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  1. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Another masterpiece Steve, simply stunning!!! Cheers, Peter
  2. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    Dornier 328

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Alan. Cheers, Pete
  3. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    A hop on the baby busses

    Great pics and story, thank you for sharing Charly. Cheers, Pete
  4. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    PMDG 777 unreal acceleration during takeoff and climb

    The 777's engines are ridiculously powerful. If you see them depart from EHAM, they're likely loaded up quite heavily for long flights (both fuel, pax, cargo). I personally like to use the 777 on short flights in Japan and use appropriate fuel, but load up on pax and cargo, AND use 20% derated thrust, which often gives me a takeoff run of about 40-45 seconds 🙂 Cheers, Pete
  5. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    errors when closing the Sims

    I am also encountering this crash upon exiting FSX SP2 with the 777 and 747QOTS. I haven't flown the NGX since the recent updates, only the MD11 and that one works just fine. Hopefully PMDG finds a fix for this. Cheers, Pete
  6. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    Serious Question - Upgraded FSX/P3D Maddog MD-80

    Hi Dave, believe it or not, I was still following this as a self proclaimed Maddog nerd ;-) Just a quick question, the youtube channel you linked to doesn't have any content - am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks for sharing the great news! Cheers, Pete
  7. I'm not a screenshot poster, but every once in a while my old pc surprises me with the performance I still get in FSX SP2. BTW, I looooooooooooove the CRJ :-) Cheers, Pete
  8. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    Morning Climbout from Vancouver

    Funny, I just did that same flight with a Westjet 736 last night, unfortunately my sim didn't look as good as yours ;-) Great pics, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Pete
  9. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    DA Fokker in widescreen

    Thanks for sharing Staffan, this is (was) a fantastic aircraft, I agree - too bad they never delivered on the VC. It's been so long, I don't currently have it installed in FSX, do you use FSX or P3D? Just curious if it works in FSX before digging up the good old Fokker. Cheers, Pete
  10. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    Search BVB Airbus FsLabs

    He's looking for a Germanwings repaint in one of Germany's soccer clubs colors (BVB - or as soccer fans in the US call them Dortumund. Versuch mal nur nach "Dortumund" oder "Germanwings: zu suchen. Ich glaube aber es gibt kein repaint in BVB Farben und/oder als Mannschafts-Airbus. Wenn Du auf der FS Labs Seite nichts findest, dann kann ich Dir leider nur google vorschlagen. Vielleicht hat ja jemand dieses repaint gemacht, nur nicht oeffentlich zur verfuegung gestellt. Viel Glueck beim suchen. Beste Gruesse, Peter
  11. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    Best looking Biz jet?

    Very nice! Cheers, Pete
  12. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    FSX SE Tweaking

    Gents, let's keep to the topic and don't make it personal please. Cheers, Pete
  13. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    Corfu arrival.

    Very nice!
  14. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    FS2004 - ULLI ULMM - Aeroflot Nod Being 737-500

    Great pictures Cláudio! I wish there was a good 737/400 for FSX. FS9 still looking great though 😊 Thanks for sharing, Pete
  15. Peter Z KCLE_EDDN

    boeing 717-200 byTFDI comments about plane

    Ronny, just reading through this thread I'm realizing that everyone basically described my experience with this bird. I have a pretty old system (4 1/2 years old) and the 717 didn't run smooth on my system. I had to convert the cockpit textures to DXT1 to eliminate severe stutters. My video card is too old to take advantage of the hardware rendering this add on offers. I too bought it because it's like a mini MD11. I also have a sweet spot for the 717 as I used to fly Airtran a lot IRL. It still has some bugs but (for me) it is a product i enjoy. Looks fantastic, flies/feels great (minus some bugs they're still working on), VC is superb, sounds are terrific too. I wish there were more repaints for it, but they haven't released the repaint kit yet. Cheers, Pete