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  1. Does anyone have the last version of FSS for FU3 by any chance? I had a hard drive failure and lost it :( I know avsim has 0.4 but 0.8 had some better features. John Zimmerman
  2. Nope, no strange message like that. The installation would simply freeze while installing the VC_redist64.exe. John
  3. Is there anyway to get the dolly to attach in the water? It would be nice to transition from water to land with this. John
  4. Hello, again, I fixed this problem by uninstalling all of my C++ 2015-2022 installations, rebooting, and reinstalling. John
  5. Hello, my 1.5 installation hangs on the VC_redist64.exe file. Is there a work around? John
  6. Hello, I recently reinstalled this wonderful sim and have a few questions that someone hopefully can answer. 1) I cannot seem to get icing to work to save my life. I have used the snowy weather preset which should definitely give me icing. I have spent many minutes flying in the clouds using the snowy preset without even getting pitot icing. I am curious if there is a setting I'm missing or if it is a Windows 10 issue... 2) Does anyone have the Weather Unlimited program for this? I believe it let you load a metar into the sim. I would love to have that! 3) Has anyone used the old FSS program for this sim? It was a neat career program. I have an old version that wouldnt work with Windows 10... Alan
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