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  1. And they’re very difficult to find at the stores. Pre-orders ship in January. I hope it’s worth the wait.
  2. Thank you so much Marc. I don’t think the G2 is out in the market yet if I wanted to buy it today. I will try BestBuy
  3. What is the difference between G1 and the G2? Is it a resolution thing?
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. I think I will give it a go. Any headset in particular that would be better than the rest?
  5. Based on all the posts, looks like VR is not ready for MSFS? I was going to get a VR headset today but I am having second thought about it given all the issues with frames and all the rest. I have the latest hardware but will it be enough? What say you? Before spending 500-600 dollars I would like to get your input.
  6. To buy, or not to buy, a headset. Waiting for your experiences guys.
  7. I normally stick with Boeing. I have to admit I have been lazy for not making the effort to learn the A320.
  8. Thank you and please let us know about your experience with VR and how the headset is performing.
  9. I have never flown the airbus A320 so I have a steep learning curve ahead. At some point I will do a deep dive on the FBW A320 airliner given that everyone is noting it’s coming up pretty well. MSFS is here to stay, we just need the simulator to have better jetliners. I understand you guys agree with my statement but I just felt the need to Te-emphasize it. I can’t disagree with the comment someone made earlier about the pedantic nature of PMDG. I hope Aerosoft is able to replicate the 737.
  10. I shouldn’t be excluded from expressing my criticism. The default jetliners are broken - very simple. It is my personal observation and I hope you could live with that, mate. If this has been mentioned many times over, add mine to the list.
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