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  1. Used for FS9 only! (It's actually 3 computers . . .) Chuck B.
  2. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    That's perfect and it appears to allow you to download v.1.6.Thank you for being persistent, N60JBravo! VERY confusing . . .
  3. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    The link works, but if you look about 1/2 way down the page, you'll see that IOBit even TELLS you that the link will take you to v.2.4...! Even tho it's marked i on the front page as v.1.6.<br /><br />-- Sent from my Galaxy S II Skyrocket over the (painfully slow) AT&T "FORE-GEE" Network.
  4. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    Am I the only one who gets Version: 2.4.1 when he clicks on the version 1.6 link over at that IOBit page?
  5. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    David: Could you send me a copy of that if I IM you my private email address???
  6. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    Yup, that was the version that worked best . . . I really liked it, and that may be because I was surprised anything like that did any good at all!Anybody still have that release?
  7. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    I wish I did! I'll dig through my backups in the next couple of days and see if I can find it again. if you don't hear from me, give me a nudge Monday or Tuesday if you want. (I've got a lot going on and I'm old, too!)
  8. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    When I first got Game Booster a couple of years ago, it really helped .. I was uber surprised - and impressed -- with how it helped FS9. Didn't last long though, two or three releases later and they gummed it all up.
  9. Chuck_B

    FS9.cfg tweak guide

    +1 For Nick's guides - definitive, to say the least!
  10. Chuck_B

    Imp.War Museum, Duxford

    I'd like to know this, too.
  11. Chuck_B

    Autoland gauges by Bjorn Karlsson

    Are these true "autoland" gauges?? I'd like to get a copy of those myself. Can that same person PM me at the same time?
  12. Chuck_B

    Where is the FDC Live Cockpit Forum

    Hi, Jer! The only place I set the departure time is on the opening GUI -- where the little clock/countdown timer is when the program opens -- there should be up and down arrows to adjust the time, with two radio buttons with the following choices: "Time of Departure", and "Time Until Departure". I usually set it for 20 minutes or 25 minutes to departure. Since I can't fly without FSPassengers' brake squeal effect, I just use the cabin announcements from that addon.Hope this helps!
  13. Chuck_B

    Where is the FDC Live Cockpit Forum

    Jerry, I posted the url link yesterday on your earlier post here -- the forum was working fine then. I just contacted the developer to tell him the support forum is down. It will be back up as soon as Dave can bring it up. My FDC is currently tied up in a flight so I cant look at the GUI, but what you want is there. I think it's on the very first page under the first button. Read all the options there, and help is available if you hover the mouse cursor over each option.Good luck!
  14. Chuck_B


    Paul: Where is your FS9.exe located? If you're running FSC9 over a network you have to mount the network location of FS9 and FS9 flight plans as drives, with appropriate share permissions on each; you can't just point to their location on the network. Then, you have to mount the drives, making sure your FS9 machine is turned on so that FSC9 can access the files in the folder.This is all explained in the installation instructions with the purchased download. They also have a dedicated service forum if you need more in depth help.Hope this helps.