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  1. OuterMarker

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    Thank god😁I've been trying to do this myself but I couldn't get it to work with the NAV AP mode. If you need a tester, let me know👍
  2. OuterMarker

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

    It's not a mistake, they just don't care...
  3. OuterMarker

    Matt's Falcon paints

    Wow, I love the red one!
  4. OuterMarker

    How to Declutter the PFD?

    You can. On the FMS, MFD MENU -> DISPLAY
  5. OuterMarker

    Repaint HB-FVD

    Absolutely stunning!!
  6. OuterMarker


    That's awesome! The colors are fantastic, especially the orange of the logo. There is one thing I noticed though, I hope I'm not nitpicking with this. The dark grey belly is not one straight line from the nose to the tail, it's actually lower behind the wing so that it blends in with the flaps when they are retracted. It's hard to notice on photos since it is only clearly visible when the flaps are retracted. LH does this on all aircraft types, including the Germanwings fleet. Again, please don't get me wrong! I just wanted to let you know since you're clearly putting a lot of work into these. :)
  7. OuterMarker

    Request Lufthansa Cargo

    Stunning work, Steve! I love the weathering detail.
  8. That's no problem :smile: This issue is only present with 1m, 2m and 5m mesh resolutions.
  9. It still happens with 5m so to completely get rid of it it has to be 10m.
  10. Setting the Mesh Resolution to 10m solves this annoying behavior.
  11. OuterMarker

    GSX - pushback vibrations

    It is the same issue as with the 777 but the 747 has camera shaking effects included that get triggered by this, that's why everyone here is noticing it. You can disable these shaking effects in the FMC options under "Simulation".
  12. OuterMarker

    GSX - pushback vibrations

    What's quite different? I'm not sure if we're talking about the same issue as this topic is about the new build in camera shaking effect engaging due to the nosewheel fighting the GSX pushback steering, not some form of stuttering that may be caused by GSX.
  13. OuterMarker

    GSX - pushback vibrations

    The problem is that PMDG doesn't make use of the bypass pin feature provided by GSX, thats also why the tiller and rudder pedals are shaking violently during the GSX pushback. It's the same in the T7.
  14. Greg Morin As I don't want to contribute anymore to this off-topic here I'll write you a PM :wink:
  15. In fact, I never criticized someone else's efforts. I was just a little cheeky and I'm very amused by the outcome of that :smile: