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  1. I purchased it as it was on sale for 15 Euro. (It still is until May 4th). Performance is still not great, but managed to gain a little extra with disabling some BGL's. (Found in another topic, here on avsim). rjtt2_liv_gs_cars.bgl is the one I believe. With the inibuilds GSXV2 Jetways, it's good for the price.
  2. When did they announce Tokyo?
  3. Same, I don't see any dashed lines at all. I wonder if Rob is having issues with a conflicting scenery.
  4. It only took 15 years for us Canadians lol. Totally agree!
  5. To be honest, P3Dv5 with the latest hotfix is beautiful. Best P3D version yet and flying with EA on has been a joy. I'll be on P3D for quite some time, or as you mentioned, until complex aircraft make it to the new sim.
  6. If you use the v5 patch on inibuilds, yes. I would also recommend using the Dynamic Lighting profile on inbuilds as well.
  7. I can confirm their recommended settings really helped brighten up the cockpit, especially at night. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I have both, and both have their own pro's and con's. Positive things about Pacsim Version: V4\V5 Compatible Large coverage area Lots of hand placed buildings on the island, Bridge, etc. Songdo district is modeled Looks very nice coming in on approach! Great details like Maglev and Incheon city! Has multiple seasons and is generally well modeled Negative things about Pacsim Version: Dynamic Lighting is not up to par with most addons out there. (I use inibuilds profile to help with this, not perfect, but much better). No night lighting on the terminals. (Only from the light poles) Ground poly's are legacy style. (Would be nice to have PBR materials for pavement\runway\apron surfaces) Glass textures could be improved. Positive things about Le Aero Design Version: V4\V5 Compatible Entire airport is SODE controlled (Night Lighting, Jetways, VDGS etc) Custom GSX file (This is a very neat feature that they spent a lot of time on. Parking positions are accurate depending on Aircraft type and incorporate custom pushback directions\stop points for each gate based off real airport ops) 4K ground polygons with PBR Dynamic Lighting is very good Accurate amp markings Negative things about Le Aero Design Version: Airport is missing some textures on some buildings Does not include whole island (No Custom autogen like the pacsim version) No airport clutter. Feels a little empty compared to the Pacsim version, although I heard an update will address this Uses GSX L2 models as jetways (They mentioned a future update will bring custom Sode jetways) If I can think of more, I will edit my post. This was jsut from the top of my head. If there was a way to combine the two versions, it would be absolutely perfect. (I'm passionate about this location as majority of my flying is out of Seoul). Hope this helps!
  9. Still getting the CTD with this line added. I will have to leave SODE disabled for now.
  10. I don't see my MSP with anything lower than 25. Could be different in other areas, but 50 is more common than you think.
  11. Thanks to those giving a heads up about the missing dxdiag. I signed up when they first allowed us to join the Alpha, might have to do this all over again...
  12. Since when did Australia and New Zealand become part of Asia? I would love to know. Always thought they were part of Oceania... As for OP's question, here are some airports that are pretty great: Pacsim RKSI, RJGG, RJOA, RKPC, RCTP, ZSAM, RPLL Taxi2Gate VHHH (Although older, still works in V4.5) WF Scenery Studio ZGSZ, ZPPP, ZLXY, ZSSS, ZBAA, ZHCC, ZSHC Imaginesim WSSS, ZSPD BDO Aviation RJBB, VTSP Technobrain RJTT, RJOO, ROAH, RJCC WingCreation (Although older, still works in V4.5) RJAA, RJSS, RJSN, RJFU, RJNS, RJSF Bridge Simulations ZGGG, ZBAD, ZUUU, ZGSD ACO Design RCKH
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