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    Actually the next beta version is going to have a couple of features to address some of the issues you mentioned: 1- Hide aircraft- if you want to assume the position (say in Taxi or on approach) you can hide any plane and assume his spot in the Que. 2-Impersonate an Aircraft- You can in real time (approximately) hide an aircraft from view but still receive his data. Most VA's use real world plans. This would allow a flight from A to B with a known AC to be flown by you and your plane. You could use Live ATC radio to mimic the instructions he receives (with about a 90 second delay). keeping an eye on his data and adjust yourself to keep up or slow down, etc. all the way.


    I wanted to let you all know about a new X_Plane Add-on that I have been using with P2ATC. Yesterday I made my Virtual Airline flight from KORD to KSEA; what follows is a brief description of that Flight: On Taxi at KORD I saw many aircraft moving on Taxi, Take-off, and on Finial Approach. As I was following my taxi instructions and got close to runway hold point I was told to line up and wait, as 2 planes were ahead of me (and thats what I saw 2). Once I was next in line for T/O I called tower for clearance and was cleared but warned of possible wake turbulence ( a 767 had just landed). I departed and as I planned (I looked it up prior to startup) an ASA (Alaska Airlines) flight also going to KSEA was just out in front of me (He departed on the parallel runway to mine), I could see his outline ahead and just a bit higher. As I climbed out and he got a bit further ahead his blip showed up on my TCAS. Once P2ATC even warned me of his traffic and location. Now on the decent into KSEA the weather had dropped to Snow with 700 ft ceilings. I set up for a ILS approach into Seattle with 200' AGL minimums. Once established on the ILS and decending, in the clouds and snow, I was working the procedure when at about 700'AGL (and still in the clouds) P2ATC announced to conduct the missed approach due to traffic on the runway. I began scrambling to do so as I popped out of the clouds (about 400" AGL) and sure enough there was a plane sitting on the tarmac...WOW! I conducted the missed approach and received vectors to re-try . P2ATC and LIVE Traffic worked EXCELLENT together! BUT YOU HAD BE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH REAL WORLD STUFF! Here is the link to Live Traffic (its still beta but works pretty darn well) https://twinfan.gitbook.io/livetraffic/ Real traffic from the real world what an amazing idea! BTW I am VR (But still using a yoke and pedals); I use MCE (Multi Crew Experience for a co-pilot); FSGRW (excellent weather); P2ATC; Sim Brief; TopCat (For flight performance); and ZIBO 737 Thanks Dave for building "in" the stuff that I didn't ever know was there!

    What is Plan GS?

    Ground Speed really makes no difference in aviation. We are concerned with True Air Speed. TAS is our speed through an through an air mass (its what the airfoils are actually feeling flow across them). The direction that the air is moving has an effect on Ground Speed (sometimes drastic, especially in the upper atmosphere where the winds can be very excessive at times). TAS is used for v1, vr and v2 as well as approach speeds, again because wind direction effects out lift etc.and cruse speed. I suggest you go to Simbrief or any other online flight planning site and fill out your flight plan. In the briefing you will receive it will show you the particulars for a flight and all of the predicted speeds, temps, way-points etc. good flying! Let me add that the FAA has some great e-books for free on aviation; stuff like this and many other parts of flying. Just google it.

    Some suggestions to improve VR experience

    WORKED GREAT! So I used the SayIt + window resized it so basically was only text part of window showing. Then made it taller to show more text; brought it into VR using (X-Plane) MoveVR plugin; positioned it in close but out of the way place and used it for recorded Notes (taken with no pen). I could push the buttons but couldn't scroll text. That's why I made it tall so I didn't loose the clearance or any other stuff ATC spoke immediately. I used the clear button to "Erase the window and get a new page. Maybe not perfect but a huge step forward! Thanks!

    Some suggestions to improve VR experience

    Thanks for suggestion. I tried the main window reduced to just radio stack and resized it way down but ended up with a LOOOOONG window that that was not usable. I will try sayit window tonight. Hope things are getting better for you.

    Registration procedure

    Just so I am clear: The customer is supposed to intuit what is supposed to happen (and feel comfortable fooling around with files located in a protected file area of windows) is what I see. I think 10 minutes of typing on your part "Clearly" explaining what to expect during this NON-Standard approach would certainly have made me feel MUCH more comfortable. Phrases like "log into WEB MAIL" may have been used 10 years ago but today I had uncertainty as to exactly what that means. I am more than happy to have spent money on your product (that costs as much as the simulator); but please re-think your documentation.
  7. So I downloaded the demo for x-plane and decided to buy. Went to FS Pilot shop purchased the download. Received a Software License Key/Serial Number in an email from them. Followed the crazy poorly documented instructions that I totally fail to understand and started the next piece of software (some key thing and entered a name and email and pasted the Key into the correct field pressed the button tried to decipher the next poorly written dialog box about some text file that was created then searched a located it then clicked the text box that indicated in pig English about web mail or some kind of email and attaching the located file to it. I did all that then sent a email. Now what is supposed to happen? 60 bucks spent and no working program?

    Some suggestions to improve VR experience

    I've been using the same VR setup and love it. For me, I would take a simple text window that I can bring into the cockpit that has a transcript of the ATC communications zoomed to a size that I can read. Without being able to actually take notes (clearance, radio feq's ect) it would fill the void.
  9. Unicom is a "Local" Frequency. Only other pilots on that frq. near that field would be hearing you. ATC is not involved at all (non-towered VFR) in the situation you described. So there should be no reason to contact, or try to contact them. This would or could change if going IFR OR wanting flight following; however both might need to be initiated in the air if no controller is within range. Again all you do on UNICOM is announce what you are doing so (in the real world) anyone around that non towered field can VISUALLY look for you and avoid or adjust themselves to you. Lots of simple rules are in play around non-towered fields to keep everyone safe and predictable. Google FAA Pilot handbooks... they are free and full of great info.
  10. At Non-Towered airfields when VFR you must tune to the Unicom frquency as published in the airport directory guide. Then announce to any or everyone your intention, ie.airport x traffic N12345 taxing to runway 12.airport x traffic OR airport x traffic N12345 taking off runway 12 air-port x traffic. IFR is a bit different depending if you want your clearance in the air or on the ground. The FAA has free publications on all of that kind of stuff. Google it.

    STAR Parsing

    Thanks for the quick reply. Sometime when I have nothing else to do I will create and save some flight plans that show examples of the problem. I had hoped for a replacement for on-line ATC when I purchased this program; but after your explanation of not enough data to make the correct choices I guess I will go back to online for my VA flights (When its available) Just to try to be helpful the following Stars that I use often have Mates that are used depending upon the current landing direction: KDEN: WAHUU TWO and KOHOE BOSSS TWO AND ZPLYN PURRL TWO AND JAGGR The problem seems to be in if I file one or the other and the landing direction changes enroute it sticks with the wrong STAR and vectors 180 turns after the last point of the procedure back to the correct approach (That adds quite a bit of time, distance and Fuel) KMIA: SSCOT FIVE Is a bit different as it covers both east and west but P2ATC is wrong in the vectors for east landing (It always vectors me right and around instead of left to intecept as the STAR plate describes) KPHX: PINNG ONE This STAR has a fork from BRDEY for east and west approaches however I have yet to been allowed to correctly fly the west (landing east) fork. There are others but those were off the top of my head. Another question is that I fly with real weather (or as real as X_PLANE allows) and am trying to figure out if I can request vectors (ie.10deg Right/Left) or a direct to a NON_Flight Plan filed point to avoid enroute storms ect, then execute a direct to another point on my flight plan? I vector myself now but have to listen to ATC keep trying to get me back on track. Also is there an exhaustive listing of allowed ATC com verbage listings someplace? BTW I turned off Force STAR Assignment in the settings thinking this might help with the STARS but it didnt. Thanks for your attention

    STAR Parsing

    About 50% ofthe time the SID ATC assigns is not correct for the runway it also chooses. Example: Flying into KDEN ATC chose BOSSS2 RNAV ARR and Assigned the rwy 16R ILS. In this case it even failed to provide vectors when I reached the last point of the STAR. Instead it gave a clearance to the KAILE transition on the 16R ILS procedure (BTW thats quite a distance from the last point on the STAR) without any help. I made the transitionand landing BUT it clearly states on the STAR plate that when Denver is landing to the south (this case) the corresponding RNAV STAR is ZPLYN. Thus I would not need to have fumbled around to convert to something that should have been easily handled by assigning the correct STAR BEFORE hitting the first point of the transition. This is not the only mismatch I have run into Flying into KMIA and being assigned incorrect Stars for the active runway. Same in KPHX. Again about half the time ATC gets it correct but after flying 4 or 5 hour flights I expect ths kind of thing to be handled correctly. 124thATC actually does it better (or gives me a way to choose for myself the correct combination) and it didn't cost me anything. Also I can't seem to find a request for vectors speech command. The manual says "a) When requested by the pilot for a published approach or visual straight-in..." But it also says "ATC Gives Vectors to IAF (Removed)- " I really am glad to have purchsed this program so I hope my disappointment doesn't seem too negative.