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  1. The A380 is an old enough airplane now that data is available if you know where to look.. myself I'm looking forward to the iniBuilds version.
  2. This guy feels like a really sad person...
  3. For one, it's not FBW like the later aircraft -- it also has a yoke, and an early ECAM version. The systems management is very A320-like.
  4. 737 MAX might sell, but they'd have to beat PMDG to it, so no.
  5. Methinks that's the end of the line for their P3D products.
  6. That was quick! The triple seems to be further along than expected by many.
  7. You do know that EOE modeling has been introduced in newer FFS devices?
  8. Wait, does Fenix actually have a working FDAS panel? That hasn't really been permitted so far AFAIK....
  9. This has changed recently to harmonise it with the rest of the fleet. Boeing now permits landing with the A/T in, but many operators will have you disconnect anyway. Some operators, such as Lufthansa, will have you do this even in the Airbus. Others, such as BA, *require* you to leave the autothrust in unless it has failed. Others don't care.
  10. No, I just meant that it would be a lot more work for the Fenix than for the PMDG if one wanted to make the co-pilot capable of dealing with all the failures.
  11. The emergency NGX features were integrated into the main product. As for the Fenix, it supports around 95% of the failures in the real sim (full flight simulator), so programming the checklist interactions for all 300+ items would be a chore...
  12. Now of course, this doesn't mean we'll never get a study level A350, just that it'll take some time, similarly to DCS.
  13. That's because PMDG has an official partnership with Boeing, enavbling them to get what they need for newer Boeing aircraft like the MAX/777X.On the other hand, the same contract allows Boeing to dictate in detail what can/can't be simulated, which explains why we're not seeing quite Fenix levels of detail, especially regarding malfunction simulations.
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