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  1. In theory you are (more or less) right, nobody should ask you to stop posting the same again and again. In practice, if a product clearly states xp11 not supported, it is absolutely not your right to judge or insist what should or could or has to be fixed/done by the devs. You have no clue if this is a minor or major task. And especially as this seems to have been an unintended release, what a nightmare. Last thing, a dev now needs is somebody consistently bashing around. I am patiently waiting for the X11 release, it's a wonderful bird.
  2. 8,520 posts do not excuse you from respect and civility! Who do you think you are???
  3. It is a great privilege to get informed on a few topics they work on through their blogs.I hope they won't change their attitude when reading this kind of stuff
  4. I'm not native, but... my Ga trip in a Cessna T210M around the nordkapp - so far from Kirkenes down to Bodo - with v0.2 is just a blast. Apart from a few minor issues it is a again a excellent scenery. Thanks Tony!
  5. I was happy to go for smp1 and also paid the upgrade to smp3. This looks to me like a nice feature that enhances smp in its lifecycle - but not as another standalone product. sorry, i'll pass this one... Regards, Heiko
  6. any update on Norway Pro? I am patiently waiting for this gem. Best Regards...
  7. Excellent! I love to fly there. How long will it take until we can try?
  8. our flight club's two c152s are very stable. if there is a bank, the airplane rolls back to center without input. during my ppl-a lessons in a c152 my instructor adviced me to get hands off the yoke if you get disoriented in clouds. he even demonstrated the aircraft stability on the short final only using the rudder until flare...
  9. Hi,this is really incredible, for me this is a deceit...But what makes me really obset is that you can order this software at simmarket. This example alone should be enough to take it from their offerings!Regards,Heiko
  10. Hi,unfortunately i suffer from the blurries as well. I really would not name this a 'mystery'. It is really an 'unsolved issue'.It is pretty easy to qualify that the texture loading does not work correctly:Just slew to a remote spot in the distance. For me it takes up to 10 minutes until I get a more or less sharp resolution in front, sometimes it never get's really crispy.@Phil: How long should it take to build the textures from the lowest level of detail? I think everybody can check this easily.In general I hope that Aces will permanently fixes bugs, looks for improvements and delivers patches. Especially as a platform provider with 3rd party developers building on top!Bugs are not a problem, every software has them. It is just the fear of some simmers (including me) that there are not fixes planned until the new expansion set.Regards,Heiko
  11. Hi Don,thanks for your reply. The problem also occured before I installed/used TrackIR. It's a general problem as it occurs in FS9 and FSX. I just wonder it might be related to my geforce 6600?Did anybody ever experienced this problem?Regards,Heiko
  12. Hi, I have a huge problem using Virtual Cockpits, hopefully someone can help...I can not pan to the left or right, there a flickers and the view centers back immediately. This happens in FS9 and FSX, in all planes and regardless whether I use my FF2 Hat Switch or my newly bought TrackIR 4. When the plane is not moving or I paused FS, looking around in VC works perfect, but as sone as anythings moves the problems occurs again.BTW, I have a Geforce 6600 card with newest drivers (93.71)Hope anyone has some suggestions...Regards,Heiko
  13. Hi,i just started to create a little mission about a sightseeing flight in a friends old Cessna that starts comfortly but slowly turns into a nightmare.Maybe someone can help me out with some basic questions:How can I define the duration of a dialog message to stay on screen?For my beta testers ;-) the text disappears to quickly...Can I trigger an action when the engine was started? I could not find any condition for that.How can I adjust aircraft properties? E.g. I want to set fuel to 20% right after take-off, but not as an Failure Action (that happens later ;-) Is this only possible via simconnect?Regrads,Heiko
  14. Hi,the mission system seems to add great value to the fs experience (as far as i understood the overall feedback correctly) and we have already seen a lot of great ideas. But is there also a way to group missions to a package, means to have a real storyboard?And if not, what would be needed?* A Storyline between missions can be included with animations, clips, rewards etc.* The result of a mission decides which mission to be flown next and influences its start parameters (airplane, flightplan, task...)* A Career mode?This would enable some skilled designers to build a really new sort of add-ons... (remember the good old Strike Commander?)Even if it sounds like a 'full-blown game in a game' approach I think this would attract a lot of simmers and manifest FS as the platform for all kind of aviation-related products...Regards,Heiko
  15. Hi,thanks Tim for your post. This will really help me to evaluate payware add-on.As a newbie in the fs area, it's really hard to judge about the quality of add-ons and to recognize which sites offer independ reviews.avsim & flightsim publish reviews of great depth and quality.Regardless of the actual product, these letters give me confidence, that I can trust the reviewers here:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=1385&page=2I had some concerns about simflight reviews. There is to often a *must have* statement. Driven by your post I checked the the relation between simflight & simmarket which clarified a lot.http://media.simflight.com/sites.htmIf you can recommend any other trustworthy sites, please let me know.Regards,Heiko
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