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  1. I reset my PC so windows 10 is stock, however I can't install steam because my HDD isn't showing up, however only my C: is 120GB and I only want windows on it
  2. oh. I also have the boxed edition but I don't know where the product key so I cant use it because I lost the product key
  3. nothing in the dxdiag.txt about FSX though? Also I heard a Windows Update was crashing P3D to desktop, would there be chance of that same update crashing FSX as well?
  4. Also I found a .txt file in my FSX called "dxdiag.txt" from 01.10.2017 13:53 [ a few mins ago]
  5. It's just really annoying because like I can't do an hour flight like EGCC - LIMJ [my favorite route on VATSIM] because I depart and FSX is like "nope" and crashes. Also when I exit out of FSX [close it down] it says "Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition has stopped working ...."
  6. ran the fsx steam validation thing and it says "All files successfully validated"
  7. result from the validation - 22 files failed to validate and will be required
  8. Oh, no I am doing it now. no I didn't think to look in the DLL.Insert other media XML files there's no dll.xml files
  9. I did that like countless times, still crashes. I loaded up Friday Harbor Orbit Airlines 737 sure enough crashed
  10. wouldn't it be easier to reinstall windows? the latest crash [01.10.17 11:48] the event viewer said faulting module was PMDG_737NGX_2.dll, but I wasn't flying the 737, I was flying the 777
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