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  1. In theory you are (more or less) right, nobody should ask you to stop posting the same again and again. In practice, if a product clearly states xp11 not supported, it is absolutely not your right to judge or insist what should or could or has to be fixed/done by the devs. You have no clue if this is a minor or major task. And especially as this seems to have been an unintended release, what a nightmare. Last thing, a dev now needs is somebody consistently bashing around. I am patiently waiting for the X11 release, it's a wonderful bird.
  2. 8,520 posts do not excuse you from respect and civility! Who do you think you are???
  3. It is a great privilege to get informed on a few topics they work on through their blogs.I hope they won't change their attitude when reading this kind of stuff
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