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  1. Thank you, Jérôme, for your help. You were right and I could now install the last version without any errors until reaching "installation complete" 🙂 I had done all this before except manually cleaning all traces of the former installation..... I did that now and even erased all references from the registry, haha. HEUREKA, it worked! Merci and have a great start into the new week. Cheers Jürgen
  2. Thank you very much for all you have done, Dai! However, my "problem" can be illustrated with three sceenshots...... I cannot install the latest version and all stops after these three steps: https://ibb.co/XsF79pY https://ibb.co/h1hzTHk https://ibb.co/rcKVmKD Is this a local problem? If so, what can you suggest, please? THANK YOU! Juergen
  3. 👌 Any predictions on when it could be released? Thank you!
  4. Don´t make your work look bad, dear Dai, you actually did a GREAT job. The old Romans already told us "ERRARE HUMANUM EST" and we have to live with that forever.... 😉 All I would like to see now asap is the publication of your latest updates and fixes and I hope you will find the time for that very soon. The whole community is grateful to you for all the work you have done and are still doing! Enjoy your weekend and take good care of yourself and your loved ones, please. Cheers Jürgen
  5. Sorry for coming back to this one last time, Dai. You said above that the fuel transfer works (which would explain the very slight differences in fuel levels in the receiving and feeding tanks) and most probably the pumps break within seconds of using them. That should, however, not affect the hand pumps, right? If this is a "fragility problem" for the electric pumps, hand pumps should still work (they were conceived for cases like that when the electric equipment would no longer work I guess....). Can you give me a hint on how to do a fuel transfer in this condition using only the hand pump? THANK YOU! And cheers Jürgen
  6. Thank you, Dai, that was somewhat comforting news.... Actually I have NEVER used the pumps and switched anything on the tanks, always pumps off first, then anything else. But as you said, they are at this stage simply oversensitive, even after a fresh load after the default situation, they do not work... for a "visible" result in any case. Should the hand pump work? If yes, that could help me to cross the Oeans... BTW, with only 50% in the main tanks the plane´s max range is limited to only a few hours (even with full tanks I ditched a few times into the North Atlantic on my attempts to cross from Gander to Shannon....) So it seems all we can do at this time is wait for the next iteration to be published and to hope that it will be soon 😉 THANK YOU for all your work and your continued support. Have a great weekened! Your earned it! 👌 Juergen
  7. Ok, understood Dai. So what to do? I installed the latest version again and started a fresh flight with cold and dark plane after loading the default situation in P3D5. Followed the checklists and procedures to start the engines, filled all tanks with 20% of their capacity and took off. When airborne I started a fuel transfer from one of the starboard tanks to BOTH wing tanks resulting in NO CHANGE (except for the small amount of fuel burnt being gone frome the wing tanks. If my interpretation of this situation is correct that would mean that in the latest version of the Clipper there is simply no fuel transfer possible and does not seem to have any working pumps.... Please correct me if I am wrong and let us know how to proceed and be able to do long distance flights needing more than the fuel in the wing tanks. THANK YOU and have a great weekend! Juergen
  8. That´s what I had feared, Dai.... So nothing to do for now then it seems... except getting rid of that water 🤗 BTW, my secret solution was to change the fuel burn scalar in the aircraft.cfg file from 1.0 to 0.3 or even less. With that setting I reached Gander from Shannon after about 1750 NM... That was the only way to make it accross the Atlantic without ditching,,, 😉
  9. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it only me? Please shout......
  10. Thank you again, Dai! While I do not really understand what you are apologising for, I downloaded and installed the original files from the last version on the site and NONE of the fxml files contains the two lines about the pumps!!!! So the only way would be to add them manually, but I tried that and it does not seem to make any difference..... Therefore my question is: where can I find a COMPLETE fxml file or how can I produce one saving a scenario? It is all a bit weird though....😞 EDIT: I saved a new scenario and that fxml file contains the two lines with the state of the 2 pumps. However the plane still does not do any kind of fuel transfer from the hydorstatic tanks to the wing tanks, only those loose fuel due to engine consumption, all other levels stay constant... This is true for the use of electric pumps AND the hand pump
  11. Good evening Dai and THANK YOU for your speedy reply. I think you are spot on with your diagnosis and I shall reinstall those files, because in those I have, the SystemStates section does not contain any pump at all and looks like this: <Section Name="SystemStates.B314"> <Property Name="WarnLights" Value="0"/> <Property Name="FuelAir12Upper" Value="0"/> <Property Name="FuelAir12Lower" Value="0"/> <Property Name="FuelAir34Upper" Value="0"/> <Property Name="FuelAir34Lower" Value="0"/> <Property Name="CarbAir12" Value="0"/> <Property Name="CarbAir34" Value="0"/> <Property Name="OilPress12" Value="0"/> <Property Name="OilPress34" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Autosyn" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Autosyn1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Autosyn2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Autosyn3" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Autosyn4" Value="0"/> <Property Name="LeftFlaps" Value="0"/> <Property Name="RightFlaps" Value="0"/> <Property Name="ASI" Value="0"/> <Property Name="VSI" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Altimeter1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Altimeter2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="DirGyro" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Whiskey" Value="0"/> <Property Name="TurnGyro" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Suction1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Suction2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Suction3" Value="0"/> <Property Name="OAT" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Comm1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Comm2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Nav1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Nav2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="ADF1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="ADF2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine3" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine4" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine1Fire" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine2Fire" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine3Fire" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine4Fire" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine1OilQty" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine2OilQty" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine3OilQty" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine4OilQty" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine1OilPress" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine2OilPress" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine3OilPress" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine4OilPress" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine1Generator" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine2Generator" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine3Generator" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine4Generator" Value="0"/> <Property Name="WaterPortOutboard" Value="15.78"/> <Property Name="WaterPortInboard" Value="22.23"/> <Property Name="WaterStbdOutboard" Value="9.35"/> <Property Name="WaterStbdInboard" Value="15.76"/> <Property Name="WaterStbdWing" Value="5.90"/> <Property Name="WaterPortWing" Value="14.84"/> <Property Name="RadioCompassReceiver" Value="0"/> <Property Name="VOR1Channel1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="VOR1Channel2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="VOR2Channel1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="VOR2Channel2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine1Starter" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine2Starter" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine3Starter" Value="0"/> <Property Name="Engine4Starter" Value="0"/> <Property Name="DirInd1" Value="0"/> <Property Name="DirInd2" Value="0"/> <Property Name="DirInd3" Value="0"/> </Section> </Flight.Sections> So, for whatever reason the pumps have been confiscated, it seems 😉 I shall make a test with the newly installed versions and let you know that you were right (I have no doubt, therefore no use of IF) 👍 Thanks a lot and have a great time! Cheers Juergen P.S. all values are ZERO with the exception of those containing "water". What does that mean, please?
  12. It would be really nice if someone could adapt or convert that plugin to make it work in the latest version of X-Plane (still worked in 1.41!). 🙏 PLEASE PMDG, do not let your customers down! That is all that would be needed for now, so not too much to ask I hope.... THANK YOU!👌 Juergen
  13. Dear community: it seems that I still have not mastered the fuel transfer procedure for this beauty..... I have tried nearly all possible combinations and used the handpump as well as both electric fuel pumps, but there simply is no transfer taking place. The fuel levels in the lower tanks stay where they were before starting the transfer and only the two main tanks are loosing some fuel which was burnt by the four engines of course..... Can someone please help me to get this right and explain in more detail how to proceed? As well all know, the manual is pretty foggy on this subject and extensive internet searches did not bring up anything useful either... Thank you for your help in advance already! Cheers Juergen P.S. I have installed the latest version found on the Pilot´s download page (v1.10 r1.1a PILOTS_Boeing_B314-The_Clipper_P3Dv4v5_110.zip)
  14. Thank you, Dai, for keeping our hope up.... Thanks for the work you've done so far on bringing this bird alive. I'm looking forward to trying the new patch when it becomes available. Good success and until soon, I hope... Cheers Jürgen
  15. Thank you for your suggestions, but I have applied them and others before with no avail. HOWEVER: when reinstalling and accepting ALL presets (I had installed to my D:\ drive before to not clutter my system drive to much...) the instruments appear in X-Plane 11.52 now. Therefore I would suggest to leave out the option to change the paths and simply let the customer accept the necessary settings instead of confusing them with that option. Now the only wish I have left is to use the trainer as standalone program to do some training (as the name suggests 😧 ) Thanks and have fun Juergen
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