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  1. I hate repaints threads where all you see are pics of the repaints and no indication where to get them, let alone working links.
  2. I can't seem to set the EPR panel to do a flex takeoff. It just reverts back to TO when I press the FLEX button. Also, does anyone know how to arm AF/APR?
  3. Hi All. I am a new owner of this nifty little plane, and I've done a few flights with her and all has gone rather well. I have the F1 GTN installed and working properly. I'm wondering what the CTOT and APR settings are all about and what effect they have. I also have no idea what the propeller setting "Auto Coarsen" is or does. And regarding power management--I put the condition levers at full forward for takeoff. Are these supposed to remain at this setting throughout the flight? Is there anything I am supposed to do for climb power, or does everything pretty much stay at 100 percent until I have to descend (obvious that one must reduce power for descent and approach/landing). Having a better understanding of the above items would increase immersion and make this fun little plane even more so. Thanks!
  4. Hello. I am enjoying this little plane. One issue I have is that the Carenado House livery does not show up in P3D4.5hf3 as what the thumbnail suggests. Instead I get an all white aircraft. Is it just me?
  5. I'm not certain when this happened, but I just noticed that my addon airport RJBB in Japan all of a sudden has these two giant patches of land that just showed up next the the airport. They most certainly were not there before. It might just be coincidence, but I hadn't seen this before I updated the P3D client to HF3 (I'm still running 4.5). I do have ORBX FTX Global and Vector installed. I have downloaded the latest ORBX Central app, and refreshed / verified my products' installation and all seems well there. I refreshed the terrain.cfg file. Nothing seems to work, other than uninstalling the RJBB scenery package. It used to be fine! https://photos.app.goo.gl/DnHdZBTNYieVX4Tq7
  6. I use Active Sky for the weather engine and REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds for the textures.
  7. Many years back, a guy put out "Michaels's Mods" for both the 721 and the 722. If you install them properly, you can operate both aircraft almost exactly on the numbers from the real world EPR charts. It makes a tremendous difference. I agree with you that the CS 727 is a great product. I'm pleased that they added the CIVA ins system in the last update. The only bug that really still nags me on this plane is that the flight director is awful. Why they can't get that even close to right is weird.
  8. Thanks for continuing to improve this great software! I really like the way you can super-impose a chart over the enroute map. That is totally sick!
  9. I was delighted to see that QW ported this old bird to the P3D'verse. She looks spectacular in P3D! For $15 bucks??!! That's a lot of fun for the money. So many variants and TWO different cockpits!! And they added VC radar spot. What a deal. It was their similar strategy with the 146/RJ that caused me to go ahead and go for it with P3D 4.x. So glad I did.
  10. The latest 64 bit version of Roland's Radar works for me in 4.4 and 4.5. For the radar to take up the entire VC area (in VC section 5): gauge01=RolasnRadar!ORadGauge,535,650,474,346, sweep|beam|icing|starton For the version with the console shell: gauge01=RolasnRadar!ShellRadGauge, 535,650,474,346, sweep|beam|icing|starton For the Active Sky Xgauge: gauge01=XGauge!WeatherMap,535,650,474,346
  11. I'm able to use the Operations Center to add or remove liveries.
  12. The JS-4100 is not compatible with the Steam edition of FSX. A few years ago, PMDG said in more than one post that they were going to come out with an update to make it compatible. It was "largely complete" at one point, but then POOF, it was a ghost. They ignore any inquiries in this forum about what happened and why. They make great software, but they behave very strangely sometimes.
  13. For goodness sake, just release the update to make it compatible with FSX-SE!
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