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  1. rictus

    monitor field of view

    The quick answer, folks, is to build a collimated display! Sadly the reality of this is a LOT more complicated to get right (although the principle is quite straightforward...) It's a shame - using VR I found eyeballing landings and the like second nature due to the stereoscopic view... But I don't get on with the VR and miss my cockpit panel!
  2. Gents something I've always struggled to get 'right' - well, I accept it can't be made really right without a huge field of view projection and even then is not strictly 'right' - but... I now have the majority of my PA28 panel built. Currently, until I can pick up some bigger screens, I have three 17" LCD's in horizontal span providing a nice wide forward view, just above the glareshield of the panel. The problem is, the view by nature seems to be permanently oriented as if looking to the right (assumedly to simulate being sat on the left seat for better eyepoint). If I position the central column with the compass dead on in the middle of the display, the view is skewed from where I'm sat to the left of it. I.E. the centreline doesn't run 'under' my side of the panel, down 'behind' the attitude indicator and HSI so to speak, as if passing below me. It always seems to be at an odd angle forcing me to sort of always kink my head over to fly looking through the middle screen rather than sitting naturally over in the left seat and looking straight over the panel. I appreciate there may be no perfect way to cure this with the current setup. I did use VR which sorts this out amazingly but the low res and the lack of physical stuff like my kneeboard put me off (and to some extent missing out on all the hard work put into building the panel!) At some point I'll be getting some big TVs for side views (like on the glideslope), but this will still leave me with the weird forward view issue. Any thoughts? I'm running XPlane 11, current build. Thanks Rich
  3. Hi I purchased the GTN 650 for XPlane a while back, and would now like to purchase the 750 (also for XP). I note there's a discount for buying the 650 and 750 at the same time - I'm guessing this is the only time the discount applies, not to a later purchase - but thought it was worth asking 🙂 Thanks Rich
  4. rictus

    Clarification of VR support

    It's the Garmin Pilot format: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/115856 Sorry - I should have clarified - this is the flightplan format that the application exports as. Ironically Skydemon, which is another excellent application (both can receive position info from X-Plane or P3D) does have the ability to export into GFP format. But Garmin Pilot now exports to .GPLT (garmin pilot) format, with no option to export to GFP. I guess because in the real world they want you to purchase CONEXT to allow you to wirelessly transfer plans between your in-panel device and your mobile/watch whatever else supports it. Of course that's not going to work! but it would save me a lot of time to be able to sit with my phone and plan a flight, then export the plan to email and drop it into my GTN flightplans folder ready 😉
  5. rictus

    Clarification of VR support

    Fantastic - thank you for the prompt and knowledgeable reply as always 🙂 i don’t know how you did it but the GTN is a peach. The fact it uses the real GTN software just makes it the best! one curiosity - I’ve got Garmin Pilot on my iPhone which can get position information from X-Plane. It saves files in the new .gplt format - any way to get those into the GTN? thanks again, Rich
  6. Hi Guys, I love my GTN 🙂 I use it for VFR support and for my recent challenge of embracing IFR properly (not just airliner FMC stuff!) I have also started using VR and the GTN is indispensible for assisting with position awareness, particularly when distance visibility is not quite as good. One thing I'd like to clarify - I can operate the knobs and buttons of the GTN bezel in the virtual cockpit, in VR, using my touch controllers no problem. However I cannot press on the touchscreen. If I pop the screen out as a floating window then I can operate the touchscreen with the touch controller. Is this correct? Or should I be able to press on the touchscreen while it's in the virtual cockpit bezel? I updated the GTN and the trainer yesterday to the latest version (re-ran the installer again to make sure, no further updates). Thanks Rich
  7. Thanks for your help, Chock - I managed to find a suitable neutral grey primer in a local hardware store. As it was so cheap I decided to get it with the aim that if I didn't like it, it would mean the panel had been primed ready for another colour - however I have to say I'm quite happy with it! It's not the white tan I had planned on, but it will do very well. The decals link is absolutely fantastic and just what I wanted - thanks! - And I just realised are in my home town!!!
  8. Dear all, After many learning lessons and a number of modifications over time, my P28R-201 Arrow III cockpit is pretty much done. Its flight model is the excellent vFlyteair Arrow III run into in Xplane. I have an RXP GTN650 running on a touchscreen in the avionics bay to provide COM/NAV/XPDR and flight plans for the rare occasion I'm not flying in VFR (which in England in the winter is nice to have the IFR capability!) I also have Siminnovations Air Manager to provide the main instruments including an EDM900 for engine instrumentation. I have two Leo Bodnar 32-port interfaces for switches and rotaries and a saitek yoke and throttle and pedals. So while I wait for a decent size TV to roll up cheap on Gumtree, and for my Arduino Nano to arrive so I can hook up the landing gear lights, I hope you can see I'm pretty well along with it. I also managed to get some CAD drawings of a PA28 panel earlier in the year and got them laser cut in wood-veneer covered MDF. So the thing looks pretty accurate! One day when I'm feeling flush I might buy an old Piper yoke ;) I mention these things to show how far along I am with the project. So the bit I need some help with is this: I need to spray paint the main panel. I've decided I like the very light grey or the slightly sort of very light tan that I've seen on a number of panel refits, eg the before and after pics on the Sarasota Avionics website. If someone's done so already, could they advise on a car spray paint colour that would be close? Obviously I don't want to go through hundreds of resprays to get it right when I'm this close to finishing and actually be able to enjoy the thing!!! Much obliged, R. Also I'd like to get some labels applied. The laser scanned black on light grey looks lovely and clean, but I can't get the text cut in. Is there somewhere that sells suitable decals?
  9. rictus

    Import Plan (resolved)

    Apologies - I see the location change... Sorry to have wasted your time - working correctly.
  10. rictus

    Import Plan (resolved)

    I'm afraid I'm still having this issue. I have GTN650 Trainer 6.5.0 and RXP 2.5.6 on XP11.25, default install locations. Original install was RXP 2.5.4 then upgraded. Garmin was 6.5.0 downloaded recently. In my c:\programdata\garmin\Trainers\GTN folder there wasn't an FPLN folder so I created it and placed a .gfp exported from Skydemon in there. Skydemon's export works with the real GTN so I'm guessing there shouldn't be a file issue with the trainer. However none of my flightplans are visible in the catalog. I have tried creating numerous versions, different filenames (simple characters, short lengths etc) but nothing works. I have blown open the permissions on the FPLN folder, so I don't believe it's a security issue. I disable all antivirus on my simulator computer as it only functions as a sim, so it is unlikely to be interference from that either. I have even installed XP11 and the same versions of Trainer and RXP on my laptop for comparison and the same issue occurs. Please could you advise? Thanks :)
  11. rictus

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    Well, having a touchscreen tablet version would be very handy! That would make life somewhat easier!!! ;)
  12. rictus

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    Great - thanks for the prompt reply :) I shall eagerly watch this forum then! Regards Richard
  13. rictus

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    Thank you! Do you have a roadmap for when I may be able to run the GTN touch in a window on a touchscreen? It would finish off a huge chunk of my builds easily - and really cool too! The touch keypad is fantastic!
  14. rictus

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    Having just finished phase 1 of my PA28 home cockpit build, I currently have the default GNS undocked and parked on a small separate HDMI screen. This provides some basic position info and of course the COM1 radio. I really want to move to the GTN750 running undocked on a touch screen. As I don't use the virtual cockpit, I had hoped I'd be able to run the GTN in a window and position it on the touchscreen on my instrument panel... I'm glad I found this thread before purchasing. To be able to do COM, NAV and XPDR using the touchscreen and without needing to wire in more physical switches would be lovely :) So hopefully I'll be able to change this soon!
  15. Great! Thanks for letting us know :) Just glad it's still happening, it's too good to miss... I'm happy to install the test area and provide feedback, if that helps?