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  1. Any chance I can get in on a link for the mod? Thank you!
  2. I will keep it off of FXAA. Do you think something like a RTX 2080 would handle this better? My display resolution is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.0.1 Resolution: 1920x1080x32.
  3. Hello forum, I have a GTX 1070 non-Ti, 16GB of RAM, and an i7 7700K processor, and my system just does not do Dynamic Lighting in P3D V4.5. I did a fresh install today and all I have is FTX Global and the DA CRJ 700/900. I've experienced this is all V4 versions but whenever I enable dynamic lighting in the settings, my entire computers' performance goes down the drain. The sim will go from a consistent and smooth 40+ FPS down to a laggy and delayed 5-10FPS. In Task Manager my GPU % goes from 50-60% up to 100%, and the YouTube video I'm watching on my second monitor also studders and doesn't play properly. I know the 1070 is dated now but it should be powerful enough to handle this, I have not seen anyone else with this issue. I know nothing about hardware or software, but my Display Settings in P3D are as follows: FXAA is on. AA is 8xSSAA (when I use 8xMSAA this is not an issue, lights and performance are proper but the sim looks pixelated) Texture Filtering is Anisotropic 16x Texture Resolution is Hiigh - 2048x2048 Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
  4. Your picture did not work. Which Carenado aircraft is this happening with? Do you own the Navigraph Expansion Pack (if required) for that aircraft?
  5. I will give that a shot. Thank you!
  6. It does... somewhat. I am in an apartment and my hardwire connection goes into the wall, not into the router, so off the bat, I cannot connect to Foreflight. When I moved my router to my room and hardwired directly into the router, ForeFlight connected but it was buggy and would teleport me all over the map. I bought FSXFlight with hoped that it would be extremely smooth and accurate like it is when I connect it to the Piper I train in. There is no difference in functionality and performance with FSXFlight running, or using P3D's method of connecting which is why I am trying to get a refund.
  7. (not sure if this was the right place to post this) I bought FSXFlight, the GPS tool to connect P3D V4.5 to Foreflight via FSUIPC. And I am getting the same laggy performance I get from connecting my computer directly to the router. The dev's webpage says "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back." which I assume is their version of a refund policy. It's a great addon that I am sure is helping many simmers, just my setup does not let me connection P3D V4.5 to ForeFlight effectively. I tried to send them an email, but there is no clear email provided, just a 'support' link you can copy the support email from. I sent them an email but Gmail kept saying that address was not set up to receive emails. Anyone have the proper contact method to reach FSXFlight? Thank you.
  8. Hello forum! I tried using the AeroSors free P3D default nav. data installer to update the G1000 nav. dada (as multiple waypoints/approaches were not available). But after installing both the Worldwide and ILS/NDB updates, the missing data was still missing. I am pretty sure I used the installers properly, I got messages saying 'x' amount of files were updated. Is there a way to confirm that the P3D default nav data was updated properly, and how do I make Vertex's G1000 use that updated nav. data? Thank you!
  9. Hello team! I've been eyeballing streaming lately and have set out to attempt to start a channel of my own, but I need some help regarding StreamLabs OBS. I've done a few test streams and it appears that my in-sim FPS are high (usually 40's-60's), but the stream on the other end drops to 2-9FPS every so often. At times the streams is at the high FPS I have in my sim, but then it'll drop under 10FPS. After some investigation I saw the FPS drop whenever my GPU usage goes above 90%, I assume that's the issue right there. I've done some researched and watched multiple tip guides that had me edit random settings in StreamLabs, but none have been effective. I think I have a powerful enough PC, I'm just not sure why the stream can be smooth like on my side, as I see some other flight sim streams are. Anyone have any experience in streaming P3D (v4)? Any examples of ideal stream settings? Thanks! My rig: GTX 1070 (non Ti) / i7 7700K / 16Gb DDR4 RAM
  10. Hello, I picked up FlyChrono for P3D V4.3 to keep my time live all the time, but when I load in a flight, it will re-load to the proper time, then after 10 or so seconds the loading screen will pop up again and the loading bar will get stuck at 24%. I assume this is FlyChrono initially syncing the time ( the first re-load screen is okay), but after, it immediately re loads (to re sync my sim every second to real world time.) Any reason why it's doing this and if there a way to fix it? I have found no other posts regarding this issue. Any tips would help! Thanks.
  11. Thanks Jean-Claude, that was the post I was looking for. Although it wasn't until I hit the "If all Else Fails" section, I did get it fixed. Thank you!
  12. Hello! So I just got ORBXs KSAN and after installing it I saw that there was land textures that went far into the Pacific Ocean, and in an attempt to tr and fix it, I messed around with FTX Central 3 and the library order and messed up everything. Now at most/all airports in the sim there is a blurry terrain texture over the airport texture, and default ground textures (like taxiways and runways) are on-top of the proper addon scenery. Is there anyway to go back or to have the system re-order itself so the proper items are in order within the library. I didn't uninstall / install anything, just messed around with the entries and now it's all goofed up. ... and advice and anyone know what I did wrong? Thanks, Dmitri.
  13. Thank you the support! What I did was go into PTA and clear the shaders cache and all is back to normal.
  14. Hello everyone! Simplest way to put it: After I load a scenario in P3D 4.3, everything I believe is loaded properly, but there is just a black screen. After waiting up to 20 minutes it's still just a black screen with aircraft sounds playing behind it. Complex if that didn't make sense: P3D V4.3 starts up and loads the main menu normally, but in the aircraft selection menu, there is no spinning preview of the aircraft. After choosing a plane and place and start the flight, the loading bar completes and the flight starts like normal. I can hear the cockpit sounds, and if I press my keys to change views, the sounds change accordingly. Also in the cockpit, the cursor arrow will change if there is a click spot / something to interact with. But theres is just a black screen. Things I've tried: - Waiting. This happens sometimes but after a 30 or so seconds the screen will load. But now after waiting 20 minutes, the black screen still doesn't go away. - Deleted the shaders folder. -Deleted the AppData/Local/ Lockheed Martin folder. - Deleted the AppData/Roaming/ Lockheed folder. - Graphic Drivers are up to date. - Restarted PC. The last thing I did was update the DA CRJ with SP1, I will uninstall that and see what happens. This is happening with all aircraft (default and addon) and at all locations. I have an i7 7700K and a GTX 1070 w/ 8GB RAM, this happened out of the blue. Thank you! Dmitri.
  15. Also Joe I can relate. I'm not making videos, I just wanna fly. And as cool as the reflections were with TomatoShade (where it reflected what was actually around the aircraft) I'd like to see it in a more noob-friendly product.
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