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  1. I just returned to the Fenix after "update"?? (The Airbus not myself!) The Air Speed Dialing doesnt work so I guess I need an updated MCE? The .4 version on the website is stated as a "Demo"? Can we have an updated version please? Cheers!
  2. I switched liveries from PMDG TUI to PMDG Lufthansa. Everything working normally now? I dont like to blame liveries, it may have been a memory glitch from the Update 11 and PMDG v 3.0.49? Who knows? Anyway the 737/700 is back aloft....for now! MCE v3.0.0.02 spot on! Cheers
  3. Just my twopenneth. I installed full update 11. Also updated PMDG 737 from their desktop icon. Now FO can't read engine one is stopped, FO reads engine one is running. This is after a cold and dark start from gate. So engine two running,pushback completed, "start engine one", 'engine one already running"? Two more issues with update 11 or PMDG 737 update, AT won't stay on during takeoff roll and the aircraft veers to starboard on take off, with rudder input unable to correct it? So my update is messy! Other MSFS aircraft are all as before. Cheers.
  4. Hey steamdriver! I hear your a reliable type! Any ideas? No one else has!
  5. After latest PMDG 3.0.39 "UPDATE" (LOL) I have no NWS? Thats just on Taxi? Cant even take off! Anyone else? Seemingly after every "update", something goes TITS up? I am fed up of it! Cheers! Anyone have a good complex sim that works like FSX? πŸ˜‰
  6. As this is on my wishlist for the new year, I think there's a hotfix to the update? I'd be interested in any reports of airworthiness ? Looks like a good study level sim? With MCE integration it must be given serious consideration! Regards.
  7. Interesting thread! Glad I came across this. I was saving up for Tobi for my Xmas present! No good if I can't use it with MCE! I also use FSUIPC7 with P2atc. Oh boy this is complicated. I'm wondering if MSFS is worth the angst! XP??????πŸ˜‰
  8. Hello. I really dont understand any of this? I am very sorry. You say you are awaiting an FSX video demonstrating keyboeard interfaces? Excuse me..."FSX"? Then you intimate you are using P3d with MCE. V5.3? FSFO isnt part of the program, is it? So whats that doing in there? I surmise thats your issue? I can 100% confirm MCE works 100% with every P3d v4.5 aircraft....see my videos. MCE also works with MSFS Also see my videos. Dassault aircraft you mention, I have no knowledge about? Is this supported by MCE? Is it a "WONKY" aircraft...you realise there is a lot of crappy aircrfat out there? I use MCE with Pilot2ATC and have flawless ATC! Check out Pilot2ATC? Its just superb! My P3dv4.5 install still works flawlessly, with MCE and P2ATC. My MSFS install also is good with MCE and P2ATC. So the Dassault aircraft you mention and the "FSFO" program you mention, I surmise must be the issues ??. Since I dont know these I cant really be an authotity on them and cant comment authoritatively! I can comment on P3dv4.5 and MSFS...these are 100% with MCE and P2ATC. Try MSFS with the PMDG 737. You will have a complete first officer! Add P2ATC and prepare for action. Add GSX 2 and you are almost there in sim world. Regards David
  9. It will work as well as it did in P3D, I have no doubt. Just look at the menu system? You think Ben can't work out that ????. Problem at moment is with GSX. They need to access all bgl folders on all installs and they are struggling with it. Read their forums. As soon as they fix it I am on on this. It's a Biggie. It makes this sterile graphic only sim come alive. For me MSFS is just a graphic simulator. With GSX it comes alive . So let's wait. Get it sorted out. Let's go! πŸ˜‰
  10. My advice is to check out FS Dream team Forums. Numerous problems have arisen with the early release. Additional issues with the FSDT update system. People not getting the latest update? ("Cloudflare")? Principally the problems relate to reading of BGL files, from Community folder or install? All depends on what install you have? Steam or MS Store? I have been using GSX2 in P3d v4 for ages. Its a wonderful add on. But highly complex. When the dust settles, I will consider this program. It adds so much to the sim and when MCE is integrated it will be fabulous! But as with all things MSFS...its sooo complex it takes time to fix the issues. We have a very complex simulation here...Consider the Follow Me Car? It must know the route to your selected gate? Its this feature i would like to see? Landing at EHAM and intructed to go to gate....:) See my refuel video in P3d....its a superb animation routine that I am still astounded at! You may like to watch this pre release video of GSX PRO! Warning, Pre Release! It demonstrates the GSX menu that MCE will have to interface with? Regards David
  11. So glad everyone is happy! Wait till the next update and watch the sim fun! Happy days! HAHA πŸ˜‰
  12. I hate to ask...But has anyone dared to try PMDG update 3.0.25? After 3.0.24...Messed with us I am loathe to try the next one? release notes seem to witter on about XBox controls compatability and Speed Intervene anunciation being reversed to what they think it should be? In spite of the fact that when you do a speed intervene the anunciation should be MCP speed and not FMC speed since you have overridden FMC speed with MCP? Is it me or are they fiddleing about with things that dont need fixing? Every time they fiddle about, something breaks on our MCE. This requires more testing, reporting and work for our programmer. I miss the days of FSX. We had a stable platform. Tell me what was wrong with the PMDG 737 FSX version? Did it need fiddling about with after launch? 😞
  13. No. A Law Point! (Yes I do know something about law...so be aware PMDG!) You see MCE is trying to market a product! MCE Voice Product! Nothing to do with you. Access to an available aircraft bits and pieces (NOTE BITS AND PIECES..BITES and Megabites! UNLESS THESE ARE COPYRIGHTED NO ONE HAS A CLAIM TO ANYTHING CODE ANYWHERE!!) NO INDIVIDUAL LINES OF CODE CAN BE COPYWRIGHTED! NEVER EVER! AND I MEAN EVERY LINE OF CODE HAS TO BE COPYRIGHTED??? HA HA.NEVER BEEN DONE AND WILL NEVER BE DONE! CODE IS NOT PROPERTY...CODE IS NOT ANYONE CAN CLAIM! ITS NOT PROPERTY! IN LAW! If a consumer (PMDG) has issues ...they bollockes up their SDK...Alter it so MCE has to amend it to be of NO use to customers who have paid for MCE! PAID for MCE NOTE! PAID FOR! then its up to the consumer..i.e. MCE product customers to want a solution to the issue. Its really got nothing to do with PMDG or AOBOO, its purely an issue with the MCE customers. Who have a claim against PMDG for their error against the MCE program! So MCE can create anything they like and project it to their THEIR customers without fear or favour...Without any fear of any come back. ITS MCE and not Asobo or PMDG...MCE Customers have the right to a program that works! MCE have a legal right to a working program! Go ahead MCE DO IT! Lets have the updated code to the damaged code PMDG put up that made MCE code Useless! MCE customers have a legal right to a fully functioning program. They have paid for it! It doesnt matter what anyone else says...MCE have a duty to perform and produce a functioning program! MCE are not liabel to anyone else but their customers! Whatever PMDG do to their code, if MCE can amend their program to fix it, then they have a legal right to do it! This is the LAW! PMDG can chose whoever they like. MCE have merely applied CODE to their existing program! PERIOD! AMEN. Ive considered the PMDG 737 to be a lightweight simulation so this is of little interest to me anyway, I would like a detailed H130 sim then I can go to town on it HAHAHA!
  14. Yes I believe you are correct. I just checked and the line ; EnableDataBroadcast=1 Is still there in the .ini. So as Gerald says...its not functional anymore and MCE FO is a drunk FO!!! He doesnt know switch states and you may as well use Vice Attack...Sorry Voice Attack! So PMDG have bollocksed my MCE First Officer, by their last update, which I foolishly clicked on and ruined my day!! The arrogance and ignorance of PMDG appauls me. Again I repeat, so Mr Randazzlo thinks a Cessna pilot can fly his (complex) 737 without a First Officer? Dream on, its a game and nothing else, certainly not a complex jetliner sim! Just a game! If was a true simulation, youd never get it off the tarmac!
  15. So have we a definitive fix for the PMDG "update", that has degraded my MCE First Officer? I haven't delved into the "broadcast".ini thingy....not being a coder. One thing's for sure, flying a 737 complex airliner without a first officer, who runs flows and checklists, is a no go for me! You see it removes the suspension of disbelief in the simulation. Which operator flies a passenger airliner with a solo pilot, like a Cessna?🀭 I am surprised PMDG release their products without reference to the fact the aircraft requires a FO to be a complex aircraft "simulation". Even their DC6 had a built in flight engineer! Perhaps PMDG don't mind their 737 being flown by Cessna pilots?😜 If it can be flown by a Solo Single engined qualified pilot, perhaps this aircraft isn't a "complex" simulation after all?
  16. Anyone any requests? A to B? I have flown the sim for so long...I think I am board with the routes? I like HD airport to HD airports...but obviously I have to buy them. Even the MSFS updated ones are bland, featureless, devoid of any life and frankly terribly boring! All alike...bland ...and unintersting! How I wish GSX 3 was released, at least then you get some life in there. Just look at my P3d Ground re fuel? And dont say Renton...UGH! The people are from FSX, overlap dont animate properly look silly and unless you can fly the drone camera you wont see half the stuff he has modelled...What a waste? Cheers. πŸ˜‰
  17. Glad someone likes this at the very least! Thank you sir, I was about to resign πŸ₯΄
  18. In full 4k video. Here's some fun with the MCE Vox Script input editor!
  19. Vox key is similar to Voice Attack. You type in a verbal command and then assign a keypress. It doesn't recognise key States. Vox Script is the master! It can work through entire flows....see my Avsim Library flows for the 737....they all work! Also you can edit them to your liking😁
  20. Agree! With MCE you YOU!!! Choose precisely the "office" environment you want! Right down to your own company levels! This is the power of MCE and why I have liked it from 10 years ago! These guys take big flak off me if I cant see something done. Each critisism is met with positive constructive thought! MCE is a professional pilots serious simulation....Its a precise integration of the aircraft. Lends itself to PMDG...why...look at the detail? Not a wooopeee silly game show host who charged money for every fart! πŸ˜‰
  21. Check AC meter for sticky "test" function. Check IRS for "align" function. For some reason I can't get align from MCE yet can if I do manually? Otherwise it's a spot on first officer! In a spot on simulation of the 737. PMDG and MCE are to be congratulated on creating a wonderful introduction to realistic company flying! Well done both! No other companies have this level of accuracy!
  22. I just paid Β£60 out of my Paypal account for the MSFS 737. It downloaded OK. I tried to install it (next tortuous step) I tried to activate it and it has no activation key? None sent! Its got some mumbojumbo about a License key, but that not the activation key....HAHAHA they really play tricks on us customers dont they? "LICENSE KEY apparently is NOT ACTIVATION KEY! Oh you clever bods at PMDG, are you running an IQ test? AHA, got you got me there...if you dont have an activation key youve just spent Β£60 and your sitting on your hands! Im a bit cross! Not good for a multi million dollar company! POOR actually! Paranoid about people stealing the program, are they? (thats 11 years old!) Please? Sorry for the rant, I wanted to have a go tonight but PMDG have stollen it! So excuse me please! If they dont reply to my ticket with a key, ill never fly it...you are at their mercy after youve paid...? Their professionalism is in question here? Nevermind I did 10 years ago. See video. Its 10 years old but the exact same program! Clever that! Sell it three or four times and get paid three or four times! So Boo! Cheers. David
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