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  1. Hello, did you make it work with 747v
  2. Please make it too like an airline throttle with toga, at buttons and reverser axis. 🙏
  3. @severniae thanks for the info, do you know what software I could use to do that ?
  4. I would like to se a throttle like the 737 or E190 with the buttons you mentioned, I don’t know why It is so difficult for the other sellers to make a throttle with at least AT and TOGA buttons, this is what I feel honeycomb, saitek and ch products have.
  5. Yes I can say it but I wanted to know if it was possible and to make it more realistic for my needs. Are you are asking me if I know if you were taught that procedure and the logic about automated flaps? Well for the procedure I don’t know if you were taught that, and for the other question you have to open your mind that there are more options that the ones you know. I think a simple no would be a better answer than trying to minimize my request by saying they are not correct or have no sense.
  6. Hello. i was trying to do a checklist and found that there is no command to test, open and close guard of the flight data recorder, Am i missing something??
  7. Hello @charlie130 i think you are wrong asuming that all airplanes and all companies in real world retract flaps at the order of the Capitan, i think there are at least two mistakes here: 1.- the capitan doesnt fly always, some times he is pilot monitoring 2.- at least in the embraer ejets the flaps are retracted by the pilot monitoring at the F-bug not at the orther of the pilot flying The Ejet can take off with flaps four so there are 4 bugs,but if that is the way mce works ill stick with that.
  8. Well, I want to do that, when I tell him “flaps on schedule” the copilot brings up the flaps at certain speed, and other command is “reject” and the copilot tell me when whe reach 60 knots.
  9. Do you have an example or. Template of this ?
  10. Hello, is there a way to trigger commands via Events? Like when all doors are close the copilot put the beacon light on? Or when the I tell him to do a procedure he fist check the position of an item and then if that item is in certain position do something if it is in another position do something else, or ell him to rise flaps on schedule and he retracts flaps according to F-bug. thanks
  11. Hello is there plan to add fully support to the feelthere Ejets? They have been updated and there some items that doesn’t work. Cheer Fer
  12. @Ray Proudfoot I’m going to use spad next, I think it is just the hardware side that I think I’m going to need help.
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