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Found 45 results

  1. xMETAR Full (by spectrun). The Real Time Weather System for MSFS. xMETAR Full (by spectrun) allows obtaining Real Weather within the MSFS using updated information of the current location of the aircraft. This information is applied immediately every few seconds without having to stop the flight. Modifying clouds, wind, temperature and weather conditions such as rain, snow. Among other features,.. Continually adding improvements and features Nice, cheap and easy to use😀 Official Site: xMETAR (by spectrun)
  2. Good evening, I've just finished flying VFR in Prepar3d while suddenly there were low flickering clouds appearing in the distance. This while the metar was showing overcast 3600 feet for current position, so there shouldn't be there. Picture of the low clouds: https://puu.sh/vbsEP/317a34d679.bmp I would really like to know in which direction I should look for the solution. Thank you for thinking with me.
  3. Hi All, I've searched using various terms but can't find anything on this. I'm having trouble with the drawing of clouds. Here is a pic ... Does anyone know what causes this is, or should I post somewhere else? I am steering toward ORBX, because I have only seen this problem whilst appraoching England, and whilst approaching Norway and I have both in FTX, although this pic was captured whilst approaching Norway without FTX Norway activated in scenery library. I am using: Windows 7, i7 2600 OC to 4.4Ghz, 16Gb 2133RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 FSX with DX10 Fixer ORBX Global ORBX Vector ORBX Open LC Europe FTX England FTX Norway Active Sky Next + Soft Clouds REX 4 Texture Direct For Higher clouds Any help or suggestions for other forums gratefully received! Rob Padgham
  4. Name: Outerra developement video - Clouds Timelapse Category: Outerra Videos Date Added: 21 January 2015 - 03:40 PM Submitter: HiFlyer Short Description: None Provided Another development video with camera near the ground. Work in progress, more details at http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=2148.msg33477#msg33477 View Video
  5. I found this one good enough to find another cloud host and share it with you ... (since fsfiles.org went offline). This one looks a bit like a comercial. Enjoy.
  6. hello,is anyone ever experienced the white light/ambience problem like this in p3d v4.2? i have deleted p3d.cfg and shader and repair the client but nothing change.but if i turn off the volumetric fog everything changed to normal, is anyone have the solution? thanks :) addons: here's the picture: https://imgur.com/a/dSVZB7l rex soft cloud ,asca,orbx vector
  7. Cloud shadows disappear when i zoom in on a view! P3D V4,3 Anyone have similar problem and has fixed i would appreciate a solution! Thanks!
  8. Name: Prepar3D V2 over Cape Town Category: P3D Scenery Date Added: 09 December 2013 - 12:33 AM Submitter: geolpilot Short Description: A flight round Cape Town in P3D with heavy scenery and settings to show its capabilities Wanted to show how well Prepar3D V2.0 performs on my setup, with very heavy user-created mesh and landclass, a detailed aircraft (Carenado's Cirrus SR22 Turbo, known to be a frame-rate hitter in FSX), and P3D settings mostly at high to maximum. To dispel myths about poor performance, cloud rotation effects, lack of realism, etc, etc. View Video
  9. FSX with DX9 doesn't work properly. Every aircraft has the same problem. I only have these graphics problems with DX9. Please take a look: http://youtu.be/gm78fleFq1s Everything was ok and it changed some day. FSX with DX10 runs well, but I get less frame rates and I want to keep my FSX with DX9. Specs: i7 3770K @ 4.5GHz Cooled by the Corsair H110 Asrock Z77 OC Formula Gigabyte HD 7970 @ 1080 Mhz 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 8-8-8-24 Corsair 1050 W Power Supply W7 64 bits Pro Thanks for your help
  10. HI, I currently have REX OD installed, and I have been having a sort of curious "issue" with clouds for a while. I don't know if this is normal. When I am flying through a cloud, I see clouds in front of me. But, the moment I look to the side, the clouds do not exist around me--just in front of and behind the aircraft. I have cloud density all the way up in settings. Is this normal (As I understand it, FSX draws clouds as layers of sprites, but that is all I know)? I don't remember this being a problem with complex clouds in FS 2002 lol. Any help/ clarification is much appreciated!
  11. HiI have run into something strange that I have not seen before. Clouds Redraws every 5-10 min!?From the beginning with FSX and ASE in DWC mode and the Prevent Cloud Redraw in FSX is ticked I havenever seen any redraw of clouds. Now suddenly it happens. So..What have I done I asked my self. For a week a have been flying around with some small airplanes around myhome town in Sweden so I set the weather to Smooth Cloud Transitions. I worked OK at low level and low speeds.Then I got into Airliners again, PMDGs new 737NGX released a SP1. So I changed the ASE back to DWC modewith Prevent Cloud Redraw ticked but the Cloud Redraws have started anyway. No idea why ??Anyone seen this before?? Have something else changed that makes FSX redraw for some reason ??I have a Core2 Quad with 4 Gb mem and using the /3GB setting including some Userva=???Nvidia Geforce 465 GTX, SSD disksI have also reduced the Liverys to max 1 Mb/file, and using the low res version of VC cockpitSo I do not have any mem problem. Or can it be something with PMDGs 737 !?I think I will go for a flight with the iFly 737 and see what happens.Here is my FSXOptions.cfg and after is the FSUIPC.cfg, I have full license of it.ASE Build: 647[Options]FSVersion = FSXDynamicRateofChangePercent = 40VATSIMDownloads = FalseAutomaticDownloadInterval = 15AutomaticDownloads = TrueCAVOKCloudGenerationPercent = 0NoDataCloudGenerationPercent = 10CirrusCloudGenerationPercent = 20MaximumCloudLayers = 10MinimumCloudTurbulencePercent = 0MaximumCloudTurbulencePercent = 20MinimumCloudIcingPercent = 0MaximumCloudIcingPercent = 50StratusCloudOccurrencePercent = 15MinimumVisibilitySM = 0MaximumVisibilitySM = 100MaximumUpperVisibilitySM = 74MaximumSurfaceWindSpeed = 15MinimumWindTurbulencePercent = 0MaximumWindTurbulencePercent = 35MinimumWindShearPercent = 0MaximumWindShearPercent = 25DisableWindsAloft = FalseWakeTurbulenceStrength = 30CreateVirtualStations = FalseEnhanceRouteCoverage = FalseDepictHurricanes = FalseEnableSkyScapeMode = FalseUseSkyScapeforStratus = FalseForceHighPriority = FalseUpdateRange = 500EnableWindSmoothing = FalseEnableVisibilityGraduation = TrueEnableFogLayerSimulation = TrueLocalSuppression = TrueSuppressionRange = 200StartupWave = FalseEnableDirectWindControl = TrueShowSimMessages = FalseSupressOnGround = FalseForceDestinationWeatherZone = FalseVoiceATIS = FalseThermalGenerationRatePercent = 25UpandDowndraftGenerationRatePercent = 25MaximumDowndraftRate = 234MaximumUpdraftThermalRate = 256DisableHazeLayer = TrueFogLayerGeneration = TrueDatFileOverwriteUserEdit = 0PreventFSXCloudRedraws = TruePreventTstormsWithCB = FalseSuppressionCeiling =FSXDepictionMode = DWCGraduationCeiling = 10000ForceWindLock = FalseFSUIPC.ini[General]UpdatedByVersion=4703History=K8D6D1UBU2EVCRXJLC6RBTCASid=FlightTCASrange=40AxisCalibration=NoDirectAxesToCalibs=NoShowMultilineWindow=YesSuppressSingleline=YesSuppressMultilineFS=NoAxisIntercepts=NoWeatherReadFactor=1WeatherRewriteSeconds=1CustomWeatherModify=NoSimConnectStallTime=1Console=NoDontResetAxes=NoUseASEweather=YesGetNearestAirports=NoLuaRerunDelay=66TurbulenceRate=0.0,0.0TurbulenceDivisor=40,40,80,80SuppressWindTurbulence=YesSuppressWindVariance=YesMouseWheelTrim=NoMouseWheelTrimSpeed=1JoystickTimeout=20PollGFTQ6=YesBlankDisplays=NoFixControlAccel=NoFixMachSpeedBug=NoVisibilityOptions=NoOneCloudLayer=NoCloudTurbulence=NoCloudIcing=NoGenerateCirrus=NoSuppressCloudTurbulence=NoMaxIce=3MinIce=-1UpperWindGusts=NoWindTurbulence=NoSuppressAllGusts=YesMaxSurfaceWind=0WindLimitLevel=200WindDiscardLevel=400WindAjustAltitude=NoWindAjustAltitudeBy=2000SmoothBySimTime=YesWindSmoothing=YesWindSmoothness=-3WindSmoothAirborneOnly=YesPressureSmoothness=20TemperatureSmoothness=100DisconnTrimForAP=NoZeroElevForAPAlt=NoThrottleSyncAll=NoWhiteMessages=NoShowPMcontrols=NoSpoilerIncrement=512MagicBattery=NoRudderSpikeRemoval=NoElevatorSpikeRemoval=NoAileronSpikeRemoval=NoReversedElevatorTrim=NoClockSync=NoClockSyncMins=5ClearWeatherDynamics=NoOwnWeatherChanges=NoTimeForSelect=4LoadFlightMenu=NoLoadPlanMenu=NoPauseAfterCrash=NoBrakeReleaseThreshold=75SaveDataWithFlights=YesZapSound=fireworkShortAircraftNameOk=NoUseProfiles=No[JoyNames]AutoAssignLetters=No1=Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals1.GUID={458E5670-CC8F-11DF-8004-444553540000}0=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke0.GUID={E37DACA0-D0E4-11E0-8002-444553540000}[WideServer]WideFSenabled=No[GPSout]Port=COM1Speed=4800Interval=2000PosTo6Decimal=NoSentences=GPSoutEnabled=No[sounds]Path=F:\Games\FlightSimX\Sound\Device1=Primary Sound DriverDevice2=VIA HD Audio Output[Window.Radar Contact]Docked=33, 981, 2532, 2429[buttons]ButtonRepeat=20,10EliminateTransients=Yespollinterval=50[AutoSave]AutoSaveEnabled=No[GPSout2]GPSoutEnabled=NoPort=<none set>Speed=4800Interval=2000PosTo6Decimal=NoSentences=[JoystickCalibration]AllowSuppressForPFCquad=YesExcludeThrottleSet=YesExcludeMixtureSet=YesExcludePropPitchSet=YesSepRevsJetsOnly=NoApplyHeloTrim=NoUseAxisControlsForNRZ=NoFlapsSetControl=0FlapDetents=NoReverserControl=66292Reverser1Control=66422Reverser2Control=66425Reverser3Control=66428Reverser4Control=66431MaxThrottleForReverser=256AileronTrimControl=66731RudderTrimControl=66732CowlFlaps1Control=66162CowlFlaps2Control=66163CowlFlaps3Control=66164CowlFlaps4Control=66165SteeringTillerControl=0MaxSteerSpeed=60[Window.AirHauler Message]Docked=254, 3410, 3552, 763Rgs,/Pär W Sweden
  12. This is awesome, but the scary feeling I get is wondering about the lack of visibility caused by the clouds. Is there such a thing as IFR for people in wingsuits, filing a flightplan, personal transponders, etc.? 🤣😱😆😧🤔💀
  13. So, I wanted realistic sky textures. But I see both aimeleclercq creations clouds, and hdev2 clouds "photorealistic". I want the effect, when the plane goes through the clouds, the clouds realistically fly through the wing.
  14. The best thing about P3D V2 is the new cloud rendering. The worst part of FSX was seeing all those clouds below you as you descend and then somehow you miss them all or they slide to the side or they are paper thick. When you finally reach the ground and look up at all those clouds you wonder if you they were there when you were descending! P3D V2 + REX clouds is just amazing. I just flew an approach into Bilbao and the clouds were so thick and life like. While flying through the cloud layer it appeared realistic and felt like you were flying through thick heavy clouds - without the weird things you see in FSX clouds close up. Fantastic. Shadows are good also by the way
  15. I know the weather engine of FSX is not great and I do not have any add-ons for weather yet but have searched YouTube for examples (REX, ASE, FEX etc) and cannot seem to find any weather engine that actually gives me a proper ceiling. If I specify in FSX an overcast ceiling at 500 ft, I should not be able to still see the ground at 600 feet, let alone at 4,000 feet!! If I want to fly IFR it should be real IFR. Is there ANY weather engine out there that actually gives me a solid overcast (8/8) ceiling at any height when I specify it, without still being able to see the ground? All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  16. Like many, I am not a big fan of the clouds in X-plane 10 especially at ground level. However, a couple of days ago I had an idea on what could be done to improve the situation. At ground level, could Laminar (or REX etc.) produce photo realistic 2 dimensional clouds like REX do and then when you reach a certain altitude, i.e. before entering the clouds, they change to cloud puff?. Similarly, when you go beyond a certain altitude above the clouds, the clouds below you revert back to 2 dimensions to give a more convincing effect of full cloud coverage to the horizon. This would be sort of like what happens with the scenery add-on available that enables satellite scenery after you reach a certain altitude to overide the ugly X-plane horizons. Maybe my judgement of how this could be implemented is rather cloudy itself but it sounds like something plausible and possible. Cloud puffs look good when you are flying through them but from ground level they look like something from the late 90's. This way, the best of both worlds could be achieved at least until Laminar find a solution on how to make cloud puffs look more convincing and extend until the horizon. Cheers Steve
  17. I'm a long time user of most of these products with the exception of EnvTex.. i've heard and seen good things from EnvTex.. My preference with p3dv3 was to use Rex Texture Direct for the ground/water and use ASCA + AS16 for the sky/clouds.. Now with p3dv4 at hand and fully installed.. i'm debating which route to take. Its my understanding that Rex Texture direct should work with a patch any day now (i assume this means install the old installer then patch it?).. and I have installed the beta for aspd and asca.. though i'm not clear on the aspd and asca if i need to purchase anything to keep them installed (IE: do they expire).. i had purchased the AS license awhile back for 16/asca. (i'm a huge fan of the dynamic cloud feature with ASCA, which i believe is the only product to do this on the fly?) Given all this.. i thought maybe looking at EnvTex is worth a shot, though if i can achieve similar looks without spending more then i'd rather avoid it for now, as there are other addons on my shopping list :) Also not sure, but it looks like EnvTex is sortof a patch job to get it running too... In general i've gone to the all add-on.xml route with folder separation from the main p3d folder.. hoping rex/envtex would adhere to this in some way, not sounding likely.. seems like they are replacing textures directly (unavoidable i guess though since its texture replacements, ala FTXG style). So in general unsure here.. any experiences so far.. or thoughts on EnvTex vs Rex (at least for the ground textures).. I assume they are all on par and maybe i should just wait for the rex patch (and skyforce 3D as well). It sounds like the sky textures and maybe the runway textures cant be beat with EnvTex.. so maybe EnvTex + ASCA + AS16 (clouds with AS).. Thanks in advance
  18. Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed that the clouds cast shadows on the airplane, even when the airplane is above them. I have cloud shadows on obviously, and they look great on the ground. But after climbing up over the clouds I wouldn't expect to still see them on the plane. Is this a REX issue possibly or just the way the cloud shadows are rendered? I can post a short video if needed to show what I'm seeing. Thanks.
  19. Morning All, Saw some amazing pictures and video of the Russian developed xEnviro weather and cloud application for X-plane 10 and 11. However, every link I click on seems to lead me to a description or a review but never a link to actually download or purchase. I did find a Russian language page with a detailed description and cost (nearly $70) but again, no link or shopping cart, etc. Any guidance, links, and opinions would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a decent improvement over SkyMaxx 3 and offers horizon to horizon weather. Thanks, Stephen Luebbert
  20. As you can see i get a horrible horizon line when i fly through the first layer of clouds. Anyone know the cause or how to fix it? Im using Orbx Global and Rex 4 http://imgur.com/a/yO2pl
  21. From the album: Jake's Album

    Some clouds
  22. And yes, it's default. No addons (besides the sceneries and 4 aircrafts), shaders or paint / photoshop used 🙂
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