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  1. The DLSS file and the DLSSG files generally go together. The one with the G is for people using frame generation. I think I'll wait until the DLSS file is available as well.
  2. The beta that's been out a while and then became the latest stable build was 8888.
  3. Do we need to wait until the 3.7.1 version of the non-frame gen DLSS file is uploaded?
  4. If you look at the METAR, which way are the winds blowing when that happens? Do they coincide with the runway you got from P2ATC, rather than what you input in your flight plan?
  5. I will certainly be following the developments and your videos with interest!
  6. Agreed with the sentiments in here. I have had P2ATC for a while and have quite a few Cereproc voices, so the robotic nature of the default voices might not be too bad. However, I've strictly used its button interface, if you will (it shows you the myriad drop downs and possible phrases you would want to say, rather than a few you can select from). I do this because I too have to fly at night and would bother the family. That said, I decided to try SayIntentions' 24 hour trial. My first surprise was that you can type in your response, which was certainly helpful and tedious at the same time. My other surprise was that I could whisper and it would understand most of what I said while whispering (maybe 70%) and that if I spoke a bit louder or closer to the microphone, it was 100%. It actually prompted me go through the process of training P2ATC and try its voice recognition. Even after training it wasn't as good when I was having to whisper and it would fail on slight errors in the phraseology. I want realism, but I also want a little heuristics to figure out what I mean when I don't get it 100%. Nothing more frustrating than repeating something many times to try to get it right. Since I'm not even a PPL, I don't know what I don't know. The traffic injection and control is very intriguing and attractive, but without some button interface (with more than just a few options at a time), some flexibility in understanding what I'm saying (that could be changed by a slider, perhaps), and a trial, this might not be the right product for me.
  7. I'm curious why you made the change? Part of your refactoring effort? It doesn't seem like it would really change the code, as the option is still there. Also, do you find that most people run PSXT out of sync with the time in the simulator? I always want PSXT in sync with my sim time and had left the box checked by default. Now I often find myself having forgotten to check it. Will just add that step to my mental checklist.
  8. Hi Nico, Over the last few versions (I can't remember when, but I recall someone else writing about it) my Sim Time check box refuses to stay selected between closings and openings of the app. If I manually change the parameters file before opening, I get the box checked. But then when I close it, the parameter gets reset and I don't get the box checked the next time I open it.
  9. This. It's happened to me many times where I was too high across many aircraft with different nav systems. If you'd been on the glideslope before the FAF, that might have worked.
  10. I'm afraid that I don't think there is a direct binding. Your best aporoach would be to use a toggle as Matt suggests to toggle between regular thrust and reverse thrust, and then use your throttle to increase the reverse thrust.
  11. Great to know. Thanks Matt! Will try it when SU15 drops.
  12. Flying with historical weather includes the global weather data for that date/time. As such, if ASFS would inject turbulence in live weather due to the conditions, it would also do it in historical mode under the same conditions.
  13. To add onto what Matt said, there absolutely is a reverse axis and I have it bound through AAO to the bottom part of my throttle (past a detent). I had to define one part as regular throttle and the other as reverser axes. Regardless, there's also a way to do it with button presses, but those button presses in MSFS generally don't result in smooth movement across an axis, but rather discrete steps. Often with the throttle, they correspond to aircraft detents. That seems logical for someone using a keyboard wanting to command MCT or Flex, etc. rather than having to hold a key for a perfect amount of time to get the desired detent. This is the way the Fenix A320 works. Also as Matt says, you can use your regular throttle movement and simply bind a toggle to switch between regular and reverse thrust, and that's what I used to do until I decided to implement both on the same physical movement with a detent.
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