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  1. NEVER MIND .... Dang, it never fails. As soon as I press "submit," I get a big DUH moment and figure out what the problem was. I just deleted the folder with the orthos and regenerated them... voila, it works. I think there were simply some tiles missing.
  2. For some reason, the Ortho4XP tiles I created are not showing up under the airport. It did in the past, but I can't seem to remember what I did to make it so. I've double-checked the file order in the scenery packs ini file, but the blank default tiles are still what show under the aiport. Any ideas what the problem my be?? thanks in advance John in Indiana
  3. Thanks. yeah Im finding the errors just about everywhere I go ... hangars floating, runways too uneven. Good thing I primarily fly the Bell 407.
  4. Would someone who has purchased Orbx True Earth Washington go to Lopez Island Airport, S31, for X-Plane and see if you have what I guess is a terrain mesh error on the ramp. It's my favorite airport when I just want to do a quick sightseeing trip around the San Juan Islands, but now there's a big slope that makes taxiing from the ramp impossible. I'm not using any addon mesh, so it may be something introduced by Orbx. Anyway just want to check and make sure it's not me. Thanks in advance John in Indiana
  5. I gave the Air Manager demo a try. Its running on my laptop attached to a small monitor I have set up over my yoke. The instruments are really beautiful and fluid. But it had me thinking, and a bit disoriented. It seems that the more instrumentation I take out of the cockpit and make stationary on my desktop, the more moving around inside the 3D cockpit via TrackIR becomes, well, weird. Know what I mean? It's as if I've hit the flightsim "singularity" where I either have to put the instruments "back" in the 3d cockpit or consider adding more computers, side views, more copies of XP and make it so everything stays nailed down and only my head moves. Does that make any sense, and does anyone have any thoughts on this phenomena? I've thought about VR, but I kinda like my "3D world" as it is, even if there are curtains on the window and a cat asleep on the floor. I even thought of running just scenery on the main monitor, but I don't like giving up the window and door framing that to me make me feel as if I'm in a cockpit. Hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and Ill try to clarify. Thanks in advance. John in Indiana
  6. What did I tell you? I figured it out as soon as I exited the website. The folder I was exporting things to was not the folder I had added to the P3d scenery library. Duh. John
  7. I've started using ModelConverterX and ADE with P3D just to have something new to do. I used them years ago and just decided to pick them up again. Back then, I don't remember having any real problems, but now, there's just one big one. Perhaps someone can give me a hint as to what I'm doing wrong (of course, Ill figure it out 20 seconds after I press the "Submit topic" button, but bear with me). Here's the procedure I use: 1. Build model in Sketchup. 2. Export as .dae file. 3. Open .dae in ModelConverterX. 4. Convert texture to .dds. 5 Export as .mdl file. 6. Load ADE, add model to list. 7 Place model in airport. Now, when I load P3D, the model is there, but it's not textured, just a big black box. I think the problem is where I put the model and texture. I have been putting both and the model in the P3D Add-on folder. But no matter where I put it, I still just get a black box. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. John in Indiana.
  8. I'm having so much fun with Orbx's Great Britain South. I made up a little round-robin route ... Popham-Fairoaks-Old Warden-Elstree-Damyns Hall-Mayfield-Shoreham-Popham ... bought the corresponding airfields, and am making my way around the circuit. Flying over the beautifully rendered English countryside and finding the fields, most of which are grass strips, have really added a spark to my GA flying in XP. Well-done, Orbx. The "XP Expat", John
  9. Hey, Ken. Robinson, eh? Back when I took lessons at Tri-State Aero, one point of the triangle making up the long cross-country included the airport at Robinson. You'll like XP. There's just something about it. PS. I, in fact, worked on line service at TSA for three years after the military a long time ago. I stopped in with my grandson the other day to let him see the airplanes and was saddened that it doesn't do charters or have a flight school anymore. I was floored and saddened. I can remember spending all day just moving airplanes around and refueling transient general aviation, the ramp was always full. Now it looks like an abandoned airfield somewhere in Kansas. Oh, how things change.
  10. In validating my airport (modified default KOWB) in WED (V2), I'm getting the error "Warning: Wind rules in flow "From North ATC Flow" allow runway 06 to be used with up to 30 kts tailwind component @ 35 kts wind." Can't seem to figure out where to click to fix this (which I will, of course, 5 seconds after I submit this). Any hints John at KEVV
  11. It has suddenly shown up in the local airport I've been working on. It appears to be a problem with an asphalt polygon. It shows up red in WED and has to be deleted. The Jackson Hole scenery must use the same texture. OH, well
  12. I've never encountered this before. (xp 11.31) I downloaded ODog's Jackson Hole scenery and all my runways, parking lots, etc. are red. I assume it's a texture thing, but can anyone give me a clue? Thanks in advance
  13. ROFLMA ... Ha ha ha ... what did I tell you? Before I worked on xVision, I decided just to run XP and see what might have happened. Well, I got the notice for an update, it replaced all the original shaders, I copied them over to the xVision backup folder and, voila, xVision worked fine. It never fails. Now to see what XP looks like. John in Indiana
  14. I think this falls under the category of "Ive been flying it this way for so long, I forgot what changes I made." Anyway, I uninstalled Skymaxx pro and forgot whether it changes some of the shaders that were present some time ago. Now, when I run xVision, Im getting this error. Any idea how to fix it?? (Of course, Ill probably figure it out 10 seconds after I push the "submit reply" button, LOL) ERROR processing solution: source files C:\Users\jtw3\Desktop\XP Downloads\xVision_121\BACKUP\Resources\shaders\bin\glsl150\ are not original shaders
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I find I'm more of the mind-set of Paraffin when it comes to the sim, and of the same mind-set as France89 when it comes to my wallet. I really, really enjoy XP 11 as is, and while the only thing I'm using is Skymaxx Pro, still I'm always amazed as how "real" it looks to me. Maybe I'll give it a try because it's something new to tinker around with. But, the point will still be to plan a flight, take off, navigate and land. Fly happy. John in Indiana
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