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  1. Hey Forum, I am moving into a new house with some friends and only yesterday when building my desk and setting up my PC did I realize all of the outlets in the house consist of a Coax and phone jack. I have no compatible cords since I have always had an ethernet tap. There is a CAT 5-E cable running from behind the wall, two wires are split off (spliced?) and the other four are connected to the phone jack plug. I have been using CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables into my desktop and since the wire in the wall is a CAT 5-E, is there a way I can get an ethernet outlet and connect all of the wires to it? I know nothing about wiring this is my basic research. Thank you.
  2. Thanks guys for the input! I'm browsing some other resources and it doesn't seem impossible.
  3. Hey Forum. I am doing research for my next computer build and I am thinking I want to go with a rocker switch to power on the PC. The power button on my current 4 year old case is starting to become worn from the many times its been pressed and now I have to find the sweet spot and hold it for the PC to fire up. Like it's no longer aligned with whatever button is under it. I had the idea of using a rocker switch but it springs back to the off position once its been pressed on. The simulators at my college use them and they feel fantastic. How can I implement this feature in my new build? If the case I want to use does not have a rocker power switch is there some way I can retro fit one in? Thanks!
  4. Hey forum, I am beginning research for my new PC, my current one is 5 years old and I'm expecting another year of research and saving for my next build. Currently my primary sim is P3D 5.2, MSFS 2020 is not quite where I want it yet (with available addons), but by the time I can make this new build a thing, MSFS will hopefully be where I want it to be but the specific addons I use on P3D will likely not be on the new platform yet, so I am expecting using both sims for a while. Is it feasible and realistic to have one dedicated SSD for P3D and all of its addons, and other SSD for MSFS and its addons in the new build? One of the two will probably share storage space with the Windows installation. Would there be any conflicts or things I need to consider? Thanks!
  5. Problem solved I guess. I re-installed my GeForce Drivers and my Logitech Gaming Software had a massive update and all is better now. Everything works as before... not sure what I did specifically but I won't argue. ... this is why I do not understand computers. Thank you again for the help.
  6. I do not have an alternate mouse to test this with, but I attempted something similar by using TAB to switch between the menu options on the startup screen. Using TAB and ENTER to select Change Vehicle, the same issue happens where the scenario loads and the main menu is still visible on top.
  7. Hello forum, A new glitch has appeared overnight. Selecting 'Change Vehicle' in the P3D startup screen causes the scenario to load as if I clicked 'OK' to load a flight. Once the default scenario loads, the start up menu is still visible and I can still access the Change Vehicle or Change Airport menus. I have not made any changes or installations, no updates or tampering with files. This was out of the blue. I am running P3D V5.1 (with the latest updates). Troubleshooting Attempts: Deleting all P3D generated files and folders. Closing any other applications running (Steam, Logitech Gaming software, Chrome). Restarting my PC multiple times. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Client-only portion of P3D. P3D is launched as Administrator. Launching P3D with (Saitek) yoke, rudder pedals, and throttle quadrant unplugged. Any idea?
  8. Is anyone able to download it? I try and download it from my account at the Vertex site and nothing happens. Update: Disregard. I had to copy the link and open it in a different window.
  9. I am having a BLAST with the Avanti. Granted I am bias because the P180E is my number one goal aircraft to get time in IRL. I have access to the AFM and it's mostly there with some bugs. I feel that Milviz (across King Air and Avanti) could do a better job with button and switch logic. (Example: Left-click could be 'switch select down', similar to car blinkers in the USA) In the Avanti right now, if you scroll wheel-down once on a condition level, you have to hopelessly sit and watch it slowly retard all the way to cut-off. Not exactly a bug, but the mechanics could be better. Regardless, the product was totally worth the $40 for me considering what I could have gotten from alternative developers and I'll get a discount in a year or so when it is developed for MSFS,.
  10. Any chance I can get in on a link for the mod? Thank you!
  11. I will keep it off of FXAA. Do you think something like a RTX 2080 would handle this better? My display resolution is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.0.1 Resolution: 1920x1080x32.
  12. Hello forum, I have a GTX 1070 non-Ti, 16GB of RAM, and an i7 7700K processor, and my system just does not do Dynamic Lighting in P3D V4.5. I did a fresh install today and all I have is FTX Global and the DA CRJ 700/900. I've experienced this is all V4 versions but whenever I enable dynamic lighting in the settings, my entire computers' performance goes down the drain. The sim will go from a consistent and smooth 40+ FPS down to a laggy and delayed 5-10FPS. In Task Manager my GPU % goes from 50-60% up to 100%, and the YouTube video I'm watching on my second monitor also studders and doesn't play properly. I know the 1070 is dated now but it should be powerful enough to handle this, I have not seen anyone else with this issue. I know nothing about hardware or software, but my Display Settings in P3D are as follows: FXAA is on. AA is 8xSSAA (when I use 8xMSAA this is not an issue, lights and performance are proper but the sim looks pixelated) Texture Filtering is Anisotropic 16x Texture Resolution is Hiigh - 2048x2048 Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
  13. Your picture did not work. Which Carenado aircraft is this happening with? Do you own the Navigraph Expansion Pack (if required) for that aircraft?
  14. I will give that a shot. Thank you!
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