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  1. I don't know about Aerowinx for a computer, but if it was ever developed for a tablet it would be brilliant! Plus I would think a newer gen tablet could handle it.
  2. This is freaking fantastic news! Dovetail is passionate about simulations. Maybe more importantly, they are mod-friendly. Putting FSX on Steam is going to open the flood gates to new users.
  3. I'm not the sensitive type, so if you need to change my post over semantics-- then fine. Let me rephrase "I am dissatisfied that none of the developers in the community have tried to crowd fund a new simulator". And that brother is the truth!
  4. Thanks for the read. It's good to know that business is still good. I have to agree! Look at the Elite: Dangerous campaign for example. 25,000 backers for a new game based on one originally made in 1984. It pulled in around $2 million. I think I have heard that the active flight sim community is around the 40-60K mark? I'm positive we could pull in triple the amount or more. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous Here is a quick video of where development is at.
  5. I'm not suggesting that development of a flight simulator is on par or less complex than a train sim for example. My point is that no credible developer has tried to Kickstart or crowd fund a new simulation using the new pay models (alpha pay) that many other games are using. So why doesn't a developer like PMDG or Aerosoft just calculate how much it would cost to create a new simulator, then create a Kickstarter campaign and see what happens? What's to lose?
  6. Why do we as a community settle for old flight simulator software made by a long gone company, or software that will never meet the demands of our hobby? It's been brought up before by many that the cost to create a new flight simulator is out of reach and not possible. But I look around at projects like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, and heck even that train simulator "Trainz" who have turned to Kickstarter and have been funded with millions of dollars. Two space simulator games and a train simulator game reached their goals. But nobody, and I'm talking about developers like PMDG who have the know-how, will step up to the plate to even try a Kickstarter campaign for a new Flight Simulator? The days of having to craft a new game engine and every asset are over. There are amazing game engines out there, like Crytek 3 (same engine Star Citizen is using) or Outerra or many others. Ten or five years ago, I would have agreed that it wasn't feasible... but now, there are so many resources and new ways to develop and fund games, like Steam Alpha, that there is no excuse! Sorry, it's just damn frustrating watching other games get developed while we settle.
  7. dighost

    Flight Simulator Memes

  8. I lost all desire for CS's stuff once I got the 727 and saw they embedded a "Captain sim" logo on the glareshield. What an immersion killer.
  9. dighost

    PC Aviator no correspondence re order

    How much consideration would it take for PC Aviator to reply with a simple email addressing the problem? I guess not enough for them to give a damn! It's companies like this that complain it was the economy when they go out of business.