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  1. Mod request: the vFlyteAir Arrow features GTN650 integration already. What I’d really like to do is mod it to dual stack GTN units with the 750 on top, as it can effectively replace the audio panel, and a 650 below for COM2/NAV2. This will fit the existing avionics bay. this is utterly beyond my abilities, I don’t even know where to start! But I’m happy to give it a crack if someone can point me in the right direction 😄
  2. WOW! That’s a seriously impressive setup... I assume the yokes are real ones courtesy of eBay... I was working on a P28R-201 cockpit but we had to move so I don’t have the space any more and it had to go... it was also taking a lot of maintenance time 😞 I’m going to build a half panel that I can tuck away somewhere, hence the eagerness to see the G600 so it can have a few switches, mainly touch interfaces so it’s easy to maintain. But I really miss my big one... it had a laser cut panel from CAD drawings of the real thing... never quite finished, but it was fun to use... PS - nice headset 😉 same as mine! I built the box to adapt it to PC audio myself 🙂
  3. Reasonably patiently 😉 that’s what I love about the RealityXP products, they are always worth the wait and absolutely spot on... I love my GTN, this G600 is going to partner with it so nicely!
  4. There are two options included with the GTN. USA, of which there’s a couple of sub options eg optimised for rotorcraft, or Jeppesen Worldwide, which is worldwide! I fly in the U.K. and Europe and so far every airfield I’ve visited has a ground layout on the GTN, terrain was covered in the Alps and all navaids were present. Does that help you?
  5. Something like that! I guess if the FMS inner/outer acts reasonably generic depending on the 'G1000' command mode sent to it, then the buttons on the G500/G600 bezel would work. It would just need a custom command set added to X-Plane (or the datarefs published, but the former would be preferable please! 😄 ) so that the buttons can be assigned to a controller.
  6. I am sure you are right - but as you said you believe there will be. That's why I asked the question of RXP, to establish if and how that WILL be implemented. If it is then I have no problem assigning it through Simvim or whatever other means I will use.
  7. I also have done this, however there are no button options currently in X-Plane to allow you to softkey between BARO/VS/ALT then use a 'universal' rotary encoder to spin each of these...
  8. Sorry just to add to this - will it be possible to interface with the keys on the G500 unit? In X-Plane there are no default commands to set a multi-function FMS dual-rotary input to choose between BARO, VS, ALT etc like the switches up the left and right sides of the unit...
  9. Without being one of those irritating forum lurkers who bugs for updates, I would be interested as to whether you have a planned release date in mind? I'm building a new home cockpit, if the G500/600 is, not imminent, but in the not too distant, it would be useful to know and plan for it. I have no doubt, as I'm sure like the GTN I already own and love, that it will be based on the Garmin Simulator and thus absolutely accurate. Of course, quality cannot be rushed and development may reveal things you didn't know until you got to that later step, so I respect it may be a sliding estimate! Waiting patiently - OK reasonably patiently 😉 Thanks as always for the superb products - the GTN650 has become the cornerstone of my simulator 🙂
  10. Having put many years and love into my PA28 project, I'm facing having to downsize our home as we're moving in my mum in law to help her out and will not have room for it :( Rather than repeat all the details here, I've linked to the post I made on the XPlane forum, if anyone's interested: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/172580-the-arrow-must-go-cockpit-for-sale/ It's in the UK and on Gumtree. Regards Rich
  11. The quick answer, folks, is to build a collimated display! Sadly the reality of this is a LOT more complicated to get right (although the principle is quite straightforward...) It's a shame - using VR I found eyeballing landings and the like second nature due to the stereoscopic view... But I don't get on with the VR and miss my cockpit panel!
  12. Gents something I've always struggled to get 'right' - well, I accept it can't be made really right without a huge field of view projection and even then is not strictly 'right' - but... I now have the majority of my PA28 panel built. Currently, until I can pick up some bigger screens, I have three 17" LCD's in horizontal span providing a nice wide forward view, just above the glareshield of the panel. The problem is, the view by nature seems to be permanently oriented as if looking to the right (assumedly to simulate being sat on the left seat for better eyepoint). If I position the central column with the compass dead on in the middle of the display, the view is skewed from where I'm sat to the left of it. I.E. the centreline doesn't run 'under' my side of the panel, down 'behind' the attitude indicator and HSI so to speak, as if passing below me. It always seems to be at an odd angle forcing me to sort of always kink my head over to fly looking through the middle screen rather than sitting naturally over in the left seat and looking straight over the panel. I appreciate there may be no perfect way to cure this with the current setup. I did use VR which sorts this out amazingly but the low res and the lack of physical stuff like my kneeboard put me off (and to some extent missing out on all the hard work put into building the panel!) At some point I'll be getting some big TVs for side views (like on the glideslope), but this will still leave me with the weird forward view issue. Any thoughts? I'm running XPlane 11, current build. Thanks Rich
  13. Hi I purchased the GTN 650 for XPlane a while back, and would now like to purchase the 750 (also for XP). I note there's a discount for buying the 650 and 750 at the same time - I'm guessing this is the only time the discount applies, not to a later purchase - but thought it was worth asking 🙂 Thanks Rich
  14. It's the Garmin Pilot format: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/115856 Sorry - I should have clarified - this is the flightplan format that the application exports as. Ironically Skydemon, which is another excellent application (both can receive position info from X-Plane or P3D) does have the ability to export into GFP format. But Garmin Pilot now exports to .GPLT (garmin pilot) format, with no option to export to GFP. I guess because in the real world they want you to purchase CONEXT to allow you to wirelessly transfer plans between your in-panel device and your mobile/watch whatever else supports it. Of course that's not going to work! but it would save me a lot of time to be able to sit with my phone and plan a flight, then export the plan to email and drop it into my GTN flightplans folder ready 😉
  15. Fantastic - thank you for the prompt and knowledgeable reply as always 🙂 i don’t know how you did it but the GTN is a peach. The fact it uses the real GTN software just makes it the best! one curiosity - I’ve got Garmin Pilot on my iPhone which can get position information from X-Plane. It saves files in the new .gplt format - any way to get those into the GTN? thanks again, Rich
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