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  1. Ok did two more test flights to heathrow and back. One in good weather and one with the Thunderstorms that occurred recently. Both times the simulator was perfectly stable. There was some frame loss on the thunderstorm one but I suppose that's to be expected in cloudy rain TS with 100+ aircraft on a morning approach. Left Heathrow today with a 120+ aircraft in the sim and 100 aircraft at Heathrow ground, I know that's above recommended but wanted to test it. Again some FPS issues (expected) but NO crashing. So long story short, this issue until further notice has been solved. Thanks everyone for your help. Jon.
  2. Doing the evening flight back to Toronto. Gave the FO control as I took a few pictures :).
  3. Reinstall complete. Got rid of the missing paint/model errors. First successful takeoff from Heathrow without crashing in two weeks. YAY! Will do some further testing but looking good thus far. And now all the traffic AI have working nav and beacon lights (they didn't before). Jon.
  4. It's not inside my P3D structure. And my onedrive has been disconnected, but desktop is by default in Onedrive unfortunately :(. However I do agree that uninstalling is the best course of action. There's a lot of issues and it'd honestly be faster. Plus I really don't care much for business jets. Jon.
  5. Yeah somehow the locations got messed up badly. A screenshot may help. In my files I've got 2 sets of files with simobjects and traffic files. There's the general in AIG itself, and then an OCI-Configuration that has a second set. My OCI was deleting files in the AIG folder but NOT in the OCI-Config, inversely the simulator seems to use OCI-Companion as the folder for the addon. And my AI Companion was using the OCI-Companion file as a the source. So for the moment what I've done is put AI companion to use the simobjects and traffic files in the AIG folder for the moment. And will try and figure it out from there. As the to the number of errors. I haven't counted but it looks to be around at least 100-200 errors. Most of them don't even fly to heathrow, but ofc just flying around London and then the sim trying to render it may be a cause of a crash as well I assume? Jon.
  6. Hi Ray. I rechecked the readme and yes for some reason I had messed up the file locations that Ai companion was reading. Now it seems to be working fine so all's good. It was till I changed the location that AI Companion was reading. Jon.
  7. Hi Ray. The one issue that was occurring was I used the OCI configuration for the BGL report. But when removing flightplans from AIG manager it made no difference to the BGL report. As it effects the files outside OCI configuration apparently. But I changed that around so now it's based on the files outside OCI config. Jon.
  8. Ray a question. The BGL files we want to modify are NOT the ones in OCI-Configuration right? Cause I seem to have messed up my folder locations so gotta start from scratch :(. Jon.
  9. Ray that seems extremely helpful. Thank you. Also I was worried that my crashes may have been due to another program like AI flow. But I tried again and it literally crashed before I even opened it with a NTDLL. Then afterwards I reinstalled the graphics driver (cause why not, plus I was seeing some graphics driver related issues like audio freezing). and tried it again, another crash with NTDLL. So I agree with you that it's almost certainly related to errors in the AI. One thing, I've been doing what you recommend, and for some of the aircraft I'm getting no paint errors and replacing those, but other aircraft are in red in AIFP3 for some reason despite BGL report not stating there's an issue with them(I can also view the models in BGL report). I'll be honest I've never seen those aircraft in the sim anyways, but the model file is still there, just AIFP can't open the model for some reason and has the aircraft in red. Some examples include the Bombardier Global express. I guess my worry is that if I don't replace all aircraft showing red in AIFP3 that the crashes will stay, but since it won't show a bug report on BGL report it'll be impossible to find. Jon.
  10. Hi Ray. It's already installed and I'll get you that screenshot probably tomorrow, or I can print it off into a pdf right? I saw the progress bar, the blue completes and then just stays there. Jon.
  11. Yeah seems like an AI issue. Did a BGL report, and there were a LOT of issues. Including missing repaints and models for numerous BGL's. However when I use AIG OCI and click fix repaints or update models, it scans for a bit, then does nothing. So I'm not quite sure what's going on there or how I'm going to fix this. Jon.
  12. It's been happening on and off for a while, though only at Heathrow and Paris as of the moment as far as I can tell. I'm not sure which settings to lower tbh, when landing and approaching the airport I get a 30 FPS on the approach with relatively few stutters. So if it was a performance issue, wouldn't I see something there? Also yet another crash in Heathrow doing the 6pm back to Toronto. This time however it came with this error log, a G3d.dll crash with a 0005 exception. I also tried content error logging by P3D but it didn't catch anything of note and ended at entry 999. Jon.
  13. Well tested it in compatibility mode and the performance tanked terribly, so that old solution is out. Not terribly surprising given that V5 is recommended for windows 10 minimum. Jon.
  14. Nope no overclocking either the GPU or CPU. Jon
  15. Hi all. I'm currently having an issue at busy European airports (Heathrow and Paris being the one's I've seen this in thus far). Namely there will be a sudden CTD. Each time it generally has this error log or some variation therein. I use AIG traffic, PMDG 777, and AI Companion. I'm not strictly sure where to go with this. Previous pages on the forums relate to P3D V3 and one fix is to use it in compatibility mode for windows 8, but I don't know if that will lead to performance loss, which is an issue I've been dealing on and off with for a bit. Signed Jon.
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