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  1. FYI - It looks as though this was fixed with HF1. I decided to make the purchase today and a flight down the bay from Providence out to Block Island looks just fine, with no anomalies present. The changelog for HF1 does mention scenery fixes... Updates to several airports and surrounding areas including KSAN, KPVD, KXNA, and KTRI. You'll likely need to either perform a full uninstall/reinstall of the whole kit, or grab the "Scenery" installer and uninstall/reinstall it (*along with the client, of course). -Greg
  2. Thanks for the heads up on Narragansett Bay. I'm a local too and I generally stay local when in the simulator - that would annoy the heck out of me. I wonder if you could layer in an elevation mesh product to squash it down. (?) -Greg
  3. Same story for me as well - no indications I was ever invited (*including periodic spam filter checks), but I did receive the survey. Did the same as regis9 - in the survey I noted that I didn't know I was accepted and would love to assist the testing program if I could. SCOURED the MSFS Insiders page to see what I missed... if a link was suddenly present... if the forums were suddenly unlocked.... but no. I wager it was an unfortunate accident. Oh well. -Greg
  4. I met Jim at the last flightsim conference held in Connecticut (KBDL) a few years ago. He was quite friendly and pleasant to talk with, but he also seemed just as no-nonsense in person as he might have been out here - he was genuine. He was also very dedicated to AVSIM, especially after Tom's passing. My condolences as well to all of his family and friends. -Greg
  5. Oh my goodness. MicroProse... they were one of the GODS of my early teenage years. Gunship started it for me on the C64... I still have the keyboard overlay. I got it for Christmas one year, and absolutely STUDIED the user manual over the next several days as we crisscrossed New England visiting each set of grandparents/family. I vividly recall running into my grandparents living room exclaiming that the Apache had a predicted 30:1 kill ratio, and one of my uncles mercilessly mocked my nerdiness while I'm sure my parents just shook their heads. Then F-15 Strike Eagle II..... Then F-19.... Then.... (girls), (drivers license), and even found F-15 in the local arcade - not worth the $0.25... I did so much better at home with it. Much respect. I only hope they do the MicroProse name justice. ---------- This jogged my memories... middle school, very early 1990's. We were on a field trip (possibly up to Boston?) and for some unknown reason, we stopped at the brand-new "Emerald Square Mall" on the way home. Malls were still a big thing back then, but for this geek the fact they had an Electronics Boutique AND a Babbage's was a-ma-zing. (How and why our teachers let us loose in there for an hour on a school field trip escapes me) Anyway, I picked up "Vette!" at Babbage's, and for the next couple of months or so, I was an expert in San Francisco driving. I miss those days. The days of pinwheel copy protection devices... the days of killer 'SID' intro music... where framerates didn't matter, because you WERE in fact driving a Lotus Esprit on the Pacific Coast Highway... and on and on and on.. I sense a YouTube gameplay binge session coming on... ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Aaah, the hubris of the unselected... ๐Ÿ™‚ If people are so antsy over the new simulator that they would suggest allowing all simmers access to the alpha testing forums, what, prey tell, happens after that - when their thirst for all things Asobo goes unsatisfied and gets even stronger? Don't get me wrong - I gobble down the developer updates with bated breath. I love the screenshots being released, and I've been disappointed that my email hasn't chirped with an invite - but if I'm not tapped to test, I know I'll eventually get to experience this sim on release day. All in due time, folks. All in due time.
  7. I've always used #2. That's how I've always heard the namesake mountain in Switzerland pronounced.
  8. "Oh poop" - Going through a flawless clone to the new drive, a flawless system build on the new hardware, only to discover the computer throws a bluescreen on boot because you've pulled the rug out from under it with a new slew of underpinning hardware changes. Personally? I'd recommend on planning for a complete reinstall of your computer, soup to nuts. You are planning on building a new system, so treat it as a new system! Make thorough backups, leave your existing drives completely intact so that you can access them as storage from the new build, but treat it as a new OS install, and redo all your apps. It may feel like more work up front, but it will undoubtedly be the best route in the long run. Good luck, make backups, and have fun!
  9. The first thing I am going to do is... Install the new version of MSFS; Try to immediately install a PMDG airplane; React incredulously when said PMDG airplane does not install in the new simulator; Violently reject any notion that I am not entitled to installing it because I bought the 747 for FSX and gosh darnit I should be able to use it where ever and whenever I gosh darn please; Give up that forum argument and move on to... Try to install ActiveSky; Whine when told that ActiveSky does not yet support the new simulator; Get cranky when I learn that ActiveSky may not actually be required or needs to be adapted to the new platform; Blame the vendor for not having it ready yet regardless of the circumstances; Give up and move on to... Try to install FSUIPC; React irrationally when told that the new sim either doesn't need FSUIPC, or I will have to wait for it; Explain that I paid good money 10 years ago for it and I DESERVE to be satisfied immediately - what, was this new version a surprise or something?? Give up and move on to.... Try to install my favorite custom airport scenery; Lose my mind on the forums when the installer doesn't recognize the new sim; Spend 12 hours trying to hack the scenery into the new sim because someone, somewhere said there might be a hint of backwards compatibility; Give up and move on to... Ok fine, I guess now I'll start the sim for the first time to see what it looks like "out-of-the-box"... ๐Ÿ˜
  10. Disable the joystick throttle axis if you have the separate throttle unit. It will only cause confusion, and the joystick's throttle is easy to accidentally hit while handling the stick. If you associate any analog axis to the spoilers, be sure to leave a generous null zone. You don't want to fly around with spoilers partially deployed because the knob isn't 100% turned the right way. I don't have the FSLabs, but perhaps you can map the throttles "bowtie" analog axis found in the front of the throttle to the steering tiller, and continue to use the twist for rudder? If you can save up for it, skip the twist axis and move on to a set of rudder pedals. They are a great next step and really help with immersion.
  11. I would only counter with those two sims pre-dating the Internet as we know it today. These days, folks have a much bigger soapbox to stand on (for better or worse). Communities that are rabidly looking forward to new releases tend to be merciless when bugs are found. On day one of release if the first words from "{flightsim forum user}" is a complaint of some kind, and the second words are almost always "didn't the testers do their job??" That, of course, is usually followed by more sensible folks who kindly remind the complainant that yes, the testers probably did report these issues and their concerns should be directed to the developer, but it still happens endlessly. To all alpha (and eventual beta) testers... heads down... repeatable testing... enjoy your preview! And don't make us any more jealous than we already are. ๐Ÿ™‚ -Greg
  12. Will all the transparency that Microsoft/Asobo has been providing up until now, I'd say we just let the alpha testers do their jobs and evaluate the platform without all of us intentionally or unintentionally pressuring them for releasing nuggets of information that might sneak around the NDA. For those of you participating in the alphas, it's probably best to neither confirm nor deny your participation. Just go about your testing/scripts and do your best to offer constructive feedback to make the platform the best it can be when it finally does release. Be thorough when testing, document repeatable errors and bugs, and enjoy the privilege! After all, when the product does finally release, for better or worse, YOU will be in the crosshairs for not pointing out any bugs left over... (heheh)
  13. I would respond that when X-Plane 10 was first announced, I dedicated hours and hours and HOURS of time working on OpenStreetMap improvements - your theory is not that far fetched. Back in the day I added tons and tons of water features which were missing, corrected coastlines, added buildings, and fixed lots of local roads.... generally improving the map as a whole. Although I don't think Laminar Research ever re-cut their scenery distribution, thanks to AlPilotX and his HD Mesh these improvements eventually became usable in the sim. Took a while though.
  14. Why not re-live the heyday! Links.... https://archive.org/details/msdos_Links_386_CD_1995
  15. ...yikes. Just a bit of windy landing practice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Truth be told, I'm looking most forward to flying around areas I am familiar with - they might not be "scenic", but if the scenery generation engine ends up meeting the marketing expectations, I'll be enthralled with jumping around airport-to-airport near home.
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