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  1. Gidday, When downloading the Demo file how can tell what version it is so I know whether or not I'm up to date? Harry
  2. Gidday, Any chance of this script running every time the sim starts rather than what seems to be just once a day? Sometimes after a flight I restart the computer, then next time I run the sim the script doesn't run and I get caught with the sound dropping off. Thanks, Harry
  3. I see there is no longer a download link to the current version via the Demo link? How do registered owners download and update to the current version? Thanks
  4. I agree. I suspect as soon as PMDG and other top tier developers start releasing other jet aircraft interest in the DC-6 and especially the CS 777 (not worth integrating) will drop off. However the Aerosoft CRJ is well worth integration.
  5. Not sure what PMDG have provided as an SDK but there are a myriad of dials and switches available. The built-in VFE seems to do what's needed for each phase. Using the VFE is optional and could be ignored. No doubt there is much more that could be done by MCE given a comprehensive SDK. The plane will no doubt be popular at least in the short term until PMDG and hopefully a few others release additional study level commercial aircraft.
  6. Once a year I might do a VFR flight. Nevertheless I bought MSFS and noodled around for a day with a 172 and took in the eye candy. Had a quick go with the Dreamliner and put the sim away until I bought the PMDG DC-6 because I buy anything they do, no questions. It's very impressive, outrageously complicated and time sensitive to fly even with the virtual flight engineer. It's not something I will fly often. Bought the AS CRJ and like what they've done. Needs a bit more refinement but will likely fly it from time to time when I can sit for the whole flight as there is no autothrottle (nor should there be one). To be honest I have spent more than the wife will ever know on P3D addons and I really only fly jet aircraft, so eye candy beyond 10,000 feet is a non-event for me. But when PMDG does the 37,47,77 for MSFS I'll buy them all. I agree that MSFS PMDG DC-6 sales will likely drop once they introduce the big birds. At the moment it's the only plane where 99% of the systems are simulated. If you love vintage aircraft you can't go wrong.
  7. All fixed. Was a wrong WASM module version. Thanks Ben....
  8. Uninstalled and reinstalled with new package. No problem with P3DV5 but in MSFS all planes are not recognized. It says Could not detect aircraft...possibly flight sim reloading. Tried multiple times with no luck. Not sure where to go from here. Not sure what "New version now displays available commands for any given aircraft (FlybyWIre & Aerosoft CRJ for now) in MSFS." refers to. Displays where? Harry
  9. Hi, I'm unable to come up with a verbal or flow command for the stabilizer trim switches and the Electrical Power AC switch on the overhead. Also when turning off the APU the APU SOV also needs to close. Maybe you can have a look. Thanks, Harry
  10. Kinda sad really, a 747 in 777 trousers, and they're charging money for it. I'd get my money back if I had the time to go through the motions. Never liked CS or Wilco. This is the only one I ever bought thinking anything had to be better than the default aircraft. Wrong.... Aside from wishing for someone (ANYONE) to step up with a functional ATC addon, I'll be waiting for PMDG and meanwhile put MSFS in the hanger and dust off P3DV5. First PMDG jet out of the box will be the 737. The DC-6 tutorials they are doing on YouTube are very very impressive. Fingers crossed that Aerosoft, QualityWings and maybe even TFDi will front up with something good.
  11. Hi, Will you be supporting the CS 777 for MSFS? Bought it and have had a first flight. Not study level but for the most part better than the default model. Harry
  12. Much closer now, within a couple hundred feet. Good enough. Thanks....
  13. Hi, I've noticed that the FO makes altitude related announcements out of sync with the actual altitudes, ie. transition altitude by around 2000 feet. V1,V2 and VR speed announcements are also out of sync.
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