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  1. I wanted to however, where I live, it was actually less expensive to get the XIII than the XII. Even on line. I probably could have eventually bought the XII but I would have had to jump through too many hoops to do so.
  2. Hey Martin. What would you suggest RAM wise Speed and brand?
  3. Ended up going with the Asus Rog Maximus Hero XIII. Happy I’m staying with something I know and trust.
  4. Yeah. Me too. I just need to jump through a few hoops to get it here to Nova Scotia. Silly company won’t ship out of Province so I’m going to get a mate in Ontario pick it up for me and ship it he can ship it. I’m in no rush to compromise on components. Thanks Martin.
  5. Happy Monday Martin. This question has nothing to do with cooling. Thank you for all your guidance on the forum helping me with my new parts. I’m having a challenge getting a hold of a ASUS z490 Hero here in Canada. I can get the AORUS equivalent z490 Master but, don’t have any knowledge on it. Do you know of this board and did it would be a solid option for my build? Thanks in advance and enjoy your day. David.
  6. Sorry, that figure was included a GPU water block and loop as well. All EK stuff.
  7. You’re right Martin. I actually have nothing to lose and +$1000.00 to save on a custom liquid loop. I agree with you at keeping the CPU stock also. Thanks for the adjustment.
  8. Thus my dilemma. My preference would be to stay with the Noctua D15S however, I’m thinking (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that just running the 10900k at stock would be at the upper limits temp wise. Where as, a very good friend of mine has been “plumbing” custom water cooling rigs for years assures be of loads of wiggle room temp wise should I OC this CPU. What to do?... what to do..? David.
  9. Thank you for your valued input Elliot. Food for thought.
  10. Is there a difference between 2X16gb compaire3d to 4X8gb? Other than price?
  11. Understood. I appreciate your input. What would you recommend RAM wise?
  12. I just have a single fan on it currently. Would you add another one?
  13. I do have my NH- D15S with this current rig but was planning on doing what you are by getting the Chromax Black for this build.
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