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    Fly to Every Capital in The World

    And the resolution on those first set is way worse than it was on my end, this maybe a learning experience. Signed jon

    Fly to Every Capital in The World

    First Flight of the journey, YYZ-YVR Air Canada 119. Using a Boeing 777-300ER PMDG. With Ray Smith's CYYZ and CYVR, weather is Active Sky Next. Loading Up at Toronto See ya later Toronto A sunset View at 38000 The Rockies with a low level cloud base Vancouver in Sight And we're here. Signed Jon
  3. So this will be a long series of posts and screenshots, now the title is self-explanatory. But to add, here are the rules for me and this journey(also please contribute if you would like to try this challenge). Goal:To Fly to every single Capital City in the world(or as many as possible within the prescribed ruleset) -All Flights must continue from the previous destination( ex, after YYZ-LHR, if I wish to go to Hong Kong, I must fly from LHR, and Cannot choose another departure point without flying there first), this extends to diversion airports, regardless of the reason. -All flights MUST be real-life scheduled flights from an airline(the aircraft should belong to that airline, but some exceptions such as the aircraft previously belonging to that airline, or being a close equivalent are allowed. Ex 737-800 replacing a MAX). Note: If you diverted, you may continue from the diversion airport to your intended destination without having to adhere to this rule. (Note some exceptions are allowed. For example Istanbul has gotten a new airport recently, however using Attaturk as a proximate for the new airport is allowed, just make sure to state this) -All journeys must start from 1 starting point, and will end eventually at that point(for me this will be Toronto, Canada) -You may return to your original starting point, or to a destination that you have previously visited as many times as you wish. -You may fly to cities which are not capitals of a specific country -Real Weather must be used, and it must be accurate for the time and date of the flight -All flight times/dates must be within 10 days of the actual scheduled date(so if the flight occurred on January 1st, the latest I can fly that flight with Simulator Time/Date as January 1st is January 11th real world) -Delays are allowed, cancellations may also occur -You may fly flights that were historically cancelled, as long as the previous limitations are met -If using PMDG, service failures must be on, at least during take-off, climb, descent, and landing. You may turn them off during cruise Optional Rule(s) -Use Airlines only from ONE of the 3 alliances( I will be using Star Alliance) Enjoy and Good luck. Signed Jon

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    Ok well I'll start turning some sliders down and also try and get you guys an fsuipc log, plus several of the other pieces of advice given on this forum, thanks for all the help it just really confused me how it would simply always OOM at Toronto even without approaching the 4GB limit, but the spiking makes sense i guess. Signed Jon

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    So from what I understand you are saying even though my VAS indication is clearly showing that it is a full GB away from being at the 4GB limit, that during the approach and taxi in the VAS is spiking which won't be measured by process explorer? And that spike is causing the OOM? Signed Jon.

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    I could understand pulling the settings back if the VAS had approached the 4GB limit(I will do that with some settings anyways to give it a try like scenery radius), but I still don't understand how you can get a an OOM without the memory approaching the VAS limit of 4GB. Jon

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    Well I've turned the global texture resoltution to high instead of very high everything else apart from water is on max, including ultimate traffic 2. In response to the suggestion of P4D, I simply at the moment can't afford a 400 odd dollar upgrade for my simulator. Signed Jon

    FSX OOM even with 1GB Free VAS

    32 Bit means it can access all the way to 4GB, which is what many people report OOMs occurring at, my question is why is the OOM occurring at 3GB of Vas, I know the 4GB limit. Im just confused as to why it is OOMing at 3GB when it still has plenty to access even for a 32bit program. Signed Jon Alxander
  9. So to start off this thread I have tried multiple times from various long haul flights to try and fly the pmdg 777 into toronto pearson with only the Ray smiths Addon airport installed, I have a VAS monitor and look at it each time I try and go in, sometimes I am even looking at it when the OOM error occurs, the max the VAS monitor ever said it got to was 3.5 gb of vas usage, and the one this morning was at 3GB of VAS usage when the OOM occurred, so I've got to ask what is going on(I have a 64 bit windows and 16GB of RAM by the way). the VAS monitor I use is Process Explorer 64. This really doesn't make much sense to me, the addons I've got are the PMDG 777-300er, Activeskynext, and GSX. Those are the main ones with no scenery addons besides Ray smith's airports. So why am I getting an OOM even when my memory or VAS isn't fully used seeing as the memory used in this OOM was 7GB out of 16 GB, is there any reason why FSX is now not even taking 4GB of memory. Or is my VAS monitor getting it wrong? Signed Jon Alexander

    Affinity Mask, value needed

    Thanks will do. Signed Jon

    Affinity Mask, value needed

    Well seems like if I keep am=116 and putting asn off core 0,1 the freeze appears to occur only every 16 hours. If i put affinity mask to anything else or get rid of it at all the freezes come immediately back. Signed Jon.

    Best freeware for Heathrow?

    Yeah I'll try that since he has a very good way of designing the airports. Signed Jon.

    Affinity Mask, value needed

    Thank you so much I did what you said, to leave fsx on all 8 cores, and unchecked asn on cores 0 and 1, leaving it on 2 and 3. And it flew like a breeze 13 hours flying plus 2 hours getting ready from toronto to delhi in the pmdg 777( with Ultimate traffic 2), not one freeze at all. Hopefully that's the end of it. Signed Jon.

    Affinity Mask, value needed

    Seem to have found a sort of manual fix, via windows task manager I tell fsx to use cores 1-3 only and tell asn to use cores 0 only worked on 1 flight, the other flight told it to use 1-4 and froze after about 4 hours but much less often, so starting to make progress. Thanks for the help so far everyone. Signed Jon.
  15. Your right it is affinity mask, got asn and it tried to put an affinity mask setting that unfortunately didn't work, I'm trying to set affinity mask so that only 3 cores are used, you wouldn't by chance know how to do that? Signed Jon.