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  1. Ecosse_821

    Livery and FSX:SE Compatibility

    I'm able to use the Operations Center to add or remove liveries.
  2. Ecosse_821

    Livery and FSX:SE Compatibility

    The JS-4100 is not compatible with the Steam edition of FSX. A few years ago, PMDG said in more than one post that they were going to come out with an update to make it compatible. It was "largely complete" at one point, but then POOF, it was a ghost. They ignore any inquiries in this forum about what happened and why. They make great software, but they behave very strangely sometimes.
  3. Ecosse_821

    BAe JetStream 4100

    For goodness sake, just release the update to make it compatible with FSX-SE!
  4. Ecosse_821

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Yep. Ernie Alston.
  5. Ecosse_821

    Recommendations for regional payware aircraft.

    I'd like to know that hack! The lack of compatibility of the JS4100 is the only reason I have not migrated everything over to FSX-SE.
  6. Ecosse_821

    Veteran Flight Simmer - First REAL flight!

    I'm not aware of any scenery for KCMI. I do have ORBX FTX Global which helps a little. I was actually surprised at how the similar the real CMI looked to the FSX version! I wasn't looking at details, mind you, just watching that Embraer on 14L and trying to get ready to turn to final and start deploying flaps! Ah yes, what became FSX/P3D was born here at the UofI as a lesson by the name of "Airfight" on the PLATO system at the CERL lab. Bruce Artwick's project.
  7. Ecosse_821

    Veteran Flight Simmer - First REAL flight!

    Wow, that is a little bit like how I was after we were in the air. We were climbing at around 75-80 knots, and beginning a left turn that the instructor told me to execute. It was not that windy, but I was a bit unnerved by the effect it had on the plane. I started to think I was in over my head a little, and told the instructor that I might have to bail and have him take over. He calmly talked me through it, and I steadied my nerves and continued the rest of the way. But, for a moment, the gravity of the situation almost threw me!
  8. Ecosse_821

    Veteran Flight Simmer - First REAL flight!

    I found it easier because I could see everything in three dimensions.
  9. For Christmas last year, my wife got me a voucher for a "fun flight" at our local airport, KCMI, with the Parkland College Institute of Aviation in Champaign, IL. These flights are 30 minutes with a flight instructor, but generally, the client is strictly a passenger. We did the flight last month. I told my wife and my son (my son came along for the ride) that I thought there was a small chance I would be allowed to take the controls briefly, most likely in level flight at altitude. The instructor talked to me for a few minutes as I told him about my sim flying experience (almost 20 years), and asked me what I would be comfortable doing. I told him whatever he was ok with, lol! The flight was in a fairly well-used but excellently maintained Archer III. We did the walk-around, and he had me get in the left seat! We went through the checklists and I did all the pre-flight flows. Essentially, I flew the entire flight from takeoff to landing! The instructor worked the radios and the elevator trim control. I did everything else. We flew about 5 miles to my son's house, did a couple of photo laps, then headed out another 8 miles to my house, and did the same. We then flew back to the airport and got to watch an Embraer 145 (American Eagle) take off as we were flying the base leg. I then landed the plane perfectly on the numbers! I have been lucky enough to do many cool things, and have flown as a passenger on many enjoyable commercial flights. But this was probably the coolest thing I've ever done. I still can't believe it.
  10. Ecosse_821

    Flight planning software

    I bought Pro-ATC to try to get something more realistic than the built-in ATC. It is an expensive program. It is very buggy and clunky. The interface sucks. It vectored me into a mountain in Austria. I wish I had tried VOX-ATC instead. I hear it is better. All that said, I do prefer Pro-ATC to the built-in ATC, but it is a pain in the neck sometimes.
  11. Ecosse_821

    IAS/Mach descent with Autothrottle

    Thanks guys. When I press IAS it does go to CLMP. I then pull back my throttle lever on the CH Yoke and it goes to idle.
  12. If I am cruising along using mach or speed hold mode with the Autothrottle system engaged, and I wish to descend using IAS mode with AT still engaged, what should be done to get the AT to get it to switch to some sort of idle mode? Right now, it seems like it stays at its current setting after I have engaged the IAS descend mode. If I move the (CH Yoke) throttle axis all the way down, the AT goes to idle for the descent. Is that normally how the pilot commands the AT to go to idle to allow an IAS descent? Thanks!
  13. Hi all. New owner of this awesome plane. I'm having trouble with the cockpit flood lighting. I have the APU up powering the plane, and I can get the dome light on. I can get the actual instrument lights on, but the flood lighting for either the Captain or FO side won't come on when I rotate the knobs. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I am running the latest version from Simmarket, running the 32 bit plane in FSX-Acceleration with Windows 7-64.
  14. Ecosse_821

    Caranedo F50?

    Thanks, Bill. I already own the Majestic Q400, the PMDG JS4100, and the Aerosoft Twotter, as well as the CS C130, so I already have some nice turbos to play with. The freeware HS748 is pretty fun as well. There is even an FH-227 out there with a panel by Fraser MacKay that is an FS9 port that works well enough in FSX to be worthwhile. I wonder if there are plans to fix whatever is wrong with the FMC in the F50. I don't own the GTN750, and I don't plan to purchase it anytime soon.
  15. Ecosse_821

    Caranedo F50?

    Thanks Peter. A moderator moved my post (originally posted in the FSX forum) to this forum before I knew this forum was here! From what I've gathered so far, it has some kinks to be worked out yet. Seems like maybe the FMC is not very complete. I'll probably give it some time and see if the issues get resolved before I take the plunge. Might go for the Leonardo Maddog X while I wait, lol!