll put Alan. From my perspective, as a user of their old Bus and prospective buyer of the new one, (at full price cause I lost my receipts), they release the new model with issues and then are honest enough to post what the issues are! Regards David
  12. charlie130


    Hi Gary. FS2crew supports the new Aerosoft pro 318/9. They also do all the PMDG aircraft, at a price point for each one. However, I would recommend looking at Multi Crew Experience. The new Bus pro is fully supported. Why MCE? You can create/edit all the flows. You can add, alter, amend, or create checklists. You can add your own sounds files, as .WAV file s can be added to any flow and will trigger at your request. Flows and Checklists can be run at any stage during the flight, from a verbal call. There are many different First Officer voices available, also every TTS 32 bit voice from commercial companies. In short, the keyword is "create". MCE gives you, the Captain, the complete control over your first officer. Any key or function you want, at any time, can be called by your verbal command. The program knows what stage of flight your in and responds accordingly. Plus, once you've paid for the full version (demo is free), any and every new aircraft will be included for no additional cost. So if you buy it and are thinking of a TFDI 717, or some other aircraft in the future, it will be free! If you peruse their web site, you'll see a list of aircraft that are covered for one price. I like it anyway, you'd never guess!😉 Regards David
  13. charlie130

    QW787 in 4.3

    American 833 Heavy, any eta on 1.2? The Flight 1 site still has My finger is on the click to buy trigger, but obviously would prefer 1.2! Regards David
  14. Thanks Alan. I haven't purchased the new Bus 318/9 professional. After watching that video (I'm too polite to name who did it) I was so confused as to how many AI co pilots and captains were actually flying the aircraft. He used FS2Crew (never a good idea as far as I'm concerned) together with the Aerosoft co pilot/Captain checklist functions. It also had some ATC radio chatter from Lord knows where and he was attempting to talk over all the voices! Suffice to say, I would only use MCE if I got this aircraft. I would use the flow/procedure followed by interactive read and do checklists, as I have done with all my previous aircraft. Then you have the company of your own pwrsonal MCE first officer, for the rest if the flight. I think some folks get mixed up when hearing check lists. These should always follow after the flow is done, the flow being silent for the most part. The only time any switches are flicked during a check list, is if something got missed or incorrectly set during the flow. So I wasn't sure if the inbuilt Aerosoft co pilot function is actually activating switches in the flight deck, during the checklist read out? Nevermind, I am leaning towards the QW 787 as my big purchase for the autumn/winter flight sim season. (In between bombing missions over the Moehne Dam!)😉 Regards David.
  15. Is anyone flying the new Aerosoft Airbus Pro and using MCE? After watching a video over the weekend, I am somewhat confused as to what's been implemented, by Aerosoft? They appear to have used an "automated" First Officer, who is using "checklists" to fly the aircraft. We all know that checklists should follow "flows" or "procedures". These flows are done first, either by the Captain or First Officer and then the checklist follows, to ensure the flow has been done correctly. I believe MCE has integrated the new Airbus, so we are all good to go with it. However, the Aerosoft on board ,"co pilots" (there appeared to be two of them?) would seem to interfere with the normal use of MCE? They would appear to be doing a strange mixture of flow and a Checklist? I also herd different FO voices at one stage. In the video I watched, the chap seemed to be using FS2Crew as well? So this added to the confusion. I couldn't tell who was doing! Perhaps the video maker was a little confused as well?🤔 So I just thought I'd ask. I have upgraded my P3d to 4.3 over the weekend, so I have this sim in my sights for a new challenge. However, I read that they have numerous issues on going, which to Aerosofts credit, they have publised in a thread on their forum. It had the glass and lighting from the 717, so it's a work in progress to get it sorted. Then there is the QW 787, which looks interesting? All that glass..yummy, with MCE integration! Best regards David