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  1. Ok, ok, I'll be buying it 😉 Seriously, thank you all for the great input, good, bad, and not soo good - yet always objective! I never liked the F1 B200, but that was just personal preference, but I very much like the unique avionics Milviz used. Hopefully v5 will be out soon. Cheers, Pete
  2. That explains it then, if the OP didn’t have autobrakes selected, then arming spoilers on the ground wouldn’t work. I wasn’t sue as I’m not on my PC. If I remember correctly, I believe I installed a new repaint yesterday, and I must have forgotten to activate the autobrakes option. Cheers, Pete
  3. I’ll have to check my wx radar, but I believe I had returns on it once I increased its appropriate lights. Regarding arming spoilers, yesterday I couldn’t arm it on the ground or after configuring the aircraft for landing, so I just amended my landing checklist 😉 Cheers, Pete
  4. Agreed, switch to v5 now! I only switched from FSX to v4 a year ago, now to v5 - spare yourself the trouble and go right for v5 IMHO. Cheers, Pete
  5. Hi there, Check the Leonardo manager, there is a setting that let’s you equip the Maddog with autobrakes (don’t remember were exactly, not at my sim pc right now). i just had the same problem with my not being able to arm spoilers yesterday for the first time, but I can’t remember if this is another optional feature and I’ve not seen that before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if older models didn’t have that feature either, but I’m not a true expert on the MD 8x series. Cheers, Pete
  6. Fantastic series!! What a cool hobby we all have 👍 And to do this via a sim platform is equally exciting! Cheers, Peter
  7. So true Ron, tweaking is apparently in our DNA!
  8. I had the same issue. I fixed it by uninstalling Sode from within Orbx, then manually installed Sode 1.68 and all is back to normal. I haven’t tried 1.70 since. Cheers, Pete
  9. 😳😄👀 This looks absolutely delicious! Incredible how far we’ve come! The article below is in German and says it’ll be released tomorrow.....👍🎉 BUT - check out the video! https://www.simflight.de/leonardo-maddog-erscheint-morgen-16-05-fuer-p3dv5/ Cheers, Pete
  10. I guess it’s all part of our SOP’s then and incorporated in our various checklists 😉
  11. Lol, you’re so right, it’s not age related because she’s been shaking her head about flighsim since I was 29 🍻
  12. Man I’m 51 years old and I just had a reaction like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve - my wife then walked out of the room while shaking her head 🤪 Thanks for sharing the great news! Cheers, Pete
  13. Never seen this before. Which bus are you using, could it be an incompatibility issue? What other add ons were you using at that time? Cheers, Pete
  14. Wow, I’m very impressed with all the positive reviews here, I might look into getting this for P3dv5. I’m already getting very good results/performance (minus the vram challenge on a 8gb card), but holy moly are a lot of experienced simmers loving this tool - me jealous 😎 Tank you all for sharing, I never used this tool in any sim before, despite my being aware of its existence, that may change soon 👍 Cheers, Pete
  15. Hang on guys, we’re working on it 👍 Cheers, Pete
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