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  1. I have yet to see any DXGI error since my re-install of windows and P3D. I used to get them constantly.. One thing I did do differently was, to only install P3Dv4 compatible scenery. I left other FSX only scenery in my storage drive. Another thing I've noticed was WIn 10 1809 included newer drivers in the release package. It didn't take as long to update my default drivers to the latest releases. I'm wondering if the previous Windows update didn't overwrite the video drivers properly? A proper re-install may have corrected that. I'm saying this was the solution but, I haven't seen any errors since doing a full re-install. Anyway, thought I'd contribute to the conversation, since it's such a difficult error to pinpoint. Cheers.
  2. Hi Joe, This sounds a little odd. I haven't noticed any performance issues myself. Actually saw the opposite. Jump over to our forums and we will be able to investigate. Cheers.
  3. I can also confirm that 64bit version no longer works. Fresh install of P3Dv4.4 I see there was an update released, I will try 12.11
  4. I think this is a brilliant idea. Some of the places I've seen with great coverage: RJTT - Tokyo Haneda is booming with Airline Traffic. Seeing 10 aircraft on an arc approach to RWY 22 is awesome. Ground traffic is very active. Make sure you read the taxi charts or you will face issues like I have! VHHH - Hong Kong is also booming with traffic. Airline's are constantly arriving and departing. One of my favorite things about flying here is the cargo traffic. Ton's of it. Especially if you fly at night/evenings. YSSY - Sydney is very busy most of the time. Lots of dreamliner and A380 traffic. I'll write more once I think of them. Cheers.
  5. John has been providing the community with absolutely amazing repaints, for a long time now. The details you put into them are magnificent. Love your work, John. It's at a point where, I can't fly unless I have one of your paints installed. I hope you apply!
  6. Tino

    QW787 update 1.1.2 out

    TOD was fine. The only issue I saw was TOC. The TOC indicator was a little off. (About 10nm ahead of where it should be). Other than that. TOD worked normally.
  7. You are not the only one. I also re-created all panel states and have that same message. I will try to delete and re-create again.
  8. Tino

    QW787 update 1.1.2 out

    Just finished flying across the pond with the new update. First time flying with Weather Radar. No issues at all. Aircraft has better performance (for me). I was able to use landing lights without getting the slide show. Aircraft is also much smoother. EFB is way better and derate\takeoff calculations are more accurate. Biggest fix that I saw: The aircraft actually follows VNAV\LNAV path correctly and captures the LOC\GS perfectly. They did a really great job on this update.
  9. I'm going to take a wild guess, You are on a acceptance flight over the olympic mountain range, Olympic National Park, WA. By the way, She looks stunning in that light!
  10. Tino

    Question about Fix:

    Good to know, thanks for the clarification, Nico!
  11. Tino

    Question about Fix:

    As per Vpilot documentation: "<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="BAW" TypeCode="B733" ModelName="F1UT2_733.BA.BA" /> " 4 letter codes are still required. It was my understanding that VMRGenerator was no longer required for the latest version of Vpilot. Having 4 letter ICAO in the ui_type field is required to show the appropriate aircraft while connected to vatsim. (Unless I'm missing something?) That is why I still input the 4 letter identifier. So I can switch between Vatsim or PSX.
  12. Tino

    Question about Fix:

    Good to know! Like I said, I use my custom AI library for multiple things. Using 4 letter code ensures that it works with other programs like Vpilot.
  13. Tino

    Question about Fix:

    Hi Nico, I never knew ui_type wasn't used.. That makes more sense. I just change that field for Vatsim (VPILOT) model matching, since it still looks at ui_type. (Out of habit I guess). This way, I can switch between PSX and Vatsim, depending on my mood. As for the E175 ICAO, I had no idea they used E170 for that series. Thanks for letting me know. (You learn something new everyday). I edited my previous reply. Cheers!
  14. Tino

    Question about Fix:

    Hi Bob, This is what your CFG should look like: [fltsim.0] title=Air Canada Express Embraer 175 opb Sky Regional Airlines model= sim=aia_emb_175 texture=aircanadaexpress atc_airline=MAPLE atc_flight_number= atc_heavy=0 atc_id= <----*** Optional. Fill this in with the specific REG of the aircraft if you have it. I use this for speacil liveries so they will show up properly in the sim*** atc_parking_codes=SKV <---- *** This should be the 3 letter ICAO of the airline, which would be Sky Regional (SKV)*** atc_parking_types=GATE description=Model For AI Traffic Use Only. ui_manufacturer=AIA ui_type=E170 <----***Optional for VATSIM model Matching. This should be the 3 - 4 ICAO code of the aircraft type*** ui_variation=Sky Regional You shouldn't see errors after that. Cheers.
  15. Hi Michael, Great suggestion. It will become more realistic that way. Hope this gets implemented. 🙂 Once that happens, you should have a better experience with your extensive AI library.