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  1. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/30941145.jpg
  2. Ironic, since Avsim might be the one and only positive (unless I post a rant in the Flight forum) and helpful forum supporting Flight. There is certainly no goodwill on their Facebook page!! MS owes a great deal of gratitude to Avsim for sure.
  3. FSX relies more on the CPU speed than on the video card, so for what it's worth you can save the money and run the video card you have. FSX Gold edition includes the base FSX along with the Acceleration addon (adding a P51, F18 and a few other goodies). It also contains the "patches". Sounds like the issue you are having is due to the graphics settings and/or driver. Is your video driver current? Go to Nvidia.com and check to make sure it is. Then in FSX start with basic graphics settings, disabling stuff like DX10, lighting, etc and see if that has any effect. Keep us posted and good luck!
  4. Did you add the ENB series mod to FSX or are you running it stock? Check the graphics settings and disable DirectX 10 as well as lighting and see if that works... It would help if you also post your computer/video card specs.
  5. LOL, that is true! World of Warplanes is coming right around the corner, and I imagine that it will pull away a good number of casual flight simmers who like Flight but are ready for something different... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOtzkxTEEn0
  6. Before Flight was released, I always thought the technical aspects or limitations of Flight would be it's possible downfall-- like having no jets, not including the world, atc, prices of DLC. To my surprise the graphics are very good and the game itself *would* have made a very capable platform for flight simulation. So now as I look at it, the biggest hinderance isn't the game itself, it is the producer and Microsoft that seem to be running it into the ground themselves with horrifying efficiency, terrible lack of communication and poor relations with the community. I mean, if you visit Microsofts Facebook or Youtube pages-- or even Steam, they are taking a bashing from who I would call their new "audience". Release of cockpitless WW2 planes one after the other, then a haphazard news release the other day about the reasoning behind the WW2 planes is just the tip. Does anyone else think the biggest threat to Flight's success isn't the game itself, but the developers?
  7. Your post will probably get bounced to the hardware forum, but to quickly answer... Nice specs on your computer build! That system will run FSX very nicely-- IF you overclock the CPU (which your cpu will do easily). That said, my i7 2600k overclocked to 4.6 runs FSX with just about every addon on max detail (except for a couple killers like shadows,etc) at around 28 fps in dense airports like JFK and goes up from there everywhere else. I don't have XPlane, but I would think it would run well also. Good luck and congrats on catching the flight sim bug.
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