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  1. Will do. I used the AMF code from airline lookup in config and it auto fills AMFLIGHT. Will change in TaxiMnt. Thanks
  2. All went as you described, I am having an oddity with the ATC voices. I am using AM FLIGHT as my call sign and 2/3 of the time the voices spell it out. A M F L I G H T 1234. The other third of the time it is pronounced correctly. I am using the latest Beta: Public Beta 4 Thanks! George
  3. OK so I am curious about flying a NON-Turbojet (DC-6 for example). Most STARS and SIDS require or have a stipulation that to AC must be turbo jet. Not to mention the altitude restrictions would often be to high for many non-turbojet AC to be able comply with. Does P2ATC have anyway to distinguish between AC types? If not what should the settings look like as far as ATC options page (un-check ATC assigns SID STAR etc.) when flying a non-turbo AC? If no SID//STAR is assigned will ATC assign vectors for departure and arrivals? If used will these vectors be checked for terrain avoidance? Thanks DAVE!
  4. Dave THANKS! Thanks for simplifying our user experience with the new addition to your software! Fewer clicks, fewer steps is always a good thing for an old guy like me!
  5. After PMDG (Robert S. Randazzo) decided to imply that developers of addon software are just stupid they are now pulling an ASOBO and locking threads rather than answer customer's (you know the people who have invested money into their software) questions about why no warning was given prior to the last update. It will be a cold day in hell before I give that company another dollar of my money... Arrogance, lies and censorship is never the answer to any problem. OVER AND OUT.
  6. How bad is all this? As a non-programmer guy I have no clue. I have my zip with the original release so I could go back to that I guess? I know this is not MCE's fault but do you have any advice? BTW: I hate the PMDG forums with there "expert trolls" swooping in and replying with condescending reply's to honest questions.... The standard read the manual posts... Have you read the manual? Must of been written by a third-grader in his spare time.
  7. After complete reinstall of 2.9.7 no joy. I am unable to find 737NGX_Options.ini on my system. I did a file search of my whole HD. FO still has lost his mind.
  8. It appears the PMDG 737 in MSFS 2020 after the latest update is causing MCE (and Many other 3rd party dev stuff) to go crazy and just not work correctly. They have changed some behind the scenes stuff (AND didn't bother to tell anyone in the release notes) So IF you update be aware MCE may not function correctly. I spent 5 hours thinking something I might of done was causing the issue.... @70 years old you never can tell if it's you or something else 😉 Just a heads up!
  9. I'm stupid I am sure (my wife will vote that way) but for the life of me I am unable to find the words to get my F/O to set (on the MCP) Course 2 to the value I want. I have no problem with "Set course 1 to XXX"; however same phrase is not working for me on VOR course #2. Thanks and I love this program!
  10. Sorry for the false report.... After I reset the base install and then used the last patch no issues with the IRS's. Only small issue I had is with the Landing checklist he failed to recognize my reply gear down. I'm 70 years old so maybe me speech isn't as clear as it once was! LOL Thanks for a great program that extends my flying years!
  11. hummmm, I thought maybe I grabbed the wrong update patch, so I just redownloaded it again from this post : "Posted Saturday at 09:53 AM One more patch and hopefully the last before release http://www.multicrewxp.com/Latest-Beta-Patch.zip Replace both "mce.exe" and "Simco64_Ldr.exe" Changelog: Tweaks to fuel levers control Tweaks to Fire test. If you guys find anything overlooked, please chime in ASAP. Thanks" But still get the same problem. Is this the correct post/link?
  12. Using the latest patch from the link. FO mow is not getting the IRS's set correctly. Tried 2 flights using the Prepare Aircraft voxscript. The first flight FO set IRS 2 to ATT (missing NAV), the second he set IRS 1 to ATT (but IRS 2 was correct).
  13. I used the last (not today's) patch and Joel (my FO) seems to be feuding with the flight crew and repeatedly shutting off the galley power. I used only the voxscripts given. After the prepare the ac script I find it off so I turned it back on, then after the preflight overhead same thing. I think their coffee tastes fine myself but Joel isn't keen on it I guess? Everything else went great!
  14. Did exactly as you instructed (nothing running but the sim and MCE going straight to the tray after SIM loads) but the problem continues. I am not sure if this might be a clue but as MCE is loading with the initial box; it assumes focus over the sim and the G-SYNC indicator drops, if (during the initial stages of MCE loading), I click on the MSFS window the G-SYNC indicator briefly returns then a second or two later drops and never returns after the initial box disappears.
  15. Just tested patch and report that all texts are gone. This did not fix the issue with G-SYNC. Again with all text off and MCE minimized to tray I still don't get G-SYNC in full screen mode (Windowed mode works fine). Not sure what to think at this point but I do thank your for a quick patch!
  16. I seem to be having issues with MCE and G-SYNC in MSFS 2020. When I run in full screen mode and have MCE running it isn't allowing the full screen sim to utilize G-SYNC; however when I run sim in windowed mode G-SYNC returns and operates normally. I have turned Off the sim text option, as I think the text that overlays the sim window must be causing the issue. I can't seen to find a way to disable all of the test messages though (for example when muting the microphone a message still appears there). I am just guessing that MCE uses some sort of invisible window over the top that keeps the sim from regaining full control of its window. I have a similar problem with P2ATC and the sayit window (if I open it NO G-SYNC, Closed and all is well. Is there a way to turn OFF all messages and close/hide that text window? Thanks and its an amazing experience to use MCE!
  17. I am guessing by the tittle of this thread we are to report problems here: FF 767 current version (and the last one as well) and current XPlane version 11.4 and current MCE for XP. When asking my FO to set speed he always set 399 knots no matter what I ask for. Then sounds proud of himself! thanks
  18. I see a new version for X-Plane is available... I don't see mention of it on this site and am wondering what has changed?
  19. It's located in Grammar helper under: Tower; Report; Pattern location: <callsign>is clear of Active I have trouble getting recognition using that format but "Clear of active <callsign>" works for me 99 percent of the time.
  20. Yes it does...just the other day I got lost during a flight and P2ATC must have contacted my wife my wife; she came calling for dinner. I made it just in time!
  21. Also I am not sure you need to squawk anything (other than possibly 1200 IF you have a transponder that is turned on) if VFR at a class D airport. ALSO unless you establish coms with the tower by tower acknowledging your call sign you may not enter class D airspace (OR C or B). I think?
  22. Ok so I spent a bunch more time trying to get ANYTHING to show up in the SayIT+ window I double checked that I am on a useful freq. Nothing in the drop downs ect. The Normal SayIt window (or whatever its called) on the main screen populates with stuff but when I opent the + window nothing. BTW it seems the window is kind of stuck... by this it seems Not to remember its last sized when closed; instead its a size back when it worked and I was bringing it into VR.
  23. For the record I started having the same issue with the text in that window. I hope Dave can shed some light on that issue?
  24. Actually the next beta version is going to have a couple of features to address some of the issues you mentioned: 1- Hide aircraft- if you want to assume the position (say in Taxi or on approach) you can hide any plane and assume his spot in the Que. 2-Impersonate an Aircraft- You can in real time (approximately) hide an aircraft from view but still receive his data. Most VA's use real world plans. This would allow a flight from A to B with a known AC to be flown by you and your plane. You could use Live ATC radio to mimic the instructions he receives (with about a 90 second delay). keeping an eye on his data and adjust yourself to keep up or slow down, etc. all the way.
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