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  1. I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. Ever since iFly came out with their model, I haven't used the Wilco at all. Good luck!
  2. >>Damn, censure is something i never saw coming from avsim staff. Are you kidding me? It's become the standard. I used the term "tyranny" last year in a post, and some pedestrian, uneducated boob thought I was being over[ly-sic] dramatic when in fact I was only trying to be illustrative, but when somebody as kind and gentle as Paul is warned about 'suspension' I think it pretty much applies. This is crazy!
  3. mondoeman: my email address is xtrelanex@yahoo.com. Thanks, man!

  4. mondoeman: my email address is xtrelanex@yahoo.com. Thanks, man!

  5. Hi, If you send me your email address I will send you the gauges. Yes they are autoland.

  6. Duckbilled: Love your dog! VERY cool!

    Chuck B.

  7. Hi Chuck

    Tried to send you a PM but your box must be full. New 'baby' arrived today! :) Ian

  8. Right now, my favorite is KPHL by SunSkyJet. Utterly jaw dropping -- BRAVO, guys.www.sunskyjet.comAnd let's not all be greedy here and just take, take, take: remember to hit the tip jar once in a while! These freeeware developers are doing this hard work out of a love of this hobby and a deep seated sense of sharing. Show them you're appreciation sometimes.
  9. Jerry: It offers the most flight plan import and export formats than any other software that I've ever seen. IOW, it can import and export to more flight planners and payware aircraft. That was enough for me to buy it at first. I am often lazy and don't necessarily want to enter entire flight plan into an FMC.
  10. Yes. Start using it today and READ THE MANUAL. No kidding! -- I kept trying to get it without doing that and you've hit the nail right on the head -- it's not intuitive at all. Not until I actually started using it and reading the manual did I start to realize it's full power.
  11. Here's another big thumbs up for FSBuild. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get past that it more than makes up for it's cost by time saved and fun gained.
  12. I can tell he has some boarder collie in him. I have two dogs, one looks like Jack there complete with the black eye.

  13. Thanks for the comment about Jack the Dawg, altstiff -- he's 1/2 boarder collie! But you could probably tell that. Smooth skies, my friend!


    AKA Trelane

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