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  1. Fellow Simmers, keep this clean, no need for personal attacks, or this gets locked. Pete
  2. Please keep this on topic and clean friends, no need for personal attacks. I’ve hidden one post due to offensive remarks already, so please keep it clean, or this will get locked. Cheers, Pete
  3. Keep this thread clean, I already hid one post. Please refrain from personal attacks or inappropriate language, or this gets locked. Cheers, Pete
  4. Friends, please dial down the rhetoric, or this gets locked. Cheers, Pete
  5. What’s the difference between studio and “regular” drivers? Thanks in advance, Pete
  6. Couple of shots. Forgive me, I’m not a good screenshot taker.
  7. Well, I couldn't resist, and I am rather impressed so far. Now, it's only a v.3 version, so this is still early development but I'm in cruise on a flight from LEBL to EDDM and it's been charming so far. Note, this does not have PBR period! Sounds have problems or are not there yet. I'll report back, but I'm currently not regretting my purchase at all. Update: rnav, vnav were extremely smooth during climb-out. Cheers, Pete
  8. A handful of liveries is available now. I might go for it.........
  9. Just curious, is there another competing developer working currently on a classic 737?
  10. My apologies Bert et al, I forgot to specifically mention FSLABS, just like most users it’s working with all planes except the buses. Cheers, Pete
  11. I’d love a classic 733, but I’m not a huge fan of early access. I know, so then don’t 😎 Curious if there are any early takers. Cheers, Pete
  12. Has anyone been able to get 7.3.1 working yet? I tried many different drivers, but RTSS isn't capping the FPS at 30 anymore, despite the scanline sync x/2. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I just can't get the smoothness without RTSS 😞 Cheers, Pete
  13. Friends - I hid one post for language. Please refrain from using acronyms and abbreviations to avoid potentially offensive language. Back on topic please. Cheers, Pete
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