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  1. Hi, new to this app. And thinking about replacing the old dynamic lod Only thing that is bothering me is to manual change between vfr and ifr if needed (hope I'm correct, or does it automatically switch depending of aircraft type?) If I'm correct would it be possible to get a lvar to change between both or using a argument on app start? Then I would be able to use axis and ohs app start depending on the selected aircraft. EG: autolod.exe -vfr and autolod.exe -ifr Thanks
  2. does anyone have the old installer lying around ? because i just updated and currently debuging for hours... thanks for the explanation 🙂
  3. is DLDSR somewhat limited to specific Resolutions? because with my samsung 49" i have 5120x1440p and i cannot get DLDSR to show a higher value. also in the Nvidia Control Panel i cannot find a correct value 😞
  4. okay understand now i see some values in the AAO RPN Script Processing. Sadly these doesn't match my Simbrief values for the TOC
  5. If i execute the Script should i recveice the "0 16/3 14C" "5000 16/3 5C" "10000 101/1 -5C" "14000 241/6 -13C" etc. as an output? or should i just see the JSCript inside the "Debug Window" ? because i don't really now how to access the data after executing the JScript 😞I'm sorry but iam a complety noob in regards of Script Languages EDIT: i commented also the red part out by removing the // and executed it. Then i tried to read the L:wind_ variable but it just gives me a "0" I need the data for some Airline SOP that require me to enter these OAT for the TOC inside the FMS of the 737. And i have created a Streamdeck profile that shows me all the relevant information from the Simbrief Briefing file so its easier and faster to enter 🙂
  6. hey, sorry did not receive any notification for this message, so did not test yet. Will do in the evening. Thanks for the Guide 🙂
  7. Hi, i cannot find Wind Information from Simbrief. Is there any chance to get the following Numbers from the Simbrief FB as a Variable to use on Streamdeck?
  8. PTT required the credits, you can only use button control in „offline“ mode… for me not usable like that
  9. i'm not 100% sure, but isn't FG not availiable in VR Mode? So no benefit there 😞
  10. thanks that worked, its now showing the correct value. Another Problem i cannot find the option to assign the ADF Swap button of the Radio Panel in the "Assign Events" viewer. The COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2 and DME all are present. https://imgur.com/a/ulhCTas
  11. mhh i might have played around when it was not working back in August. But i think i resettet everything back to stock settings. https://imgur.com/a/fm80e4Z Or is there another way to fully reset the Radio Panel settings except clicking the "Restore Defaults in the "Variables" and "Events" menu of hte Saitek Device Config?
  12. Mhh I cannot get it to work, and checked that aao radio panel settings are reset here is a picture of what I mean. https://imgur.com/a/bsc0EYT i can manipulate the right value in the Virtual cockpit with the knob on the Saitek radio panel, but the saitek radio panel doesn’t reflect the changed number.
  13. Hey, i tried with version 2.60b32 and the Saitek Radio Panel still cannot display the ADF2... what do i have to do to get it working ? Thanks
  14. somhow i'm to stupid. i have followed the guide an skipped the DCS Parts, but when i start my MSFS i just have Tobii in the Control settings and nothing from TrackIR? How can i remove that Tobii, i need to have the Tobii Experience installed and running otherwite FaceTrackNoIR doesn't work with my Tobii5 Tracker.
  15. i have modified the version of fs.to for the 737 to get it to work with the MS Store version. You can get it here: https://github.com/bam2000/MSFS-PMDG-737-Panel-Randomiser/releases/tag/beta Usage: Before starting the MSFS run the Panal Randomiser, its not working while MSFS already loaded. after opening the the you get a slider to set the % every switch will be changed, so i usualy set to to 4-10% and click apply. in the PMDG you select the RANDPANEL State as default and you are good to go. Link to the Orignal Post https://flightsim.to/file/33887/pmdg-737-700-panel-randomiser
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