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  1. Load cld/drk attach the ground power, save as a user panel state. Then you can load this new user state anytime you want or set it to default
  2. Hi Richard, Just gave this driver a try but my windows aero now does not work. Says the graphics card does not support it. Have I done something wrong or do beta drivers not support aero? Tried restarting desktop windows experience and running the Microsoft help things with no success. EDIT - strange, I also cannot start FSX now, it says my Graphics card does not have the required shader support - something must have gone wrong here! Sigh EDIT 2 - Wow after a little panic and alot of research I found out that an iPad app called Airdisplay was messing up new driver installations. Removed AirDisplay adapters from Windows and now it all works fine. Strange and irritating!
  3. EGLL-EGFF BA non revenue flight for maintenance TAPA-TKPK BA 30m TLPL-TGPY BA 45m OTBD-OBBI BA 50m TTPP-TLPL BA 1hr OOMS OMAA BA 1hr04m VCBI-VRMM BA 1hr25m MDPC-TAPA BA 1hr30m WSSS-WRRR(WADD) SIA 2hr flight WSSS-WIII SIA 2hr flight WSSS-VTBS SIA 2hr15m
  4. We have already been told which liveries have been done: "Captains. The list of liveries for the 200LR Air Austral Air Canada Air India Boeing Ceiba International Delta Air Lines Emirates Ethiopian Airlines Iraqi Airways Pakistan International Airlines Qatar Turkmenistan Livery list for the 200F AeroLogic Air France Cargo Boeing China Cargo China Southern Cargo Eithad Crystal Cargo Emirates Cargo Ethiopian Cargo FedEx Korean Air Cargo LAN Cargo Qatar Cargo Southern Air TNT Pete Mac Paint PMDG Graphic Designer"
  5. Yes, you must have an AA mode selected in FSX (Aniso, Tri, Bil) - Nvidia will then overide those settings. If its off in the game - with FSX I dont think Nvidia is able to then overide it. Something to do with how it was written? Im not 100% sure, but have deffinitely read you must have it turned on in the sim to get any AA in the game.
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