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  1. Hi Mark, Are you sure that your new SSD is bootable? You can try pressing the F8 key on startup to get the list of disks and select the one you want to boot from. You can also disconnect your old C drive. I'm afraid you miss the boot partition on your SSD. Patrick
  2. Hi Mark, The easiest method would be: 1) Clone your caviar disk to your new SSD 2) Remove the caviar disk and set the new SSD as your boot device This would save you a lot of frustrations with all the reinstalls. Good luck, Patrick
  3. Could somebody confirm that the FS9 upgrade coming with the FSX version cannot be installed unless the 747 Freight version is previously installed ?Having installed this version (R12) under VISTA-64, the 747 cannot be loaded anymore (FS9 terminates), even when starting first with the Cessna and then selecting the PMDG 747. Before installing R12, it was working without issue. Other version of 737-900 loads normally and so does the FSX version.Also what would be the best method to uninstall version R12 without affecting the other versions (FS9 + FSX) installed ?Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi,it looks to me that the issue you have is that your trying to climb with your cruising speed (most likely above mach .84 and at that speed don't expect miracles. Try to limit your speed to .82 and you'll quickly see the climb rate increasing (in VNAV mode). However at that level, a climb rate around 1000 fpm is not at all abnormal (if you're fully loaded). Typically also the initial flight level will be around FL290 - FL310 and you'll only be able to climb higher after having consumed some fuel (it can take easily 2 hours before you're able to step climb to the next level).
  5. Hi,the solution is dead easy: edit the file scenery.cfg with notepad and delete the erroneous lines (left over from the scenery you removed) and let FS rebuild its indices. Next time it helps if you keep a backup of this file before installing something dubious.
  6. Hi,You'll get nowhere with these complex aircrafts if you do not study the detailed procedures provided. Looks like your FMC initialisation is not complete. And surely you know that there is also a PMDG forum ?When you do that you'll not want to come back to default aircrafts.Always 3 greens.
  7. Hi,this 360 orbit during a SID departure happens to me as well from time to time (in my case a WOBUN2G from EGLL (between BUR and WOBUN), i.e. well after passing the first waypoint (BUR) of the departure.I've the impression that it might be caused by having some fixes defined in the SID with different coordinates than the FMC NAV database.As you, I'm just selecting heading sel mode to go through and resuming LNAV after next waypoint.(see http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ng_type=search)
  8. Hi Jonathan,works perfectly for me since years, just use the right push button as a COM1/COM2 toggle in the goflight setup program.
  9. Hi Jerry,with the current hardware possibilities, there is no way that you could have 3 windows in 3D mode for the left, front, and right views without a severe penalty on FPS.The options you have in my opinion are: - TripleHead2Go with one computer (already a vast improvement to the front view on one monitor), with optionnally the Track-IR software (for changing views); - 3 (or 5) computers connected in a network each one displaying one view with the wideview software (Left, Front, Right) or (Left, Front left, Front, Front right, Right) (website www.wideview.it)Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Jonathan,the solution is dead easy: remove all reference to SID/STAR to runways 05 and 23 in the file EGLL.TXT and you'll be fine. Or better, download a more recent EGLL.TXT file...Patrick,
  11. Hi,for me, I'd rather put it this way: if I could not use the Aerosoft MCP, then I'd have no reason to buy the FSX version... I'd fully happy to stay with the FS9 version.Of course, I'd understand paying for the upgraded version.
  12. Hi Chuck,With Wideview, you need to have a main PC (called wideview server) running FS with all instruments and optionnally the outside main (forward) view and then "n" PC's connected on your LAN (called wideview clients). Each client needs to run its own copy of FS (in slew mode) and receives the FS data from the wideview server PC (via the network) and will have just one/two outside view(s) (different than the other PC's views).Eg with 3 PC's with one outside view each, you can have Left forward + Forward + Right forward views.You can also with powerfull graphic card and PC have 2 independent views for each PC.All the details can be found in the wideview forum :)Hope it helps,Patrick
  13. Hi Alex,have you checked also the the goflight bridge is running (program GFDevFSX.exe)? It get minimised in the task bar. In my case, I've to start it manually before launching FSX.Patrick
  14. Hi,in the WOB2G for EGLL, defined as follows: SID WOB2G RNW 27L KEEP HDG UNTIL 580 KEEP HDG UNTIL RADIAL 121 FROM NAVAID BUR NAVAID BUR NAVAID WOBUNa strange circle appears between BUR and WOBUN.It seems to have been noted already but I do not remember if a solution was found. For the moment I just press on Heading and resume LNAV after WOBUN. Any other solution ?Patrick
  15. Hi,This is explained in the wideview documentation and wideview forum, but basically, you'll need these lines in your panel.cfg :3 MONITORS SETUP WITH WIDEVIEW(Here is my panel file for both the server and client)...[VIEWS] VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=0.0, 0.0, 0.0 VIEW_FORWARD_ZOOM=1.0 VIEW_FORWARD_EYE=0.035, -0.210, -0.05 VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_DIR=0.0, 0.0, 45.0 VIEW_FORWARD_Right_ZOOM=1.0 VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_EYE=0.0, -0.210, 0.0 VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_DIR=0.0, 0.0, -45.0 VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_ZOOM=1.0 VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_EYE=0.0, -0.210, 0.0...Once you have set up the layout you can save it as a saved flight that you will re-select to start a new flight.Hope it helps.In my setup the server pc has forward view and instruments (on 2 monitors) and the second pc has the right and left views.
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