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  1. For the "non-hardcore" simming community and casual gaming community, I would imagine it is an extremely strong contender for the title of GOTY. It is incredible in its scope and stature and an amazing rebirth of the powerhouse title that Microsoft Flight Simulator is known to be. I would not argue against it being GOTY in the slightest. After ~36 years of flight simming, this edition of MSFS is the first time I felt something revolutionary (* instead of evolutionary) had happened in the genre. That said, it's clear that there are some simmers who find it lacking - either in technical ability, performance, or addon depth and/or availability. Within the relatively narrow confines of our dedicated simulation enthusiast's gaze, these are entirely legitimate observations that may or may not affect your usage of MSFS. But from the big picture in the computer gaming world, I think people will be hard pressed to find another entertainment title which would supersede MSFS as the GOTY.
  2. To start, the original linked article was stolen without attribution from The Verge That said, on a completely different note... Anyone else encouraged that sites like Toms Hardware, Verge, and others are starting to use MSFS as a benchmark? Despite the fraught relationship that many here seem to have with it, Microsoft Flight Simulator as a sim, game, and franchise is undoubtedly front-and-center in the gaming public's eye. This bodes well across many fronts, including hardware engineering which just might take notice and make some tweaks in future designs. (One can hope!) I'm on a 4+ year old rig right now and happy as a clam. Glad to see that when I'm ready to make hardware changes, things will have changed enough to make a marked impact on my experience. -Greg
  3. Well your post has only been here for two hours... it's a bit early to say nobody has any reasons just yet. What follows is my speculative take on it... Step one of the update process takes care of the "core" platform... one could say it covers the launcher and executables for MSFS. Step two from the in-game interface covers the remainder of the content itself. By splitting it up, it probably allows for easier maintenance of the MS Store and Steam versions by limiting the material unique to the distribution platforms to the first step, and handling all of the common material for both platforms in the second step. It is a good question, but I'm guessing that with bandwidth being a open commodity they've taken to updating full files instead of doing delta-changes to them. This might reduce the likelihood of corruption during the updates, and also helps assure the platform that each installation indeed has the files it needs for the version. Like other games which have an online environment, having all players on the same version is important for compatibility and functionality. Everyone is flying on the same platform, with the same set of default content. I would also wager that they'd likely need to set up and maintain full online instances of each version, and if this involves a full cut of the Bing terrain we're flying over, that could be a very costly investment with each version. Again, my answers are speculative, but they seem plausible to me. -Greg
  4. Yes - I noticed this over this weekend as well. I normally fly the default 172, but this weekend I took up the Caravan and it was doing this to me. I do not know if it is update related or if it is an already known issue.
  5. (Greg - it's a play on the full name) AGREED! And KPVD (Providence) is in Warwick... but... but.. but (sigh) ...darn. (Checks the FAA approach plates... checks airnav.com... checks... aaah, phooie) I've always known that nearly ALL important airports would assume the name of their largest local associated municipality, but it never struck me that someone would try to assign KSFZ to the "Bucket". While these city+airport pairings would make their way to the popular vernacular, I didn't think it would actually apply to the actual FAA records. I get it for the colloquial location of big airports - but someone somewhere did some impressive lobbying to get KSFZ assigned to Pawtucket, let me say that. The front has passed - we shot a gap in the radar and didn't have any issues.. Patriots win included! Be well!
  6. It's exceptionally windy out there tonight in the neighborhood. The conditions would have made for a VERY interesting Patriots home game no doubt. I see our current football horrendousness isn't stopping us from leading at the end of the 3rd quarter... hopeful, but not counting any chickens before they hatch. But that's not why I'm here. This has bugged me ever since I noticed this in the MSFS database decades ago, and low and behold, the FAA seems to have it wrong too. KSFZ, North Central State Airport, is in Lincoln, RI, yet the FAA themselves have this airport actually registered to Pawtucket. From the closest point of the airport property to the Pawtucket city limits is 4 miles... in Rhode Island terms, you'd might as well pack for an overnight trip it's so far away. Being a state airport and not registered to a private owner living in a different town, I've never understood why this airport was flagged as geographically being in Pawtucket. Just one more mystery to ponder while we wait for the FROPA cold front to pass through, hoping it doesn't knock out powe.... [CARRIER LOST]
  7. A loud 5% you didn't fix what I wanted fixed! A loud 5% you broke a feature I need! A loud 5% my performance just went in the toilet! and The remaining 85% silent majority flying around happy as a clam.
  8. Not sure if this is part of the "UI / Music deactivation" changelog entry, but it would appear that the music playback is now muting when MSFS loses focus during the patch installation process. That's a small, welcome change.
  9. Once they do, this really could bring about a sea change in the data center industry.
  10. Glass half full. Glass half empty. As for me? My cup overflows.Sure, some water is spilling out and making a mess - nothing's ever perfect. But I'm enjoying the heck out of this new experience.
  11. This is a scenery caching issue. I've experienced this as well, after I had set up a "static" manual cache to go along with the rolling cache. Recommendation: If you are using the manual cache feature, disable/delete it. Then "reset" your rolling cache by deleting the file to refresh it and start it from scratch. Your forests will thank you for it.
  12. I'm resurrecting this thread to vouch for the issue, as well as give a potential "fix". I experienced the "ghost cockpit and airplane" issue in the C208 Caravan this weekend. Interestingly, for me it was ONLY an issue in that airplane and at a specific airport (CYQI). I could load the plane properly at a different airport, and I could load other planes properly at CYQI. I "restarted" the flight from the ESC menu, I exited to main menu and restarted, I closed the sim and reopened, rebooted the PC, checked for updates... nothing would clear the issue. Finally, even though I had no cockpit, I decided to fly the plane anyway - at least I had a glorious forward view with nothing in the way. Somewhere before reaching 1,000', the cockpit magically re-appeared. The external model was also now viewable. Either taking the plane up for a spin, or allowing the sim more time to load in the cockpit seemed to remedy the issue. That was the one and only time I have run into the bug after many hours of flying. There's a bug in there somewhere, but I couldn't really find any cause or reason. -Greg
  13. Steps to Happiness: Purchase MSFS via Steam or from the MS Store and let it install the "launcher". When you run MSFS for the first time, it will prompt you to install the bulk of the simulation "packages" to either a default location or a location of your choosing. Make a note of the location - either the default or the custom location you selected. (Wait while the data downloads - it's a rite of passage) Once complete, resist the urge to jump in and fly, and instead EXIT the sim and make a copy of the all the data you just downloaded to a different hard drive. Yes, it's 100GB+, but by doing this, you will probably not have to download it all again. If something happens to your drive or installation which requires you to do a full blown reinstall, just copy this bulk data back into position and when the launcher asks you where to place the packages, point to the directory you just "restored" with your copy. I used this method to perform a fully "clean" reinstall of my whole computer specifically to test if this would work. Bing-bang-boom, I was right back in business, and it took care of the recent patch update at the same time. I can't guarantee that this is a supported method as we move forward, but it certainly worked. I am going to assume that after your "reinstall" and the packages update to the latest and greatest versions, you could simply take another copy of the directory and hold it for safekeeping to be that much farther ahead of the game once again. It's not perfect and it does require that initial big download, but it spares you from having to repeat it.
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