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  1. Allow me to return just a paragraph or two above the statement I quoted here... With the italics added by me, therein lies your answer. The 64-bit experience allows for more memory-hungry features to be included, but as you aptly observed in the 32-bit era, one still cannot push it too far! Flight simulation has always been primarily CPU-dependent. With the memory ceiling effectively lifted, we have the ability to fit so many more things in the environment, but we haven't changed the CPU to support all those new things. In the past, I used the analogy of trying to fill a 4-gallon bucket with 5 gallons of water to describe why we needed to limit what we add to a 32-bit simulation. Today, we have a 32-gallon bucket to take all the water we want, but do you have the strength to lift it? All that said, I run a very similar rig to you, Rich, and I'm quite pleased with my performance and experience. Dare I say it's the best simming I've ever had! Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, but I've found a great balance for me. I'm maxed on some features and backed off on others. I don't know if categorizing this as the "fall" of 64-bit is entirely fair. Is it a downfall? Perhaps. By managing our expectations and seeing the good that comes from such a change in the short- and long-term, I think I'd want to change your subject line to simply say "The rise of 64-bit"! -Greg
  2. For the first week or so after a fresh install, it’s option 2. After that, it’s option 1. I guess that means both!
  3. That's what SimConnect is for, and many 3rd party devs use it to do just that. I think you'll find that addons still using FSUIPC as an interface conduit to v4 are generally legacy, or ports of legacy products which continue to skate by but for the grace of Dowson. :) Soon enough, Pete will officially retire... It would be wise for 3rd party developers to keep that in mind when crafting their wares. FSUIPC does a lot more than just provide an interface to the sim though - I know many folks use it to customize controls and buttons, and layer in some additional customizations. If and when Pete does decide to hang 'em up, the loss of that functionality will be felt throughout the community... nevermind the legacy interfacing it provides. -Greg
  4. Kyle and friends would know best, but is there some sort of requirement that he be on v3.4 rather than v3.3? Perhaps a midstream update to the 777 made having the latest version in the v3 a necessity?
  5. Here's an amateur feed of the booster landings from a little ways away. Gives you a better sense of the speed of those things on their approach...
  6. Hah - Did my eyes deceive me, or did I catch a "Reticulating Splines" loading progress message flashing quickly during the loading of the PMDG Ops Center? Well done! Always love seeing that pop up in unexpected places. -Greg
  7. P3Dv4

    Woah. Well done. VERY well done.
  8. Ryan... this might shed some light on your current situation... The Geforce GTX 970's have a "unique" memory and processing architecture which when pressured to 3.5GB+ of VRAM usage, start to exhibit, umm, issues. Given X-Plane might be attempting to leverage as much VRAM as possible, you might be headbutting right into this problem. Good luck, -Greg
  9. Open up the FlightAware website, pick an airport that is interesting to you, and check for inbound or outbound filghts. Simulate one of them. Open up the ADS-B Exchange website, look for aircraft flying over your head right now (*or over an area you're interested in flying through), and set up a flight based on that. Or, if I'm truly bored, I just don't fly. Pick up another game and mess around with that for a while. -Greg
  10. Slait's caveat is that he's running at 4k, which allows him to use the lower AA settings (MSAA) that do not have an impact on the performance of dynamic lighting.
  11. XP11

    Identifying them by sight, I've been to the beaches in shot #13 a few times. :) Just be careful of prohibited area P-67. Nice set of shots.
  12. Woah woah woah - That test tool linked earlier in the thread for SA00086 is NOT testing for the just announced CPU issue. The tool is testing for the Intel Management Engine flaw that came out in late November. (Link) The IME issue is a relatively straightforward firmware patch to plug a hole found in the IME hardware on Intel chipsets. You should consult with your motherboard manufacturer to see if they have a patch available. The CPU issue is a bit of a different animal, apparently, and I don't believe that there are any recent generation Intel processors which will be immune to it. -Greg
  13. The download for that package would be found at the group's main webpage.. (Forum registration will likely be required) Good luck, -Greg
  14. It might be important to provide some specific reasons why they were a waste of time for you, or at least more background on your thoughts rather than a colorful opinion with little to no context whatsoever. It's been ages since I've tried an FSX lesson or mission, but I did horse around with the FSW lessons as a way to give the product a fair shake (*since I don't have an interest in flying the available aircraft otherwise). Yes, some seemed basic, but I wasn't put off by them. In fact, if I put myself in the shoes of a complete simulation novice, I think I might have just appreciated them. What gave you the impression that they were worse than the FSX lessons? (*honest question!) -Greg
  15. 8 pages of complaints in just a handful of hours? That’s a lot of talking in a very small window of time - the product must be doing something right if this outage creates so much reaction so quick. I’m not an owner of CP, but despite it’s apparent popularity I’d be reluctant to purchase until they straightened out the DRM model. I remember the last outage, and this one doesn’t help the reputation either.