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  1. I don't see my MSP with anything lower than 25. Could be different in other areas, but 50 is more common than you think.
  2. Thanks to those giving a heads up about the missing dxdiag. I signed up when they first allowed us to join the Alpha, might have to do this all over again...
  3. Since when did Australia and New Zealand become part of Asia? I would love to know. Always thought they were part of Oceania... As for OP's question, here are some airports that are pretty great: Pacsim RKSI, RJGG, RJOA, RKPC, RCTP, ZSAM, RPLL Taxi2Gate VHHH (Although older, still works in V4.5) WF Scenery Studio ZGSZ, ZPPP, ZLXY, ZSSS, ZBAA, ZHCC, ZSHC Imaginesim WSSS, ZSPD BDO Aviation RJBB, VTSP Technobrain RJTT, RJOO, ROAH, RJCC WingCreation (Although older, still works in V4.5) RJAA, RJSS, RJSN, RJFU, RJNS, RJSF Bridge Simulations ZGGG, ZBAD, ZUUU, ZGSD ACO Design RCKH
  4. Amazing sounds! Really happy to see ground vehicles and airport elevations. Take a look at 8:46 and pause in the video. If you look at the taxiway\runway lights in the distance, you can clearly see taxiway\runway elevations are there. No more flat runways! And those waves... They change height based on wind speed.... incredible!
  5. Same here, was flying all day and just tried another flight and no go. Might be a server issue. Waiting on next steps.
  6. I'm just waiting for a Global Express. One could dream. 🙂
  7. I've been trying SimBitWorld - A Pilot's Life for the last few days. Pretty neat little app that's offered on Simmarket. (On sale right now). Not sure if I will stay with it yet, but may run both in conjunction since APL is more "career\working for an airline". Cheers.
  8. Yup, 100% agree. I've been saying this for over a year now. It's a great program and making it subscription only, will allow it to be self sustaining.
  9. From what I've read, PBR will be introduced with the A321 first, then other aircraft as updates. A321 Climb performance can be quite good, actually. Depending on a lot of factors.
  10. Gotchya! I will have to take a look before purchasing. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Are you talking systems or modeling? I think the modeling and interior look fantastic and with PBR implemented, it looks nothing like anything from the FSX days.... Are you sure you are watching the correct video? lol
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