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  1. Damian, is there direct compatibility with software which hook into the pre-existing (e.g. Active Sky Next) API? I am attempting to understand if software like Jeehell FMGS (avionics cockpit builder software) weather radar returns can work. Thank you, Ben (http://www.soarbywire.com)
  2. How are you getting into a virtual cockpit with Steam Link VR? After I connect to Steam Link and start MSFS in desktop mode when I CTRL-TAB I get a message Headset not detected. MSFS works perfectly with Virtual Desktop and OpenXR (VDXR)
  3. Jeehell FMGS A320 avionics software, free for non-commercial use. https://soarbywire.com/fmgs/
  4. So, how do you get in? https://prepar3d.com/v6beta/
  5. After the IAE engines, the NEO will be an upcoming addition; this has already been discussed by ProSim and would most probably end up as an option for FENIX as well. https://forum.prosim-ar.com/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=23392
  6. Although not a real world pilot, I've had several Airbus A320 pilots fly my sim (running ProSimA320) and there was quite a fair bit of commentary on the systems and inaccuracy. Hopefully with Fenix now released (using ProSim as the backbone for their systems) they take notice and fix these outstanding bugs which have been present for the last 4 years or more.
  7. If not already mentioned - the one advantage FSL will have over Fenix is hardware (Skalarki support) - Fenix will have zero support for hardware implementation (this would take away from ProSim market share).
  8. ProSim737 is a mature product and doesn’t have the major issues seen in their airbus avionics program.
  9. As a user of ProSimA320 AFAIK these features have already been available for several years. From what I have been hearing I doubt Fenix has the complete ProSim system code. Fenix implementation will apply more to the virtual flight deck, EFB, flight dynamic modelling and flight ambience sounds. Wouldn’t make sense to give their source code away (as others have mentioned) to a new developer. And yes ProSimA320 is buggy - I have been using it since it’s initial release more than 4 years ago and there are still outstanding bugs that need to be fixed. Hopefully with Fenix on board and the wider audience for the product the ProSim team can quickly address them.
  10. Is XPlane compatible with wideview? E.g using Xplane to run avionics software and on another computer MSFS as the visual generator. Thanks
  11. Great program - brings a lot of realism to the sim. One question - is there an option to enable detection of the region your aircraft is located and enable auto selection of the appropriate voice files? This will lead me to 'set and forget' without having to set the voice files for the different regions I fly in. Thank you.
  12. No worries, I've managed to download the videos by using the Chrome Extension - "Video Downloader for Vimeo"
  13. Anyone figure out how to download the videos on a Mac? Its a shame, content is great, but unfortunately support is non-existent. If I can't get to download my only option is to also file a paypal dispute.
  14. Hi Mark - that’s my flight deck MCDU on the top using the ProSim font but reduced in size to better fit the custom LCD screens. If I was going to use the original ProSim font size it would more closely match the Fenix Sim (your second picture). In addition that photo was taken when ProSim first introduced the METAR function - it was not correctly functioning at that time, but since has been fixed.
  15. I'm also absolutely disappointed that the videos are unable to be directly downloaded. As others have mentioned I will now need to try to use an external program to download the videos. Whats going on Ben?
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